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Fossil Fighters Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Fossil Fighters

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Want to unlock Vivosaurs or need to know the elemental strengths? We've got the answers you're looking for here.

More Fossil Fighters Cheats and Tips

We have 25 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS.If you have any cheats or tips for Fossil Fighters please send them in here. For more Codes for Fossil Fighters go to:
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Unlock Dinomaton, Duna and Raptin

To get these Vivosaurs talk to Dr.Diggins in the teleporter room and help him get the time machine. When you have the time machine revive the first 100 Vivosaurs.

Unlock Vivosaurs

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Vivosaur will become available.
Unlock Dynal, Duna and Raptin:
After you get the time machine, defeat him in his starship.
Unlock Igno:
Beat Saurhead a certain amount of times after you beat the game.
Unlock The 3 Guh Robots:
Use the time machine and defeat the 3 bots another time.
Unlock Frigi:
Defeat the 3 main BB bandits after you beat the game.
Unlock Squik and his other Elements:
Get ALL vivosaurs to rank 12.

Elemental Strengths

The list below are the elements and their strength order.
Fire is stronger than Earth.
Earth is stronger than Air.
Air is stronger than Water.
Water is stronger than Fire.

Unlock Masks

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding mask.
Unlock BB-Boy or BB-Girl Mask:
Defeat Frigisaurus with Ingosaurus.
Unlock Chieftain Mask:
Go to the Chieftain while wearing the Digadig mask and win the hip shaker test.
Unlock Completist Mask:
Get ALL 100 Vivosaurs.
Unlock Digadig Mask:
Complete the game, go to the Chieftain, and win his hip shaker test.
Unlock Dinaurian Mask:
Complete the main storyline.
Unlock Diving Mask:
Go to Bottomsup Bay.
Unlock Dropping Mask:
Bring Nick Nack 30 dropping fossils.
Unlock Golden Mask:
Find it in the pirate ship.
Unlock Green Hero Mask:
Purchased from the Fossil Guild store.

the stupid cheat for Fossil Fighters

If your on level 2 this is a good cheat.If your stuck in the treasure chamber in the digamids there is a way out.It took me a long time to figure this out.I had to dig everywhere in there before I found the way out.Go between the two unbreakable bones.Dig in the center anda tunnel will appear.

The 5 Ledgendary Chicken Vivosaurs

So in fossil fighters there are 5 chickens. In the vivodex they are # 107 squik (neutral), 108 squirk (fire), 109 squirth (earth), 110 squilk (water), 111 squiro (air). To get these vivosaurs there are 2 ways to get them:
(1) if you have a wii and go to the nintendo channel you can download them by going to ds download play. (note. you must have the actual game inside your ds/dsi at the time, r4/r4i dont work.)
(2) train all your vivosaurs to rank 12 and they will become a gift.(unfortunately I use an r4i so I had to train them)
thx for reading hoped it helped Smile

Strongest team ever

If you do want to not lose one battle, keep reading. Put guhvorn is the az Dynal in the top sz and put Guan in the bottom sz (they all have to be level 12) Guhvorn should be super powerful.ominous bite and gash combo should deal more than 200 damage to your opponent.Hope this helps!

T-Rex at level 3

at level three you can get a t-rex.(note that you MUST be level three and only a level three for this to work.otherwise youll have to beat the game to get one)when you become a level three go to the fossil guild and choose the "buy fossil rocks"option.look around the menu and find the T-Rex head.and,if youpicked the T-Rex as you favorit vivosaur,(remember captin travis?)beat him to become a fossil fighter and he will give you some T-Rex legs.and by the way,the head coasts EXACTLY 25,, you beter be saving your money.

How To Get T-Rex

After you complete the game go to the shop.Get the special then go to parchment desert and talk to lawrence(the old dude wearing a hat). He will take the oasis seed(the special)and turn it into an oasis.after a while go and talk to lawrence.then go to the shop and get the special. Do the same thing until there are 4 oasises and dig alot until you find a trex head.

In digamid top floor

In digamid top floor there are two black bones after vivian locks you in there dig in the middle of the bones theres a passage

The 5 chicken dinosaurs.

The 5 are Squick, Squirck, Squirth, Squiro, and I forgot the last one but to get them it is SUPER complicated. You have to get all elemental types (-king) to rank 12. Hope I helped :-)

Legendary Dinosaurs

Ok for those of you who want to have the Legendary Dinosaur's Ignasaurus and Frigisaurus and the Brains from Gunash all you have yo do is this:
Brains:use time machine to obtain all three
Ignasaurus:Beat saurhead in common room
Frigisaurus:Beat the three BB bandits:snivles, rex and vivian
Note:you must complete the game to obtain

How to get out of the pearamid

To get out of it go between the two bones and dig there will be a hiddent tunel it will gide you from the to the begenning

Easier Fossil Cleaning

Use the drill to find out how durable and hard the fossil is. Use the hammer if the drill does not break the outer rock but don't break it all the way through otherwise the fossil will break. Then use the X-ray to scan exactly where the fossil is found in the rock and to save time drill only where there is bone.

Fast way for rank12.

The fastest way to get your vivosaur is if you have beaten the game, you 've gotten all the time machine parts, and you hav frigi. First if you have 21-50 use frigi, orno and guan. Beat dynal. Then make sure you have a rank12 perso. Put perso in the front, and the other 4 in the ez and sz. Face guhnash and keep doing that until all your vivisaurs are rank twelve.

How to change your look at the begining of the game

When the dude on the ship ask you about your favorite dinosaurs you may think it's useless well it depends on what dinosaur you pick that changes your appearance example if you pick the T Rex you well be black and red! So if you want a certain look keep this in mind!

How to get maldonnsaures

Maldon is the best dinosuar and if you want to get him go to the parchment desert and you need to have all the berries planted or it wont work and it might be hard it took me three days to get him and you have to go all the way back of parchment desert not in front in the back.

how to get brachoio

to get brachio you need to go to the secret tunnel #4 which is located in rivine

How to find blambeou

Go to greenhorn plains after your a master fighter and battle him. Then the police will give you a lot of g.


IN RIVET RAVINE you go to tunnel #4 and keep walking (running) to the front till you finde a hole with stairs. Then you get to secret tunnel #1.

3 Brains

To Get The 3 brains you have to go to the teleporter and Go to the idolclomp room and deafeat dynal again.Then go to the digadig temple 4th floor and deafeat neavada then bottomup bay AND deafeat woolbeard.

How to get the three legendary brains

Once you beat the game you have to get three parts for the time machine then get on the time machine and press yes then you will battle guhlith guvorn and guhweep and once beat them you will have to go through some stuff and then you will be sent to your time and get the three legendary brains at rank 12.

How to beat BB BOSS when he has frigi

What you have to do is go to Him and lose to him then Rex will help you out and then diggins will tell you to find igno and once you get him you have tomake a team with him and win he will be Put in prison forever .!!!!!Spoiler:
click to reveal

T-rex skull

If you want to find the t-rex skull you go to the valcano and leave after youve dug up all of the fossils and go back and dig all the fossils again you keep doing this until you find the skull Warning:it will take a while

dinurainian robot

are dinatons possible to get

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