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Unlock Vivosaurs cheat for Fossil Fighters

Unlock Vivosaurs

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Vivosaur will become available.

Unlock Dynal, Duna and Raptin:
After you get the time machine, defeat him in his starship.

Unlock Igno:
Beat Saurhead a certain amount of times after you beat the game.

Unlock The 3 Guh Robots:
Use the time machine and defeat the 3 bots another time.

Unlock Frigi:
Defeat the 3 main BB bandits after you beat the game.

Unlock Squik and his other Elements:
Get ALL vivosaurs to rank 12.

Added by: Sanzano
Jan 22nd 2010, ID#13092


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Dec 5th 2015 Masked Man
I can't find T. rex bones
ID #631216
Jan 11th 2015 Guest
I'm a girl firewolfšŸŽµ I can't spell some words alright hope the information works for u see ya post more question if u need answers I will come sometimes around the weeks if u have trouble. just clarify only questions on fossil fighters not fossil fighters: Champion ok sorry guy love ya
ID #499932
Jul 13th 2014 Guest
Does anyone know the easiest way to get a trex fossil
ID #417853
Jan 31st 2014 Guest
I beat Rex, Snivels, and Vivian with the three guhnash brains
ID #350214
Aug 19th 2013 Guest
can someone tell me how to get the air type igua
ID #305639
Jul 1st 2013 Guest
You either use action replay or the hard way.
ID #294140
Jun 14th 2013 Guest
Use igno in a z. And gaun and troodon in sznas rank 12 it is perfect

ID #290184
May 25th 2013 Guest
btw i got past duna but cant beay the bb soldiers or bullwort so plz helm meh and one tip when defeatin duna u need all the fossil chips or else you'll get nowhere in life. (TUT TUT). BTW coelo the vivosaur is not good 4 me coz his rank is 1 and his life is 41
ID #285212
Jan 8th 2013 basher200
heres how to beat dynal to unlock. first put frigi in the AZ put guan in the bottom SZ and after u get that tall chicken put vivo that raises aim up by 99% put him in the top SZ. and with frigi keep using ice age there u go well at least it worked for me
ID #240093
Jan 4th 2013 captain awesome
ID #236784
Dec 26th 2012 Guest
what happens aftre u get all vivosaurs at 12?

ID #228652
Nov 10th 2012 Guest
Is thier a esryer way to to beat the bb boss in chapter six.
ID #207340
Aug 22nd 2012 fossil fighter 2012
just to be clear u dont use the time machine to get on the starship it means after u get the time machine use the teleporter to get on the starship TRY to beat dynal and then BAM u get them (P.S. I cant beat dynal HELP) (P.P.S when u use the time machine u go to guhnash and if u beat him u get the three guh bots)
ID #178891
Jul 25th 2012 vim5
the gunash brains are not robots and by the way the
paki is in coldfeet glacier.
ID #168423
Jul 2nd 2012 Guest
if you unlock the chickens you all redy have all the dinos?!
ID #159530
Jun 28th 2012 Guest
any cheats to instant win
ID #157865
Apr 16th 2012 Guest
what code i use to get all vivasour instantly? please i need it now!
ID #134211
Mar 22nd 2012 Guest
i beat the bb bandits with rank 12 spinax, rank 12 s-raptor, and rank 12 venator. spinax is NOT the best vivosaur. igno or guvhorn is.
ID #125314
Feb 15th 2012 Guest
What vivasours do i use to beat the bb tro to get the frigiosorus
ID #115218
Feb 8th 2012 Guest
how do i get all the dinos
ID #113173
Jan 6th 2012 Guest
no cheats just did the hard way
ID #103235
Dec 22nd 2011 Guest
Oh my gosh! I am a master fossil fighter. You gotta get the time machine to get the brain dudes. Yay! I have them. Smile
ID #97661
Dec 21st 2011 Guest
i think u get gunash himself by using tree of the chickens but i dont know but it anything lets hope we can get gunash himself
ID #97101
Dec 15th 2011 Guest
You find the BBs at the top of their base, where you first battled BB boss.
ID #95212
Dec 14th 2011 Guest
alright look people i got all vivos so ask me and i will have an awnser.igno beat saurhead three times in a row after You beat the game!frigi get him after you beat the main three bb bandits at their base!and by the way you find saurhead in the common room!simple.[size=12][size=12][size=12][color=red][/color] [/size] [/size] [/size]
ID #94998
Dec 5th 2011 Guest
...u have to beat dynal after you finish the time machine
ID #92959
Nov 27th 2011 Guest
put frigi in az then dynal in top sz and in bottom sz put guan you can find him at the volcano but hes kinda rare so be patient and make sure there all rank 12
ID #90966
Nov 24th 2011 Guest
they are on the 5th or 6th floor in the BB base

but how do you beat Saurhead i cant find out how
I'm on the last part of fighting him the one with three vivisaurs and three rounds
i keep getting beat on the second round
ID #89885
Nov 24th 2011 Guest
ID #89845
Oct 29th 2011 Guest
Please tell me if there is a cheat to get all vivs heads and up to rank 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #83763
Oct 12th 2011 Guest
is there a cheat for automatic 100 pnt fossil?if the is please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #79864
Oct 10th 2011 Guest
how do you get duna to come to a digsite with you
ID #79461
Aug 30th 2011 Guest
I beat Rozie but nothing happened
ID #71329
Aug 13th 2011 Guest
Never leave spinix alone he is the best in the Vivosaurs even T-rex(ownonly if you Have it)
ID #66699
Aug 4th 2011 Guest
I beat dynal by using S-raptor (rank twelve) in top sz Spinax (rank twelve) in az and compso(200 donation point vivisaur) in bottom sz and kept using s-raptors team skill and when dynals compso died i used my spinax's team skill until he was deafeted. Then i used the time machine and beat gunash again with same team and with spinax's team skill until i beated him then i used guvhorn and guhweep and compso to beat bb bandit trio then i used frigi in az compso on bottom and orno(or cheirius) on top and used Frigi's ice age move to beat dynal the third time
ID #63945
Jul 16th 2011 Guest
ID #58461
Jul 13th 2011 Guest
cheat for all dino medals on lv 12
ID #57443
Jul 11th 2011 Guest
you get frigi by beating bb bandits after beating game, ingo by beating saur head after beating game,duna raptin dinomon collect all fossil heads, dynal beat him in a fossil battle after you complete time machene, beat rozie with lv 12 trex lv 12 tarbo and dino of choice for special dig site, to get brains bild time machene then beat gonash again.

hope this clears some stuff up,

ID #56931
Jun 23rd 2011 Guest
ID #51629
Jun 19th 2011 Guest
please please help me i'm new to the forum but can somrone give me a code for all my vivosaurs to rank 12.Whoever does i will give amazzing cool codes to please june 19 2011
ID #50459
Jun 7th 2011 Guest
what i did to beat saurhead's lv 12 is i got all vivosaurs the i got Duna Raptin and Dinomaton by getting all 100 vivosaurs i put Duna and Raptin in the sz because their support effects are AMAZING and i put dinomaton in the az and saurhead couldn't even touch me.
ID #47680
May 12th 2011 Guest
to get the onga onga mask talk to richmond after you found him once or twice
ID #42631
May 4th 2011 Guest
I need a cheat for 1hit kill to beat Saurhead after the main story so some one please creat it or tell me it at my e-mail

[email protected]

(my name in real life=Kaillais)

(Upercase leters are the leters long sound)

(pernounceation for my name=kaillAis)
ID #41427
Apr 2nd 2011 Guest
You can get Daspleto at the BB Base. But you will have to look hard. It is very rare.
ID #35395
Feb 5th 2011 Guest
is their a cheat to beat dynal the seconed and thered time
ID #28135
Jan 24th 2011 Guest
is there an action replay code that gets all your vivosaurs to level 12? if there is, can someone PLEASE tell me it?!
ID #26709
Jan 19th 2011 Guest
i have frigi too
ID #26097
Jan 19th 2011 Guest
i have the oonga oonga mask and igno but my main team is ptera all bones rank 12 stego all bones rank 12 and finally spinax all bones rank 12 oh yah im training tarbo all bones rank 6
ID #26096
Jan 8th 2011 Guest
is there a 100 vivosaur cheat
ID #24546
Jan 4th 2011 Guest
every body you get dinomatian duna and raptin from getting 100 vivs you get dynal from beating him while he has duna and raptin on his team there is no oonga oonga fossil and you get the mask buy buying berries at the shop after you have seen a oonga ongaa atleast once you talk to richmond and they will be availible
ID #24070
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