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Kirby Squeak Squad Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Kirby Squeak Squad

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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlocking Time Attack mode, unlocking bonus world, magic colours, healing and unlocking the ghost ability.

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We have 25 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Kirby Squeak Squad please send them in here.

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Unlock Time Attack Mode:
This mode is unlocked by collecting ALL 120 chests and completing the game.
Unlock Bonus World:
Collect the secret map pieces from ALL the worlds to get inside the tower at the center of the world map where you will be able to get any Ability Bubble.


Unlock Extra Mode:
Collect ALL 120 chests in Adventure mode.
Unlock Boss Endurance and Cake:
Complete the game once to unlock Boss Endurance mode for Minigame and a Cake for your collection.
Unlock the Tower in the center of the World Map:
Collect the secret map pieces from each of the other worlds. In the tower you can get any ability bubble, including the Triple Star Rod.

Combining abilities!

There are some copy abilities in the game that can make a new one if you combine them. I know a few:
Sword + Fire = Fire Sword
Sword + Ice = Ice Sword
Sword + Spark = Lightning Sword
These abilities are really cool, but their special attribute can't be used in water. I hope I helped.

More abilities!

I found some more abilities by combining powers. They are:
Ice + Bomb = Ice Bomb
Spark + Bomb = Thunder Bomb
I hope I helped.

The Semi-Bosses

They are the few, the proud semi-bosses in the middle of levels. Here's a guide:
Big Beast: He spins like a top, drills like lightning! The big beast is more easily defeated by Cutter, Tornado, Fire, Ice, and all three bombs.
Boxy: She's very generous. Most of the time she waddles and leaps, occasionally she'll cough up a present. The present is either a Waddle Dee or a cherry. She's more easily defeated by spark, beam, Tornado, and Cupid.
Boxy the Boxing Dog: He's probably the toughest. In the jungle, if you stand in the corners and throw bombs, you won't get hurt. He's best fried with tornado, fighter, and bomb.
Mr. Frosty: He dances and taps! It's Mr. Frosty! Melt him with a dose of fire, ice, tornado, and fighter.
Mister Mallet: ..

What the Sleep Scroll does!

Master Volthawk was wrong.If you become Sleep Kirby while you sleep your life goes up.Belive me I did it and I was full health!!!

Ghost Kirby

Normaly theres one way to get ghost kirby and thats collecting the pieces of the ghost medal, and then going to each area, going to the level with the ghost boss ( totally random but once found stay at that level) and killing him. Then you'd suck him up.
One way that is a heck of a lot easier is to get ghost medal and then get all pieces of the secret map. BOOM. Youv got bubbled powerups resiest the urge to grap some and keep walking till you see a little ghost powerup, there you have it ghost kirby. ( NOTE: may also work without ghost medal but hasnt been tested)

Weird bubbles

When mixing do not release instead swirl the stylas and the bubbles should change color

Ability Scrolls

FIRE: Breathe Fire in an upward or downward direction.
ICE: Breathe Ice in an upward or downward direction.
SPARK: Increases damage to surrounding enemies.
BEAM: Beam becomes stronger.
TORNADO: Can use on flames to increase size and damage. Can use on snow to increase size and freeze enemies into Ice Cubes when defeated.
PARASOL: Generates wind and stars when attacking.
CUTTER: Blade becomes bigger and stronger.
LASER: Laser beams can be generated larger and stronger.
BOMB: Allows you to combine with ICE or SPARK to create ICEBOMB or THUNDERBOMB.
WHEEL: Can use on flames to incease damage. Can use on snow to freeze enemies into Ice Cubes when defeated.
UFO: An electrical ball wil..


Secret Sea Level: Collect all 5 Star Seals and defeat Daroach in the Ice Island Level.
Ghost Ability: Collect all 7 Ghost Symbol Pieces.
Secret Castle: Collect all 7 Map pieces.
Strawberry Cake: Defeat the Dark Nebula Boss.
Boss Endurance Sub-Game: Collect all 8 Boss Battle Badges.
Extra-Mode: Collect all 120 Treasure Chests.

Easy Bosses

Boss 1: King Dedede (spelling?) Copy abillity: fire. Corner him and keep breathing fire.
Boss 2: Granny Mole (name?) Copy abillity: spark. At the beggining of the battle hold attack (B) when she throws stuff at you your shock will save you when she jumps in the air wait untill you see a large shadow then move while laying on the ground run next to her and hold attack rinse and repeat untill you win.
Boss 3: Mechanical cloud (name?) copy abillity: tornado. Keep using tornado untill he goes down for stage 1 when it enters stage 2 float at the top untill an opertune time arises and watch out for the shock abillitie it gains.

Dance Dance Spinni-Lution!

Haven't you ever wanted for the Squeaks to act like REAL dumb little mice?! Well follow these instructions and you'll be cracking up in no time!
1. Enter World 3, Level EX.
2. After defeating Spinni in the first room/ level part, go through the door. It is crucial to grab the chest*, or he won't appear and this cheat won't work.
3. After beating him and going through the door, he'll reappear. After hitting once or twice, he'll lie down for a "nap". Then, press the switch near the narrow place with spikes. Stand on the switch. Spinni should dance on the spikes and eventually die.
-Shadow Cresselia
P.S: If this doesn't work, Tell me in the questions place while asking the question, clearly stating what you did in steps and I'll answer...

The Magic Colors

When you are mixing the bubbles, don't let go. Swish the bubbles around. You should hear the Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do scale. The bubbles should also change colors. After a while, they should become rainbow colored. It is not proven, but I believe that if you swish them in a figure eight shape, you'll get better copy abilities. Ooh... The colors... ;)
-Shadow Cresselia

Heal the Masses

Here's to Healing! These are the items that heal you.
1) 0.05/ 10: Hamburger, rice ball, yellow mush w/ spoon + Hamburger, rice ball, yellow mush w/ spoon= Cherry
2) 0.50/10: Cherry + Cherry= Energy Drink
3) 3/ 10: Energy drink + Energy Drink= Fried chicken
4) 5/ 10: Chicken + Cherry, Drink, or other Chicken= Maxim Tomato
5) 10/ 10: Maxim Tomato + Maxim Tomato= ? Bubble
-Shadow Cresselia

Go-go Glitchy

On World 6, Level 2, if you go through the door near the cutter you will enter a place under you. You must have magic and be facing the right (my right). You must also be in the place w/ the treasure chest and the cannons. While they shoot, use your clown attack. You may notice that it's slower than usual. Now face MY left. Use your doves and/or cards attack. They slow down also.
-Shadow Cresselia

Storo-ing Power

When facing Storo, after nearly beating him, he rests for a while. This is a good time to use a sleep ability (with scroll ONLY) or charge an attack. Here are some good ideas:
Sleep: Sleep and restore HP
Ninja: Fire Style: Fire Chakra Jutsu!
Hammer: Mega Mallet Attack
Laser: Large Laser Attack
Bubble: Big Bubble Attack
-Shadow Cresselia

Meta knights weakness

If you are having trouble defeating meta knight prepare for the anser to beat him
(1)you need the scroll for beam and the bubble
(2)you need the sparck bubble but not the scroll if you don't have it
(3)you need the scroll for the U.F.O and the bubble
(4)any other thing that have electrisaty because his stge conducts electrisity
(5)with the space you have left fill it with maxyamum Tom Atows ha ha ha get it max ya mum ant tom arto is my friend ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I crack my sellf up thats why I'm in hospital.hahaha =)

Get all Kirby powers

To get all of the kirby powers, you have to get all of the pieces of the kirbys a ghost medal. Once you get all of the pieces paths will appear in the middle area of the world map. When you enter the area you can get all of the kirby powers, except for the triple star. When you beat the game you can get the triple star.

2 different abilites

Ok listen up. Everyone knows there 25 abilites. BUT. There are 2 other abilites. Fire sword and ice bomb. It's pretty easy to do.
You take ice and bomb and put them togther to get... Ice bomb!
Now fore fire sword. Can ya guess.
If you didnt get it then you're an idiot. For those of you who are you take fire and sword and you get fire sword. Belive me I have 100% on the game.
I'll let you know if I find any more interesting abilites.
P.S. Fire sword has fire properties (grass cannon fuse...) and ice bomb has ice properties (freeze opponent) Thats all for now.

List of powerup combos

The following power up can be combined to make new ones:
Definatly Work:
Fire + Sword : Fire Sword
Ice + Sword: Ice Sword
Thunder + Sword: Thunder Sword
Ice + Bomb: Ice Bomb
Thunder + Bomb: Thunder Bomb
Some That may work:
Fire+ Wheel: Fire Wheel or Fast Wheel
Fire + Tornado: Fire Tornado

Ghost Glitchs

As Ghost KIrby you can posse's other people or in this case creatures that Kirby encounters ( except boss's and the Squeak's). As anyone of the creature's that *DO NOT FLY* you can continully jump in the air if you jump while pushing left or right.

3 good hints

#1.When you have the ninja suit,you can walk on water.#2.When you have the ninja suit and your clinging to a wall(it tells you how on the pause menu),press B and it will throw one of those weird spikey things or press A to do a cool jump off the wall.#3.when your on a steep hill,press down and then B and you will roll down the hill.Hope they helpSmile

The Squeaks (excluding Daroach)

The Squeaks... The vandalous little rodents after your precious treasure. This is all about them!!
Spinni: Strength: Average. Attacks: Shuriken, Claws. Trait: Speed.
Description: A short, yellow-furred mouse creature. It has a long snout and wears glasses similar to those of the leader of the Squirtle Squad in Pokemon. Overall, weaker than he looks. He'll lunge at you with an occasional swipe of his claws. Adept swimmer, in one level you must face him underwater. Be wary though, for he'll go anywhere for the treasure. Even into pits and through fire!
Storo: Strength: Average. Attacks: Mallet, Butt Bash. Trait: Strength.
Description: A tall, plump blue mouse creature. He wears an eyepatch and a red shirt that doesn't even come to his bellybutton. Overall, w..

UFOs Rule!

Ufos gain a spark shield (a tiny spark revolving around you) when you get the scroll. Unlike most or all copy abilities, they don't change a bit under water. Its only drawback is it can't go down things. So grab a UFO! Happy copying!
-Shadow Cresselia
P.S: Thanks so much for making me an expert! Smile


FIRST you have to go to round five level 4 and then you float up to the animal is
and inhale it you should be a animal the go down and dig the dirt to the lolly pop
Then press start select and do it all over again!!
IT should be easy for a boss

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