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Harvest Moon DS Cute Cheats and Tips

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We have cheats for unlocking the Black Sprite team and finding 60/61 harvest sprites.

More Harvest Moon DS Cute Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 18 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon DS Cute please send them in here. For more Codes for Harvest Moon DS Cute go to:
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Unlock Black Sprite Team (TV Sprites)

Complete the tasks to get the corresponding Sprite.

Unlock Neptune Sprite:

You will have this one from the start

Unlock Earth Sprite:

Unlock 20 helper sprites

Unlock Jupiter Sprite:

Buy 5 records from Jet in the Sprite tree.

Unlock Mars Sprite:

Ship 300 of the same produce items in the shipping bin.

Unlock Pluto Sprite:

Ship 100,000 of any one produce item that you have on your farm.

Unlock Saturn Sprite:

Participate in 3 festivals.

Unlock Uranus Sprite:

Have 100 or more friendship points with any one villager.

Unlock Venus Sprite:

Buy 10 things in a row from Karen on consecutive days.

Hint on how to find 64 sprites on HM DS CUTE

Yes grammar and spelling may burn your eyes, but it is readable non-the less. I hope it helps everyone.

Some sprites I acutally have a small trick to your farming life that can make some, that may -seem- hard to get, become a mere chore, and you'll acutally forget your doing it for a sprite.

Here I will name the easiest sprites to get. There are about 64 that are easy to get in my eyes.

As I am sure you all know, glitches wont help you this time around.

------------------Brown team----------------

These are the easiest to get. You get them from clicking on things, for the most part, and almost ALL can be found on the first day on the farm. (Other than Roller, which you have to wait until the 8th)

1- Guts: You acutall..

After you unlock the casino and the poker harves..

After you unlock the casino and the poker harvest sprite buy 5 to 10 medals then save. Next play poker. If you get a pair keep playing till you win big. If you lose shut the game off and try again. After you win save. It is up to you to do double up or not. I don't because there is a more less risk of having to do the whole process again.

~Please rate. This is my first hint. Thanks

Recipies-hope these help

General Recipes

Apple Souffle - Apple

Cornflakes - Corn + Milk

Croquette - Potato + Onion + Egg + Flour + Oil

Curry Bread - Bread + Curry Powder + Oil

Doughnut - Egg + Milk + Butter + Flour + Oil

Dry Curry - Riceballs + Curry Powder

French Fries - Potato + Oil

French Toast - Egg + Bread + Oil

Fried Noodles - Buckwheat Noodles + Oil

Fried Rice - Riceballs + Oil + Egg

Fried Thick Noodles - Noodles + Oil

Grilled Fish - Medium Fish

Happy Eggplant - Eggplant

Omelet - Egg + Milk + Oil

Omelet Rice - Egg + Milk + Oil + Riceballs

Pancake - Egg + Milk + Flour + Oil

Popcorn - Corn

Pot Sticker - Cabbage + Onion + Flour + Oil

Risotto - Tomato + Onion + Riceballs + Oil

Savory Pa..

How to find 60/61 harvest sprites

1. Guts: You will acquire this Sprite in the first scene with the Witch Princess.

2. Neptune (Brown Team): Available from the start.

3. Mercury (Black Team): In your first scene with Guts, Mercury will be found.

4. Karaf: Press A next to your watering pond and he will appear.

5. Jet: Press A from the northern side of Van's orange crate at the end of

The corridor on the second floor of the Inn.

6. Jum: Press A next to the fountain in Romana's courtyard.

7. Tep: Press A in front of the stove on the western side of the Inner Inn.

8. Hops: Press A in front of the Well and he will appear.

9. Jackie: Try to leave the village by going east along the path to Mineral Town.

10. Riviera: Cast you..

How to get ores for upgrading tools (hint)

At 10pm (10pm up to 10:50pm) I think it MUST be NOT rainy, go to the excavation site where you can dig and carter will tell you he discovered a tunnel and BE SURE to have your hammer with you and he will ask you to hit the wall as strong as you can and there you go you can dig on the tunnel ANYTIME Smile)

~ hope it helps :]]

Why the saved game is not saved???????? plz help!

When I saved the game and open

My DS again there is no "continue game or saved game"

Written there??? It says: "there is no saved data"

How can I saved the game??? I really need to saved it!!!!!

Giant crops

Plant the type of seed you want now a day before the plant is going to give vegietables (the day before) save your game the next morning check it if it's not gaint lad your game again and check it now you only have 1 in 255 chance of getting a gaint crop!

Easy money

I have an easy money hint to tell you guys! Just follow the steps below:

1. Must have a basement(Must have an upgraded house. How to get one: Buy coffee table from TV shopping which is channel 2. How to get Channel 2: buy things from Karen(supermarket owner) for 10 days in a row, not counting the days closed)

2. Must have a pond(You can get this from Gotz on the telephone by ordering the construction. I think it cost about 10,000G or so.)

3. Must have a fishing rod(You can get this from Galen)

4. Must have a Fall Sunstone(You get this from the mine or from Gotz if you ordered the construction of the basement in Fall)

5. Fish! (You're going to need to fish and put the fish in your pond. After a while you'll have so much fish, you..

To get a great start to any Harvest Moon DS game..

To get a great start to any Harvest Moon DS game this is my secret. After you are done working at your farmland walk around the valley and pick up the wild grass. On the days Van comes by sell him the grass. You can get up to 210G a piece. That is 110G more than if you put it in your shipping bin. Also ship lots of weeds. You will save harvest sprites and get your horse sooner.

How to get the legendary sword

I suggest you wear the bracelt of truth you can get it from the sprites then bring any type of food no grasses for those getting skye like I am it's a bad idea go down all the way to the bottom of the second mine kill the animals all of them then a passage will appear go through you can break the rocks if you want then enter and you obtain the sword also you can open up a special field behind the waterfall using it just run at the rock then and click the sword it might take a while but I promise it works cause I did it myself if you have to look it up on youtube to c how they do it to make sure thats what I did before I found this website Any of you who need help on what skye likes ask me cause thats who I'm getting and already have orange year 2


On Harvest Moon DS you don't have to water grass or trees for them to grow and on Harvest Moon DS CUTE it is the same thing it is nice for people who don't have a good watering can and it doesn't take any longer for them to grow!!

Making money in winter

Do you want making money in winter ? It's easy

1. First step you must have fishing team

2. Next you must talk to gust the reception

3. Then you talk to him and hiring harvest sprite of fishing team on the beach

Time disappear! (Its actually a glitch though.)

If you don't have 60 or more sprite's then this will work. First equip the blue feather then go derectly in front of the harvest goddess spring then use the blue feather, tadda! Your time SHOULD be gone, to get it back do the same thing again with the harvest goddess sping and the blue feather.

Earn easy money

If you take your Hoe to the ground inside the excavation site, you can

Find small bags of money and jewelry that sells for 2000 G a piece. When you dig in the ground you exhaust your Stamina and get very few

Pieces of jewelry to sell for all the work you do. To conserve your Stamina,

Enter the excavation site and then save your game. Start digging around until you find a piece of jewelry (Earrings, Broach, Bracelet, or Necklace), then reload your saved game. After you have reloaded just walk

To the spot in the excavation site where you found the jewelry and dig

It up with one hit of your Hoe. Then just save your game again, dig

Around until you find another piece, and reload just like before

How do I get the brush? please help asap!

How do I get a brush to groom the animals? I need help please!


Skye never shows up on rainy days or on snowy me I know!

How to get a lot of Money!

First go and gather all of the wild grass, orange, blue,indigo, ext. And also gather the bamboo shoots too. Then go to the shipping bow and put them into it. Then collect your plants and stuff from your animals. Put them in too. The next day you should have more money than usual. (I recommend doing this every day for the most money.) *This is my first submission please rate!*

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