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Unova Legendaries!!! Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black

Print this PokemonFanBoy posted:

Jul 16th 2011, ID#7671 Unova Legendaries!!!

-This code will give you Reshiram, Zekrom, and, Kyurem.
-In Box 7 Slot 1-3
-All with legit stats and attacks. Nothing fancy.
-These Pokemon are great for Wi-Fi battles and training with against your friends.

Region: US/North America

Press *SELECT* to Activate...

94000130 FFFB0000
02221FAC B49353AA
02221FB0 59180000
02221FB4 B06B1958
02221FB8 C9924A7F
02221FBC 5A19A5AE
02221FC0 053B655D
02221FC4 36CD6AE6
02221FC8 5B53E6F6
02221FCC D4A9B4D0
02221FD0 3FDBC605
02221FD4 3C8033A9
02221FD8 763337B9
02221FDC 8A64E717
02221FE0 5B0003E3
02221FE4 EBE91B42
02221FE8 309F8A3E
02221FEC 9A899672
02221FF0 2E9C5F2B
02221FF4 7C4ED838
02221FF8 AAD36FB1
02221FFC 80488039
02222000 72BF17C5
02222004 08AAA68A
02222008 C07A24AA
0222200C 1BFCEE31
02222010 1142FE50
02222014 5C2DBA2B
02222018 75793D56
0222201C E1EF52D4
02222020 0E4A598A
02222024 55804176
02222028 911657A7
0222202C 561998D8
02222030 EF10222A
02222034 B49353AA
02222038 E9440000
0222203C 9B39F48A
02222040 0BA356D4
02222044 B576FD09
02222048 8CE0D680
0222204C 44BE2E54
02222050 8F3BCA39
02222054 634A4200
02222058 3126689C
0222205C 84A6075E
02222060 467298B3
02222064 F21CCD04
02222068 40E5FD13
0222206C 3F1F96C2
02222070 2053B75A
02222074 F768B0F0
02222078 0610DE1E
0222207C 12FC4419
02222080 FC9ED767
02222084 FD8BCAB3
02222088 0DFC2B54
0222208C 9E96BD40
02222090 8C9EF329
02222094 A3591DC8
02222098 18EEDBB0
0222209C FBCA48D2
022220A0 07429F32
022220A4 2F2D9D13
022220A8 887E3749
022220AC F8D6A1C3
022220B0 4B7D33EE
022220B4 51E579CC
022220B8 7232795A
022220BC B49353AA
022220C0 6D8A0000
022220C4 10E4E6CD
022220C8 1BF9ADDE
022220CC E91A2C25
022220D0 EF772022
022220D4 E8C61161
022220D8 81E292E4
022220DC B2BB32BC
022220E0 DBEB4F14
022220E4 F6ABE3BE
022220E8 C81EDB8A
022220EC EAB5A749
022220F0 5F87304D
022220F4 3224560F
022220F8 00A5FD46
022220FC D7312B8B
02222100 C2BB10EC
02222104 3BBBB5C4
02222108 397D2BA0
0222210C 29ADD543
02222110 09B92D53
02222114 0BDF7DBF
02222118 AA2F40CC
0222211C B91675B7
02222120 0BFB753D
02222124 30705A5B
02222128 5DE08F1F
0222212C 40904568
02222130 8EB9B499
02222134 11FE2811
02222138 B3B8BC22
0222213C 10C9B321
02222140 83726C98
D2000000 00000000


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10 comments, latest first.
Aug 18th 2011 PokemonFanBoy
^^^ werrrd i hate that lol smh
ID #68073
Aug 13th 2011 groovermighster
heh I've been putting the same request on to people,but they don't seem to answer.
ID #66970
Aug 13th 2011 PokemonFanBoy
^^^ He11 yeahhh lol
ID #66687
Aug 11th 2011 groovermighster
nice codes!I like legit pokemon and nothing special to.
ID #66303
Jul 24th 2011 PokemonFanBoy
^^^ you do know you can copy and paste the AR code into a AR software and then load it into your AR hardware right? you don't really have to write it down :D
ID #60916
Jul 24th 2011 Guest
Way tooooooooooo long
ID #60709
Jul 21st 2011 Guest
It really works guys so use it
ID #59960
Jul 16th 2011 Guest
Awesome! Thanks man! Smile
ID #58477
Jul 16th 2011 PokemonFanBoy
no not for white .... but i will make one ... it'll be up in 24 hours
ID #58416
Jul 16th 2011 Guest
Does this work for white too? If not can you make a code for white? Smile
ID #58408
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