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Level 100 Pokemon

Team SuperCheats asks:
Dec 27th 2007, ID #104150

Level 100 Pokemon

Where people have displayed their teams on the Pokedex on SuperCheats, I see most people put the level of their Pokemon at 100.

How easy is it to get a Pokemon to level 100 ... What sort of things do you do ... Or do most people just have hacked Pokemon! Smile

I am asking this here as I am sure it will be useful to a lot of beginner players to know some get ways to level up.

Comment:(Dec 28 2007) Thanks for the answers guys. Great information there, and I am sure it will be useful to others relatively new to the game too.


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Best Answer

cheating-is-good answered:
Added 27th Dec 2007, ID #222493

It can be easy or difficult depending on the nature of the Pokemon, and whether they level up slowly, or quickly. Some Pokemon's total exp is 1,250,000 while other max total is only 600,000. I know this because most of my Pokemon that are on level 100, their max total is 1,250,000, but my shedinja and some others only have 600,000. So if the Pokemon has more exp to gain then it'll take longer to level them up. If you get a Pokemon traded to you from a friend, then that Pokemon will level twice as quickly, and will get an extra exp boost during each battle. Also to evolve some Pokemon into their strongest form, you must trade them to someone. What you can do is trade whatever Pokemon you want to a friend, and have him/her level it up quickly, then trade it back to you.

Thats one of the things I do. If I really want to get a Pokemon to level 100, I'll focus only on that Pokemon, and no other till it's on level 100. I try to fight trainers only, because wild Pokemon, even on a higher level than your Pokemon, would give you less exp then participating in a trainer battle with the trainer having lower leveled Pokemon.

Some people at the start of the game, will only train their starter Pokemon, while the other Pokemon stay weak and low leveled. Then these people just catch the stronger wild Pokemon that come along, leaving them with one really strong Pokemon, and 5 semi-weak ones. You do not want to do this, because if that one Pokemon dies, your screwed.

While training all your Pokemon may take longer, it'll be rewarding in the end.

If your really desperate then go and buy an Action Replay, it should have a level up cheat that you can use to quickly, and easily grow levels. But don't be surprised if a person who leveled up normally, beats you. When you level up quickly, your Pokemon will be strong, and get to level 100, but they'll be weaker than normal level 100 Pokemon.

The stronger your Pokemon becomes, the longer it takes to level him up. During each battle he gains exp, and points to add to his stats, making him stronger. When you use an action replay, you gain the exp but not the effort points awarded after each battle. Example: A normal Pokemon on level 99 goes through at least a hundred battles, and when he finally reaches level 100 this is his level up.

HP +5
Atk +6
Defense +5
Sp.Atk +3
Sp.Def +4
Speed +4.

Obviously a good level up. But you use an Action replay to level up in two battles you might get this.

Hp +1
Atk +3
Defense +0
Sp.Atk +0
Sp.Def +0
Speed +1

Not a good level up, he didn't even become stronger, and yes it's possible to have a 0 stat increase. While the normal Pokemon was out fighting tons of battles over the course of it's goal to reach 100 it fought hundreds of Pokemon to get to that level up, and all the points acquired gave him a big stat boost when he leveled up. The Action replay Pokemon on the other hand, would probably grow 2 or 3 levels every battle, not even getting any points for the last two level ups, so he becomes a super weak, high level Pokemon. Since he's not fighting a bunch of Pokemon, he does not get that good stat increases, and if he's leveled up by only killing one type of Pokemon, then all his other stats would cease to increase.

To Sum it up, You can get a level 100 Pokemon the fair way, and let it be incredibly strong, by leveling up or trading. Or you can do things the easy way, and use rare candies, or an action replay, which may make the Pokemon level 100, but it would be seriously weak for a level 100.

Do it how you want, this wasn't meant to try to change your views on leveling up. Most people like to joke, and say their Pokemon are on level 100, but you can't be sure unless you battle them. So just remember that they might be lying, or joking.

I hope you liked my answer new trainers, it was crap to write.

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Guest said: 24th Sep 2011 | REPORT
in pearl or diamond after you beat the elite four before going to battle tour keep palkia/dialga and your stater pokemon get rid of the rest of the four and go to tumback cave and you will find pokemons from lv40 - lv 60 hmmm you can catch an arceus at the pillar and it is lv 80 but if you catch and make it reach lv 100 it learns jugdment which is an awesome move the chance of k.o for your oppoents pokemon is 99.99999999%
Guest said: 25th Oct 2011 | REPORT
Guest said: 23rd Dec 2011 | REPORT
thanks very helpful i trained only one or two pokemon at a time and it took forever just to get them to level 50
Guest said: 28th Jun 2012 | REPORT
I'm not desperate. I don't want to cheat. The idea of trading a pokemon to a friend and back is something that slipped my mind and I have been playing these games for years. Good job man!

Other Answers

Shadow Entei answered:
Added 27th Dec 2007, ID #222498

I got my team to Lv.100 by giving them a Lucky Egg(One at a time) and defeating the E4 a bunch of times.


gaming101 answered:
Added 27th Dec 2007, ID #222539

It's not a hack you can raise your Pokemon to 100 but it takes alot of time you can cheat but I don't recomend it

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Guest said: 29th Jul 2014 | REPORT
i used an action replay and in 2 battles i got these level up stats: attack +10
defense +10 speed +10 sp attack +10 sp defence +10 and hp +10... :-)
tbug2007 answered:
Added 27th Dec 2007, ID #222540

Re: How easy is it to get a Pokemon to level 100 ...
Answer: It depends on the pokemon. Some Pokemon, such as Cranidos, take little time (a few days or so) to get to level 100 if you play alot. Others, such as legendary Pokemon, are extremely hard and take weeks to get there.

Re: What sort of things do you do ... Or do most people just have hacked Pokemon! Smile
Answer: What sort of things? Well, as most people know, the trainers will battle you twice after you aquire a certain item. Not only do the trainer's Pokemon get increasingly difficult, a trainer Pokemon also gives alot more experience than wild pokemon. The answer to the hacked Pokemon is 50/50. As you can plainly see, the Action Replay for DS Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is flooded with pages and pages of cheats. And if the "most people" have it at level 100, well, you'll just have to trust what they say. Sometimes they may lie. I saw a guy with that advertisement on his sig, a week later, he was asking how to beat the fifth gym!


v-gamer answered:
Added 28th Dec 2007, ID #222730

Some Pokemon take longer to level than others. It depends on their rarity. Normally, the more common the Pokemon, the easier it is for them to level up; and obviously, the more rare the Pokemon, the harder it is for them to level up. But this isn't always true. Pokemon like Luxray and Roserade take a while to level up, and they're pre-evolutions (Shinx and Roselia) aren't so rare at all.

Traded Pokemon level up much quicker, as they gain 150% the normal amount of Experience Points when they beat a pokemon.

Pokemon not in battle that is holding the Exp. Share will gain 50% of the normal amount of Experience Points, and the rest is evenly shared among the Pokemon who participated in that battle. A Pokemon holding the Exp. Share that participates in battle will still receive 100% of the normal amount of Experience Points (or 50% if two Pokemon participated in that battle, or 33% if three Pokemon did, etc.)

The easiest way to do this is to focus on one Pokemon at a time. If possible, you can give your Pokemon the Lucky Egg; this doubles the amount of Experience Points earned. A Lucky Egg can rarely be found on wild Chansey. If you don't want to catch the Chansey, you should use TM46 Thief on them. If you don't obtain an item, then the Chansey isn't holding the Lucky Egg. Once you do, though, give that to the Pokemon you want to train.

As I said, focus on one Pokemon at a time. Train them in an area where their level is equal to (or maybe a bit higher than) the levels of the wild Pokemon there. Or, you can use the Vs. Seeker on other trainers, and keep battling them until you feel you can move on to a different trainer. Note that some trainers have higher leveled Pokemon each time you re-battle them with the Vs. Seeker.

And of course, you can keep battling the Elite Four over and over again. What I'd do is spend all your money on whatever you want now, because the method I suggest can possibly make you lose all that money. Use it on Full Restores, Revives, and Ultra Balls.
Now, battle the Elite Four with just that one Pokemon in your team. If you lose, don't worry, you're bound to have gained SOME experience points. That's the goal; to keep battling the Elite Four with one pokemon. At some point, your Pokemon will be at a high enough level so that you can move on in the Elite Four. If you beat the Elite Four, congratulations. Now, go back there and battle the Elite Four again =D

That's the method I used, and trust me, it takes time. You won't get it done in one day, maybe not even one week. But patience is a virtue, and you will get it done, eventually.

Cheating is not an option (for me, at least). Cheating has a 30-40% chance of ruining your game, and even though the majority of the time, your game will be safe, there's still that chance. However, cheating is still an option to get to level 100 easily. It's just not reccomended.

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Guest said: 14th Dec 2011 | REPORT
You just need to be patient. It takes a lot of time to do it. The elite 4 is an excellent place to train, though I reccomend taking more than one pokemon just in case the one you're training loses. I went through with the exp share for the weaker ones while infernape (then lv 80-ish) and Palkia ( then 70-ish) did all the fighting. I didn't lose often and they all leveled up pretty quick. Now infernape can beat the elite four alone and is level 100 Smile
Don't give up, it is possible!
Guest said: 13th Apr 2012 | REPORT
get a pokemon ,
trade it,
trade itback
give it the thing that a wild chansey holds
battle elite 4
rephael said: 7th Aug 2012 | REPORT
i need a walkthrough
Guest said: 26th Oct 2012 | REPORT
in pokemon black/white its very easy to train in the sports arena, the elite 4, game freak morimoto, cynthia (you can only battle cynthia in the spring time) even though it takes time, they will eventually reach lvl 100. its also good to give your pokemon lots of nutrients to increase their stats, even though their expencive. another way to get lvl 100 pokemonn is to simplly look for ones on the GTS.though, the OT may have not raised that pokemon well. you can also keep pokemon in the daycare and just run around. But whatever you do, please dont cheat, it ruins your game! anyway, hopethis helped.Smile

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