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Wild Victini {Fully Works} Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black

Print this Cemetery posted:

Jan 24th 2012, ID#8409 Wild Victini {Fully Works}

To enable this code you will have to press select to use it. This code is to catch a wild Victini. It actually works, I have tested it. I noticed that the other wild Victini code did not work so I wanted to give this code for those that want/need a Victini and can not get one by other means. ~Cemetery

Region: US/North America

94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000002F
12250010 000001EE
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000


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48 comments, latest first.
Sep 17th 2015 Guest
I deleted the code, It won't come off! All wild pokemon I encounter are Victinis!!!
ID #609195
May 7th 2015 Guest
I don't have action replay.
ID #553196
Apr 1st 2015 Guest
How do you use it
ID #536166
Nov 10th 2014 Guest
im look for event keldo legit stats and event genosect please
ID #470081
Oct 19th 2014 Guest
To get pokemon besides the Victink, all you habe to do is go and delete the code from the action replay, or uncheck the boxnthay enables yoy to use the code on the game. I just did it.
ID #460425
Oct 18th 2014 Guest
worked perfectly, just press select to find one in grass and press select again to find normal pokemon again
ID #460020
Jun 25th 2014 Guest
i cant disable the code for victini..
ID #406759
Jun 23rd 2014 Guest
On some occasions this is fair some people think this is a lie but you can disable a code for this. Also just hold select when finding the wild pokemon.
ID #405242
Jun 22nd 2014 Guest
you can disable the code
ID #404649
Jun 13th 2014 Guest
Dont use this, sure it makes you meet a victini, but you wont meet anything else afterwards ... -.-
ID #399200
Jun 12th 2014 Guest
ID #398472
Jun 4th 2014 Guest
where i can find wild victini?
ID #393662
May 25th 2014 Guest
It worked perfectly thanks!!!Smile
ID #388283
May 13th 2014 Guest
thanks it really wont work Smile
ID #383976
Apr 7th 2014 Guest
It did not work I did not have space for the whole code to fit!😡😡😡😡😡
ID #372529
Mar 17th 2014 Guest
Bull crap it doesn't work I just tried it and I walked in to grass and a gothitia always pops up
ID #365233
Mar 15th 2014 Guest
Plz make a victini with v create for black 2, make it short
ID #364687
Jan 18th 2014 Guest
I used it but then it wouldnt let me enter or exit anywhere
ID #345381
Oct 29th 2013 Guest
Works perfect
ID #316997
Sep 5th 2013 Guest
I need a shiny spiritomb lv100 ability: magic guard moves: fissure sheer cold volt tackle and Draco meteor
ID #308333
Aug 22nd 2013 Guest
how do you use it
ID #306272
Aug 22nd 2013 Guest
This works. Please trust me. I was eerie about it, so I had to save-state. But, it works afterall! THANKS!
ID #306205
Aug 14th 2013 Guest
How do I use this?
ID #304762
Jul 21st 2013 Guest
Easy to use, and it works took me two minutes to put in and I have a victini!!!! So thanks girl!!!
ID #299038
Apr 21st 2013 Guest
could you make a liberty pass code, for Us Pleaseeee :D
ID #276265
Apr 11th 2013 Guest
o well the victini codes for me.on my DESMUME>TNXX
ID #272736
Feb 11th 2013 Guest
I put the code in my AR, and it deleted the whole pokemon black file.
ID #253290
Dec 26th 2012 Guest
please post what game each code is for and if it is tested its not that hard
ID #229035
Sep 5th 2012 Cemetery
Please note: I am a busy girl. I work a lot so I don't really have time to make specific ones.

Also I used the Action Replay code that I had on my AR; haha..

Mind you I tested this and it worked for me. If it did not work for you I am sorry.

I main tested on the emmy that I had and it worked for me. The code is easily disabled depending on which emmy you use.

I can not remember which emmy I was using right off hand and my comp took a dive when the screen shattered, haha.. So I'm a bit slow at getting back. Mind you I want to help if possible.

I don't bite.. much so don't be afraid to PM me if you have to to see if I can possibly help.
ID #183706
Sep 1st 2012 andysixx
i don't have the new action replay :( and i'm looking for victini, please! guys can you remake the code, i will trade wichever pokemon you want
ID #182324
Sep 1st 2012 Guest
i don't have the new action replay :( and i'm looking for victini, please! guys can you remake the code, i will trade wichever pokemon you want
ID #182320
Aug 15th 2012 Hackerninja45
Make a shiny (reshram) PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYI ur awesome
ID #176482
Aug 15th 2012 Guest
Make a shiny (reshram) PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYI ur awesome
ID #176480
Apr 21st 2012 Guest
Make a aipom plz
Moves (giga impact) (relic song) (irontail) (hammerarm)
Ability rivalry
ID #135785
Apr 19th 2012 Guest
it works go out of black city and its lvl 47
ID #135054
Mar 16th 2012 Guest
ID #123326
Feb 28th 2012 Guest
No victini... Pressing select 1000 times... How do you delete
A AR code by any chance?
ID #119149
Feb 24th 2012 Guest
i have a request. insted of riding a bike have your trainer ride a radidash. kinda like ghost riders carter slane
ID #117948
Feb 19th 2012 Guest
i dont know how to use cheats. please help me
ID #116303
Feb 18th 2012 Guest
doesnt work :S
ID #115973
Feb 11th 2012 Cronnix
btw which one of the codes did you use?
ID #114090
Feb 11th 2012 Cronnix
It wont work when i press E(select) it wont appear
ID #114088
Feb 4th 2012 Cemetery
No you do not press X. You just press select once and walk around in the grass then a wild Victini will attack.

It's level depends on where you're walking around at. Like I tried it in the area just outside of the starter town so the Victini was like level 2 when it leaped out.
ID #112202
Feb 3rd 2012 Cronnix
also when i press select the music does not freeze
ID #111852
Feb 3rd 2012 Cronnix
it only worked once for me and then thats it
ID #111850
Feb 3rd 2012 Cronnix
Do you have to press x?
ID #111849
Jan 28th 2012 Dotan4444
No Flamethrower,but Iron Tail...
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile
ID #110041
Jan 28th 2012 Dotan4444
I have a request!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Make it as fast as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need a Pikachu Level 40
Item:Light Bal.
Ability:Wonder Guard.
1)Volt Tackle.2)Thunder Bolt. 3)Electro Ball.
NOT SHINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For DeSmuMe US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks. Smile
ID #110040
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