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All of Ash's Pokemon - Part 1 : Pikachu , Butterfree , Pidgeot Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black

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Jun 6th 2011, ID#7371 All of Ash's Pokemon - Part 1 : Pikachu , Butterfree , Pidgeot

Replace first 3 Pokemon in your party : L + are

Pikachu :
Item : Light Ball
LvL : 100 ; Nature : Bold
Gender : Male
Happines : 255
OT : Ash
LvL Met : 5
Ability : Static
Native 2 : Kanto (FR)
Moves (PP Up MAX) :
-Iron Tail
-Volt Tackle
-Electro Ball
Place ; Date Met : Kanto , 8.9.2000

Item : None
LvL : 100 ; Nature : Calm
Gender : Male
Happines : 255
OT : Ash
LvL Met : 5
Ability : Compond Eyes
Native 2 : Kanto (FR)
Moves (PP Up MAX) :
-Stun Spore
-Sleep Powder
Place ; Date Met : Kanto , 10.9.2000

Pidgeot :
Item : None
LvL : 100 ; Nature : Hasty
Gender : Male
Happines : 255
OT : Ash
LvL Met : 18
Ability : Keen Eye
Native 2 : Kanto (FR)
Moves (PP Up MAX) :
-Wing Attack
-Sand Attack
-Quick Attack
Place ; Date Met : Kanto , 10.9.2000

If you like it and want to continue this series please THUMBS UP xD!

Region: US/North America | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 FCFF0000
B2000024 00000000
E00196C4 000000DC
FF9E7EFD 6FD90000
6635BD5B 39B5C1B0
02B8384B CEAD5EF8
F1ACE152 39E3C051
6D4FC049 82476E60
F0DB42C2 B162ADF6
7F019A1C B6008DE5
21072BF2 121C30AF
83601627 3CD02C8C
C61F23B6 7B476291
125D33BF E824061A
27C18A90 541149C9
D4021FF1 65DA2C9F
AADC8054 76B75081
B19E639A 74D11F45
22E44D20 EE65A9BA
093627C8 9E468AC5
04F81605 6452B678
597F2417 9D05E250
3CC05B7B 4DAB34B4
40E27B52 0FDC1793
D4CE7C53 7E6951B8
CB3B2354 78BE209D
FE34A583 D9358185
14C1C76A 00000000
E00197A0 000000DC
CDAB39F2 827D0000
3A1FC0F1 90808208
E7F73B0E 75C2F902
671511BC 91AFC4AD
C05BC000 299F092A
F9712248 7F6C8E24
D78D0661 3267BB30
977E3E4B 791354A9
71044C6C 14FF7BDE
00C49272 4FE46AB8
7163DF7D 67CF51D9
35445738 359F64A7
41A160DF 7CCD4A2E
0EA51769 65879192
2EA8F788 8E0A8101
54B800BB 223EC65C
22913B9D DE9FE7F5
351ABD35 07357A28
E80292C8 AF50668F
E3E12AAF 98D59CD3
D77A231A F6DD3F68
64DA7F45 F07426DE
ABBD0CE9 8B9E4676
1631ACF5 449AC5F8
4B79737D 00000000
E001987C 000000DC
879A76F9 86FE0000
23D50F8E 3D5A9F91
6D78C417 C8CA9822
06CEBA2F 38C927C4
9E00D89C 7D6EB963
E9EE3171 AF6397E7
7078D4EA F4E16B19
812FBA74 EE63EEF7
3B02967C 539DCCAB
620B97AA 14398E05
E51F7376 5BE19209
DD370DB5 B42D49E6
E153547E A7662E2D
341911E6 E2DBC283
639E0308 94795B21
B7DA5750 D2056274
1631D4ED 05E37BD5
BE77B46D 7D69CE09
B22DB2C2 F140B9D2
9331878A FA1D913E
04CD1C64 3DB94B2D
03F105B9 FCABB9B3
391E34F8 FB52D443
B60EECE8 1709512F
700820C9 FA98536E
0B75A1B8 A5EC30A0
CCB3BE57 00000000
D2000000 00000000


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16 comments, latest first.
Feb 14th 2016 Guest
could you make a shiny level 100 magikarp code plz? with the ability wonder guard, stats all 999, and the moves: Hyper Beam, Guillotine, Overheat, and Giga Impact.
ID #635346
Nov 12th 2014 Guest
Is there anyway you could make a 'legit' blue's pidgeot ar code for America for pokemon black?
ID #470607
Aug 22nd 2014 Guest
What does L + are mean?
ID #439353
Aug 18th 2015 Guest
i think he had a mistake and it was L+R
ID #599483
Aug 8th 2014 mugzee123
Shiny aruseis I have it
ID #433243
Jun 30th 2014 Guest
bro this doesn't work
ID #409710
Jun 25th 2014 Guest
lol also that web/code i just put on that last comment
isnt mine
ID #406681
Jun 15th 2014 Guest
which code is which
how do I enter
ID #400125
Mar 24th 2014 Guest
dude ur code is good but can u make a code that just has only ash's Pikachu please. dude im needing a code like that really bad. could u make same code but ONLY have Pikachu. PLS help
ID #367867
Feb 15th 2014 Guest
why pidgeot is not there only pikachu and butterfree
ID #355076
Aug 27th 2012 Guest
I don't know why, But I get only pikachu and butterfree, but not pigeot.
Could you also make a wild pokemon modifier that when you walk in the wild you press L+R, or R, Or just L.
ID #180654
Aug 21st 2012 Guest
can you make a shiny giratina orgin form
ID #178489
Jan 13th 2012 Guest
Could you make a code like this for Pokemon White please, 'cause I really want to use it but I doubt it works for Pokemon White.
ID #105547
Nov 26th 2011 Guest
well it works 4 me
ID #90391
Nov 22nd 2011 Guest
doesnt work
ID #89263
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
this does not work man
ID #69326
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