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Follow the dark path or use the light
Fossil Fighters: Champions Pack Shot

Fossil Fighters: Champions

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Easiest way to find rare jewels, wonderous and miraculous fossi hint for Fossil Fighters: Champions

Easiest way to find rare jewels, wonderous and miraculous fossi

First you must fully upgrade your sonar and have the red mask (semi-finals prize)put on the red mask and got to ice grip Plataea the rare fossils will appear as yellow dots on your sonar jewel rocks will appear as the normal green dot. please note that you will not always have yellow dots
(you will have to battle for silver and gold fossils)
Edited: Dec 20 2011

Added by: shadowhawk5000
Dec 18th 2011, ID#16521


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May 17th 2014 Guest
got a lot of money over 1,000,000 in 25 minutes
ID #384906
May 23rd 2013 Guest
ID #284790
Mar 24th 2013 Guest
Use the heads mask from the champions tournament and delete all already cleaned rocks. You either end up with new vivos or silver heads or gold ones. YOU CAN'T LOSE!
ID #266902
Feb 16th 2013 Guest
guess what i found today (i did not use the red mask and ice place thing), a collasoll dropping from a giant dark fossil rock. :(
ID #254856
Dec 24th 2012 Guest
Go to dusty dunes with the chip fully upgraded sonar and look for yellow dots.
ID #227604
Nov 21st 2012 Guest
I found the 2 miraculous fossil rocks at mt. krokenok another at BB base lol wut oh and by the way i found a million huge diamonds dey worth nothing besides a useless in game 30 g at max so dont think your the best and luckyest person ever i am pretty lucky but not so lucky that i can find miraculous rocks at every digging site!
ID #210974
Nov 11th 2012 Guest
At the end of round 5 i went to mt kraknak and found 17 miracoulus fossil
ID #207619
Oct 8th 2012 Guest
i got 300654 dollars off of doing that in two days
ID #193679
Sep 5th 2012 Guest
i did it without the upgrade but failed so im doin it with the upgrade
ID #183577
Sep 1st 2012 killer1-online
just go to the end of the dig site mount krakanak and just dig tell u find him i just found t-rex 11:45pm today
ID #182336
Aug 25th 2012 Guest
another way is fire mask, fully upgraded sonar, go to treasure lake pay to dig over and over again super fossils and colossal diamonds galore!
ID #180077
Aug 20th 2012 Guest
i found 3 silver in mt.krakanak
ID #178243
Aug 20th 2012 Guest
I went to mt.krankanak with the blue mask and found 3 miraculus fossils,1 colassal diamand,and 2 wondrous fossils,thankyou for the tip it was very usefull.
ID #178140
Aug 18th 2012 Guest
The cool thing about it is when you comes out you come out with at least 16000 g worth of jwls

ID #177505
Jul 22nd 2012 Guest
i tried a millon times and it will not work!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #167396
Jul 9th 2012 wolfe412
All you need to di is put on the mask that is the oposite of the area.
ID #162288
Jul 7th 2012 Guest
just go around and look look in every single area

ID #161402
Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
OMG I went to iceBerg platough with red mask and have found... exactly 20 meraculas fossil rocks near where you battle the 3 commanders hope this helped a little
ID #160177
Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
i found 4 in ice grip plateo
ID #160121
Jul 1st 2012 ameliacub8
What i do is i go to treasure lake whereing the red mask and i find usely 2 silver and 1 gold
ID #159000
Jun 23rd 2012 Guest
Hey guys I'm only lvl 9 and I had my sonar completely upgraded and had the red mask on and went to icegrip plateau to search for a miraculous fossil rock. I had to go back and forth a lot but I finally got one only. Heck the yellow dots and you will be good
ID #155940
Jun 19th 2012 Guest
strong vivosaurs to go with id 125265s team can be o raptor fiend, mapo king
(ik not fire type)
ID #154591
Jun 18th 2012 Guest
The fastest way I know is to get the blue mask, and go to Mt. Krakonack. I've found colossal diamonds, wonderous fossil rocks, dropping fossils, and even miraculous fossil rocks. I hoped I helped you outSmile
ID #154212
Jun 18th 2012 Guest
i did the don boneyard thing and revived a vivosaur and for some reason it was called boney t rex lord
ID #154149
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
go to ice grip plaughto
ID #151244
May 31st 2012 Guest
Sis not listen to anyone, the robo don always changes
ID #147381
May 1st 2012 Guest
Hey guys,im the guy who does the super revivals on this website you can thank me for that.Im on this website rarely so ask stuff a lot.Anyway,I was gonna say that FOSSIL FIGHTERS CHAMPIONS RULES SO MUCH GOD LOVES IT AND R LORD JESUS CHRIST
ID #138604
Apr 21st 2012 Guest
i just remembered a few more they r futabi=momo,plesio=marple,argento=shelinu,elasmo=kaishan HE IS FREAKY
o-raptor=o-raptor fiend,v-raptor=v-ripper,oh einio doesnt have a super revival sorry bout that
ID #135523
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
ID #135287
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
im gonna show my knolage on super revivals nycto=nycto ace,dimetro=lugmos,edapho=geneos,mapo=mapo king,trex=trexlord,argento=(cant remember),brachio=ryden,toba=equinas,amargo=omias,tricera=heraculs,chasmo=blitzigon,allo=giga allo,spinax=giga spinax,`raja=giga raja,stego=barbaros,pelto=zanth,einio=(forgot)thats all i can remenber at the time fyi these i memorised plz ask me if u need any info I KNOW IT GUARENTEED kind of
ID #135264
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
I currently have only 2 Miraclulous fossil rocks 1 i got when i beat that guy whos pampering princess pooch (it was easy for me cause i chose areos from joe in the beginning other one was in petrified woods also its not hard to dig up collosol diamonds iv dug up like 15
ID #135256
Apr 14th 2012 Guest
found 6 miraculas
ID #133279
Apr 9th 2012 Guest
people finding gold fossils are simple, just get the pink mask and search tressure lake and somtimes pay to dig website ( in pay dig sites no battle for gold or silver fossils but if low on money sell lots of clossil diamods you find) ps if beat zoongazoonga and want to train other vinosaurs ( 60 batle pointsSmile ) use b-tricera and z-elesmo in back for suport efects ( all lvl 20 ) in front any strong one but mapo king or giga allo because good accrucy if hit 300-400 if critical 500-600 use dynel lvl 20 replace z-elesmo and attacks are uasally critical.
ID #131265
Mar 22nd 2012 Guest
ID #125265
Mar 20th 2012 Guest
[size=12][/size] attention all people who think their team stinks, if u beat the game and have all boney dudes and a trex lord or some other strong dude, i strongly strongly recommend B Plesio B Tricera in the the back, and Trex lord in the front..ull be surprised that those 2 boneysaurs together increases trex lords attack by like 150 and accuracy by 50,,,on all my battles i have done criticals from 800- 1300 which was a new record for me. all other fighters will be like what just happened?ps people who have trouble with zongazonga can put tricera in the attack zone with trex and smack zongazonga into next week with at least 2 hits.
ID #124819
Mar 19th 2012 Guest
I found gold fossil rocks at rank 14 at treasure lake in the dinosaur head thing but my sonar was to the max and they were green dots

I need more gold fossil rocks I only have giga raja, t Rex lord, kaishin, zanth, v ripper, equinas and nycto ace
ID #124461
Mar 18th 2012 Guest
how do u get gold fossils without fully upgrading your sonar? If there isn't ,how do u get money easy?
ID #124163
Mar 15th 2012 Guest
never works
ID #123074
Feb 26th 2012 Guest
Fully upgrade your sonar and beat the game to find miraculous
fossil rocks
ID #118583
Feb 26th 2012 Guest
I just go to the stone pyramid in jungle labyrinth and I've found 9 miraculous from there. P.S. no mask!
ID #118535
Feb 21st 2012 Guest
yesssssssss!!!!!! i know how to get the miraculous fossil rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks it really worked:XD
ID #117135
Feb 18th 2012 Guest
It Worked!!!!!!!!!!
ID #116099
Feb 15th 2012 Guest
ID #115276
Feb 13th 2012 Guest
is there a mask that makes it so you dont run into dark fossil rocks?
ID #114783
Feb 6th 2012 Guest
ID #112799
Jan 26th 2012 Guest
is fossil fighters or champions
ID #109570
Jan 23rd 2012 Guest
play dons game but save before doing so and look at every rock thing and turn the game off. I have prize the best is the last one, no mistakes!
ID #108693
Jan 23rd 2012 Guest
i just got finish reading all of comments and iwent to do memory game but on the beach their was a [color=red][/color] [color=red][/color] [strike][/strike] yellow dot and it was a m and im batteling for it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
ID #108619
Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
upgrade your fossil chip completely
ID #108339
Jan 21st 2012 Guest
Just give John Guano 20 dropping fossils and you get a miraculous fossil rock
ID #107908