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Follow the dark path or use the light

Boss FAQ

by metalboomario

         M         M               A        RRRRRRRR  IIIIIIIIIII OOOOOOO
        M M       M M             A A       R       R     II      O     O
       M   M     M   M           A   A      R        R    II      O     O
      M     M   M     M         A     A     RRRRRRRRR     II      O     O
     M       M M       M       AaaaaaaaA    R R           II      O     O
    M         M         M     A         A   R  R          II      O     O
   M                     M   A           A  R   R         II      O     O
  M                       M A             A R    R    IIIIIIIIIII OOOOOOO

                              # # # # # #
                                  #    #
                                  #   #
                                  #  #
                                  # #
  L          U         U      II         G                   II
  L          U         U      II         G                   II
  L          U         U      II         G                   II
  L          U         U      II         G  GGGGGGGGG        II
  L          U         U      II         G          G        II
  L          U         U      II         G          G        II
  L          U         U      II         G          G        II

                              Partners in Time

                               Mario & Luigi
                              Partners in Time

                       by: Luke Allen/metalboomario
                               copyright 2006

Table of Contents



Legal info...........................................LAW

The Story...........................................STRY


Out of the battlefield...............................CTR1






Baby Bowser...........................................BB

Junior Shrooboid........................................SHRBO

Shroob Group...........................................SHRBG

Shroob Group...........................................SHRBG2

Hammer Bros. ...........................................1337HB




Shrooboid Brat..........................................SHRBOB

Petey Piranha...........................................PTYP

Mrs. Thwomp..............................................MRST

Bowser and Baby Bowser...................................B&BB

Commander Shroob.........................................CSHRB

Elder Shrooboid..........................................ESHRBO

Princess Shroob..........................................PS

Princess Shroob Twin.....................................PST

Princess Shroob Twin Transformed.........................PSTT





Contact Information.......................................CNTCTI

                                  Intros - INTR

Introduction - HI
 Wazzup!? The name's Luke Allen, a.k.a. metalboomario. Welcome to my guide.
I made this to help you beat all of the bosses in M&LPT, especially the last
ones. Enjoy! Be sure to read the legal info before any reproduction of this

Legal Info - LAW

 This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances without MY permission
this FAQ belongs to ME. Use of this FAQ on any other public website or
otherwise distributed publicly without my permission is strictly prohibited
and a violation of copyright. E-mail me for permission to do ANYthing with
this FAQ. The only websites allowed to post this FAQ currently is,, and You may not reproduce this FAQ and or
distribute it publicly without my permission. E-mail for permission. See
Contact Information for info on how to contact me.

The Story - STRY

 Really, really long ago...way far out in a dark, dank place shunned
by starlight...there was this creepy planet floating alone. The beings of this
planet were creepy. They spent their time staring into space. They are not just
creepy daydreamers. They were searching. Searching for a new home. At last they
fixed their eyes on a distant world. A land of beauty and peace...The Mushroom

 Toadsworth sends the baby Mario Bros. to play with the baby Princess. When
they get into the next room they see they've been attaced by Baby Bowser.
Baby Mario now fights Baby Bowser.

 Meanwhile in the present Mushroom Kingdom
everyone waits the safe return of Princess Peach who had gone to visit the
Mushroom Kindom's past. The time machine returns and out of it comes...a
monster! After Mario beats the monster Mario amd Luigi travel to the past in
a newly discovered, mysterious time hole. When in the past Mario and Luigi
run into the alien race called the Shroobs. After their first encounter with
them they get defeated by them. Shortly after the baby Mario Bros. come in
and help the elder Mario Bros. Thus Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
team up to defeat the rest of the Shroobs. 

Controls - HTP

Out of the battlefild - CTR1

D-pad - walk

L/R - change button actions.

Jump - Mario - A, Luigi - B, Baby Mario - X, and Baby Luigi - Y.

Hammer - Baby Mario - X and Baby Luigi - Y

 If you jump on an enemy to intiate battle you will damage your opponent
when you start. If you hammer them you may stun them when you start. If the
enemy hits your back you will be stunned for a turn or less when you start.

Attacking - CTR2

Mario's button - A

Jump attack - Press A just before landing on your opponent to increase
attack damage. That is called an action command.

Bros. Items - Press Mario's A button when necessary.

Luigi's button - B

Jump attack - Press B just before landing on your opponent to increase
attack damage.

Bros. Items - Press Luigi's B button when necessary.

Baby Mario's button - X

Jump attack - Press X just before landing on your opponent to increase
attack damage.

Hammer attack (once hammers are obtained) - press X when your hammer shakes
to increase attack damage.

Bros. Items - Press Baby M's X button when necessary.

Baby Luigi's button - Y

Jump attack - Press Y just before you land on your opponent to increase
attack damage.

Hammer attack - Press Y when your hammer shakes to increase attack damage.

Bros. Items - Press Baby L's Y button when necessary.

Piggyback attacks

Though the name is lame these attacks are stronger than regular attacks.

Baby M and Mario

Jump attack - Press Baby Mario's X button before landing on your opponent
to attack with Baby M and then press Mario's A button before you
land on your opponent to attack with Mario.

Hammer attack - Press A when the hammer shakes to form a Bros. tower and
then when it shakes again press X.

Baby L and Luigi

Jump attack - Press Baby L's Y button before landing on your opponent
to attack with Baby L and then press Luigi's B button before you
land on your opponent to attack with Luigi.

Hammer attack - Press B when the hammer shakes to form a Bros. tower and
then when it shakes again press Y.

Defending - CTR3

 When an opponent attacks you will see the buttons you will use to avoid the
opponent's attacks. It will either have an arrow meaning you have to jump
to avoid or a hammer meaning you need to hammer back the opponents attacks.
Watch for signs to show which Bro the opponent is attacking.

Mario - A jump
 When with the babies hold X to hold back your hammer and release to defend.

Luigi - B jump
 When with the babies hold Y to hold back your hammer and release to defend.

Baby Mario - X - jump Hold X - hold back hammer

Baby Luigi - Y - jump Hold Y - hold back hammer

Countering - CTR4

 If you can time your dodging well enough you can counter attack and hurt
your opponent.

Running - CTR5

 When you choose to run from a battle, (chicken) rapidly press your Bro.'s
button to make him run offscreen.

3. Bosses - B'S

 The important part of the FAQ. I will give you strategies on
how to defeat the bosses.

Baby Bowser - BB

 The young Koopa King. Prince at this age. You will fight him with baby M only.
Baby L is playing with the baby Princess.

HP: 7 
Attack: Fireball

Strategy: This is basically just practice. Easy to avoid attacks.
Young Toadsworth will tutor you on action commands and dodging if you
need him to. Press X right as spits out the fireball to dodge it.

Junior Shrooboid - SHRBO

 A Shroob monster that comes out of the time machine instead of
Princess Peach. You will fight it as Mario alone. Luigi is too
scared to help you fight.

HP: 15
Attack: Spin

Strategy: More practice, to avoid the spin just jump when it has spun half
way to you. To counter jump when it is just starting to spin. Also,
Toadsworth will tutor you again if you want.

Shroob Group - SHRBG

 You will have to fight three Shroobs. They call in a bomb with a counter.
If you don't beat them within the timer you lose. This is meant to be
impossible for now. You will be defeated and the baby Bros. will save you. 

Each Shroob has these stats.

HP: 15
Attack: Laser

Strategy: To avoid the laser jump right when they shoot at you. If their
hand shines when they bring out the laser gun they're aiming for Mario.
If they spin before they shoot they're aiming for Luigi. No countering possible.

Shroob Group - SHRBG2

 Baby Bowser shoots away the Shroobs that defeated Mario and Luigi. Baby
Bowser orders Baby M and baby L to rescue Mario and Luigi. They will run into
2 Shroobs. You must defeat them with baby M and baby L. The good news is there
is no timer this time.

Each Shroob has these stats.

HP: 15
Attack: Laser

Strategy: The same strategy mentioned before only this time Toadsworth will
come in and introduce a Bros. Item.

Hammer Bros. - 1337HB

A pair of brainwashed Hammer Bros. will confront you. You must fight them with
baby M and baby L. They may be the funniest boss that you will meet.

Each Hammer Bro.

HP: 100 
Attacks - Hammer throw and Bro. Hammer

Strategy: If they are together the Hammer Bros. will do their Bro. Hammer
move. One Hammer Bro. will hit the other into one of the Bros.. If the
hammerhead falls off their hammer do not jump to avoid the attack, if it stays
on jump to avoid the attack. Jump right when one hits the other to counter. 
They will also throw hammers at you separtely. When only one is left it will
throw hammers at one of the Bros. always. Jump to avoid the hammers. Watch
the shadows to see who it's coming after and where the hammers are.

Swiggler - SWGLR

The Shroob's Wiggler. Like a Wiggler it gets angry real easy.

HP: 250
Attacks: UFO blasts, Poison clouds

Strategy: Swiggler has 2 Dr. Shroob bodyguards helping it. They are the key to
winning. Swiggler starts off red with anger. If you jump on Swiggler while
it's red you will deal hardly any damage at all. If you do jump it will then
counter with shockwaves which you must jump over. Watch carefully to see where
they're at. Sometimes it will spit out poison clouds at you. Use your hammer
to knock them away but be warned if it touches you it may poison you. Swiggler
also has a Toad Vim drink. This is where the Dr. Shroobs come in to play. Hit
a Dr. Shroob while it has a BAD mushroom. The mushroom will fall in Swiggler's
Toad vim drink. When it drinks it it will be poisoned. That is your chance to
attack. Swiggler is unable to attack and it will not counter when you attack
it. When it returns to normal repeat the process until Swiggler is defeated.
If Swiggler gets a sip of its regular drink it will power up 2 UFO's. The
lower one aims for the Luigis and the higher one aims for the Marios. If they
swap places they will still be aiming for their original Bros.. If Swiggler
gets a sip of a Toad vim drink that got a GOOD mushroom in it it will regain
health. That is the basic strategy. Bros. Items can help.

Kamek - KMK

Baby Bowser's loyal Magikoopa minion.

HP: 450
Attacks: Fire, spiked balls and clones.

Strategy: Kamek likes to make clones of him self so he can attack multiple
times. Bros. Items like Bro. Flowers and Ice Flowers can help narrow down
which is the real one. Only the one that takes damge is the real Kamek. If
you get in enough damage using Ice Flowers Kamek's stats will drop. That's
another way to tell which Kamek is Kamek because only the real Kamek has the
little lights that show stats have gone down around him. He will also send out
fire that will go around and around the Bros.. You need to jump to avoid it.
After you dodge the fire it will hit Kamek. The now enflamed Kamek will run
at one Bro. pair. Hold back hammers and get ready to knock him back Kamek
will also drop large spiked balls. If one makes contact with a Bro. it may
make them dizzy. Bros. Items play an important role in this match.

Sunnycide - SNYC

No we're not talking about how you like your eggs but this Shroob monster is
a gigantic egg beast. Also eggs are involved in defeating this beast.

HP: 500
Attacks: Egg throw, trap hole, Boo attack

To begin this battle Sunnycide has 5 eggs which have Yoshis trapped
inside of them. To defeat Sunnycide you must free the Yoshis. Bros. Items
like Bro Flowers and Ice flowers can be effective in breaking the eggs but
usually one jump attack will free a Yoshi from its egg prison. Sunnycide will
throw some of the eggs at you. Look at who the crosshair stops on to see who
it's aiming for. After you rescue the Yoshi it will roll another Chain Chomp
rock up but it needs some help getting it over. Rescue a total of 5 Yoshis
and they will push the rock off the ledge which will then hit Sunnycide
turning it Sunnyside up! (Bad pun.).

Sunnycide, now flipped is vulnerable
for attack. While on its back it can still attack. If Sunnycide pulls a chain
it will cause trap holes to appear under the Bros.. Be prepared to jump.
When you see the ground start shaking, jump.

If it pulls a rope the lights
will go off. If you look closely you'll see a boo coming toward you in the
dark. Pull back your hammers and when it gets close to the the Bros. smack
it. Repeat the above process until Sunnycide is done for. That's all yolks!
(Bad pun.)

Shrooboid Brat - SHRBOB

This weirdo needs to see a dentist. It has infinite amounts of lollipops in
its mouth.

HP: 900
Attacks: Lollipop throw and item cough.

If the brat does his lollipop throw attack he will turn to the
crowd and get their vote. The number of times he does votes is the number of
times he attacks. If the vote is mostly M's it's going to Mario of course and
L's Luigi. Jump to avoid the lollipops.

During item cough the audience will
pass items to the M and L panels. If it lands on M then falls its going to be
coughed up at Mario and L Luigi. However they come out in reverse order and
opposite. Like if the first one was a Mushroom to M it would come out
poison shroom' to Mario last. Hammer away the bad stuff and let the good
stuff hit you. If he eats a fire flower you need to hammer that back too.
Hit him hard and he'll be over soon.

Petey Piranha - PTYP

The weird, flying Piranha Plant from Super Mario Sunshine is back for more
in this battle.

HP: 960 
Attacks: quicksand, boulder drop and piranha vine swing.
Attacks to him that cause critical hits: Fire and maybe Ice.

I suggest using Ice flowers to lower his stats and then have at
him with other Bros. Items like Cannonballers. While he is flying in the air
he has one attack, the boulder drop. If he flies up and jumps back upside down
facing you one boulder will come at Luigi then one will come at Mario. If he
flies up and jumps back upside down facing away from you, one boulder will
come at Mario and then one will come at Luigi. If he flies up and does a does
a few somersaults before he falls the boulders are going to come at Mario
and Luigi at the same time.

You can't jump on Petey when he's in the sand.
While he's in the sand Petey can do quicksand and piranha plant vine swing.
When he puts his whole body under the sand he's starting quicksand. Keep
jumping and jumping until the quicksand stops to keep from being pulled in.

When a M block or a L block appear in the top screen, while he's in the sand
he's starting the piranha plant vine swing. Watch which block appears in the
top screen. hit the vine back with the designated Bro.. That will make the
vine swing to the other Bro. who will also swing it back. Keep hitting it back
and forth until it breaks. Keep up the process and he should be gone in no

Mrs. Thwomp - MRST

 Dousing the volcano made the Thwomp couple angry, especially Mrs. Thwomp.
She fights you to get revenge on you for making her husband sad.

HP: 600
Attacks: Rock throw, small clones, jump attack and shockwave attack.
Attacks to her that cause critical hits: I don't think there are any.

She's not so tough. If you can dodge her attacks you'll be fine.
With her being a rock she has some pretty good defense against attacks.
When she uses her rock throw attack she will either hop in front of one bro.
to indicate who she's hurling rocks at or she'll remain in the center and
throw them at a random bro. pair. Be ready with your hammers.

Once you deal enough damage to her she will turn into 4 small clones so she
can attack 4 times. Her only attack as clones is her jump attack.
Watch which eyebrow they raise to see who she's attacking. If one raises her
right eyebrow she's heading for Mario and if one raises her left eyebrow
she's heading for Luigi. They attack in the order of who raised their
eyebrow first to who raised their eyebrow last. Have your hammers ready.
After the clones sustain enough damage they will turn back to small Goombas
and run away. Fire flowers & Ice flowers can be used to damage all the
clones and find out which one is Mrs. Thwomp. Another way to find which Mrs.
Thwomp is the real deal is to look at the real Mrs. Thwomp before she splits.
Each clone will have something different from the real Mrs. Thwomp. One will
be missing some teeth, one will have a partly chipped of head, and the other
clone will have sharp teeth I think. Look for the one without any of these
conditions to find the real Mrs. Thwomp.

Normal size Mrs. Thwomp can use her shockwave attack. She will jump into the
air and spin. Listen for the spins when she jumps into the top screen. If
she spins 3 times she'll land in the center meaning you need to jump with
both bros.. If she spins 6 times she will land near the top of the screen
meaning you need to jump with Mario and then Lugi. If she spins 9 times she
will land near the bottom of the screen meaning you need to jump with Luigi
then Mario. Keep repeating the process and hammering her down and she'll be
gone in no time.

Bowser and Baby Bowser - B&BB

 Bowser has teamed up with his baby self. He doesn't know it's himself
though. He's stupid like that.


HP: 1200
Attacks: Shockwave, fire breath and fireballs.
Attacks to him that cause critical hits: Ice

Baby Bowser

HP: 1000
Attacks: Hammer hit fire balls.
Attacks to him that cause critical hits: Ice


Attacks: Fireball spit heal and Bowser Hammer.

When they're together is the toughest part of the match. If Baby
Bowser jumps up and spins forward he's going to pound Bowser to make him spit
a fireball at Mario. Be prepared to jump as soon as he hits Bowser. If he
jumps up and spins backward he is going to make Bowser spit a fireball at
Luigi. If Baby Bowser jumps out of both screens he will come back down and
make Bowser spit fireballs at both bros..

When Bowser walks up to you and
sucks in air, he's about to do his flame breath attack. Watch carefully
though. If Bowser laughs and grins his attack will be stalled for a moment.
He will fake flame you then suck in a little more then really flame you.
Jump right when the flame comes out to dodge.

Also, Bowser will jump and
create a shockwave that both Bros. must jump over. It goes slow, so time
your jump carefully.

When Baby Bowser hops off of Bowser and Bowser goes
into his shell Baby Bowser will use the Bowser hammer attack. If he holds his
hammer up high he's going to hit Bowser into Mario if he holds it low he's
going to hit Bowser into Luigi. The hard part of it is the timing. Bowser
moves faster and faster making him harder to hit.

If you can knock Bowser
away Baby Bowser will be alone for a few turns of the fight. His only attack
is shooting fireballs into the top screen and hammering them at the bros.
Hammer high for Mario, hammer low for Luigi. If you defeat Baby Bowser he
won't be able to feed mushromms to Bowser to heal him anymore and most
of their attacks are now gone. Beat the crud out of Bowser when he's the only
one left and you'll have this fight wrapped up in no time.

Commander Shroob - CSHRB

 The Shroob commander. He tries to stay out of the fight most of the time.

Commander Shroob

HP: 1300
Attacks: Shroob spin or kick, and call Shroobs.

Support Shroobs

Each Shroob has these stats.

HP: 150
Attacks: Throw Shroob-omb and Rush attack.

To start this battle the Commander Shroob calls in 3 support
Shroobs that carry a giant Shroob-omb. To force the Commander Shroob to come
into battle you must use the Shroob-omb the Shroobs carry.

When you defeat the
center and right support Shroob the last Shroob won't be able to carry the
Shroob-omb by itself and the Shroob-omb will destroy the last support Shroob
and knock the Commander Shroob into the fray. If you destroy the left and 
center Shroobs instead the Shroob-omb will run into Mario and Luigi.

The Commander will use the Shroob spin and throw to attack. He will call up
some Shroobs that will run up to him. He will spin them at the Mario Bros..
If he puts his hands in front of him before knocking the Shroob back he's
aiming the Shroob toward Luigi. If his hands are behind him before he spins
the Shroob he's aiming for Mario. Have your hammers ready. He will sometimes
kick the Shroob into the air to attack. If the Shroob is upside-down it's
coming toward Luigi. If it's right-side-up it's aiming for Mario.

The support Shroobs will either throw the Shroob-omb at you or make the
Shroob-omb hover while they rush attack you. If they throw the Shroob-omb
you need to hammer it back. If the Shroob-omb winks its right eye it's
heading for Mario and if it winks its left eye it's heading for Luigi. They
will knock it back toward you again. Keep playing Tennis with the Shroobs
until the Shroob-omb blows up on them. If they rush attack you be prepared
to jump on them at the right time to counter their attack.

Keep after the
Commander Shroob for a few turns then he will eventually use Shroob call and
call in more Shroobs with another Shroob-omb. Keep up the process and you'll
be done in no time.

Elder Shrooboid - ESHRBO

 The older brother (or sister?) of the junior Shrooboid you fought in the

1st Form

HP: 1700
Attacks: Metal ball attack and fireball attack.

2nd Form

HP: 1200
Attacks: UFO call, fireball attack and spiked ball attack.

The Elder Shrooboid is weak against Ice Flowers so try to have some
of those handy when you fight it. In its first form it has 3 attacks.

When it uses metal ball attack it will encase you in gold crystals and start
up spinning in with a metal ball with an M or L on it. Look at the letter
to see who it's coming at Keep jumping to escape the gold prison and jump
over the ball when it throws it. Elder Shrooboid will fall over and then
crash into one of the bros.

It will also throw fireballs at you. Watch the
hand it uses to see who it's coming at. Right for Mario and left for Luigi.
You can't jump on it because it has spikes on its head.

Once you beat its
1st form it will go into its 2nd form. It will call in a UFO with one of
those timers you saw in the beginning. To reset the timer hit the spiked
ball that the the Shrooboid throws at you to knock it into the UFO. Hit it
with Mario to make it go to the right of the top screen and Luigi for the
left. Use the Ice Flowers for an edge.

Princess Shroob - PS

 The final showdown with Princess Shroob.

HP: 3000
Attacks: Star attack, energy ball attack, laser attack and walker attack.

Princess Shroob starts with a force field around her throne. Use copy
flowers to eliminate it easily. While she's in her throne she can do the
laser attack. Watch the lasers. The top aims for Mario and the lower one aims
for Luigi. If the laser aims high don't jump, if it aims low jump as soon as
it shoots.

She can also do the walker attack. She'll come in on a walker and hop
over one of the bros. She will shoot energy rings that you must jump over.
Time your jumps carefully. When she's done shooting she'll try to crush you
with the walker. You must hammer her back. If she laughs before she comes down
she's going to stall her attack.

While out of the throne she can do her star
attack. She'll move her hand high when she's aiming for Mario and low when
she's aiming for Luigi. The star will not stop going around until it hits you
or you jump on it. There is a possibility of poisoning if you get hit.

She will also do her energy ball attack. If she gets in front of Mario
she'll shoot at Mario. If she gets in front of Luigi she'll shoot at Luigi.
If she gets in the top center she'll shoot a line of energy balls that you
jump over with Mario then Luigi. If she gets in the lower center she'll
shoot a line of energy balls that you jump over with Luigi then Mario. She
will also appear in the air and shoot an energy ball. If she's really high
up, she'll shoot at Mario. If she's high but not top of the top screen high,
she'll shoot at Luigi. Have your hammers ready to whack the energy balls
back at her for some damage. The more damage you deal to her the more
attacks she uses in each turn. Beat her and you're done...

Princess Shroob Twin - PST

 ...or not! Princess Shroob has a twin! This is a slightly tougher battle than
the last.

HP: 3500
Attacks: Meteor, energy blasts, Chain Chomp charge, and energy drinks.

She's tough but possible to beat. Peach will heal you and give you
stars to destroy the UFO's Princess Shroob T summons. If she uses 3 UFO's the
UFO's will bring down a meteor for PST and then blow up. PST will come up and
try to smash you with the meteor. Hammer her back to make her drop it.

If she brings in a Chain Shromp as I like to call it, she will call a UFO to
walk it into you. Watch the UFO when it comes over a bro. Be ready to jump
because the Chain Shromp is not too far behind.

If she calls 2 UFO's she
will hop on them and fly up to the top screen and start shooting energy
blasts. If she uses her left hand she's aiming for Luigi and when she uses
right she's aiming for Mario. The shots are fast so be careful. After those
shots she'll go far back and shoot at you. If she's low you need to jump
over the sho. If she's high you don't need to jump. After those shots the
UFO's wil explode and she'll jump back to the battle field. When she lands
it will cause a shockwave that you need to jump over.

When you wear her down she'll call in a UFO to bring her an
energy drink that recovers 120 of her health. If you have the ulti-free
badge from Fawful's Bean'n'Badge you want to have it on. It'll pay off.
When you beat her you're finally done...

Princess Shroob Twin Transformed - PSTT

...or not! PST grows! She grows tentacles and turns almost invincible. Peach
passes out so you won't have her to aid you. PSTT's head is where you need
your damage to add up.

HP: 3000 (Head)
Foot tentacles: 500 HP
Arm tentacles: 250 HP
crown: 350 HP
Attacks: UFO crash, energy ball, tentacle stab, tentacle spin, tentacle
grab, and Time Hole attack - thx to the people who donated info about it for
this one. ^_^ (shyguylvr that includes you. ^_^)

The hardest battle ever! If you don't have high HP and defense you're
toast. Make sure you stock up on mix flowers and mushrooms before these final
battles. If you have the Ulti-free badge...equip it! I made it when I used the
Ulti-free badge. Use mix flowers for they are your best weapon. They are the
strongest bros. item and they target everything. If you attack Princess Shroob
TT directly you will do hardly any damage. You must deactivate the crown on
her head. To do that you must at least destroy the foot tentacles so you
can reach the crown. If you use mix flowers you can get rid of all the
tentacles at once. Once the crown is deactivated PSTT is vulnerable. Hit her
as hard as you can. Mix flowers still work well here. It will eventually
reactivate and you must repeat the process. Even if the crown is out of reach,
as long as it's deactivated you can attack PSTT directly.

When PSTT shoots an
energy ball in the air and fills it with red and green energy balls you will
need to counter it with your hammer. The color that hits the energy ball the
most is the bro. it goes after. Red for Mario and green for Luigi. After one
counters the ball it will go the other. Counter it again and again and it will
eventually hit PSTT.

If she summons UFO's and then breaks them with an energy
ball the UFO's will crash into the Mario bros. If a UFO is on fire then it is
headed for Mario. If it is giving off electricity it will fall at Luigi. Have
your hammers ready. They come down in the order they were destroyed.

If she
moves back an arm tentacle and it shines it means she's about to tentacle stab
you. Watch who the tentacle is aimed for to know who to jump with.

starts to spin her foot tentacles, watch what direction they go in and how
fast they move to know when to jump with the appropriate bro..

Then possibly
the hardest attack to avoid, the tentacle grab. She will slowly curve her
tentacle at you, and you must time your counter with your hammer just right
to avoid being picked up and thrown for tremendous damage.

I have found out
about an attack, the time hole attack. I finally saw it. PSTT makes saucers
and a time hole appear. The time hole sucks up the saucers. Now I have heard
from some that nothing happens afterward and by others that the saucers come
back and hit you. Now I have found what happens from someone else! She may
bring them back so you must memorize who the saucers would be going after
because she may bring them back and they attack the bros. directly so be
ready to jump when they come back. Thanks to everyone who gave me info on
this. Anyway, keep up the process and you will emerge victorious.
Congratulations! you have beaten the last final boss...

Shrowser - SHRWSR

...or not! This time the spirit of PSTT increases Bowser's strength! Now
you must fight Shrowser.

HP: 10 Shroob Heads on a life bar
Attacks: Fireballs, fireballs and giant fireball.

You do not get to attack or heal in this battle at all. All you do to
defeat Shrowser is dodge and counter. When the jump icon appears Shrowser will
shoot fireballs directly at you. Watch the image of PSTT in the top screen to
see who Shrowser is aiming the first fireball at. If she points with either of
her right tentacles she's aiming for Mario and the left ones for Luigi When
you jump over them they will go around and hit the image of PSTT on the top
screen and decrease the Shroob head energy bar at the top.

When you see the hammer
icon and Shrowser shoots fireballs, the fireballs will go up and come back
down at you. Watch the image of PSTT to see who they're coming down on.
If she points with either of her right tentacles she's aiming for Mario and
the left ones for Luigi Remember, her left and her right, not your left and
right. Hammer them to damage Shrowser. If a giant fireball starts to form in
front of Shrowser be ready to hammer it back with a bro. to damage Shrowser.
Once again, if she points with either of her right tentacles she's aiming for
Mario and the left ones for Luigi. I believe that each hit deals 1/3 damage to
one shroob head onthe life bar. Meaning 1/3 of a shroob head will go away. Some
attacks get rid of more. Repeat the countering and you'll beat Shrowser in no
time. Congratulations! You beat the final, final boss.

Closing - BYE

Thanks - =)

Thanks to:

God for creating the Earth

Alphadream corporation for making this great game.

Nintendo for creating Mario and Luigi.

G dawg for giving me different HP for Princess Shroob.

An anonymous contributor for the 3500 HP for
Princess Shroob Twin.

sly quick for info on Princess Shroob Twin Transformed's time hole attack.

shyguylvr for info on the time hole attack too.

robo plumber for info on Sunnycide's HP, he said 500.

and you the reader

FAQ - ???

E-mail any questions or contributions!


Q: Can I take your guide and host it publicly without your permission?
A: No.

Q: (Relating to the above question.) Please?!
A: NO!

Q: Did you ever beat the game?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there save blocks between the last 4 bosses?
A: There is one before you rescue Peach before the 4 boss battles, there is
one right after you rescued Peach and before the 4 bosses that you can save at
or have Stuffwell take you to before you rescued Peach, and there is one after
the third, before the 4th one, Shrowser.

Q: Is there anyway to leave the castle after the 3rd final boss?
A: No, the toads will not allow you to go anywhere but toward the throne room
where you fight Shrowser. The only way to travel some more is to hit the save
block and go back to before you rescued Peach.

Q: How do you dodge that ram attack Elder Shrooboid uses. I keep hammering
him/her but he/she won't stop!
A: All I can say is keep hammering. Maybe it's prolonged or something. Just
keep countering!


Q: How do you dodge that ram attack Elder Shrooboid uses. I keep hammering
him/her but he/she won't stop!
A: I saw that attack again/finally and I see it is very hard to avoid. All
I can say is just to keep hammering.

Q: How do you dodge that time portal attack Princess Shroob Twin
Transformed uses?
A: I'm not sure of what attack that is. She must do that attack when
she's low on health. I've never seen it. I'll find out what it is.


Q: How do you dodge that time portal attack Princess Shroob Twin
Transformed uses?
A: I saw that attack finally! I hear that the saucers come back out and hit
you but they never came back for me... All I know is that she does do this
but I'm not sure how to dodge it because the saucers never came back to me...
If anyone has info on how to dodge the saucers when they come back (if they do
come back) please e-mail me.


Q: How do you dodge that time portal attack Princess Shroob Twin
Transformed uses?
A: I have been getting more info about that. Apparently, after a random amount
of turns, the UFO's do come back. and the time holes appear under Mario and
Luigi and you have to jump quickly. However, I have not witnessed this, so be
on the lookout yourself.

Q: Where is Fawful's shop?
A: I think I've needed to add this for a while. But anyway, to get to Fawful's
shop, go down the pipe that you create using bros. ball (I think...), and
you will be in the underground. Not sure if it's automatic pr if you have
to walk a bit, but you'll see someone walking away. That's Fawful. When you
head in to that large area he was heading into with all the pipes, you should
see him inside one of the pipes, walking. Go into that pipe with the babies
or the one on it's opposite side and follow the path to Fawful's shop north.
If you've already seen the wlaking scenes and forget which pipe set, it's
the pipes on the lowest level ground to the southeast I think. I need to
play again to be sure...

Q: If you counter Princess Shroob's energy ball attack, does it sometimes
poison her?
A: Honestly, it's been a while since I've played MLPIT now, but I don't think
it does. I'm not sure if I've ever seen any enemy poisoned for that matter.
Yeah, it's definitely been a while, I need to play again.

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confused you.

I will accept questions on parts of the game. I didn't have enough memory
to make a whole quide so I made a boss FAQ but if you want some tips on the
game I'll be happy to help. I will respond in 1-4 days.

I will accept contributions to the FAQ. I'm not entirely sure about the HP's
so I will be researching. If you can tell me some things that I can put in my
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Thus marks the end of my FAQ. Careful on your way back through the time hole
and have a nice day!

See ya!


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