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Follow the dark path or use the light
Kirby Squeak Squad Pack Shot

Kirby Squeak Squad



by Jacobthekirby

    KK   KK     iiiii      rr           bbb              y               y
    KKK                    rrrrrrr      bbb               y            y
    KK          iiiii      rr           bbbbbbbb           y         y
    KKK         iiiii      rr           bbb   bbb           y      y
    KK  KK      iiiii      rr           bbbbbbbbb             y   y
   / Squeak Squad /  Copyright (c) 06-07 Jacob Bland.          y
   ---------------    All rights reserved.                     y
    / Table of Contents #0/
             #0------- Table of Contents(Your reading it)   
            #1 ------------------------- Version History      
           #2 ---------------------- How the Story Began
           #3 ---------------------------- Screen Basics
           #4---------------------- How to Control Kirby
          #5 ------------------------ Character Profiles
          #6-------------------------------- Walkthrough
                        Lvl.1-Prism Plains
                        Lvl.2-Nature Notch
                        Lvl.3-Cushy Cloud
                        Lvl.4-Jam Jungle
                        Lvl.5-Vocal Volcano
                        Lvl.6-Ice Island
                        Lvl.7-Secret Sea
                        Lvl.8-Gamble Galaxy
         #7-------------------- Treasure Chest Treasures
                         7/1-Star Seals
                         7/2-Sound Player
                         7/4-Hidden Door Keys
                         7/5-Ghost Medal Pieces
                         7/7-Music Notes
                         7/8-Boss Battle Badges
                         7/9-Spray Paints
                         7/10-Copy Palletes
                         7/11-Secret Map Pieces
                         7/12-Graphic Pieces
        #8--------- Stuff You Get from Beating the Game
        #9----------------------------------- Abilities
       #10------------------------------------ Subgames
       #11----------------------------------------- FAQ
       #12--------------------- Special Thanks N' Stuff
/ Version History  #1  / 
          I only had 10 versions!   :/
    | 2.23-Just making the FAQ page,I also forgot to put|
    |      Boss Endurance in the Subgames section. 0_o  |
    | 2.00-I am DONE! |   
    | 1.69-almost done with the #7 ;] |
    | 1.52-I have just Started on the Treasure Chest Treasures!   ;} |
    | 1.48- I'm almost done! I'm on Gamble Galaxy!  YAY!!! ;) |
    | 1.37-Okay,I am almost done with Secret Sea. :] |
    | 1.31-Just done the boss on Ice Isle! :} | 
    | 1.29- I've just finished on Jam Jungle! :] |   
    | 1.12- All right,I had to go somewhere for New Years,so |
    |       this'll take a little while.                     |
    | 1.00- I did most of my work today,which was      |
    |       Table of Contents through Prism Plains. :) |

       /     How the Story Began           #2                         /

      It all began with a cake,strawberry shortcake to be exact!
      Kirby was about to dig in,then it was gone!
      Who could've done it? It must've been that greedy old King DeDeDe!
      Kirby set off for the castle of His Greediness!

                              That`s how it all began...

                  /    Screen Basics       #3                      /

 ===========================    Top Screen:
 =                         =     O=Kirby
 =                         =     X=enemy  (can be various ones)
 =        O    X           =     /~~/=ability's name  (Fire,Sword,Magic) 
 =-------------------------=     02/======/=Kirby's health meter 
 =  /~~/  02 /======/ /===/=    /===/=enemy's health meter
 ===========================    -----------=ground

 ===========================     Bottom Screen:
 =                         =     O=bubble  (Nothing can
 =                         =     survive in stomach acid except chests.)
 =   L                O    =     L=chest
 =      O           L      =                      
 =            O            =                 

             /   How to Control Kirby     #4               /
  It's true,Kirby can't control himself. But the good news is that you get to!!!
  Just look at these lines of text to learn how!!
  A----- jump
  B----- inhale/exhale/spit out object/spit water
  (while underwater)/use ability
  (if you don't have one,you'll just inhale)
  X-----  make ability turn into a star
  Y-----  same as A
  Control pad-----move Kirby
  Select----- same as X
  Start----- pause game
  Power----- turn DS on or off (Don't,and I mean 
  L&R----- don't effect gameplay
       /   Character Profiles             #5                      /
  Like this section's name,you learn the profiles of the characters.
  LEARN AWAY!!!!!!!        
   Main character. (DUH!!!!)
   Loves to eat,can copy almost anything
   King Dedede
   Probably the greediest guy in Dreamland
   Not much is known about him (or "It")
   Meta Knight
   This guy is hard to tell if he aids Kirby, or doesn't
   really care about Kirby,and Kirby just happens to be where
   it seems like he is helping,but is just aiding himself. Doesn't
   appear until near-end-game.
   A band of mice-thieves who have various skills.
   there are four main ones,and the henchmen.
   here are their profiles:
   These are little-bitty henchmen who are blue,green,and yellow
   (Note:I put them in order from strongest to weakest without even noticing!
   You're welcome!). Can throw bombs.
   A mouse that is so weak, he has to ride in a U.F.O.,
   but is so smart, he makes all the plans for the Squeaks.
   When he drops his laser beam,SWALLOW IT! It makes
   you Laser Kirby,and sometimes,he'll drop his U.F.O.
   and you can swallow it and become U.F.O. Kirby!

   A mouse that can throw shuriken (that if you copy,make you Ninja
   Kirby!),claw you (when you copy them after he drops them,you become
   Animal Kirby!),and more! He seems too much like a ninja-mouse!
   A really,really,really,really fat mouse. AVOID ALL OF HIS ATTACKS!!!
   He's F-A-T so it will hurt when he lands on you!
   Not much is known about him,but he is the leader of the Squeaks.
   He wears a red cape and hat,and has a wand that can do all....
  /  Walkthrough  #6   /
  This is the main part of the guide. I hope
  this'll help you in any way possible.
  This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough.
 / Lvl.1  Prism Plains  \ 
   | 1-1 |-Rm.1-Run until you run into a Waddle Doo, and 
    \----/ copy it. then,go to the door.
  SIGHT!!! And while you're at it,
  get the cherry if you got hurt.
  Rm.3-Fly up to the top (don't forget the 1-up!!!).
  Rm.4-Run and get the Maximum Tomato in the water!

   | 1-2  |-Rm.1-Run andget the sword-bubble. Pop it. 
    \----/Leave the room. 
  Rm.2-Cut all the grass,you might find a surprise inside!
  Rm.3-Get the bubbles and mix. Leave the room.
  Rm.4-Simply go down there and into the door.
  Rm.5-Get the chest and go to the goal!
   | 1-3  |-Rm.1-Get the fire ability and BURN! BURN!
    \----/BURN! Go through the door that
  is revealed and get the 1-up. Go back through 
  and go to the door AT ALL COSTS!!!
  Rm.2-Go up and fight the mini-boss.
  Rm.3-Go to the door.
  Rm.4-Run until you get to dirt. Copy the animal-guy 
  and DIG! DIG! DIG! And get the chest.
  Rm.5-Get the large chest. Go to the goal and 
  if you lose the chest to Spinni,go to the hideout
  and get it back!
   I 1-4 I-Rm.1-Get on the Warpstar.
    \----/Rm.2-Go through the door.
  Rm.4-Same as 3,except look for the ceiling made 
  of blocks,there is a chest in there.
  Rm.5-Get the candy,and get the chest that's not 
  that far away.
  Rm.6-Get the large chest and you have to fight 
  Storo this time.
   | 1-ex  |-Rm.1-Go to the door.
    \-----/Rm.2-Do whatever you must to get 
  to the door.
  Rm.3-Same as 2.
  Rm.4-Go up until you come to a fork in the 
  road. Go to the left and through the door
  in there,and get the chest.
  Rm.5-Just run.
  Rm.6-Get the chest and run!!!
   | 1-5  |-Rm.1-Destroying the barrels 
    \----/is optional,but you don't have to do it.
  Go up to the top and get the chest out of a 
  barrel, then go out.

  /\/\/\BOSS TIME!!!!/\/\/\
   | King Dedede |
  You can beat him however you like,but 
  I suggest using Fighter Kirby.
  Laser works too, but it will be 
  quicker as Fighter. Watch out,He'll call out
  Waddle Dees,hit you with a hammer,bloat up 
  and land on you, or suck you
  up and spit you out! 
  You get  the King DeDeDe Boss Battle Badge!   :)
 / Lvl. 2 Nature Notch  \                                     
  | 2-1  |-Rm.1-Copy the Cupid ability to 
   \----/make it much easier to go down to the door. 
  Rm.2-Use the Cupid Kirby's effect to fly 
  higher than normal to get the door.
  Rm.3-Hop into the cannon and when you 
  get to a blue cannon,you have to fire! Aim right!
  Get the chest, and hit the Bomb Block.
  Rm.4-Get the Bubble ability and only hit the 
  BLOCKS!!!!!!! It will block the chest 
  if you hit all three!
  Rm.5-Get the chest and run!
  | 2-2  |-Rm.1-Just run through the big 
   \----/door (it must've been some thing they 
  Rm.2-Go down to get to the door.
  Rm.3-Go down and hit the Bomb Block 
  and enter the door to get the Little Kirby Bubble.
  Fly up on the ceiling until you get to a 
  point where you go higher, and go through the door
  behind the switch. Get the chest,get out,and 
  find the door (it's located behind the enemy cannons)
  Rm.4-Go to the room Storo is in and fight him for 
  the chest. Then leave.
  | 2-3  |-Rm.1-After falling, go through the door 
   \----/(this music sounds familiar!). 
  Rm.2-Get the Wheel ability and watch the sparks fly!
  Rm.3-Use the Wheel to get the large chest and race 
  Doc to the door!
  Rm.4-Hit the Bomb Block to get to the chest. 
  And while you're at it,get to the door.
  Rm.5-Beat the animal guy and copy him. Then dig for 
  Rm.6-DIG FOR BURIED TREASURES!!! ARR!!! For real, 
  dig for the last chest! 
  (and to get out of this room!)
  Rm.7-Run away from Doc! Also, go through the door.
  | 2-4  |-Rm.1-Dodge the boulders!
   \----/Rm.2-Hit the Bomb Block,and race the 
  boulder down to the next Bomb Block,
  and race it to the chest!
  | 2-ex  |-Rm.1-Copy Fire and burn all grass and 
   \-----/all Fire Blocks!
  Rm.2-Go through without getting hurt and fight 
  Bonkers. Copy him.hit the peg and get the chest. 
  When you come to a fork in the road,go 
  through the bottom door.
  Rm.3-Go through the room. (in other words no 
  chests in this room)
  Rm.4-Hit the switch so the Golden Waddle Dee 
  doesn't escape. Kill him to get the chest.
  Rm.5-Beat Storo for the chest.
  | 2-5  |-Rm.1-Dodge,dodge,dodge! (no, 
   \----/really,just dodge everything!) 
  Rm.2-Destoy the barrel for a Peppy Tonic.
  Rm.3-If you aren't Ice Kirby,then you're going
  to have to skip this 
  chest,because you have to freeze the magma to 
  get to it.
  there's a door surrouded by magma with a chest 
  in it. Hit the Bomb Block to reveal a door.
  Rm.4-Get the Cutter ability and fight the metal 
  mini-boss and copy him. Destroy the 
  Metal Blocks to get to a Craker Barrel 
  (like the restraunt!) with a chest inside.
  Rm.5-There's nothing special about this 
  room. (except the cool music!)    0_0
  Rm.6-Race Spinni to the hideout and get the 
  large chest!
  /\/\/\BOSS TIME/\/\/\         | Mrs. Moley  |         
  I reccomend to use Laser,but as I said 
  before,you can beat her however you want.
  U.F.O. also works!
  She can throw stuff at you and jump on you!
  You get the Mrs. Moley Boss Battle Badge!   :]    
  YOU'VE GOT A QUARTER DONE!!!            
    / Lvl.3   Cushy Cloud  \
  | 3-1  |-Rm.1-Nothing important in here.
   \----/Rm.2-Same as 1.   
  Rm.3-Hit every hill with Laser,and when 
  you get to a drop,hit the bricks to get to a 
  Little Kirby Bubble,and fall down the Exploding 
  Blocks to the chest. 
  Then go to the big gathering of Star Blocks. 
  Shoot to the left and go through that door. 
  Rm.4-Lose the Laser and get the Fire to go 
  through the Metal Bricks and get the chest. Then 
  go to the door.
  Rm.5-Get the large chest from the 
  Squeaker and run!!!
  | 3-2  |-Rm.1-Get the Ice ability and FREEZE! 
   \----/FREEZE! FREEZE!  (this music is awesome!!!!)
  Rm.2-Go down into the water and hit the Bomb 
  Block to get to a door with a 1-up and let the
  blocks explode,you'll go to a chest! 
  Then go through the door and make it to 
  another door. 
  Rm.3-Go fight the mini-boss and go through 
  the door.
  Rm.4-Go through to the door.
  Rm.5-Get the chest!
  | 3-3  |-Rm.1-Get the Cutter Bubble.
   \----/Rm.2-Get the Tornado ability and 
  "Spin spin spin spin spin spinspinspin 
  Rm.3-Go up to the Star Blocks (don't get hurt 
  by the Fallies!) and break them to reveal a door.
  There is a chest in there. then go back 
  and go to the door.
  Rm.4-Pop the Cutter Bubble,go to the Star 
  Blocks,crush them for a door with a Golden Waddle
  Dee. Cut the ropes! Quick! Defeat him for a chest. 
  Go through the door,then go to the door.
  Rm.5-Use Cutter to hit the switch after making 
  it to it and get the chest. Either escape or fight
  | 3-ex  |-Rm.1-Get Beam and hit the Bomb Block. 
   \-----/Go to the door.
  Rm.2-Try your best hitting Bomb blocks and 
  switches getting the chests.Make sure you go to
  the top right croner and through a cannon in the 
  bottom right.  Get the large chest. Go through 
  the door.
  Rm.3-Race Spinni to the goal.
  | 3-4  |-Rm.1-Get the Bubble ability and go 
   \----/through the drafts.
  Rm.2-Lose Bubble and get Fire,light the fuse,and 
  hurry! Get in the Black Cannon! Burn away the 
  cloud around the chest and get it. Leave and go 
  through the door.
  Rm.3-Use Fire to burn through clouds to get to 
  a U.F.O. Bubble. Then leave.
  Rm.4-Navigate through the room.Do not and I 
  repeat DO NOT hit the FIRST Bomb Block. Hit the 
  SECOND Bomb Block and stand under the chest 
  and hit the first one with Fire and get 
  the chest quickly! then go to the door.
  Rm.5-Another race with Spinni,get the chest from 
  him and escape.
  | 3-5  |-Rm.1-I suggest having a Hi Jump Bubble 
   \----/before starting.This is the inside of 
  a storm cloud. Nothing special here.
  Rm.2-Just ride the mini storm clouds.
  Rm.3-Time for the only chest here. Use the 
  Hi Jump Bubble to get it after racing it to get it.
  /\/\/\BOSS TIME /\/\/\  | Metal Kracko  |
  You have to use Hi Jump to beat this guy. 
  Watch out for his electric charges,and he'll try 
  to touch you which will hurt you. Every now and 
  then,he'll make the floor change.
  You have to drop his health down twice!
  You get the Metal Kracko Boss Battle Badge!
  / Lvl.4 Jam Jungle     \ 
  | 4-1  |-Rm.1-Get the Cutter and use it to hit 
   \----/the Fire Block and get the 1-up and then 
  then get beside the Switch Wall. Use Cutter to 
  hit the switch and get the chest and leave.
  Rm.2-Just fight the fighter mini-boss and 
  copy it.
  Rm.3-Go up to the top.
  Rm.4-Get the Laser and shoot every hill 
  and when you shoot a Bomb Block,go up and 
  keep going until you get to the chest. Leave.
  Rm.5-Just go down without getting hurt.
  Rm.6-Get the chest and fight Doc or escape.
  | 4-2  |-Rm.1-Do whatever you must to get 
   \----/to the door. No chests in this room.
  Rm.2-Go up. No chests in here either.
  Rm.3-Hit the Fire blocks and then go to 
  the next Fire Block and then go to the green 
  thing that attacks when sucked up,and attack 
  the tall grass (there is a Fire Block in it) 
  and get the chest. Then go to the door.
  Rm.4-Get the chest from Spinni and escape 
  or fight (when I got it from him he fell 
  down and it was easy to get.).
  | 4-3  |-Rm.1-Just go to the door.
   \----/Rm.2-Hit the switch and then the Bomb 
  Block and go to the gap and hide from the boulder,
  then go through the little opening into a place 
  where you have to go up. 
  Then,water will flow through to the end of 
  the room. 
  Rm.3-Go out of the water to a Bomb Block. 
  Hit it. Go up. then,copy Laser. Go until you 
  find another choice of up or down,go up. the 
  chest will fall down. Go after it. you'll land 
  either on it or beside it. Go through the door.
  Rm.4-It doesn't matter if you go left or 
  right,but I went right. Go through the 
  door the cannons take you to.
  Rm.5-Get the Fire ability andlight the candle. 
  Go to the next and light it and so on and so on. Go
  left of the door and break the barrel 
  for a chest. Then leave.  
  Rm.6-Get the Wheel ability and take the chest 
  from Doc. Then go to the goal.
  | 4-ex  |-Rm.1-Go to the door.
   \-----/Rm.2-Don't go through the 
  goal. Fly up and get the Bomb Bubble. Then go 
  to the door (after hitting the Bomb Block!).
  Rm.3-Don't get hurt by the rocks!
  Rm.4-Get the Parasol Bubble and pop it. 
  Make sure you go through the space with the 
  Self Closing Walls before it closes! 
  Then getthe chest and hit the Bomb Block and go 
  through the door. 
  Rm.5-Go down the Star Blocks and keep going right 
  until you see a Switch. Hit it to go across 
  the spikes. Then hit the Bomb Block. get 
  the chest and go out.
  Rm.6-Go up and Dodge the boulders to the door.
  Rm.7-Push the Switch to get the chest and run!
  Rm.2-Yes,you have to go through here twice. 
  Race Spinni to th goal.
  | 4-4  |-Rm.1-Get the Spark ability and 
   \----/navigate through the room. Hit the Switch 
  to go to a door with 
  two sword guys and a barrel in there. In 
  the barrel,is a 1-up! Leave and go through the door
  Rm.2-Just go across without getting hurt. Get 
  the Metal Bubble and pop it. Use Metal Kirby to go
  down quicker. Go left,but use the right sided door. 
  Rm.3-Kill the Golden Waddle Dee for a chest. Go up 
  the ladder,and leave.   
  Rm.4-Hit the Switch. Get the Fire ability and fight 
  the mini-boss. Then through the cannon. 
  And through the door (after going through hall).
  Rm.5-Melt the Strong Metal Blocks to get to a chest.
  Rm.4-Go through the door you didn't go through 
  last time in here.
  Rm.6-Go up until you see a big fire guy,copy him. 
  Look for Strong Metal Blocks to melt. 
  Go through the door that was revealed.
  Rm.7-Get the chest and run out the door.
  Rm.8-Fight Storo. When he's gone,go out the goal.
  | 4-5  |-Rm.1-Get the bubbles.
   \----/Rm.2-Hit the Bomb Block and race the chest to 
  the bottom!
  /\/\/\BOSS TIME/\/\/\       | Big Machine |
  I'd suggest Laser. That's how I did it. He digs,so 
  rocks will fly at you,when you take out both 
  diggers,he'll shoot at you.
  You get the Big Machine Boss Battle Badge! 
  o_o You're halfway done! Yay!
       / Lvl.5  Vocal Volcano \                               
  | 5-1  |-Rm.1-Light the fuse with Fire and hop into 
   \----/the Black Cannon and get the bubbles. 
  Rm.2-Get the Throw ability and leave.
  Rm.3-Use Throw to hit the second Switch and get 
  the chest. Leave. 
  Rm.4-Get the Cupid ability and use it to hit the 
  two Switches (they make the switch 
  doors close quickly),one has a chest in it.
  Rm.5-Get the large chest.
  | 5-2  |-Rm.1-Just go to the door.
   \----/Rm.2-Copy the Fire ability to hit the 
  Switch at the top and get the chest and leave.
  Rm.3-Go through without getting hurt.
  Rm.4-Get the Metal ability and find a ledge with 
  a cutter guy on it. There is a door there.
  Rm.5-Keep hitting Swithes and get the chest. Go out 
  the door at the top.
  Rm.6-Use Beam to hit the switch and get the 
  large chest and run to the goal.
  | 5-3  |-Rm.1-Get which ever you want.
   \----/Rm.2-Fight Bonkers and copy him.
  Rm.3-Hit the peg for a chest
  Rm.4-Fight the animal mini-boss and copy him.
  Rm.5-Dig for a chest.
  Rm.6-Fight the metal mini-boss and copy him.
  Rm.7-Get the large chest.
  Rm.8-This wouldn't be a complete mini-boss level 
  without the Squeaks! Fight Storo.
  Rm.9-Go to the goal.
  | 5-4  |-Rm.1-Nothing special here,just go through 
   \----/the door.
  Rm.2-Just go across,nothing in here either.
  Rm.3-Same as one and two,nothing in here.
  Rm.4-Look for two Star Blocks stacked on each other. 
  Destoy them. They reveal a door. There is 
  a Golden Waddle Dee in there,and a Switch. Don't press it!
  I learned that the hard way. Kill him to get a chest. 
  Leave and find the door and go through it.
  Rm.5-Get Cupid and go down and to the left and hit 
  the Switch and go through 
  the opening that is revealed for a chest. Hit the 
  Bomb Block and go to a door.         
  Rm.6-Go to the hideout and fight Doc for the 
  chest. Leave.
  | 5-ex  |-I'm gonna do something wierd, I'll tell you 
   \-----/which room,what ability,and any thing else 
  needed to get the chests.
  #1 Upper left door,and Metal or Hammer.
  #2 Middle door,and Ice or Metal.
  #3 Upper right door,you don't need a certain one, 
  but you have to get it from Spinni.
/\/\/\BOSS TIME/\/\/\   | Fire Owl |                     

  This guy is kinda hard. Even Daroach is esier than 
  this guy. Use Hi Jump to beat him. He will 
  throw fireballs and dive towards you to catch you!
  You get the Fire Owl Boss Battle Badge!  :\
   / Lvl.6   Ice Island   \                      
  | 6-1  |-Rm.1-Just go across 
   \----/Rm.2-Go all the way to the animal mini-boss and 
  beat and copy him.
  Rm.3-Dig to the Switch. This sounds weird,but the 
  Switch opens two openings. Dig to make the 
  Switch closer to the other wall thing.
  I think you Know what to do. If you don't,hit the 
  switch to open the thing and get the chest.
  Rm.4-Look for the ice and break it. there is a door 
  with a chest.Then leave and go to the door.
  Rm.5-Go across the exploding blocks and fall down 
  where they were and break the barrels. Then go up 
  for the door.
  Rm.6-Defeat Storo to get the chest. 
  Then go to the goal.
  | 6-2  |-Rm.1-Do whatever you must to go to 
   \----/the door.
  Rm.2-Go up to find a door with a chest in it. Leave. 
  Then go to the door.   
  Rm.3-Break the ice and go to the bottom and 
  light the fuse with Fire. Get in the cannon in 
  time to get a Magic Bubble and two Little Kirby 
  Bubbles. Then leave and go to the door.
  Rm.4-Copy Cutter to make it easier to hit the Fire 
  Blocks and make it to the door.
  Rm.5-Beat Spinni to the chest or fight him in the hideout.
  | 6-3  |-Rm.1-Make sure you bring a Metal or 
   \----/Hammer Bubble. Go up to the top. 
  (Butter Building music! Cool!)
  Rm.2-Go up to the cherries and go up to the peg and 
  pop the bubble and hit the peg. 
  Then get the chest and destroy the Star Blocks and leave. 
  Rm.3-Go down to the door.
  Rm.2-Yes,you are here again. Go to the door.
  Rm.4-Get in the cannon and when in the blue one,aim 
  down. Go through the door you are 
  taken to.
  Rm.2-Get the Hammer Bubble.
  Rm.4-Go through the cannon and go through the door 
  you are taken to.
  Rm.2-Go all the way up and leave.
  Rm.5-Go up to the SECOND switch and get the chest. 
  Then leave.
  Rm.6-Go up to the door.
  Rm.7-Beat Doc to the chest before it's lost.
  | 6-ex  |-Rm.1-Copy Wheel and hit the Bomb Block. Race 
   \-----/the Bomb Block's explosion to the chest. Leave. 
  Rm.2-Go to the door.
  Rm.3-Go to the door without getting hurt.
  Rm.4-Go down the water fall and break the two Ice 
  Blocks and go through the door that is revealed.
  Rm.5-Kill the Golden Waddle Dee for the chest. Leave.
  Rm.4-Go through the door that you are near.
  Rm.6-Beat Spinni for the chest.
  | 6-4  |-Rm.1-Get Bubble and go to the Bomb Block and 
   \----/hit it. Get the chest. Go up and to the door.
  Rm.2-Go across and up to the mini-boss. Then go to the 
  door (which is a little bit away.).
  Rm.3-Get the bubbles!!!
  Rm.4-Go down and hit the Bomb Block and get Cutter 
  to cut the rope and get the chest and leave. 
  Rm.5-Go to the door without getting hurt.
  Rm.6-Go across without getting hurt by the Fallies.
  Rm.7-Get the chest and fight Storo.
  | 6-5  |-Rm.1-Get the Bubbles you want and get ready 
   \----/for the Squeaky Fight ahead of you.
  Rm.2-Defeat Spinni for a chest.
  Rm.3-Get whatever you want again.
  Rm.4-Fight Storo for a chest.
  Rm.5-Get what you want.
  Rm.6-Fight Doc for a chest. Leave.
/\/\/\BOSS TOME/\/\/\       |  Daroach  |
  Yup. The time to fight the leader of the Squeaks. I 
  forgot his attacks,but that's because he is E-A-S-Y as 
  Tornado Kirby. 

  You get the Daroach Boss Battle Badge!     ;)
  You have three quarters done!        
  Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay 
  yay yay!!!         
   / Lvl.7 Secret Sea     \                  
  *Note:You need all 5 star seals to come here*
  | 7-1  |-Rm.1-Go to the door (Orange Ocean Music!)     
   \----/Rm.2-Go into the sea and through the door.
  Rm.3-Follow the current and make sure you get the 
  chest on the hard-to-get current.
  Rm.4-Go up to the door.
  Rm.5-Copy Bomb and throw one at the Bomb Block. 
  Go through the new area to 
  the chest. then go to the door.
  Rm.6-Fight Storo for the chest.
  | 7-2  |-Rm.1-Get on the Warpstar.
   \----/Rm.2-Try your best to get the chest with the 
  Fire ability (there is no actual strategy to get it).
  Rm.3-Go up.
  Rm.4-Fight the Bubble mini-boss and copy him.
  Rm.5-Get the Fire ability and burn your way to the chest. 
  Then leave.
  Rm.6-Fight Doc for the chest.
  | 7-3  |-Rm.1-Ride on the clouds and copy Fire and 
   \----/burn your way to the door on the left.
  Rm.2-Get the chest and leave.
  Rm.3-Go down to where there are 2 platforms. 
  Get on the left and hit the Bomb Block. 
  Get the chest and leave through the door. 
  (don't forget what's in the barrel!) 
  Rm.4-Pop the Animal Bubble and dig for a 1-up! Leave.
  Rm.5-Fight Spinni for the chest and leave.
  | 7-4  |-Rm.1-Swim to the door.
   \----/Rm.2-Go to the Switch near the chest and 
  swim to it before it is gone. get to the door and leave.
  Rm.3-Go down the current.
  Rm.4-Go into the abandoned ship.
  Rm.5-Make sure you get the chest out of a barrel after 
  hitting a Bomb Block. Leave without getting
  Rm.6-Get the chest from the Squeaker and navigate to 
  the goal. (I can't get the pattern right,but it
  is easy to do).
  | 7-ex  |-I'm gunna do this one like 5-ex okay?
  #1-In the second area of doors,take the middle door. 
  Then leave and go to the next door. Only hit the
  TOP Switch and kill the Golden Waddle Dee to get a chest.
  #2-Take the right door in the room after the last chest 
  to get a chest! 
  #3-Fight Storo for it. (he is in the room right after 
  the last chest)
  | 7-5  |-Rm.1-Copy Wheel and hit the Switch and race 
   \----/the chest to the goal.
/\/\/\BOSS TIME/\/\/\      | Meta Knight |
  It is time to fight the next to last boss who is the 
  one and only Meta Knight. If you played other Kirby 
  games,you know who this guy is.You could even play 
  as him in Nightmare in Dreamland! Hehas lots of new 
  and old attacks. I can't list them all, but he is 
  hard. Sword works best.
  You get the Meta Knight Boss Battle Badge!   ;]
   / Lvl.8 Gamble Galaxy  \
  | 8-1  |-I'm gunna do this one like 5-ex and 7-ex.      
  #1-When you are in the cannon room,shoot yourself up. 
  Get the Fire Bubble and pop it. Light the Candle to 
  show that there are Strong Metal Blocks over the chest. 
  Melt them to get the chest.
  #2-Back in the room with the cannon in it,shoot 
  to the bottom left room. Use Wheel to get the
  chest and get to the Warpstar.
  #3-Beat Spinni for the chest. Don't use Wheel.
  | 8-2  |-Rm.1-Go through without getting hurt.
   \----/Rm.2-Same as 1.
  Rm.3-Go up and don't miss the Big Star Block which has a 
  door behind it. (make sure you grab Ice.)
  Rm.4-Remember to use Ice to hit the Switches. 
  (only hit the left Switch.)
  Rm.5-Grab Ninja and use it to walk on water.
  Go for the dorr which is underwater.
  Rm.6-Kill the Golden Waddle Dee to get a chest.
  Rm.7-Get the chest and run from Storo.
  | 8-3  |-Rm.1-Go across without getting hurt.
   \----/Rm.2-Go up and Fight the animal mini-boss. 
  Copy him and leave.
  Rm.3-Dig until you find a Switch. Hit it and dig to 
  the bottom right corner. dig to the chest. 
  Go up the ladder and through the door.
  Rm.4-Copy Fire and go to the door.
  Rm.5-Hop on the Warpstar.
  Rm.6-After the ride (I didn't count the crystal room) 
  Get U.F.O. to get the chest in the room hidden 
  by the Metal Blocks. (hold B for a few seconds to 
  Rm.7-Get the chest before Doc and fight him. Leave.
                         /------------\    /-----------\
/\/\/\BOSS TIME/\/\/\   | Dark Daroach |  | Dark Nebula |
                         \------------/    \-----------/
  Yes,two bosses this time. You fight Dark Daroach first. 
  He is exactly like normal Daroach except he is a little 
  tougher. Use Tornado.
  Dark Nebula looks hard,yet easier than you think. You don't have 
  to be Triple Star Kirby to beat him.Commandercoty told me he
  lost Triple Star before fighting him,and used Cutter and Wheel
  to beat him.
  What color he is,is what he will use (Ex:red=fire).
  I can't list all of them,but they are easy to dodge.
  You get the Dark Nebula Boss Battle Badge and a 
  Strawberry Cake!  ;}
   / Treasure Chest Treasures #7 /
  Here's a list of all of the treasures in the game and 
  their locations.    XP
         Star Seals 7/1
    chest in 2-1
    chest in 3-2
    chest in 4-2
    chest in 5-1
    chest in 6-2
          Sound Player 7/2
    chest in 1-3
          Vitality 7/3
    chest in 1-ex
    chest in 2-ex
    chest in 3-ex
    chest in 4-3
    chest in 5-3
    chest in 6-3
    chest in 7-ex
    chest in 8-3
           Hidden Door Keys 7/4
    chest in 1-4
    chest in 2-3
    chest in 3-4
    chest in 4-4
    chest in 5-4
    chest in 6-4
    chest in 7-4
          Ghost Medal Pieces 7/5
    chest in 2-2
    chest in 3-3
    chest in 4-ex
    chest in 5-ex
    chest in 6-ex
    chest in 7-2
    chest in 8-2
          Scrolls 7/6
    Fire-chest in 1-3
    Ice-chest in 4-ex
    Spark-chest in 3-1
    Beam-chest in 2-5
    Tornado-chest in 3-5
    Parasol-chest in 5-1
    Cutter-chest in 2-4  
    Laser-chest in 4-5
    Bomb-chest in 7-3
    Wheel-chest in 2-3
    U.F.O.-chest in 8-1
    Hammer-chest in 5-2
    Cupid-chest in 6-5
    Sleep-chest in 5-ex
    Hi Jump-chest in 3-4
    Sword-chest in 6-1
    Throw-chest in 7-1
    Magic-chest in 7-4
    Ninja-chest in 5-3
    Fighter-chest in 6-3
    Animal-chest in 2-1
    Bubble-chest in 4-1
    Metal-chest in 4-3
        Music Notes 7/7
    1st-chest in 1-2
    2nd-chest in 2-1
    3rd-chest in 3-2
    4th-chest in 4-ex
    5th-chest in 5-1
    6th-chest in 6-1
    7th-chest in 6-4
    8th-chest in 7-1
    9th-chest in 7-3
    10th-chest in 8-1
    11th-Chest in 8-3
        Boss Battle Badges 7/8
    King Dedede-chest in 1-boss
    Mrs. Moley-chest in 2-boss
    Metal Kracko-chest in 3-boss
    Big Machine-chest in 4-boss
    Fire Owl-chest in 5-boss
    Daroach-chest in 6-boss
    Meta Knight-chest in 7-boss
    Dark Nebula-chest in 8-boss
       Spray Paints 7/9
    Pink-comes with the game
    Yellow-chest in 4-2 
    Red-chest in 5-4
    Green-chest in 1-4
    Snow-chest in 6-2
    Carbon-chest in 8-3
    Ocean-chest in 7-4
    Saphire-chest in 7-2
    Grape-chest in 3-1
    Emerald-chest in 8-2
    Orange-chest in 3-ex
    Chocolate-chest in 7-5
    Cherry-chest in 6-ex
    Chalk-chest in 6-4
    Shadow-chest in 4-1
    Ivory-chest in 5-2
    Citrus-chest in 2-2
    White-chest in 7-1
    Lavender-chest in 3-4
         Copy Pallete   7/10
    Normal-comes with the game
    Checkered-chest in 1-5
    Cheetah-chest in 5-ex
    Weird-chest in 4-3
    Laser-chest in 6-5
    Diamond-chest in 2-3
        Secret Map Pieces    7/11
    1st-chest in 2-ex
    2nd-chest in 3-3
    3rd-chest in 4-4
    4th-chest in 5-4
    5th-chest in 6-ex
    6th-chest in 7-ex
    7th-chest in 8-2
         Graphic Pieces    7/12
    1st-chest in 1-4
    2nd-chest in 1-ex
    3rd-chest in 2-3
    4th-chest in 2-5
    5th-chest in 2-ex
    6th-chest in 3-1
    7th-chest in 3-3
    8th-chest in 3-ex
    9th-chest in 4-1
    10th-chest in 4-4
    11th-chest in 5-2
    12th-chest in 5-3
    13th-chest in 6-1
    14th-chest in 6-3
    15th-chest in 6-5
    16th-chest in 7-2
    17th-chest in 7-3
    18th-chest in 7-ex
    19th-chest in 8-1
  /  Stuff You Get from Beating the Game #8  /
  Uhhh,self-explanatory.     O_o
  Strawberry Cake-Not the stolen cake,a 
  different one 
  Boss Endurance-A new Subgame that is self-explanatory
  Dark Nebula BBB-The Boss Battle Badge for the last boss
  Extra Mode-Let's you play with half your life and 
  you can't save because you see how quick you can beat 
  /  Abilities         #9      /
  Same as #8,self-explanatory.
    Hammer-Instant K.O.    It's almost unfair
    Cupid-Fire pointy arrows
    Magic-Gather 'round and look closely! Nothing 
    in my hand! Nothing up my sleeve!
    Bubble-Mysterious bubbles can capture so much.
    Animal-You love dirt DIG! Sweet dirt! DIG! 
    DIG! DIG! DIG! Can't dig evrywhere...
    Fighter-Go for it! CHAMPION
    U.F.O.-Wow! I'm so lucky I copied a UFO! I can 
    do four different moves.
    Parasol-The sun shunes on this Parasol of mine. 
    Where I walk,enemies balk,and I float gently down...
    Sleep- -DO NOT DISTURB-  I need my beauty rest.
    Beam-This beam's like a whip! Whaa-pssssshh! 
    Beam it! Beam it! Beam it!
    Tornado-Spin spin spin spin spin    
    Spinspinspin    Spinspinspinspin     AAAAAUGGHH!    
    Throw-Try throwing enemies straight!
    Wheel-I ride like the Wind   FAST! TOO FAST!
    Hi Jump-JUMP and SMASH!
    Ninja-(I can't make out the character,but it looks 
    Metal-Be careful. You can't get hurt,but don't get mad 
    if you break stuff. It's not perfect,OK?
    Laser-OPTICAL WEAPEN ARMED   It's rumored to be a 
    bigger beam than it used to be.
    Cutter-Remote Cutter BOOMERANG
    Bomb-HOLD!   BOOM!!   THROW!!
    Fire-FIRE! Hot! So hot! Too hot to touch!   BURNING!
    Ice-First I'll freeze 'em,then I'll kick 'em along!    
    Ghost-I will posses...I will control...I'm a spooky 
    soul..I'm not scary,though,right?
    Fire Sword-CUT   Can't be used in water.
    Ice Sword-CUT   Can't be used in water.
    Thunder Sword-CUT   Can't be used in water.
    Ice Bomb-HOLD!    BOOM!!     THROW!!
    Thunder Bomb-HOLD!   BOOM!!   THROW!!
    Triple Star-What else needs saying?  
    TRIPLE STAR   That's what you are. Amazing!
  /  Subgames   #10  /
  This is where you learn about the Subgames.
    [Speedy Teatime]-Eat more STRAWBERRY cake than Storo. 
    Don't touch the bomb cakes! Just touch them 
    before Storo does.
    [Smash Ride]-This one is kind of hard. Slide the Kirby 
    on the touch screen to slide him around. Touch and hold 
    him to attack Spinni and the Squeakers.
    [Treasure Shot]-Slide on the touch screen to aim at 
    the dessert you want. Don't touch the bombs!
    [Boss Endurance]-Fight all bosses in the game;
    not available until game is beaten.
   / FAQ     #11 /
  #1- I have all 5 Star Seals,but I can't reach Lvl. 7
Secret Sea. Is there something I'm doing wrong?  
Answer-I probably forgot to put this in there,but you may
have not beaten Lvl.6 Ice Island's boss. You must defeat
Lvl.'s 1,2,3,4,5,and 6's bosses before you can enter
Secret Sea.
  /  Special Thanks N' Stuff    #12  /
  Special Thanks:
    | S.T.#1-Goes to God,who put us all here.    |
    | S.T.#2-Goes to Nintendo,Hal Laboratory,and | 
    | Flagship,for making the game.              |  
    | S.T.#3-Goes to for letting    |
    | me even have a chance to do this FAQ/      |
    | Walkthrough.                               |
    | S.T.#4-Goes to Kirby,for being made up     |
    | for this game and others.                  |
    | S.T.#5-Goes to You,for reading             |
    | my FAQ/Walkthrough                         |
    | S.T.#6-Goes to commandercoty,for telling me|
    | another way to defeat Dark Nebula.         |            
    | S.T.#7-goes to anyone i forgot!            |
  If you find any mistakes,and tell me,you can have your name or screen 
  name in there if you are right!  Email me at [email protected]
           >Almost furgotte ye leeegall stooffe!<
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  /  THE   END  /