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what is the rarest (or stongest) pokemon?

jmfisfab asks:
Added Jun 15th 2008, ID #120633

what is the rarest (or stongest) pokemon?

what is the rarest (or stongest) pokemon?


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Best Answer

cheating-is-good answered:
Added 15th Jun 2008, ID #261872

There is no Pokemon in the game that stronger than all the others, or a Pokemon in the game that is more rare than all the other Pokemon that Nintendo and Game Freak created. The Pokemon that is the rarest and hardest to find, and the Poemon that is the strongest depends entirely upon your Point of View and how you look at things. Rare Pokemon can be legendary Pokemon such as Giratina, or it can be a normal Pokemon such as Burmy. Stronger Pokemon can be the legendary Pokemon or it can be some regular Pokemon such as Snorlax. There are some Pokemon that you will think are rare while other people will not. This shows you that it just depends on a person's opinions.

Hope this helps.

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Guest said: 27th Jan 2017 | REPORT
I agree
Guest said: 8th Jun 2017 | REPORT
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2017 | REPORT
Arceus Is the STRONGEST!!!!!!!!!!! And darkrai is the RAREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest said: 6th May 2018 | REPORT
i think mewtwo is the strongest off all like arceus

Other Answers

david_banner answered:
Added 15th Jun 2008, ID #261890

Indeed, well I suppose the rarest Pokemon would be one that is unobtainable. So perhaps celebii or mew. But with that in mind, shiny forms of Pokemon are often considered more rare and are often more cherished then a "rare" pokemon. For example, I almost lost it when I got a shiny sneasel, where as something like uxie is... Meh. Something like a Pokemon that only appears once per game in shiny form would be the best, as long as it is legitimate...
As far as the strongest, in terms of straight numbers it is arceus. But that by no means it can defeat every single other pokemon. Nothing like that exists. It makes more sense to be interested in strongest combined teams rather then individual pokemon. With that said, there is no strongest combined team that can beat all others.... Thats what makes the game so interesting, because nothing can dominate that hard.

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Guest said: 28th Dec 2016 | REPORT
Legendary and mythical Pokémon are the rarest and no matter what powerful and arceus is the best and created all other Pokémon missingno is the rarest I think
Guest said: 29th Apr 2017 | REPORT
MissingNo is a bugged/glitched pokemon added into the first ever Pokemon games, Red and Blue. This Pokemon could only be accessed by a glitch, and may also destroy your save file by catching it.
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2017 | REPORT
Guest said: 26th Jan 2018 | REPORT
I adore Pokémon and I think that Missingno is the rarest as it is a bugged/glitched Pokémon and is a Legendary, Mythical Pokémon! =3

BlueTemari89 answered:
Added 16th Jun 2008, ID #261908

I would say the strongest Pokemon is one that you level up the most. Or one that you feed the most poffins. So in reality, there is no strongest pokemon. But I suppose in the pokedex in could say something about a Pokemon being the strongest body wise. Other than that.... There is really no strongest pokemon. And rare? Since every other Pokemon is on every other game and every one has a good chance other than being put to the test by millions for let's say Shaymin? Anyone can catch Shaymin on their own game. Now glameow is not the same. Only the pearl ones have it. That's only half of the games, but you have to count all the times you can get one on a single game. This question is kinda like who is stronger, Mew or Mewtwo? There really isn't an answer. I hope that may of kinda helped.

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Guest said: 22nd Jul 2017 | REPORT
Mewtwo is probably stronger plus it can mega evolve!
sk8rboy answered:
Added 16th Jun 2008, ID #261957

There is no rarest or strongest Pokemon in the game. Those are really a matter of opinion. CIG, and David have already explained well it in detail.

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Guest said: 22nd Jul 2017 | REPORT
Wrong! arceus is way STRONGER!!
danielvillaf answered:
Added 17th Jun 2008, ID #262407

Yes there is a Pokemon stronger than anyone it's number 493 of the pokedex list it's name it's arceus.

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Guest said: 27th Dec 2013 | REPORT
The rarest Pokemon shouldn't be Arceus because it isn't very strong and is not that rare. There are countless events for it too. I'd say Celebi should the rarest Pokemon for it's only in one event in Japan . Mew also has countless events in almost every state. Plus the ever famous Mew Glitch. But Pokemon bank being here Celebi isn't so rare so possibly shiny Pokemon.
Guest said: 10th Mar 2015 | REPORT
I got level 100 shiny arceus and genesect
Guest said: 23rd Sep 2015 | REPORT
arceus could destroy any pokemon in one on one battle thats why there are the plates
Guest said: 30th Sep 2016 | REPORT
I got shiny level 97 hp 170 hexacross
Kife360 answered:
Added 18th Jun 2008, ID #262708

No it's all about getting those perfect IV's and Ev training them so if you wanted a caterpie could be one of the strongest pokemon.

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Guest said: 22nd Jul 2017 | REPORT
not really... plus you could make palkia or dialga or giratina to be your most powerful pokemon by leveling it up!
crisaustin answered:
Added 25th Jun 2008, ID #264520

The rarest Pokemon is the Pokemon you think is the rarest. Like your starter pokemon. You choose which Pokemon you think is the strongest and the rarest.

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Guest said: 12th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Celibi oveasouly
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2017 | REPORT
what if you clone your pokemon. You can clone them by turning off the power right before you get the last tick while trading and you then have 2 of the same pokemon when you go back to collect it its like you can have 2 arceus but you still need a friend code which i dont have... Look it up if you dont belive me!
Guest answered:
Added 11th Jun 2010, ID #330892

omg celebi is rarest i got shiny celebi

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Guest said: 12th Aug 2015 | REPORT
It is I got a shiny dragonite in my cornet
Guest answered:
Added 11th Jun 2010, ID #330893

omg celebi is rarest i got shiny celebi

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Guest said: 6th Jul 2011 | REPORT
word : )
Guest said: 15th Aug 2011 | REPORT
i say (LOLXD) that zarceus is the rarest pokemon ever
Guest said: 25th Dec 2012 | REPORT
I got a mew but no celibi I want one and arceas real deal
Guest said: 26th Nov 2016 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 27th Jun 2010, ID #335269

Feebas is pretty rare.

Guest answered:
Added 1st Jul 2010, ID #336522

the strongest pokemon are the legendaries and the final evolutions of starters. there is no rarest pokemon. t all you arceus lovers out there "arceus is way over rated"

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Guest said: 18th Oct 2012 | REPORT
Yea, I know right!
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Jul 2010, ID #336826

The rarest would have to be Celebi and there is no strongest pokemon. Every pokemon can be beaten by another.

Guest answered:
Added 29th Aug 2010, ID #352891

I say Arceus is the rarest and strongest pokemon ever at level 100

Guest answered:
Added 31st Aug 2010, ID #353261

i think deoxis is pretty rare. sorry about spelling

Guest answered:
Added 10th Sep 2010, ID #355305

Feebas, OBVIOSLY. Arceus is not rare at all. legendaries don't have any rarity, except 4 wild ones E.g latios, mesprit and the dogs (raikou, suicune and entei, since they all have 100% chance of appearing. arceus hs best stat total, but gallade could kill him easily, with the right speed evs and ivs. There isn't really a best pokemon. arceus is only 1 type. maybe it is changeable, but it is ALWAYS good to have two sets of Same Type Attack Bonus gaining moves. The pseodos and multitype legendaries could give arceus a run for his money, as could mewtwo with aura sphere. But in my opinion, any pokemon with a base stat total of 520 or higher has the potential to be awesome. the ones weaker than that aren't worth the animations they require (except for Froslass, of course, because she is just brilliant, especially with hail and brightpowder).

Guest answered:
Added 30th Sep 2010, ID #358611

i have arceus... could be better...could be better

Guest answered:
Added 31st Oct 2010, ID #364234


Guest answered:
Added 8th Nov 2010, ID #365869

id say feebas the only rare pokemon are ones that you forget about alot such as foretress,cloyster,or breloom and maybe even shuckle

Guest answered:
Added 15th Nov 2010, ID #366973

rarest in my opinion is a feebas, those things suck, anyonr think im wrong when you have to find12 squares in an entire ocean?

Guest answered:
Added 15th Dec 2010, ID #373056

i would have said kyogre with icebeam, surf thunderbolt, and something to take out that damn shedinja.. mine was only ever beaten in trainer battle twice by a groudon with quick claw using fissure.. did i mention it was twice in a row and the 3rd time didnt count as i pulled the battery pack out and threw it b4 the hp hit 0


Guest answered:
Added 21st Dec 2010, ID #374612

I would say A shiny Arceus Is the rarest and THERE IS no STRONGIST pokemon

Guest answered:
Added 1st Feb 2011, ID #384756

Well, true arceus is the rarest. For Stronger, simple. You started pokemon. The Pokemon you start the game and train right till the end... Train him with no rare candy till lvl 100 and he will be the strongest in the entire game.

Guest answered:
Added 16th Feb 2011, ID #387407

Um just saying there is no strongest pokemon. However a Shiny Celebi is probably the rarest Pokemon ever as it can only be obtained via event and hacking A.K.A. Action replay or gameshark. Besides hacking with my action replay ended up killing my DS Lite. I then had to get the DSi XL even though about a month later after the xl gets released they come out with the Nintendo3DS. Meh. : )

Guest answered:
Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #388252

1 areceus
2 Mew (omg cute)
3 mewtwo
4 latios
5 latias
6 grodon/kyogre
7 heatran
8 rayqyaza
9 the regies
10... I don't know any others but I do know that...YOU ARE ALL WRONG AND I AM WRITE SO IN YOUR FACE. But not you,guy who think shiny arceus is rare coz he is...feebus is not I get him all the time.

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Guest said: 21st Mar 2011 | REPORT
OMG heatran is nowhere near rare!!1
kylerap2785 said: 11th Jul 2012 | REPORT
You could not be more right the first guy sucks so do all you people who think he's right so get a life you noobs
Guest answered:
Added 26th Feb 2011, ID #389467

I think the rarest Pokemon is munchlax.
You can't find it in specific place.
You must go to every tree (yellow tree).
It took me more than a weeks or months !!!!!
Not HOURS !!!!

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Guest said: 3rd Sep 2011 | REPORT
wow you suck then
Guest said: 13th Feb 2014 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 27th Feb 2011, ID #389819

The complaint about Arceus being not rarest because you have 100% chance of appearing if you think about feebas is easy too then. It shows up only in certain spots but still you have a high chance of encountering it on that spot. Really the rarest Pokemon in a game are the unobtainable ones because every one in the game is rare to a point but it is not super rare.

Guest answered:
Added 13th Mar 2011, ID #392176

Darkrai is as rare as arceus asyou can't catch is EVER unless you have done the events

Guest answered:
Added 14th Mar 2011, ID #392511

Hey dudes your all wrong the rarest Pokemon is zoroark
Or zorua, didnt you hear black and white came out on 4th march 2011 and todays 14th march 2011 and I already got zoroark and trust me, when I asked my friends to battle me with all these Pokemon you mentioned, I won just with zoroark! So just shut up!!!

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Guest said: 12th Jan 2013 | REPORT
zorua and zoruark are NOT rare 'cause it's easily breedable with ditto or opposite sex pkmn, and you can get it in trades with trainers. they are NOT rare or hard to obtain.
especially now, with black and white 2.
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Apr 2011, ID #396395

The best Pokemon is Arceus it's the ruler of all Pokemon it's the one who made all the Pokemon not literally but the story of the game is like that.

Guest answered:
Added 25th Apr 2011, ID #401557

I saw this thread while searching for questions to be answered. There is some truth to the whole opinion thing, although, there are some Pokemon that are more rare or the most rare of a specific category. For example, a shiny mewtwo is obviously more rare than an ordinary mewtwo; or a celebi with perfect IVs is more rare than a regular celebi without such IVs. These are the factors that affect how rare a Pokemon can be, however, there are more factors that affect this too. The "best" Pokemon is entirely your opinion; the "strongest" Pokemon is not an opinion, however. This also is entirely affected by certain factors, and no, level does not matter whatsoever. It depends on three things; stats, moves, and the trainer using it for battle. The stats of a level 90 Arceus are generally much higher than a level 100 Dusclops (Please excuse me if I did not spell this correctly; it is the evolution of Duskull). Therefore, a level 90 Arceus could most likely have a fair advantage against a level 100 Dusclops even after the weakness (Depending on what type Arceus is; because it can be any type depending on which plate it's holding). The weaknesses also play a strong role, but Pokemon with a little to even a huge disadvantage can still prevail if it's trainer has a good strategy or is more experienced than the other. The moves it uses also affects strength. For example, take the move Rock Smash with a power of twenty, and the move Psycho Boost with a power of one hundred and forty. Let's say two Pokemon whom are equally matched in every way possible are fighting. What move would you use? Exactly, it's self-explanatory. Held item can also affect strength, but not by much at all, that is why I did not mention that earlier. I have battled little, but a while ago (When I had only inexperienced Pokemon in my party), I challenged a "strong" trainer. He had a Pokemon that I cannot quite recall but it was Level 100 and Grass type type and I had a Feraligatr around Level 85 and water type (Obviously). I took him out almost easily, however, the rest of the battle I did horribly and lost. You see, the trainer I was facing was all show and no action. He may have had a HUGE disadvantage, but my strategy was good and his was terrible. That is how a trainer can affect the whole outcome of the battle regardless of disadvantages.

If you want my opinion on what Pokemon to use than you are out of luck. I will tell you what Pokemon I use though.

#1 Lvl 100 Shiny Deoxys (Attack form)
#2 Lvl 100 Shiny Deoxys (Speed form)
#3 Lvl 100 Shiny Darkrai
#4 Lvl 100 Shiny Rayquaza
#5 Lvl 100 Shiny Mewtwo
#6 Lvl 100 Shiny Giratina (Origin Form)

P.S. If you are going to use a Giratina, use an origin form. There's no reason not to. I also use shiny Pokemon because I collect them, and my "strongest" Pokemon are all shiny ones.

Thank you for reading and I hope I helped.

Guest answered:
Added 15th May 2011, ID #405438

I would say either Celebi, or Deoxys because they were both only available by event, most are hacks, and they have only had 1 to 2 events showcasing them. Definitely those two.

Guest answered:
Added 23rd May 2011, ID #406967

You all are wrong the rarest Pokemon is missingno if you don't know what that is look it up. It only appers if you have a certain name and if you try to hack the game. It appers in 1 square and that randomly changes every time you turn on your game and is imposible to catch. Even if you try to throw a pokeball at it it restarts your whole game. So I say again missingno IS the rarest Pokemon

Guest answered:
Added 29th May 2011, ID #408216

The rarest is missingno. The strongest is arceus. Simple as that

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Guest said: 12th Jan 2013 | REPORT
the rarest may be missingno, but arceus is not the strongest.
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jun 2011, ID #409539

Well in my argon is pretty epic awesome defence and attack! Weak in hp tho

Guest answered:
Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #414279

The rarest legendary Pokemon would be deoxys. There were no wifi events for it and you had to get it by downloading it from a nintendo event or a special Pokemon ranger mission.

The rarest non legendary Pokemon would be phione. you can only get it by breeding manaphy, a rare legendary, with ditto. Phione is not seen as a legend because every possible thing it can do other Pokemon can do better.

From a competitive standpoint, the most powerful Pokemon is kyogre. a full hp water spout from an EV trained kyogre will one hit ko all but the bulkiest mewtwo, Lugia and any semi bulky Pokemon that resists water. The only other Pokemon capable of doing such damage are slaking, regigigas without slow start and rampardos, but either they are far too slow or have terrible abilities.

In a similar matter, porygon-z with nasty plot will one hit ko every single Pokemon that doesn't resist hyper beam.

Guest answered:
Added 25th Jun 2011, ID #415702

Rarest is missingno and the strongest is the level 145 Psyduck(both are gliches)

Guest answered:
Added 26th Jun 2011, ID #416024

Idk I have shiny mewtwo, celebi, Mew, darkrai, arceus, jiraichi, victini, deoxys, manaphy, there all really cool and I'm really lucky too have them but for me my fave is jiraichi.

Guest answered:
Added 9th Jul 2011, ID #420315

Wow o.o never even knew there were glitch pokemon. These people must be seriously addicted to pokemon. Ah well, ummm...I think that there are no rare Pokemon now. I mean, look at all these answers. But in my opinion, I would choose Mew or Shayamin as really rare pokemon. Seeing as I never caught almost any legendarys, though, it's only my opinion. For strong Pokemon, I would choose Groudon or perhaps Wailord(never caught these either). But, it's all up to you whether you think they are rare(or strong)Pokemon or not. Everybody has their own opinion.*blabbing about opinions too much* XD

Guest answered:
Added 12th Sep 2011, ID #440411

I had a arceus. I got rid of it because it took Mew job as the fist Pokemon.

Mew is soooooooo much cooler then arceus, acually almost anything is cooler than arceus.

Guest answered:
Added 16th Oct 2011, ID #447894

Are you all mad rattata is the rarest. He is also sronger than all legendary Pokemon.

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Guest said: 12th Jan 2013 | REPORT
das funny
i agree, quit arguing, is all opinion
Guest answered:
Added 21st Oct 2011, ID #449344

Truely there is no rarest Pokemon unless opinions are taking into account. Considering all I have read on this page it sounds like most people have some pretty rare Pokemon whether it be Munchlax or Celebi. In terms of strongest, it's easy to put it like this. Pokemon is a game of strategy. Without it, it would not be successful. If there was a single Pokemon that dominated the rest, once you got it, there would be no point in playing anymore. As everyone has stated, Arceus is the strongest stat wise but not type wise. One Pokemon can't destroy an entire team unless the team is not at the same level as said pokemon. Everyone should stop thinking what is the best Pokemon ever. They should start thinking what is the best team for me or what is the best team in general. Again, no answer to that either because there is no team with no weakness. You'll think you have the best team until someone finds the hole in the armour and beats you. It's actually the point of the game. Game Freak set it up to make players keep striving towards the perfect team which is everyone should keep doing. They make it so you can never be perfect. Also, there's no rarest because shinys are the most desired Pokemon especially starters. But once you start talking about who is the rarest shiny, you come back to the intial problem. For example, you ask yourself "Who's the rarest Pokemon?" and then you say "It's a shiny obviously." But then your back at who's the rarest Pokemon again. In conclusion, there is know rarest or strongest pokemon. You should all just be thinking how to make yourself better.

Guest answered:
Added 1st Nov 2011, ID #452452

I think wailord is one of the strongest Pokemon but have you seen all of the legendary Pokemon them all togethe can beat any Pokemon so they are the strongest Pokemon ever.

Guest answered:
Added 19th Nov 2011, ID #456815

I would say unknown is the raret Pokemon

Guest answered:
Added 24th Jan 2012, ID #476300

In my opinion a rare Pokemon would be a riolu that knows Aura sphere because only lucario knows Aura sphere

Guest answered:
Added 26th Feb 2012, ID #486026

Well, stat-wise the most powerful Pokemon are Mewtwo and Arceus. The rarest legally obtainable Pokemon is Mew, I'd say. Mew is legally obtainable in Emerald via a special event. I think Mew is the rarest because you can only catch it in one game without cheating or glitching, and that is Emerald.

Guest answered:
Added 11th Mar 2012, ID #489092

The rarest Pokemon are Mew, celebi, jirachi, deoxys, phione(sort of), manaphy, darkrai, shaymin, arceus, victini, and the three unreleased pokemon. These Pokemon can only be obtained through promotional events. As for the strongest, arceus has the highest base stat total with a total of 720, but other Pokemon can beat it easily by taking advantage of it's weaknesses. So, in essence, there is no strongest Pokemon.

Guest answered:
Added 28th Mar 2012, ID #493681

Its was arceus because you could only get it by hacking but now it's keldeo meloetta and genesect there are no events for any of those three yet

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Guest said: 12th Jan 2013 | REPORT

there are events for them now
Guest answered:
Added 5th Apr 2012, ID #495867

Ok this is really stupid...why people just keep fighting to see which Pokemon is better... Just play and enjoy the game...

Guest answered:
Added 17th Apr 2012, ID #499512

I think that legendary Pokemon should be not be attested to here. Due to the fact that you can always attain them if you have the game. Furthermore I think this should be rated on Pokemon you can catch in the wild, no events or breeding/evolution. With all of these requirements established I would say the rarest would probably be a Chimecho or a Feebas. My opinion may not be that valid however as I only posses Pokemon Emerald and as a result I cannot catch or rate the rarity of any other games Pokemon.

Guest answered:
Added 11th May 2012, ID #505533

Arceus the strongest because he is the god of Pokemon and from the official pokedex site is the strongest.
Keldeo, Meloeta, Genesect the rarest because there are no events for any of those three yet.

Guest answered:
Added 26th Jun 2012, ID #518360

It is actually a really rare Pokemon called smeargle !!!

Guest answered:
Added 20th Jul 2012, ID #524530

Well, I have a level 100 Kyogre that has been with me for ages and it is really powerful. It really matters on how you raise your Pokemon to say which one is the strongest. The rarest legendary is probably Celebi or Arceus and the rarest Pokemon to find in the wild is shiny beldum.

Guest answered:
Added 10th Oct 2012, ID #543815

Well it depends on the version of the Pokemon game you're playing. To me in the diamond version id say it's arceus and in the white/black version id say it's victini but thats just my opinion.

Guest answered:
Added 17th Oct 2012, ID #545243

Ok people do not get mad at me for this but I personally think relicanthe is the rarest Pokemon ever. No exceptions.

Guest answered:
Added 1st Nov 2012, ID #548270

Guys, your all wrong. Yes the Pokemon you all have said are rare, yes they are all strong. But they are not the rarest, nor are they the strongest. Why? You may ask. This is because the rarest Pokemon is called, Ashilion, this Pokemon was created for Pokemon Red a long time ago. It was placed in the game cartridge, however, it was never actually coded properly to work, and as a result, it technically *does not exist*. This was to be the mewtwo of Pokemon red. Its rarity is so intense that no single trainer possesses it. And to add it is a legendary Pokemon which was supposedly Red's (a character in the game "Pokemon Red") main Pokemon, however because this Pokemon was so powerful, the Trainer Red kept it hidden through a wall entrance that was supposed to appear once the player reaches a certain point in the game. The thing is, the game cartridges were glitched and the wall opening never appeared. Nintendo kept quiet as they had already shipped it out and till this day they do not want this story ever reaching public ears. I know this, because I have spoken to an inside source who worked with nintendo and although my source wasnt directly involved with the creation of the game, he/she was managing the staff that were script writing. This, is the rarest pokemon.

Guest answered:
Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #553467

The rarest is the one you have YOUR Pokemon because nobody can have the same one

Chippy192 answered:
Added 4th Jan 2013, ID #562458

The strongest Pokemon is Arceus, I believe Victini is the rarest, Some Pokemon can be different, like my Cranidos I saw had more speed than attack(THE HECK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

There isn't really a strongest or a rarest, because Pokemon can have different stats depending o the nature, and rarity depends on your sight of catching pokemon.

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Guest said: 12th Jan 2013 | REPORT
the stats you're pkmn have and grow are based some on their natures, just so you know. And, yeah, you're right, there is no strongest or rarest pkmn. That's a fact. If you disagree, you're probably wrong.
Guest answered:
Added 15th Jan 2013, ID #564915

There is no contest gangar with the rights moves would mess any Pokemon up

Guest answered:
Added 11th Feb 2013, ID #570516

The rarest Pokemon are Chespin, Froakie and Fenniken. You can't find them in any other game hehe

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Feb 2013, ID #572901

I think maybe meloetta since no one has it yet
It is rare just like genesect or Keldeo was until the event came out. So since no one meloetta it is the rarest and that's just the truth

Guest answered:
Added 9th Mar 2013, ID #575736

You have a 1 in 4 billion chance of getting 2 spinda with the exact same design.

Therefore 2 identical, shiny, spinda, both with pokerus, is the rarest possible thing in the Pokemon world.

Guest answered:
Added 5th Apr 2013, ID #581190

Come on arceus is really not the rarest I mean you can not get 6 gen legendaries but shinys are like legendaries they are rarer than most legendaries found in the game because it's what like a 1 in 8192 chance to get a shiny but if you try the musada method then you will get shinys like every 14 times you breed with Pokemon from a different country but Mew is the strongest right off the bat because Mew can learn every move EVERY MOVE I do realize that so can arceus but Mew does not need to hold a splash plate to learn surf I know this is off topic but Blissy is an awesome hp load it has over 700 hp if you use enough hp ups and train it to lv 100 blissy is a legendary in health

kots answered:
Added 9th May 2013, ID #586761

The rarest Pokemon are chespin, fennekin, froakie, xerneas, yveltal and sylveon because you can't catch them. Bahaha! Now the strongest is ARCEUS of course! Just search for the pokedex in google and you will see that arceus has the best stats, second is mewtwo, it's soooo simple omfg!

Guest answered:
Added 2nd Jun 2013, ID #590649

FACT there isn't a rarest or strongest Pokemon in Diamond... But if your talking about the shows or movies then the strongest by far is Arcesus the Creator...

Guest answered:
Added 17th Jul 2013, ID #597096

Im not exactly sure about the strongest Pokemon but the rarest Pokemon is mew. In Pokemon red (and I think blue as well) you had to go to an event to obtain it. In firered, leafgreen, ruby, and emerald he will not obey you at all without an event. IM not really sure about soulsilver and after because I havent really played those games often

Guest answered:
Added 1st Dec 2013, ID #609326

The most rare Pokemon in my opinion is either arcesus or a Mew & no strongest I could raise a charmander to a lvl 100 and have a arcesus lvl 1 the charmander would still win and wow there are alot of red underlines in this paragraph

Guest answered:
Added 31st Mar 2014, ID #621198

Arcres can change into any type so arcress is the answer

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Guest said: 7th Apr 2014 | REPORT
Sableye is rarest cuz u can probably only get it in generation 3 games
Guest answered:
Added 6th May 2014, ID #623947

Uh... Mew, Darkrai, Arceus for rarest, and the strongest is the one that has the most levels in your party. That's my opinion, anyway.

Guest answered:
Added 12th May 2014, ID #624414

It is mewtwo for both and ok ok Mew is rare but not the rarest one mewtwo is

Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:
Added 31st Oct 2014, ID #644530

The strongest pokemon. The rarest Pokemon
Arceus. Arceus
Mewtwo. Celebi
Ho Oh. Ho oh
Lugia Lugia
Rayquaza. Mewtwo
Giratina. Rayquazza
Dialga. Giratina
Palkia. Dialga
Giratina(sky). Palkia
Slacking. Slacking

Guest answered:
Added 8th Oct 2016, ID #684239

The rarest and newest Pokemon witch isn't on the website is vocanion

Guest answered:
Added 20th Feb 2017, ID #687563

The rarest Pokémon has to be snorlax gx I mean who has ever heard of a gx

Guest answered:
Added 10th Mar 2017, ID #688086

Magikarp #yolo #splash FABULOUS

pokemaster151 answered:
Added 3rd Jan 2018, ID #694375

The rarest Pokemon isn't decided on how strong it is. Its how many games it's in, how hard it is to catch, shiny rate, how many you can catch in a game and how hard it is to find. Celebi is only found in crystal but is easy enough to find and catch.
Hope this helps.


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