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Hint on how to find 64 sprites on HM DS CUTE hints and tips for Harvest Moon DS Cute

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hint on how to find 64 sprites on HM DS CUTE


Yes grammar and spelling may burn your eyes, but it is readable non-the less. I hope it helps everyone.

Some sprites I acutally have a small trick to your farming life that can make some, that may -seem- hard to get, become a mere chore, and you'll acutally forget your doing it for a sprite.

Here I will name the easiest sprites to get. There are about 64 that are easy to get in my eyes.

As I am sure you all know, glitches wont help you this time around.

------------------Brown team----------------

These are the easiest to get. You get them from clicking on things, for the most part, and almost ALL can be found on the first day on the farm. (Other than Roller, which you have to wait until the 8th)

1- Guts: You acutally get him without having the witch smack you in the tree(the screen isnt there, he just appears behind the counter)

2- Jet: All you have to do is go to the Inner inn, and go upstairs. If you go all the way north, after reaching the 2nd floor, and to the west, you'll see an orange box. Go to the north side (Where the wall is) and tap (A), and he will appear.(Why is he hiding in a box where Van puts his legs in..I have no idea )

3- Tep: After you exit the Inner inn, on the side of it, is a stove. If you go up to it and tap (A) he will appear.

4- Hops: Go across the road to the Bar, there is a well sitting there, off to the side a bit, you can't miss it. Click (A) on it, and he will appear

5- Jum: Go up the road now, to Romana's Villa. See the huge fountain? Tap (A) on it to make him appear.

6- Jackie: Try to exit the village(exit as in, go by Vesta's farm, and keep going east) Jackie will appear once you went too far out of the village.

7- Roller: This one, you have to wait until Spring 8th, no sooner than that. All you have to do is take the bridge to Vesta's farm. He will appear AFTER you walk across the bridge.

Now you have all of the brown team out of your way, you can acutally play the casino, along with (if you get any) working sprites, (e.i watering team, harvesting team ect) can get them to work for you!

------------Black Sprite Team(TV Sprites)-------------

These guys, can range from being easy, to hard. (Ok only one in my opinion is hard, which is Pluto, chan 9.)The reason why I am listing these guys first(after the brown team) is becuase you get these guys more or less throughout the game, so just make a mental note of them.

8- Mercury: He is found after you find guts. In this game, things are a bit different, but rest assure, you acutally get this one by default, so do not worry.

9- Venus: This one is special, you have to buy things from Karen(You must call her, on the phone in your room, which is located under your bed.) After you buy 10 things from her in a row, he will be unlocked.

10- Earth: After you unlock 20 sprites, this guy will appear. It is pretty easy to get him.

11- Mars: Ship 300 items in the shipping bin. It may sound like alot, but it really isnt. Weeds, crops, Produce..anything you can ship, counts towards the 300 goal.

12- Jupiter: You have to buy 5 records from Jet in the Sprite tree. Records are usally not costly. 1K-5K a piece.

13- Saturn: This one unlocks itself pretty much. All you have to do is participate in 3 festivals.

14- Uranus: You have to have a villager, up too 100 friendpoints in order to unlock him. If you don't know how far along you are, buy the Love Bangle in the sprite tree. It will show you the love points AND friendship points!

15- Neptune: He will give you help with tutorials if you don't know how to do something, or forgot how to do something.

16- Pluto: To unlock him, you must ship 100,000 of itmes that you have on your farm. What counts is: Crops, flowers, tree, fruit, milk, eggs, wool. (This one is hard)

--------Lumber team-----------

17- Oran: To make him appear, you must give Tomas Winter request on the 2nd of winter. Fairly simple and easy to do.

18- Bran: You have to chop 100 (small) sticks with your axe. I got this done in a day and a half. Fairly simple.

19- Decoy: You have to chop 250 (small) sticks with your axe. This takes alittle more time, but you'll get it.

20- Woody: You have to chop 500 (small) sticks with your axe. (Aside from the funny name) this will take a bit more time more than Decoy, but easily doable.

21- Pierre:You have to chop 15 tree stumps with your axe.

You have to have your axe atleast upgraded once. (Copper, level 2) in order to complete this guy.

22- Tilus: You have to destory 100 (small)rocks in order to unlock this little guy.

23- Stony: You have to destory 250 (small) rocks in order to unlock him

24- Rosh: You have to destory 500 (small) rocks in order to unlock him.

25- Aplen: You have to destory 5 large stones in order to unlock him.

The large stones I am speaking of are the big round stones, not the stones that has many bumps in it.

You will also have to upgrade to copper(level 2) hammer in order to break them.

26- Rocky: You have to destory 15 large stones in order to unlock him. Must have copper(level 2) hammer.

27- Valie: If you get your axe upgraded to Mystrile level(level 5) then use it, he will come out.

28- Fen: Find the cursed hammer inside the 3rd mine, then call the church, and have him bless it. He will appear only after that.

I'd like to say, all of the team is the easiest to unlock imo, out of all of the "working" sprites that can help you outside of the sprite tree. Very doable.

----------Watering Team-----------

29- Ceruleano: Water a secert sqaure of crop land.

I'd like to add: I did this when I had all of my tools at level 5(Mystrile) level. It took about 9 days to find. The spots are NOT on your farm. They are in the areas around town. You must TILT the land, then water it. You do NOT need seeds or anything else in the land to water it. Just Tilt, and water. Rinse and repeat until you found him.

30- Eviran: See above at 29.

31- Owen: See above at 29.

32- Karaf: This one is very simple. All you have to do is push (A) on the watering hole by the horse barn. He will come out of the water then. (I wonder whats down there....)

33- Roli: You have to upgrade your watering can to Mystrile(level 5) and use it.

I'd like to add on, this one acutally helps you with the "water the secert spots" for 29, 30, and 31. Think of this before you do them.

34- Misty: All you have to do, is where you found Karaf(no. 32) fill up your watering can 10 times.

You DONT need to use the water in order to do it. If it is full, and you "refill" it, it will count as 1 towards your 10 amount goal.

35- Maddie: You have to find the cursed hammer in the 3rd mine. You must have ALL of your tools upgraded to the 5th (Mystrile) level in order for them to even have the chance to appear.

36- Walter: Water 5000 tilted areas. This may seem alot, but it really isnt.

Also note, this will be helped, when your trying to search for 29,30,31 sprites. You got alot of grounds to uncover!

37- Rainy: Water 10,00 pieces of tilted land.

The watering team isnt much harder than the lumber team. Yes 3 of them will cause you to do alot of work. 29,30,31, but they are easier than, some of the other (sheep sheering anyone?) requirments in this version.

------------Fishing team---------

38- Blue: You have to cast your fishing pole in the hot springs.

The fishing pool is a gift from Galen. Vist his home on a saturday, between 10-12pm. Make sure you DONT have any tool equiped. It needs to be clear so you can HOLD the fishing pool, which galen is giving to you.

How to unlock the hot spring is, get Flora to 255 friendship points. Walk from Vesta's farm area to the dig site between 10-12pm. (At night) Also take note, Flora does take a stroll OFTEN around town. So you may need to wait until 11-12pm.

39- Paige: You have to catch 50 fish. You can use the harvest sprites for fishing and help you catch them but YOU must cast your line in the water and catch a fish in order for the game to notice you have met that req.

40- Rod: Catch 1000 fish. Doesn't take too long if you have them fishing for you.

41- Sammy: You have to have the cursed fishing pole, and have the curse be removed by the church(On the phone).

42- Fisher: Upgrade your fishing pole to Mystrile level(5) and USE it. You can just throw it in the water and pull it back, no need to catch a fish with it. (Unless you want too, sure.)

43- Yacht: You will need the duck pond. Gotz will be able to help you with that. All you have to do after you have the duck pond is, cast your line in it, then pull it back, and you have found Yacht.

44- Riviera: Where you fill up your watering can, cast your line in there and pull it back. You'll snag, yes.. A sprite!

-------------Harvesting Team--------------

45- Forest: Upgrade your sickle to Mystrile level(lvl 5) and then use it. It doesnt have to be on anything, just swipe that shiny baby!

46- Fraw: One of the easiest to unlock. Ship 1000 items.

-It can be ANYTHING as long as it goes into the shipping bin. You can even go around town, collect weeds, get 200 of them, and then your only left with 800!

47- Ridge: Place 5000 items into the shipping bin.

48- Ali: Place 10,000 items into the shipping bin. This one may take alittle more time than the other two(46,47) but it is doable by the first year.

49- Veggie: Buy the basket from Karen(On the phone) and place ANY item that can go into the basket(like a weed) and you woll have freed the sprite from it!

50- Kevin: You will revice the horse after you have shipped 1000 items in the shipping bin. (That means you will have unlocked Fraw, no. 46) Place an item(can be a weed, again) into the horse, and he will magically come out of the horse~

51- Kamar: Ship a cabbage. You can buy the seeds at the Sprite tree house. This is farily simple. Spring only crop.

52- Moor: Ship a Pineapple, You can buy the seeds at the sprite tree house. Summer only crop

53- Matthew: Find the cursed Sickle in the 3rd mine, and have it be blessed(remove it's curse) from the church. (You have to use the phone to do this.)

54- Vail: Ship a pepper, you can buy the seeds at the sprite tree house. Fall only crop

Harvest team is a bit more work, but still not that bad. Some of them, (51, 52, 54, 46, and 47) are very easy.

------------Brushing and Petting team. (Yellow)-------------

55- Kali: Brush, talk, or pick up your animals 50 times. Do not use the Touch glove. Your dog and cat also count towards the 50 count!

The only time it counts as you picking them up, is if they get a heart or ...(depending on their mood) over their heads. You can't just simply keep picking your dog up and down for 50 times. (I am sure the dog would get annoyed too!)

56- Johnny: Brush, talk, or pick up your animals 350 times.

57- Mouton: Rub your animals 50 times with the touch glove. Your cat and dog COUNT towards this goal as well. Dont forget your horse too!

58- Boohoo: Rub your animals 100 times with the touch glove.

I didnt like this team too much. I felt it was alot of time for alot of them, so I decided to stay away from most of them but the easier ones.

--------------Stamina team------------

59- Anime: Eat 30 colored grasses. Usally 10 appear everyday, so it will be easy to unlock him.

60- Powery: Eat 80 colored grasses.

61- Koto: Eat 150 colored grasses.

62- Spirity: Buy one drink at the bar. It cannot be water.

63- Souly: Buy 50 drinks from the bar.

64- Nette: Hire the team. Ask them to heal you 100 times. You can ask them every half an hour IN GAME time.

That ends this Guide. If you noticed, I don't have any of the red members. I find it to be the hardest team to unlock. If your looking to just get 60 sprites, so you can get married, I am sure this will help.

I'd like to tack on a few things.

First off, remember to upgrade your tools. If you noticed, almost every team has some member that comes from either; Upgrading to level 5, or, finding and blessing the cursed tool.

Second, for the yellow team, if you have only a chicken coop, you can still do it. It's very simple. You don't even need to FINISH the game in order to get the touch glove req' done. You just pick it up, rub for a few secs, exit the game. There you go, 1 towards your 50/100 goal.

Third, the cabbage, pineapple, and pepper sprites are easy to get, just grow them on the season they are able to grow. 3 free sprites + money (and if your wooing kai, then you'll hit two birds with one sprite~)

Fourth but not least, PM or ask on this topic for any help. I will be glad to help you.

This is a rough draft, and I am sorry for any grammar or spelling errors. I will be editing and improving this as time goes on.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps you!


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