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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Pack Shot

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time



by mohit42_hockey

                                     Mario and Luigi Partners in Time Guide

1. Intro
2. Version History
3. Items
4.Bro Items
7. Walkthrough


This Guide is made bye Lil Fool.Not my name but nickname.
This game is great. Now it is a start but it is a cheesy walkthrough.
I got some help making this guide poosible too. Understand now if you
don't understand all you need is to contact me at [email protected]
Mohit is not my name eihther so don't go crazy saying lets find Mohit.My name is 
classified.You also need to help me fill this guide to 100% and some items are known.
Well little for history all version long.Saving money is important so save alot of money for the last 
boss.Lv and money stops are included. 

Version History

Vesion 0.005a 
Spelling mistakes and errors are in for alot.                                                                                              2 Bosses.Difficulty is right now Tutoutrial-Moderate also impossible.
My Difficulty Moderatly Easy.
Your Difficulty ?????
Version 0.010b
Revised Selling and errors.
More Bosses.Difficulty:Easy-Moderate.
My Difficulty:Moderate
Your Difficulty ??????

Name                                       Effect
Mushroom                        Recovers 20 Hp
1 up Mushroom                Revives With 1/2 Hp
Invincishroom                   Invicible Briefly (Hahaha Just Kidding)
Super Mushroom              Recovers 40 Hp
1up Super                         Revives with Full
Mushroom Drop                Recovers 20Hp Each

Bro Items
Name                       Target                             Bounus
Green Shell               One                                 None


Version 0.020b
More Items  
No Thanks
Wall Of Fame
Wall Of Shame
Wall Of Banned
More Items
(Oh  Yeah)More Walthrough Info(How Could I forget)

Mushroom Kingdom(Past)
Ahh The Past
Peach's Castle (Past)
Toadswarth(young)tells you to talk to Peach.Move Up.
Totourial Boss: Baby Bowser
Attack 2
Difficulty Totourial

Simply Just to learn how to Dodge and use Action Commands.
Keep on Attacking and dodge too. Quite easy Toadswarth totour's 
you to.
Whoo You Won your first Totourial Boss.
Mushroom Kingdom(Present)
Ahh the Present
Peach's Castle(Present)
Well Toadswarth is so worried.Prof E.Gadd is giving info on when she will come back.
99.999999999% Wow what could go wrong.Oh no Toadswarth is in shock.Mario gets
a chance to get the first Key Itemand the top screen shows the map.Get the refresh room
Jump with A sounds obvious.Luigi just stays backwatching Toadswarth. I have a bad feeling when
starhill is at your area Luigi just go on this adventure.Well go to Toadswarth's room and hit the block
and go to Toadswarth again.
Cut Scene
Tutorial Boss:Shrooboid Junouir
Hp 12-16
Attack 2
Difficulty Tutorial
Just Attack and dodge pretty simple.
Toadswarth can totour you again.
Now the real adventure starts. Ok go down and get ready for another cutscene.
Wait save first.Cutscene.Oh a timehole.Luigi not a good idea.Oh no!!!JUMP!
Mushroom Kingdoom Past.
Ahh the past.
HolliJolli Village
Oh a suitcase(stuffwell)Luigi He did not mean it.Well Stuffwell shows you how to use him.Oh no.
Oh well you just have to stay in the past for a while.Remember SAVE!!!!Now move on.Oh yah.
Stuffwell teaches you how to jump on high ledges.Also a few tricks.
Thats all.
All websites.
All websites who want to use this guide please email me.
Also keep a stricked rule that they are banned for whoever is banned from my banning.
Permit Code 9-08-90-67-J7 and type excat code if you need this guide.

E-mail [email protected]

Copyright 2006