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Follow the dark path or use the light


by JPawesome

..........: Fossil Fighters Field Guide:...........
.:The first ever all-in-one Fossil Fighters Guide:.

.:Version 1.00:.:There is still information I require:.
Contact: [email protected]
Copyright (shortened) - (c) Marcel Martin 2009 -

}}Table of Contents{{
->press Ctrl + F and type in the [keyword] to search.
ONLY that section will have the keyword<-

1. Fossil Guide [amber]
 A. World-wide [gunash]
  i. Rarity Meter
  ii. What's this?
  iii. I can't make heads or tails of this!
 B. Pay-to-dig [$bone$]
  i. Greenhorn Plains (3,000 G)
  ii. Rivet Rivine (4,000 G)
 C. Greenhorn Plains [newguy]
  i. Info
  ii. Fossils
 D. Knotwood Forest [digadig]
  i. Info
  ii. Fossils
 E. Rivet Ravine [screwball]
  i. Info
  ii. Fossils
 F. Bottomsup Bay [rexmouth]
  i. Info
  ii. Fossils
 G. Mt. Lavaflow [lavanose]
  i. Info
  ii. Fossils
 H. Secret Island [secret]
  i. Info
  ii. Fossils
 I. Coldfeet Glacier [coldft]
  i. Info
  ii. Fossils
 J. Parchment Desert [osiris]
  i. Info
  ii. Fossils
2. Special Vivosaurs [spvivo]
 A. Flying Vivosaurs [bird]
  i. shared traits
 B. Swimming Vivosaurs [fish]
  i. Krona
  ii. Futabi, Plesio, and Elasmo
  iii. Shoni
 C. Not a Dinosaur! [mammal]
  i. sabers
  ii. Tryma
  iii. rhinos
  iv. other
3. Normal Vivosaurs [normvivo]
 A. Fire [vulcan]
  i. attack
  ii. defense
  iii. support
  iv. transformation (i.e. Guanlong)
  v. all-around
  vi. long-range
 B. Earth [mountain]
  i. attack
  ii. defense
  iii. support
  iv. all-around
  v. long-range
 C. Wind [tornado]
  i. attack
  ii. defense
  iii. support
  iv. all-around
  v. long-range
 D. Water [river]
  i. attack
  ii. defense
  iii. support
  iv. transformation (i.e. Proto)
  v. all-around
  vi. long-range
 E. Neutral [nullvoid]
  i. attack
  ii. defense
  iii. support
  iv. all-around
  v. long-range
4. The Perfect Team? [teamatk]
 A. Japanese [asia]
  i. Mihu
  ii. Futabi
  iii. F-Raptor
 B. Rhinoceros [rino]
  i. Elasmoth
  ii. Brothoth
  iii. Arsith
 C. Thick heads [pack]
  i. Stygi
  ii. Pachy
  iii. Goyo
5. Time table [tempus]
 A. Triassic [220mya]
  i. ancient world
 B. Jurassic [sauropod]
  i. time of giants
 C. Cretaceous [asteroid]
  i. the final hour
 D. 65 mya - 8,000 B.C. [k-t]
  i. Epocene - Pilocene
  ii. Plestocene
6. Credits [copyright]
  i. credit to...
  ii. with permision from...
  iii. ending statement
7. Reference Pages <book>
 A. exticntion theory <gone4good>
 B. new discoveries <fixed>
 C. species that got sunk <JackHorner>
 D. vivosaurs REAL name <genus>
 E. museum data <statue>
}}Fossil Guide{{
keyword: amber
- You have no idea how much time this took! I had to go back through the
game WHILE typing this.

keyword: gunash
- This will be short and (mostly) to the point.

Rarity Meter
- If you see this: ~##~, then you have seen the Rarity Meter. It works by
measuring the chance of finding *blank* fossils as a percentage rounded
to the nearest tenth. I'm still working on adding this.

What's this?
- You may wonder why I choose the names for the Ctrl + F search. I picked
something I would never say unless directly refering to it. Example:
I picked GUNASH beacause I don't refer to Gunash in my Guide at all.

I can't make heads or tails of this!
- This is for the <keyword> symbol.
The <keyword> will only appear towards the end of the Guide.
It is there for a very special reason: to take you to a historically
accurate area of the Guide, otherwise known as the REFERENCE PAGES.

keyword: $bone$
- Cough up some money to get insanely rare fossils! Did I mention
that there are close to 24 fossils in each? Pay up and DIG!

Greenhorn Plains
- For merely 3,000 G, you can get tons of rare fossils! I bet you
think it's not worth the money. Guess what? IT TOTALLY IS! Also,
about 1/3 are DARK fossils! Oh yeah, Carno is here. Now go and get some!

Rivet Ravine
- Just 4,000 G, and YOU and ME are going to set some new Vivosaurs
FREE! Not sold yet? Pachrhino and Dimorph are found here, and only
here. They are both awesome, so go now and get some fossils!

}Greenhorn Plains{
keyword: newguy
- Amazing, isn't it? Lush, green, and open. There are 4 Vivosaurs
found here.

- This lush, open area is constantly wind-swept. It gives the fossils
here that airy feel, no? So, of course, they are all of the Wind Type!
What's that you say? You think the Wind is weak? Well, I will prove
you wrong! Go ahead, try to beat the whole game without any wind, once
it's possible. I'llwait right here. Doesn't work well, does it?
I thought so. You were wrong, and I was right.

- You will find Spinax, Shanshan, Goyle, and V-Raptor here.

}Knotwood Forest{
keyword: digadig
- Well, this is the home of the famous Digadigamid Ruins! You may find
5 Vivosaurs here.

- The actual forest is home to lots of Fire Type Vivosaurs. If you travel
inside the Digadigamid Ruins, you are sure to find 2 Earth Type Vivosaurs.
Now, of course the Digadigamid is old and, well, ruined. As such, there are
numerous things you must get through, including a trapdoor. Just be careful
out there, okay?

- You may find Nychus, Venator, S-Raptor, Lexo, and Pachy here.

}Rivet Ravine{
keyword: screwball
- This mess of tunnels is sure to get you lost. As such, follow the map
closely. There are numerous Vivosaurs here.

- Map:

}}Special Vivosaurs{{
keyword: spvivo
- These vivosaurs won't fit in the any group. There are plenty of oddballs

    tunnel 1
$dig| tunnel 2
|   | | tunnel 3
|   | | |
\___| | |____unknown tunnel
      /  \
     [    ]
      \  /

Note that this map is not completely accurate. It's pretty close though.

- Alectro, Meglo, Coatlus, Nasaur are some fossils found here.
In the pay to dig, there are: Dimorph and Pachrhino.

}Bottomsup Bay{
keyword: rexmouth
- You will automatically receive and wear the Diving Mask. The only
fossils here are all wet!

- This large bay is filled with DENTURE SHARKS. Also, the large pirate
ship is filled with treasure! But be careful, there are many dead ends,
and the BB Bandits are messing with the resident ghost! Also look for
rare Saphires here!

- You will find Shoni, Futabi, Elasmo, and Plesio fossils here.

}Mt. Lavaflow{
keyword: lavanose
- This firey location has a LAVA VALVE somewhere, which allows you to
drain the lava away!

- The lava is impassable until the VALVE is shut off. Now that you've
done that, there are many Guanlong and Sachian fossils here.

- Some of the fossils found here are: Amargo, Guanlong, Tro, and Sachian.

}Secret Island{
keyword: secret
- the crashed spaceship is found here.

- This crash site is home to some rare fossils. There is 1 known fossil

- This is not all of them, it's just all I know currently. There are
Maia fossils here.

}Coldfeet Glacier{
keyword: coldft
- Brrr! It's icy cold here! There are lots of water fossils, of course.
I believe there are at least 5 fossils found here.

- This icy location is believed to be the home of a fluffy white creature.
A snowman? Abomintable? Whatever it is, it's definitely a sidequest.

- I know of Mammoth, Sucho, Spino, and Brontoth fossils here. There are
liely to be Paki, Arsith, and Cryo here as well. But I'm not sure.

}Parchment Desert{
keyword: osiris
- It's hot, dry, and sonar doesn't work. Wait, no sonar means no fossils!
Perhaps there is a sidequest?

- This oven-hot area messes with more than your head, it messes with your
sonar! The key to finding the great T-rex fossils here is to buy and plant

- I know for a FACT that T-rex fossils are here. Of course, you won't get
any without those oasis seeds! There are probably many more fossils, but
I haven't got around to the 3rd Oasis Seed yet. But it WILL be added to
this Guide once I get the information!

}Flying Vivosaurs{
keyword: bird
- These amazing creatures are: Jara, Coatlus, Ptera, Dimorph, and Guera.

Shared traits
- Thesw all have either POWERFULL suport effects, or SLEEP, KNOCK, and

}Swimming Vivosaurs{
keyword: fish
- These aquatic vivosaurs need seperate explainations, so you don't get

- This large MOSOSAUR, or short-necked aquatic reptile, is very large.
The only known MOSOSAUR that is larger is most likely Lioplerodon, the
T-rex of the seas! Note that Lioplerodon is not in the game. If it was,
it would completely wreck the whole 100 vivosaurs thing. That and the
developers had their reasons.

Futabi, Plesio, and Elasmo
- These PLESIOSAURS, or long-necked aqautic reptiles, are somewhat large.
Unlike the earlier NORTHOSAURS, they could not go onto land to lay eggs.
Therefore, it's thought they reproduced like mammals, with live birth.
I prime example of this is in the next section.

- A ICYTHOSAUR if there ever was one, Shoni reproduced by live birth, as
well as looking like a fish. It's very slow to develop, so integrate a few
parts before you send it up against anything.

}Not a Dinosaur!{
keyword: mammal
- These crazy creatures can be found all over! Maybe it's because they
went extinct closer to the present day?

- These beasts include Hoplo and Smilo. They both eat some type
of large mammal: Hoplo eats mammoths, and Smilo eats bison.

- This TERROR BIRD lived in prehistoric South America, until the Smilos
came and killed them all!

- These are not your average rhinoceros! The Arsith, Brontoth, and Elasmoth
would all charge first, see what it is after it's dead. They Brontoth in
particular had troubles with Andrarch.

- These include: Aopteryx, the first bird, Paki, the first whale,
Andrarch, a meat-eating goat, Megath, a giant ground sloth, and Mammoth,
a wool-coated elephant.

}}Normal Vivosaurs{{
keyword: normvivo
- This is the second longest section, and it's nothing but a list! Of
course, I will later add more information.

keyword: Vulcan
- If this was Star Wars, these vivosaurs would be the Dark Side. They're
evil, attack-orientated monsters capable of disembowling they're foes.
But, since this is a E-rated game, the insane, gory, violence is not shown.
The classes will come in a later update.

keyword: mountain
- The good defenders! Very good defenders! I will add the classes in a
later update.

keyword: tornado
- Yes I know it's actually Air. The classes will come in a later update.

keyword: river
- These are not the swimmers though! The classes will come in a later update.

keyword: nullvoid
- I will add the classes later.

}}The perfect team?{{
keyword: teamatk
- Here I will explain 3 good combos. But I don't have the team in game, so
of course there will be gaps in the information.

keyword: asia
- Just read the vivo's bios!

- Mentioned above, WAY ABOVE, this vivo is good with his STEER THE STORM
team skill.

- This defense-class vivo is awesome for his support effects.

- This little vivo went to the Dojo! He can slice you to pieces if you're
not careful.

keyword: rino
- The team skill RUIN BEAM is very powerful.

- A word of warning: once you've had a taste, you'll just want more! And
who wouldn't? Arstih's Somnia Beam is the ultimate!

- I must warn you to never go near that Phobia Beam! Unless you WANT to be

- This is your final warning! Turn back before he uses that Toxia Beam on
you! I say it again! Turn back!
          Too late now:
You =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Brontoth
        ^^ Toxia Beam ^^
I warned you.

}Bone Heads{
keyword: pack
- Read the bios.

- With Rock Barrage in his arsenel, there is no hope for any Water-Type in
his way!

- With Fiendish Barrage in his aresnel, there is no hope for any Earth-Type
in his way!

- With Iron Barrage in his arsenel, there is no hope for any Wind-Type in
his way!

}}Time Table{{
keyword: tempus
- You should know that any gaps are there because I can't get that vivo's era.

keyword: 220mya
- The first dinosaurs were from here. There shouldn't be that many of course.

Ancient World
- Shoni.

keyword: sauropod
- The biggest quadropeds came from here.

Time of Giants
- Guan, Megalo, S-Raptor, Cryo, Yango, Goyle, Dimorph, Plesio.

keyword: asteroid
- The end is near! For them, at least.

The final hour
- Alectro, Shanshan, venator, Spinax, Nychus, U-Raptor, V-Raptor, Spino,
Angato, Sucho, Amargo, Saichan, Nasaur, Maia, Pachy, Penta, Pachrino,
Coatlus, Elasmo.

}65mya - 8,000 B.C.{
keyword: k-t
- The dinosaurs have died forever. Well, maybe not forever, because the
Vivosaurs are Dinosaurs also, right?

Epocene - Pilocene
- no data. sorry!

- Elasmoth.

keyword: copyright
- Well, I guess this about the end, right?

credit to...
- RED ENTERTAINMENT for this awesome game!

with permission from...
- no-one! I didn't need permission from anyone because I didn't use anyone
else's work!

ending statement
- Well well well, what have we here? You read the whole guide? I'm touched.
Now go. Shoo! There's nothing after this, I swear! That section on the
Table of Contents was a lie! It's not in the guide!

Are you STILL reading????

Okay, you got me. There is a section at the end.
Just don't tell anyone please!

}}}Reference Pages{{{
keyword: book
- You're lucky I'm letting you see this. I didn't originally want to make
this section.

}}extinction theory{{
keyword: gone4good
- Stop reading if you don't care about how they died.

 The extinction of the dinosaurs was most likely caused by a large asteroid
impact. Proof can be found in the thin line of chalk between the end of the
mezozoic and beginning of the cenozoic eras, otherwise known as the K-T
Boundary. Of course, there are some problems with a normal asteroid impact
killing the dinosaurs. But a crater tells us otherwise: the asteroid was
6 miles across (for any non-Americans, that's 9.6 kilometers). The impact
itself would kill all dinosaurs within the area, but the debris launched
into the air could have rained down on the opposite side of the world. The
planet would have been blanketed in dust, blocking out the sunlight and
killing plants. Then the herbivores would starve to death. The carnivores

}}new discoveries{{
keyword: fixed
- This will make the game about 5% realistic. Don't read if you don't
want the game ruined.

}Pachy didn't really butt heads!{
 The 10 inches (cenimeters unknown) of solid bone on the pachy's skull was
really a soft bone. If they butt heads, then they'd kill themselves! Now
what good is that?

}Tricera and friends: the horns are a lie?{
 The horns make you think that they must have fought their predators, or at
least fought each other. But most ceratopsians had a soft skull: they had
huge holes to make their head lighter. These include Styrac, Enio, and a few
others. But what about the ones with solid heads? Well, in reality, the worst
place to have a weapon is on your head. When you kill the T-rex attacking
you, it would just fall right on your head. Who want's that? So what about
fighting each other? Well, if you look, closely, the nicks and scratches on
the heads of ceratopsians are really lines where the blood vessels where.
That proves that the horns and big frills were really just supposed to
look good.

}}species that got sunk{{
keyword: JackHorner
- If you read this, about 1/3 of all the vivosaurs will be the same thing.

}dracorex hogwartsia --> stygimoloch --> pachycephalosaurus{
 Dracorex is a new discovery. It's bone-dome wasn't even there! It was all
spikes! And of cousre Stygimoloch, or Stygi, must have been it's own
kind of bone-head, with all those spikes AND the bone-dome? What about
Pachycephalosaurus, in other words, Pachy? Well, it turns out, the insanely
different species are really ALL PACHYS! How? Have you noticed that back
in reality, Dracorex is the smallest, Stygi is medium-sized, while Pachy is
bigger than both of them? It's because Dracorex is a baby Pachy, Stygi is
like a teenager Pachy, and Pachy is an adult Pachy. Never thought of that,
did you?

}the triceratops life cycle?{
 This time, we already knew they were the same. We just couldn't prove it.
So we start with a small Tricera, with short, stubby horns. Then we go to
a teenager, and the horns point UP IN A CURVE. Then the adult, with horns
pointing STRAIGHT. Just like humans change when as they grow, so did
dinosaurs, apparently.

}T-rex? nanotyrannoasurus? gorgo?{
 Same with the pachys. The baby is Nanotyrannosaurus. The teenager is the
Gorgo, the adult is the T-rex. Wait, there's something else: the VERY
youngest T-rex probably looked like a bigger version of a Comspo! Oh yeah,
the babies hunted small stuff, so they had teeth like a bunch of needles.
Good for cutting and tearing. The adults had big teeth like steak knives!
They were used to crush bones.

}}Vivosaurs REAL name{{
keyword: genus
- This is in the in-game-museum. Now let's begin, shall we? Remember that
missing Vivosaurs are not in my current database. Beginning list now:
Alectro = Alectrosaurus
Amargo = Amargasaurus
Angato = Angaturama
Coatlus = Quetzalcoatlus
Cryo = Cryolophosaurus
Dimorph = Dimorphodon
Elasmo = Elasmosaurus
Elasmoth = Elasmotherium
Goyle = Gargoyleosaurus
Guan = Guanlong
Maia = Maiasuara
Megalo = Megalosaurus
Nasaur = Leaellynasaurus
Nychus = Deinonychus
Pachrino = Pachyrhinosaurus
Pachy = Pachycephalosaurus
Penta = Pentaceratops
Plesio = Plesiosaurus
S-Raptor = Sinraptor
Saichan = Saichania
Shanshan = Shanshanosaurus
Shoni = Shonisaurus
Spinax = Altispinax
Spino = Spinosaurus
Sucho = Suchomimus
U-Raptor = Utahraptor
V-Raptor = Velociraptor
Venator = Afrovenator
Yango = Huayangosaurus

}}Museum Data{{
keyword: statue
- Length in Feet and approximate Meters, Diet, Dig Site, Notes.

49 ft (16 m) long
Diet: Piscivore
Notes: This huge icythosaur is the largest swimming vivo.

42 ft (14 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: This vivo is actually bigger than T-rex, but is lighter.

42 ft (14 m) long
Diet: Piscivore
Notes: The massive plesiosaur always had an eye on the fish.

39 ft (13 m) long
Diet: Piscivore
Notes: Named after an Aztec god, this massive pterosaur could swallow
a human with ease.

36 ft (12 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: Its name means "Crocodile Mimic" because it looks like a 2-legged

29 ft (9 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: This thing is slow. It's evasion is close to zero!

29 ft (9 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: This is my favorite vivo!

29 ft (9 m) long
Diet: Herbivore
Notes: This would be scary if it was black.

29 ft (9 m) long
Diet: Herbivore
Notes: One of the few vivos to care for their young.

26 ft (8 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: Void Blast is a different version of Alectro's Posion Breath with
different effects.

26 ft (8 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: It lived in Antarctica! It must like freezing to death...

26 ft (8 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: Does this remind you of Dynal? Because this IS Dynal. At least in
terms of skills and stuff...

26 ft (8 m) long
Diet: Herbivore
Notes: Leaping Gore my foot! It's a body slam!

23 ft (7 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: Who gave it the name Sinraptor? It makes less sense than a Turducken!

23 ft (7 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: It's only found in Utah, U.S.A.

23 ft (7 m) long
Diet: Herbivore
Notes: I wonder if it's really something else like the Pachys...

23 ft (7 m) long
Diet: Herbivore
Notes: It's about time they appreciated less popular vivos like him.

19 ft (6 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: I would have thought it would be bigger.

16 ft (5 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: Great unmasking is the worst idea ever. Your positive support effects
turn to negative support effects!

16 ft (5 m) long
Diet: Herbivore
Notes: Ice Age Beast, ID = 31a5m0th

13 ft (4 m) long
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: It's name means "Terrible Claw." They wern't kidding either!

13 ft (4 m)
Diet Herbivore
Notes: By now you have realized they are in order of size, haven't you?

13 ft (4 m)
Diet: Herbivore
Notes: There is plenty in the 2nd and 3rd shoo!

10 ft (3 m)
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: Wow, this is really small.

10 ft (3 m)
Diet: Herbivore
Notes: I swear, this is an archtype...

10 ft (3 m)
Diet: Herbivore
Notes: For once, I thought it would be smaller.

6 ft (2 m)
Diet: Carnivore
Notes: This is my favorite dinosaur of all time. But not in this game because
they make him weak.

6 ft (2 m)
Diet: Piscivore
Notes: Okay, honestly, how the fossils is this so small?

3 ft (1 m)
Diet: Piscivore
Notes: This is a midget! He's just a little bit bigger than your arm.

,,;this is the real end of the guide. thank you for your time;,,,
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;once again, my email is: [email protected]