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Follow the dark path or use the light
Kirby Squeak Squad Pack Shot

Kirby Squeak Squad


Copy Power Guide

by pwnerkirby666

Kirby Squeak Squad

<<<Moves Guide and FAQ>>>


1-List of Contents:
1-List of Contents<Q25A>
4-Move and move attack list<M93E>
5-Good tactics and combos list<N7&S>
6-Games for after beating!<Q4U>



This FAQ can only be used by Gamefaqs, Supercheats, and Neoseeker. Any copy or 
plagiarizing of this document can be counted as a federal felony without permis-
sion from creator or website.



I made this guide to show people good uses for bad powers or good powers either 
way they help Kirby more than the natural power of inhale and exhale. This guide
is so complete that I doubt a new version would be made except to add design to


4-Move and move attack list


This is the most basic attack you will most likely get first it is good for melt
ing weak iron blocks, melting ice, lighting candles and grass, destroying reinf-
orced steel blocks, and zooming past short straight-lined spiky passageways. But
it has no use in water.

(B)-breathe a ball of fire
(B-hold)-breathe a stream of fire
(Double tap left or right + B)-dash with a burning attack
**(B-hold + control pad up or down)-breathe a stream of fire upwards or downwar-
ds diagonally


This is practically Fire but cannot harm iron blocks or grass or use burning th-
is freezes water, cools magma, and puts out fires this also turns other enemies 
into weapons by turning them to ice cubes to shoot. Cannot be used in water.

(B)-breathe a ball of icy air
(B-hold)-breathe a stream of icy air
**(B-hold + Control pad up or down)-breathe a stream of icy air upwards or down-
wards diagonally.


This is very useful and basically much better than the older ones. It can use t-
hunderclouds, water, and metal as conductors. But it cannot be used in water.

(B-hold)-coat yourself in a circle of electricity with a radius of 1 starblock
(Control pad repeatedly tapped any direction -> B)-coat yourself in an extended 
circle with a radius of 2 starblocks
**(Control pad constantly tapped in any direction)-coat yourself in an electric 
circle with a radius of half a starblock
**(Control pad constantly tapped in any direction->B)-coat yourself in an elect-
ric circle with a radius of 3 starblocks
**(Control pad constantly tapped in any direction->B + left or right on the con-
trol pad)-launch a small electrical orb of plasma


This is good for reaching things through walls like switches and using electric-
ity on clouds water and metal. But has no use in water.

(B)-your hand casts out an electric whip that is estimated 3 starblocks in leng-
th that makes an estimated 90 degree up to down motion
**(B)-your hand casts out an electric whip that is estimated 4 starblocks in le-
ngth and makes an estimated 180 degree up to down motion


This is basically being invincible but being unable to stop moving until you st-
op twirling. Has no elemental power unless hit by an element on the ground (not 
from an enemy attack) when you stop twirling for about half a second you cant m-
ove so you may be harmed during that duration.

(B)-turn into a miniature tornado and slice through enemies without taking dama-
(B-hold)-glide slowly upwards as a tornado
**(B + element)- run through an ice/fire/electrical element and become a slight-
ly larger tornado with that element infused into it


A decent weapon after the scroll is gotten. It is good for protecting you from 
aerial attacks and falling too fast to the ground. You can use it in water but 
it has no natural element.

(B)-swing the parasol forward
(B-hold)-swing the parasol forward and spin it in place
**(B-hold)-swing the parasol forward and spin it in place with stars shooting f-
rom it slightly


Very useful for solving certain puzzles and hitting enemies from all angles. It 
can also cut grass and chains. Has no use in water but can be shot into water f-
rom the outside. It has no natural element.

(B)-throw a cutter slightly forward
(B-hold + up or down on control pad)- throw a cutter farther and slightly contr-
ol its movements upwards or downwards
**(B)-throw a supercutter slightly forward
**(B-hold + up or down on control pad)- throw a supercutter farther and slightl-
y control its movements upwards or downwards


Not my weapon of choice but helps when in an angle filled room or a lack of fire
next to a cannon stops you. It cannot be used in water and has no natural eleme-
nt even though it can start fuses.

(B)-shoot a laser
**(B-hold)-charge a super laser shot then release when shining with an aura of 
red blue and white


A very useful weapon for those who want a little fun especially after you get t-
he scroll. It has no natural element unless you use its mixed forms after you g-
et the scroll. It cannot be used in water but can have bombs dropped in water be
 weary when holding a bomb it will soon flash orange then explode if held too l-
ong… Bombs are already fire related so you can do what you can do with fire but 
you cannot break reinforced steel blocks.

(B)-place a bomb in your hand
(B -> B)-place a bomb in your hand then toss it slightly upward but mostly forw-
(B -> B-hold + up or down on control pad)- place a bomb in your hand then toss 
it upward or downward
(B -> B + down on control pad)-place a bomb in your hand then lay it down on the
ground to explode on its own accord
(B -> double tap left or right + B)-place a bomb in your hand then throw it in a
straight line
(B -> down on control pad -> A)-slide with bomb out in front of you, if it hits 
an enemy it explodes if it doesn’t you set it onto the ground to explode on its 
(Bomb in hand and hitting head onto ground)-instead of smashing your head into 
enemies or the ground, the bomb smashes into the ground causing an explosion.
**(Mix Bomb with either Ice or Spark on copy palette)-create a bomb imbued with 
the power of the fused element to cause damage and a non-fire elemental use!


A perfect power for those who have no patience whatsoever on going through leve-
ls or dealing with one-hit enemies. It can go across water and move at the speed
of a spark on metal. Once you get a scroll you can run across elements and fuse
with them. It cannot be activated in water.

(B)-turn into a wheel
(B -> left or right on control pad)-turn in wheel form
(B-> A)-jump in wheel form
**(B + element)-turn into a wheel covered in the element you ran over


This power I wouldn’t prescribe to use except for major boss fights due to the 
fact that it cannot go down ladders. Its attacks are of the electrical legion a-
nd its first charge attack has the effects of laser. It may go underwater as you
please. But it can destroy reinforced steel blocks on the positive side.

(B)-two arms come out and a beam attack is issued
(B-slight hold)-1st charge attack a laser attack
(B-hold)-2nd charge attack a little bulge of energy shot
(B-extreme hold)-3rd charge attack a big energy blast
**(element addition)-a rotating spark will be added to your UFO power which has 
the power of electricity and will help in close quarter attacks


This power is much better than parasol and packs more of a punch than sword even
though it is slower. It can knock down wood pegs, break reinforced steel blocks.
It has an attack with a fire element which can melt weak steel blocks, burn gra-
ss, and light fuses. It may be used in water.

(B)-slam the hammer in front of you
(B + double tap to the left or right on the control pad)-spin with the hammer h-
eld in two hands
(B + up on control pad)-encase your hammer in fire and swing it upwards
**(B-hold)-your hammer enlarges a lot and slams with incredible force


This power allows you to fly without having to constantly keep floating. You can
cut with this power too. It cannot be used underwater and it has no elemental v-

(B)-fire an arrow
(B-slight hold)-fire an arrow a bit farther
(B-hold)-fire 3 arrows
(B-extreme hold)-fire 3 arrows a bit farther
(B-any hold + up or down on the control pad)-shoot arrows upwards or downwards
**(B + double tap left or right on the control pad)-shoot arrows straight left 
or right


Believe it or not this power actually does something once you get its scroll. It
 could be activated underwater if you have the bubble of sleep. No elements or 
attacks whatsoever.

Attacks?-Are these attacks?
(No buttons)-sleep
**(No buttons)-sleep and recover hp


This does what it says it gives you a super powerful jump that does damage. No 
element and cannot be used underwater.

(B)-high jump
**(B)-high jump with an aura of half a starblock radius


This is the most efficient power of them all I don’t care what anyone says. It 
can cut, burn, freeze, electrocute, and beat up metaknight with ease!! And it c-
an be used underwater!

(B in midair)- Tempest (get a cookie if you catch reference)- a spinning attack
(B->B)-slice -> multislice
(B->B->B)-slice -> multislice -> final slice
(B + up on control pad)-final cutter
(B + down on control pad)-sword slide
**(Sword + Fire/Ice/Spark on bubble palette)-gives you an element imbued sword 
of might!


This is a classic ability which is an enhanced inhale exhale process. This abil-
ity has elements but only once you get the scroll. It can break reinforced steel
 blocks too. But it cannot work underwater.

(B)-Star inhale
(B->B)-Star inhale then toss enemy forward
(B->B + control pad)-star inhale then toss enemy in a different direction
**(enhancement)-enemies thrown will now give off auras of their element (e.g. W-
addle Dee will give a white and blue aura for normalcy and Fire Octo will give a
 red and white aura for fire power)


This ability finally attacks along with being a luck based item as well. It can 
cut things and smash reinforced steel with some attacks. It cannot be used unde-
rwater and has no elements.

(B)-release 3 doves
(B + control pad left or right)-release 3 playing cards
(B + control pad up)-unleash a freakish clown head
**(B-hold)-start an effect roulette that will transform enemies into items or m-
ake you invincible


This power is my second favorite due to its abilities it can cut and use fire p-
owers too. It is also good for avoiding close attacks. It cannot be used underw-
ater although it CAN allow you to walk on water!

(B)-fire shuriken (if you play maple story they look like tobis)
(B + Down on control pad)- Diving Kick
(B + left or right on control pad)-take out dagger and slice with it but if next
to enemy take it and throw it
(A + left or right on control pad towards wall + wall)-wall grab
(A + left or right on control pad towards wall + wall ->A)-wall jump
(A + left or right on control pad towards wall + wall ->B)-wall grab and shurik-
en shoot
**(B-hold)-fire/water jutsu (you shoot a wall of fire/water in both directions)


This power has many attacks and is very useful in combat situations but not use-
ful for puzzles. Has no elements known yet and is able to smash reinforced steel
blocks. Cannot be used in water.

(B)-quick jabs
(B + B)-quick jabs then uppercut
(B + B + B)-quick jabs then uppercut then fist slam
(B + up on control pad)-super uppercut
(B + left or right on control pad)-quick kicks or if next to an enemy
(A -> B)-quick air kicks
(A -> B + down on control pad)- Diving Kick
(B + double tap left or right on control pad)-quick uppercut
(B-slight hold)-starblast
**(B-extreme hold)-triplestarblast
*(Low HP)-Instead of going from starblast, to double, etc. you go immediately to


This power is undeniably useful in breaking through a sea of blocks or an ocean 
of diggable ground and cut through tall grass. This has no power in water and no
elements known. You are invincible when in ani-drill form, but when you are
unable to move for that split half-second, you can get hurt

(B + double tap left or right)-lunge
**(A -> B + left right or down on control pad)-ani-drill
(A + up on control pad + diggable dirt above you)-ceiling grip
(B + control pad + dirt)-dig


Even though it sounds all soft and weak it’s pretty darned powerful and useful 
when low on bubbles. Just hit an enemy with a bubble and POW! Has no element and
no effect underwater though.

(B-hold)-bubble stream
(B-hold + up or down on control pad)-bubble stream upwards or downwards diagona-
**(B + left or right on control pad)-super bubble


This power is for those who have patience but don’t like the combat. You can kn-
ock down wood pegs and break reinforced steel blocks. No element but it is effe-
ctive in water but can barely swim.

(A-> Down on control pad + B)-Body Slam
**(B)-iron ball


This power is fun and not meant for playing a real game. It can do anything if 
you control the right enemy…

(B)-ghost tackle


Triple Star Rod
This is the ultimate weapon in the game… But not in my opinion. I recently
discovered it has digging capabilities! Do a Star Spin when on dirt or a
Star Swing when next to dirt, Stars destroy clouds too and can cut anything.

(B)-Star Swing
(B in midair)- Star Spin

**attacks with this icon require the move scroll
Iron are those blocks that are square with 4 dots and Steel are those 3-D blocks
that cannons can break


5-Good tactics and combos list

Want to make your own record for the fastest no chest runthrough? Pick up a
Tornado for that broken goodness!

Just want to beat baddies to a pulp without button mashing or repeated attacks?
Just use Hammer! It can take out the Squeak Leaders in 2-5 hits (I think
Daroach takes 8 or so...) with the up+B Flare Swing!


6- Games for after beating!

For those who play Maplestory, or Pokemon, or Final Fantasy, you know the
commonly known concept of Leveling. Well I made myself a little game of that.

~~~Kirby's Trial~~~

You begin by doing these steps

Step 1- Choose your Kirby

There are 5 Different Kirbys in this game I made. Fire-Type, Tech-Type,
Crazy-Type, Distance-Type, Combat-Type

1) Normal Kirby is NOT ALLOWED.

2)You MUST keep the designated bubbles.

3)You may not use any abilities out of your powers EVEN IF you mastered your

4)You may not dump bubbles of the skills you have not mastered yet in your type
unless you have more than one of them in your inventory.

5)If you lose your power on a stage or boss you must consider that a kill and
kill yourself. If at Master power you will only consider it a kill if you
lose ALL the powers.

6)You do NOT need to grab the treasure chests. If a Chest gives you
a power that is NOT in your type, toss it away.

7)Once you have reached the master ability, all of your previous powers
are available to you at any time.

8)After getting the master abiliy on stage 5, you do not have to go to any more
EX stages and do the "Boss challenges"
Each Kirby has 6 Levels, Basic, Advanced, Intermediate, Destructive, Hyper,
and Master.

You must go through the game as so. Go through the stage as so: Normal stage #s,
then boss, then EX stage.
After beating the EX stage re-fight the boss on that stage, and all the stages
before that.

e.g.) Beat EX stage 1, fight boss 1 again. Beat EX stage 4, fight bosses 4,3,2,1
WITHOUT breaks or losing your power that you are currently at inbetween and in
that order.

If you succeed at beating the EX task, you may move onto the next stage AND
unlock your next power level.

The Kirby's and their powers


Description- Learn to control the fire within! Basic level lets you have fire.
Advanced lets you control fire. Intermediate increases your control of fire.
Destructive lets you imbue fire to your weapon. Hyper lets you imbue fire to
your feet. And Master lets you release the fire within.

Basic- Fire
Advanced- Fire Sword
Intermediate- Bomb
Destructive- Hammer
Hyper- High-Jump
Master- Ninja



Description- Learn to master technologies unknown! Basic level lets you
understand what makes technology, technology. Advanced lets you control it more.
Intermediate lets you control it even moreso. Destructive lets you attempt to
control a current technology. Hyper lets you see what happens with modern
technologies. And Master lets you unleash the technologies unknown.

Basic- Spark
Advanced- Beam
Intermediate- Thunder Sword/Thunder Bomb
Destructive- Wheel
Hyper- Laser
Master- UFO



Description- Learn to master one of the most difficult of masteries! Basic gives
you a single taste of craziness. Advanced gives you another one. Intermediate
gives you one of the more controlled crazys to see if you can switch gears.
Destructive switches gears forward. Hyper gives you an unusual but difficult
crazy. Master gives you a crazy you can't help but like. The only negativity of

Basic- Tornado
Advanced- Wheel
Intermediate- Magic
Destructive- High-Jump
Hyper- Bubble
Master- Throw



Description- Learn to snipe from a distance! Basic gives you a fairly weak
sniping weapon. Advanced gives you a normal sniping weapon. Intermediate gives
you a class A sniping weapon. Destructive gives you a multitasking sniping
weapon. Hyper gives you a quick and painless sniping weapon. Master gives you
the Ultimate in sniping technology.

Basic- Spark
Advanced- Bomb/Ice Bomb/Thunder Bomb
Intermediate- Laser
Destructive- UFO
Hyper- Cupid
Master- Cutter



Description- *insert karate stereotype here*

Basic- Fighter
Advanced- Throw
Intermediate- Animal
Destructive- Hammer
Hyper- Sword
Master- Ninja



Thank you tetrastriker for telling me the fighter mistake.
And myself a pat for creating this small yet helpful guide.
If I have made any mistake please notify me at [email protected]