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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

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Lots of cheats for you to check out including unlimited shine, gathering beans, double damage in Piggyback mode and unlocking the Blue Yoshi.

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We have 32 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time please send them in here.

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Infinite number of coins in Thwomp Volcano

There are two tall rooms inside the Thwomp Volcano where you use the Baby Spin move to fly down while gathering coins. When you have got as many coins as you can switch to adult Mario and Luigi to go to the previous room and then use the warp pipe to bring back the babies. Use the Baby Spin move again in the next room and all the coins will still be there allowing you to do this numerous times to gain an infinite amount coins.

Gathering Beans

Learn Baby Mario and Luigi's ability to dig underground and then each time you see a small circle with a 'X' in it throw Baby Mario and Baby Luigi by pressing X or Y. Then press R, B, B to go underground. Move underneath the circle with the 'X' in it and press B under it and you will get a bean.

Double Damage Hammer in Piggyback Mode

Attack an enemy with a hammer and then when it shakes press the baby's button and the big Bro. Will stand the baby up. If you then press the button again you will do double damage.

Fan Meter Never Runs Out

In areas where you need to keep spinning a cog to keep the fan going spin it just once and go to a place onscreen where you cannot see the meter. As long as you stay in an area where the meter is not visible it will never run out.

Double Damage Jump in Piggyback Mode

To do this jump on an enemy with a Bro. When you would press the big Bros. Button for the action command instead press little Bro. Or baby's button. The baby will jump off and the big Bro. Will attack again, doing double damage.

How to find your way in the dark

So first go in a place where some of the platforms are lit up but the others are hidden in the darkness, if you fall you drop onto a spike pit. Take out Baby Mario's Hammer and hammer in front of you. If it makes a clanging noise, there's a platform there and it's safe to walk on it. If not there's no platform there, so just try another direction.

Unlimited Bros. Items

Ok, just so you know (if you don't know already), once you get the Bros. Ball, it is very important you use it on the secret in the room before Thwomp Volcano's entrance. Then, when the pipe comes up, you can jump into it now if wanted. If not, wait until you get back to Toad Town from Star Hill and go into the time hole into the castle sewers. There is a chance you will see a person in a red coat. He will be inside the pipe. Use the babies to enter the pipe and then continue until you find an unusual place. Come back up through the ground and you will get a flashback of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga of Fawful. He is selling badges for beans, so buy the badge that has unlimited items in the description. Then equip the badge, and you will get unlimited Bros. Items. I'm not sure if it work..

Unlock the Blue Yoshi

Unlock the Blue Yoshi
When you see this Yoshi above his cage you will see two rows of colors. Go forward and hammer those colors, and the cage will open. Top row: blue-blue-yellow-yellow-red-blue-red-yellow
Bottom row: yellow-red-blue-red-yellow-yellow-blue-blue


Sunnicide is the boss of the Egg Factory in Yoob's belly. He'll start off surrounded by eggs, so start smashing them. Every time you break one, a Yoshi escapes and goes onto the top screen. When you've freed 5 Yoshis, they'll push a Chomp Rock onto Sunnicide and knock him over, revealing his weak spot inside his mouth. Use jump attacks or Cannonballers to attack it, and repeat until he's fried.
Sunnicide's attacks are quite easy to avoid. When he grabs an egg, wait until he throws it and jump over it. When he tries to suck one of the Bros into his mouth, clout him with your hammer when you're close enough. When he's fallen over, he'll pull a rope and drop one of the Bros into a hole. Time your jump just right to avoid this attack.

Quick Money

One way is to buy a Coin Badge (A) if you don't have one. Equip it and go to Thwomp Volcano.
Go to the place where you find Gold Koopeleons. Battle them and defeat them with Bros. Items. At the end, you get 100-200 coins per Gold Koopeleon.
Another way is to get the Treasure Badge and defeat the Gold Koopeleons with Bros. Items. You should get some Golden Pants. Sell them to get a lot of coins.


The boss that looks like a mushrrom you have to beat his minions by atacking them with anything that has the best affect. Then when they are dead you have to hit the mushroom guy. Repeat without dying if possible.

All pants

100-points Pants | Shroob Rex (Enemy)
Adult Trousers | Koopaseum
Block Trousers | Thwomp Volcano
Branded Slaks | Castle Shop
Egg Pants | Castle Shop
Golden Pants | Thwomp Volcano
Heart Pants | Yoshi Island
Muscle Slaks | Gritzy Cave Shop
Mushroom Jeans | Toad Town Shop
Para Slaks | Toad Town
Patched Slaks | Castle Shop
Preferred Pants | Castle Shop
Puffy Trousers | Yoob's Belly
Roket Jeans | Peach's Castle (Past)
Royal Pants | Castle Shop
Royal Trousers | Castle Shop
Secret Jeans | Gritzy Desert
Shells Slaks | Castle Shop
Shrooms Slaks | Toad Town Shop
Sliky Pants | Start of the Game
Space Trousers | Peach's Castle (Past)
Stache Jeans | Star Temple
Star Trou..

Fawful Badge List

This is a list of the badges you can buy at 'Fawful's house of Badges'. It includes the name, the price and use of each badge.
Name: Ulti-Free Badge
Price: 90 beans
Use: No matter how many attack items you use, your stock stays the same!
Name: EXP Badge A
Price: 70 beans
Use: Greatly increases EXP received when you defeat enemies with attack items!
Name: Treasure badge
Price: 60 beans
Use: Defeat enemies with items and get the items they were using!
Name: Coin Badge A
Price: 50 beans
Use: Greatly increase the coins received when you defeat your enemiess with attack items!
Name: Rough Badge
Price: 40 beans
Use: Greatly increase all damage... Both given and received.
Name: S..


A controls Mario, B luigi, X baby Mario, Y Baby Luigi

Unlimited shine

Hit the shine box and before it fades press start at the right time, it will be dark but light enough to see

mrs thwomp idetification

This is how you ca tell which mrs thwomp is the real one when 4 appear.
-Real one does NOT have a chip in it's head
-real one does NOT have sharp teeth
-real one has full set of teeth.
Hope I helped

Infinite light

In one of those places where you use the sunshine block, hit it, make sure the babies can't see it on their screen, and when there's a little light keep mashing start to open Stuffwell, close him, open him again, and close him again as fast as possible. Then that amount of light is left until you leave, or you get hit by spikes.

Too bad

I beat the game November 30 in 15 to 16 hours and after you beat it, it doesn't let you keep on playing after the credits. It just takes you back to where you last saved. It ticks me off because the babies give you their hammers.

Easy money and beans

When you are in the volcano level there is a slot game when you first play it you get it for free and then after you try it free it will ask if you want to play again for 100 coins and it will give you three choices yes, no and ( help and play) if you choose( help and play) it will give you another game for free. If you get three stares you get a bean if you get three bule flowers than you get fifty coins you can do this over and over as long as you choose ( help and play ).

The best badge

The best badge you can get is called the Ulti-Free badge. It makes it so that if you use an attack item your stock doesn't diminish. This badge is only available from Fawfal (the underground badge guy) for 80 beeans. Only one of your party members in battle must be wearing it to effect the others.

Unlimited bro. Items

For this you need 90 beans (get the babies to dig on the x's) then go to fawful's shop. Buy the ulti- free badge. p.s you can also use the badge that doubles bro items's power and the ones used to get the other brother more powerful with items.

Seceret beans!

Go to the 2nd floor and in both rooms with the three ? Blocks go to the bottom of the room there will be steps go down them and there will be a bean


If you're training to battle Princess Shroob, but you're under Level 30, then train in Thwomp Volcano. If you're over Level 30, then train in Shroob Castle.


If you're ever unsure of who the enemy is going to attack, press A and B at the same time or for a hammer attack press X and Y at the same time.


If your in the middle of a boss battle and you don't have any health restorers left, you can get some by using smash eggs. The only way you can get the items from the smash eggs is if you go all the way to the end. I have got ten one up supers and various other items.

Easy wa to stop going into a battle

Use baby mario and luigi to go ahead.Then,when you are about to enter a battle,quickely push A or B to switch to mario and luigi and to avoid the battle.

Obtain the Best Slacks and Pants

If you want to get the best trousers and pants in the game, then battle the Old Geezer guy with the intern on top of him in Shroob Castle. If your lucky, they drop a couple of them.

Princess shroob

An easy way to beat the older princess shroob is to take out her arms and legs and crown with a mix flower, then use a trampoline to kill her head.

Infinite items

This is easy just get a training badge and you have infinite items.

Stuck anywhere in the game?

If you're stuck anywhere at all in this game, and cannot defeat the boss you are facing currently no matter HOW many times you try, you may not have the right amount of HP. If this happens, you should start a new game on the other file (or delete the current one) to level up! You should already know how to pass whatever you have gotten by before! Also, defeat any enemy you see. If you think this is pointless, listen up!!! I have used this method to pass many parts of the game! I hope this method works for you as it has for me!


What is "Mario & Luigi 2" I thought that was partners in time?


If you hit enemys wit the hammer to start a battle your enemy is paralyzed

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