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Fossil Fighters: Champions


How do you get gold fossil rocks because I really want to evolve some vivosaurs?

Question asked by King Darkrai on
Last Modified:

Question for Fossil Fighters: Champions

How do you get gold fossil rocks because I really want to evolve some vivosaurs???

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Guest answered:

I just stared the game. I am only a lvl 2. I upgraded my sonar all but the lvl 2 for finding non fossil rocks I found over 4 silver fossils in Jungle Labrinth they where named marvalious or something rock. U;ll know them becuase they aren;t normal fossil rocks when they come up almost look like a 8 or peanut. Thats for silver so far I found (it was a silver body) them you have like wonderful rock or something? Sry I don't remmeber the name and I only first 1 so far it was in Treasure Lake it was a GOLD head I found. But I would say you need to have you're sonar fully upgraded I mean buying the 35000 upgrade to find ALL parts of the dino to find the gold or silver? You might just need the 1st upgrade but I found hte gold after I had mine upgraded the second time. I;ma lvl 2 fighter so the first one saying you need to be lvl 16 isn;t right I have one ! And I only beat Round 1 of the cup fights and then stooped fighting and have just been getting fossils and reviving to be able to pay for upgrades before I go back to fighting. !

So to answer the full question .. Upgrade your sonar to make sure you have lvl 1 and 2 fossil chips also recommend you have monitor upgrade to lvl 2 fossil filter I would atleast have lvl 1 in. I found the Gold Head in Treasure Lake. And atleast 3 silver bodies in Jungle Labyrnth! Hope that helps.

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Guest said: 21st Jul 2012 | REPORT
in treasure lake i found 2 gold fossil heads
Guest said: 24th Dec 2012 | REPORT
you can just get the red mask and go to icegrip plaetu
Guest said: 13th Jun 2013 | REPORT
I found 2 gold fossils at treasure lakes pay to dig site.
Guest said: 20th Apr 2014 | REPORT
Exactly what I do, you get dark fossils and wondrous fossils 50-75% of the time O_O.
You can also get a miraculous fossil rock 1 time in every 10 times you go their
plus no one fights you in pay to dig sight! Smile Hope this helped!

Guest answered:

Actually, it is more easy than that, there are silver fossils: wonderous fossil rocks and gold fossils: miraculous fossil rocks. Both can be bought with donation points in the cleaning room.

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Guest said: 12th May 2012 | REPORT
you can find them at ANY site and a little tip. ONLY DIG UP THE GOLD DOTS! u will have a better chance of finding a miraculous fossil rock. The best place i would say are treasure lake, icegrip plateau, and Mt.Krakanak
MiniAppleCobbler said: 27th Jun 2012 | REPORT
Yah, but how in the world are we gonna get 2,500 DP points an awnser would be nice
Guest said: 20th Apr 2014 | REPORT
I have no idea...
Guest said: 18th Jan 2015 | REPORT
If you donate vivosaurs you get dp faster. I don't know why you would want to do that though unless you have a bunch of the same vivosaur.

Guest answered:

You can get some when you finish the game at the pay to dig sites at rainbow canyon.

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Guest said: 7th Feb 2012 | REPORT
Under me are u using fossil fighters or fossil fighters champions?
Guest said: 21st Feb 2012 | REPORT
@above me
you no that gold fossils arent on FF only FFC
Guest said: 22nd May 2012 | REPORT
i was at mt krakanak for 5 minutes and i found a gold fossil
Guest said: 20th Jun 2012 | REPORT
i've neaver found a gold fossil in a dig site only in the main story i only have found wonduros fossil rocks ( sad ) thats all i found i do it the easy but hard way

Guest answered:

As stated above, having a fully upgraded sonar helps, but I do think you only NEED the maximum of fossil chips to find arms and legs. Then super fossil rocks will appear. Silver fossils (wondrous) are shaped like and 8, a double circle or what have you, while gold fossils (miraculous) are an elongated hexagon shape. I have found about 9 gold fossils just through digging. HOWEVER...
If you save up enough, you can get one for 2500 donation points. And if you're up for the challenge, clean 100 fossil rocks for the Hare Club on Cranial Isle. You get a prize every 10 fossils, and you get a 'special fossil' at around 90, give or take. But at 100, you get a gold fossil rock. AND... You can get one by donating coprolites (droppings) to Joe Guano. He'll ask for increasing amounts - first just 1, then 2, then 4, and so on until he requests 20! Satisfy his weird obsession to get another gold fossil rock. I haven't made it any further than that.

All in all, it seems that a fully upgraded sonar works really well, using donation points is unreasonable, and side quests seems to be the best option, assuming you have the time and patience. But the rewards are worth it.

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Guest said: 7th Jul 2012 | REPORT
i got a blue t rex and when i evolved it i got a blue t-rex lord
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2012 | REPORT
where is joe guano
Guest said: 18th Apr 2013 | REPORT
In the Hare Club.
Guest said: 20th Apr 2014 | REPORT
This is helpful but these things take time, but if you want the chickens, prizes like miraculous fossil rocks, and xp you gotta do the missions. Hint:they're are 3 miraculous fossil rocks in main story. Hope this helped Smile :( >Smile

Guest answered:

You can buy gold fossil rocks at the dp center in the cleaning room(to get dp quick go to a place where you have gone before collect alot of fossils you have already cleaned take it to kl-33n and do that for a long time.

Guest answered:

I can't seem to find any gold fossils. My sonar is fully upgraded, I'm using the red mask at icecap glacier[by the way the red masks only blocks out all non-red attribute rocks, causing it to take a lot of patience]. I have done 100 trips to every dig site, but have only found dark fossils, rare fossils, and wondrous, no miraculous.

Guest answered:

After you beat the game, and the egg-zact timing thing, you can fly (on the helicopter) to the BareBones brigade base. SAVE YOUR PROGRESS WHEN YOU GET THERE! go all the way through to Don Boneyards room. You can also dig up a well (it will appear as a red x on your sonar) and it will take you to the back of the long room before Don's room.once you're in, talk to the staff at the back with robo-Don and he will tell you about robo-Don's challenge. There will be 10 fossil rocks. When you go up and hit A, it will show a sign above it. It's really just a memory game. Press A on every rock and copy what they are and their position on that paper. Lose on purpose once you're done and,without saving, press start,select,are,and L at the same time to restart the game. If you saved at the right time, you should be outside the base.go back through and take the challenge again. The rocks should be in the same position so use your paper to get them all right without making any mistakes. The staff member will give you the miraculous fossil rock if you didn't make any mistakes.
(P.S. If you want wondrous fossil rocks, go to the bonehemoth. There's a lot there)

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Guest said: 3rd Apr 2012 | REPORT
thank you soooooo much
Guest said: 4th Jun 2013 | REPORT
IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!
Guest said: 20th Apr 2014 | REPORT
This is actually the easiest way
Hint: Their is a pattern in the Don't Boneyards Challenge!
its easier than you think!
Guest said: 20th Jun 2014 | REPORT
Thank u

Guest answered:

One time, I found a bunch of gold fossil rocks in Hot Spring Hights! And the rocks are usually yellow dots on your sonar, so it will either be a gold fossil or another rare fossil rock... I think you should look around there!

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Guest said: 19th Nov 2013 | REPORT
What mask did you wear.
Guest said: 20th Apr 2014 | REPORT

Guest answered:

U can do quests at the information booth. I did that and there is a quest thats something called well I don't know. It has something to do with boiling eggs. Anyways go to hot springs and go in the cave. And the guy will tell you to boil eggs for exactly 10 seconds and he will give you a miraculaous fossil. Well I think you have to gep doing it.

Guest answered:

1. Go to the fossil guild and talk 2 the mask lady.
2. Put on the red mask.
3. Go to illum island and go to icegrip platue.
This can work but it usualy takes a while

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Guest said: 20th Apr 2014 | REPORT
...why just why

Guest answered:

You can find gold fossil rocks pretty easy at the hot springs pay to dig sight. The first 3 times I went there I dug up gold fossils. I'e found about 5 in all after about a dozen tries.

Guest answered:

If you put on a red mask and go to rainbow canyon and go to the pay to dig area you go to blue canyon and I found about 10 there and I'm talking about miraculous fossil rocks.

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Guest said: 16th Feb 2012 | REPORT
i've done what you said but it did not work

Guest answered:

The best way to find them is a blue mask and mine the yellow only at icegrip plataue

Guest answered:

Treasure Lake without a doubt. Ive found 20 silver and 7 gold no lie

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Guest said: 20th Apr 2014 | REPORT
He's telling the truth Smile

Guest answered:

I have only found one but I plan on tryig you ideas tho thanks a LOT A BIG HELP GUYS !!!!

Guest answered:

Umm I have NEAVER FOUND miraclos fossil rocks in dig sites I'm sorry I don't think it's true on my game I onlt have one which I used for toba and then poof I neaver found one again ever not even in dig site NEAVER not even in the pays SPOT nope nata Zilch I think I neaver found only the silver ones ONLY THE SILVER ones you guys are LUCKEYYYYYY

Dimetro vs Parium answered:

I've only found one gold , and that was right outside the Rainbow Canyon pay-to-dig site. BTW, I don't think that those Rainbow Canyon ideas are accurate. (At least for me)

Guest answered:

I found 9 gold fossils and like 20 silver rocks at iceberg platue!!!!!!!!!!!!all of the yellow dots will be either dark (least likly),wonderous ( most likly),and mirraculous fossil rocks [likly] but REMEMBER it is by CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good luck!

BJML answered:

You guys are all not mentioning one sure way to get gold fossils-the guy in the Hare Club on Cranial Isle collects dropping fossils.
(You just have to have done all the tutorials so you can find dark fossils. Once you can find dark rocks, you all find dropping fossils all the time, right?) The first time, he'll give you a big jewel rock for one, then tells you to come back with more. Each time you get a reward, he asks for an increased number of droppings before you get the next reward. When you hit 20 dropping fossils as the asking price, from then on, he'll give you a gold rock for each 20. You can drop them off as you find them so your case isn't cluttered up with them. I have all 30 super evolvers and I got most of my gold rocks this way. The best part is you can do this while you're doing other missions, because you keep finding the dropping fossils whether you want to or not. This just gives you a good way to use them, unlike the original FF game.

I also have good luck in the pay to dig sites at Treasure Lake and Hot Springs Heights. I will almost always find one miraculous fossil every time I go to one, and that's a lot cheaper than buying them. I save my donation points for buying the Battle Points packages-800 DP gets you the 100 point package, which will give EACH vivosaur on your active team 100 points, or, in other words, levels it up TWO levels! There's no faster way I've found to get a team leveled up faster than that, so I don't waste DP on the miraculous fossils when I can get them other ways.

The boiled egg guy at the hot springs also gives you a gold rock the first time you hit 10 seconds on the nose. (Later hits net you a dark fossil)

Hope this helps

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
out of the whole game i never found a miraculous fossil rock when pomposa gave me the miraculous fossil i accidentaly denied it :(
Guest said: 11th Nov 2012 | REPORT
you can get rid of the... unpleasant fossils in the first game. the weird guy who looks like an indian takes them (and i'm glad he does)
Guest said: 11th Nov 2012 | REPORT
you can get rid of the... unpleasant fossils in the first game. the weird guy who looks like an indian takes them (and i'm glad he does)but you have to have beat the game or be close to the end. but like in this game he gives you jewels

Guest answered:

Wear a red mask at ice grip platoue. Then fully upgrade the sonar. I found after 6 tries 2 gold and over 20 silver fossils. Happy hunting!!!!

Guest answered:

Go to mask lady
Put on yellow mask (can get for 100 dp)
Go to illium island
Go to pay 2 dig in hotspring heights
Use sonar OUTSIDE to see if any thing is in there
If so go in it will either be collosal diamond wondrous or miraculous

P.S. I get miraculous like half the time

Guest answered:

Alright, this will be really long.

You can get miraculous (gold) and wondrous (silver) fossils with DP, money, digging, and side quests.

DP- This is the one I really don't recommend. Make sure your KL-33N is at max level and have a fully upgraded fossil pack thingy. Go to Mt. Krakanak about a thousand times, drop off as many fossils to KL-33N so it'll clean for you and get DP for you.

Money(I don't really recommend this either)- I'm serious. You can get ONE, AND ONE ONLY this way. Get a fire mask, go to Treasure Lake, and dig up the gold dots with a fully upgraded sonar. Clean the dark fossils that look like a rectangle with a bunch of ridges. There should be some valuable jewels in there (Giant Pearls, Colossal Diamonds, Quad Diamonds). Sell those. Now every once in a while (like when you dig a site out), go to the lady at the top center of the Fossil Guild and check the "Fossil Rocks" part. If there isn't a wondrous or miraculous, go back a while later and keep on trying. At max, you'll get 4 wondrous and 1 miraculous fossil.

Digging- You must have your sonar fully upgraded. There should be gold dots on your sonar when it is. Dig up the gold dots. I've only gotten wondrous fossil rocks with the gold dots, but maybe there is a glitch in my game. I recommend going to Stone Pyramid, Bonehemoth, the pay-to-dig sites, Dusty Dunes, Hot Spring Heights, and Petrified Woods.

Side Quests(my fav^-^):

Waste Not, Want Not- John Guano is at the Hare Club (left of the Cranial Fossil Guild). He'll keep on asking for dropping fossils. It starts with small numbers. Then he'll ask for 17. Get him 17 dropping fossils, then you'll get a miraculous fossil rock (Mt. Krakanak is where I get most dropping fossils).

Curious Cleaning- Buy the Hare Mask at the Fossil Guild (doesn't cost much), put it on, then go to the Hare Club, where there is a lady up front. Keep on cleaning fossils until you finsh case 100, and you'll get a miraculous fossil.

Rescue Princess Pooch from the notorious Pat Bull for a miraculous fossil rock.

In one of the tournament rounds, you get a wondrous fossil rock.

Eggxact Timing(after you beat the game)- There's this man with black hair at the hot springs in Hot Spring Heights. Make sure you cook the egg for him at exactly 10 seconds. Surprise! He gives you a Miraculous Fossil for a STUPID COOKED EGG...

Concentrate!(after you beat the game)- Go to the BB Brigade Base and go to the very far end. Ask this staff to try the Robo-Don's puzzle. If you clear the fossil rocks with NO mistakes, you'll get a miraculous fossil rock. It seems impossible, BUT YOU CAN. First time you try, check out a few fossil rocks (make sure you don't make a match) until you have 2 mistakes left. If you're some Albert Einstein, you'll probably memorize them in your head. If you're not, map out where they are as you go. After you did, talk to the staff to quit the puzzle. Immediately try it again, and the fossils should be in the exact same place. If they're not, map them out again until they are. Solve the puzzle pretty easily with no mistakes. You can also get a wondrous fossil rock with only 1 mistake.

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pj04 said: 3rd Aug 2012 | REPORT
the only thing u get 4 the boiled egg is a stupid squik

Guest answered:

Be level 14-20 wear red mask and have all upgrades to sonar and be in the icegrip platue or hot spring heights and you should find 1-19!!! Hope this helps.

(tip use the first maraculas on starter or your most favorite)

Guest answered:

You have to upgrade everything then go to the dig site a lot times is how every one does it but I don't do like that I do my the easy but long way but you only get one first beat the game then it will say something then make a new profile with the one that says you'll get your vinesarus a copy of them then play 2 hours of it and basicly beat the game agian thats how I do it's so much easier for me and it's also fun but most people wouldn't agree with me probly ( it's just my way )

MiniAppleCobbler answered:

Ok ok, so my method is that for every island based on there look and scenery it has an atribute for Ilium Village it's water, For Ribular Village it Air, and for Cranial it's fire, There fore all you have to do is buy the opissite atribute mask of whichever island your going to and go to the paid digsite! Now this will take some time but after a while a yellow dot will apear and it will either be a Miracolous fossil OR Wonderous fossil. Thanks for listenin

Guest answered:

U could use an action replay, get unlimited dp, and get a gold fossil(s) from the dp lady.

Guest answered:

I found 2 miraculous fossils 2 different ways

1. Wore the red mask at Icegrip Platue

2. Wore blue mask to Mt. Kranakak

Guest answered:

I once went digging and I was happy when I found a gold fossil. What I did was I went and put on the blue mask at the lady. Then I went to the volcano. Along the way I dug up every spot I could find then found a gold spot dug and found a miraculous fossil rock! Then battled. And found another gold rock! Dug along the way and found another. So yous my trick and you should find plenty but you will have to battle each time. So be prepared with your strongest. I found 3 that way and make sure you are digging up every rock with maximum every thing because it wont work if you don't.also works at glacier and desert so it will bring good luck.

Guest answered:

Here is the list of dig sites/side missions where you can get a miraculous fossil rock.

1. Treasure lake all dig sites need a fully upgraded sonar and a lot of trying.
2. Jungle Labyrinth plus, when digging, go for the yellow dots on the sonar.
3. Petrified Woods
4. Mt. Krakanak
5. Rainbow Canyon
6. Dusty Dunes
7. Hot Spring Heights
8. Icegrip Plateau
9. Bonehemoth
10. The "Egg-xact Timing" side mission
11. The "Concentrate" side mission
12. The "Curious Cleaning" side mission


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