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Fossil Fighters: Champions Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Fossil Fighters: Champions


We have 57 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Fossil Fighters: Champions please send them in here.

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How 2 get a T-Rex

U go 2 the bottom of the of Mt.Krakanak and go 2 the waters edge and there should be a T-Rex over there I hope this cheat solves your problems
P.S. Im sure this cheat works and enjoy it whenever you can,because I will be deleting this cheat and please leave a commen this is my first cheat

Easiest way to find rare jewels, wonderous and miraculous fossi

First you must fully upgrade your sonar and have the red mask (semi-finals prize)put on the red mask and got to ice grip Plataea the rare fossils will appear as yellow dots on your sonar jewel rocks will appear as the normal green dot. please note that you will not always have yellow dots
(you will have to battle for silver and gold fossils)

Easy money

How to get easy money: get 100 donation points then go to 1 of any of the three ladies who let you buy stuff with the donation points then buy the blue mask then go to the mask ladie and choose that mask then go down to the bottom of Mt. Krakanak and almost all of the stuff you find will be dark fossil rocks, maraculous rocks, or wonderous fossil rocks, if you get a dark fossil rock it will either be a gigantic diamond (that are worth 30,000 gold if clean to 100!!!) or a dropping fossil which you can give to a dude in the hare club

Fast way for maraculous fossils

You no the many mask right the red mask the blue mask & so forth they are a useful way to get the maraculous fossil. Say if you got the red mask on go to a area that has all blue fossil rocks that will help sure you get a maraculous fossil due to the red mask helps in getting all fire rocks. If you got the blue mask on go to a area that has just fire rocks all you fine is stuff like dark fossil rocks that have stuff like droppings and gems & in most cases a maraculous fossil.
Hope this tip was useful

Zongazonga Bonuses

Complete the game to unlock Zongazonga's Castle. Then enter it and talk to the staff and pay 3,000 G. When you now defeat Zongazonga you will unlock Z-Elasmo, Z-Ptera, Z-Rex, Z-Tricera, and Zongazonga.

How to find T Rex

When you aquire the red mask put it on and head to castelio island. The mask will only allow you to find red fossil rocks. When you foil the barebones gangs jelly plan. Head into the volcano a second time. The area where the machine is where there are rex bones. Multiple trips will be needed. But eventually a T rex head will be found there.Take the time to find as many as possible to increase the chance for red boned fossils.

Unlock Tonzilla

When you have beaten the game return to the Bonehemoth and defeat Robinson.

Easy way to get miraculous fossil rocks

1. Put on red mask and go to icegrip plateau and dig them up
2. Beat don boneyard's puzzle with no mistakes
3. Put on blue mask and go to mount krakanak and dig them up

Super viosaurs

The viosaurs that you can evole are T-rex, Perlo, O-raptor, Tricera, Stego, Lexo, Ankylo, Mapo, Fubita, Elasmo, Pleiso, Pachrhino, Chasmo, Shuno, Braicho, Toba, Nigo, V-raptor, Spino, Dimetro, Edapho, Igua, Tstino, Aeros and Anato.There are pairs so the shape are preety much the same, but the color is diffrent.

Easy miraculous rock find

Seacrh the area with the most fossil rocks at one time. Icecap glacier. The Area has on average over one hundred fossil rocks at one time. In at least three out of five trips going there there will be one of them.

Wonderus and Gold Fosils

Go to Petrified Woods with a fully upgraded sonar and red mask and dig only yellow dots.

How to get Frigi and Igno (no fossil)

If you have internet you go to multiplayer connect and go to bonus data and you will get Frigi,Igno,dragon card and a bone card. Thats how to get igno

How you get the b-rex

How you get the b-rex and how you do it is is you go to lola in ribular town and you go to her and go in fossil battle.and you have to be at the end of the game to get the b-rex and that is how you get the b-rex

How to get zongazonga and the king dinos

Beat the game. Go to the person thats takes you in helicopter. It says zongazongas castle go there. Then talk to the ladie. She will say do you want to challenge zongazonga for 3,000 gold say yes if you have it of course. When you pay she will make zongazonga come if you win you get z-rex z-elsamo z-ptera z-tricera and zongazonga all level 10 to level up zonga zonga 50 zrex50 ztricera20 every one else 10

How to find Mapo & Argento

1. To get Mapo you where a blue mask then go to icegrip platue then dig fossil rocks outside the little cave to get Mapo get Argento wear a yellow mask then go outside the volcano and (don't cross the bridge it won't be there) then dig them up. Please give this a thumbs up this is my first hint

Easy ZongaZonga win

When you fight ZongaZonga as a zombiesaur you must makesure you deal lots of damage on the Z-rex BUT you must NOT kill them.The reason for this is that they will come back in 2 turns to beat you with full health and strength.Use a skill that takes them all out to win a little easier.

New vivosaur available!

Do the Nintendo WiFi thing, get bonus data and you'll get a rock on the fossil lawn. It will say "Ryne is at Treasure Lake". Go there, find him in the big skull. He wants to see a Menchi. Show him one, he's happy, he give you a Ryne mask. Go back to the shop and put it on, go back to the Treasure Lake skull and he's there again. He offers to fight you if you'll meet him at the BBB base. Go there. He's got 2 B-Lambeos and the mystery #170 vivosaur , all greenies. Good luck!

How to get all zombiesaurs

Go to ZongaZonga's castle after you complete the game,a staff person will help from there(the team you fight is al rank 20 so have at least one super evolver and make sure to have strong team skills for a easy win


At the hot spring, cook the egg within 9.65-10.30 secods. You will then recieve a new fossil that contains Squik.

How to get heracles

First you need a tricera then get a miraculus fossil rock clean it successfully and use it on tricera

All vivosaurs

Go to the fossil fighters champions website and go under the fossil museum. It tells you how to get each vivosaur.

How to get Saladasaur

This is practically the same thing as the other guy,but it's more detailed.First,go to Nintendo WI-FI and hit the Bonus Data.Next,go talk to Ryne in the skull at Treasure Lake(fossil rock will tell you anyways).Then,you give him A Menchi to see and then go put on the mask he gave you and go back.He will want to go to the "Bonechip Island" and wants to fight you there.Go meet him and then he will have a Saladasaur and two B-lambeos.All are Air and should have a Earth Vivosaur to have an edge;)

P.S:I STRONGLY recommend a Super Evolver like a Giga Raja or a Bulgon.

How to get Dinomaton,Duna,Raptin,and Dynal

First you need to get WI-FI.when done go to multiplayer and choose nintendo WI-FI.from there(if it works)go to bonus data and you may or may not find a fossil rock with a message.After,go to the petrified woods where you find the sardinasaurus fossil rock and Duna will help you from there.If you have any trouble finding Duna or with Nintendo WI-FI,consult with the WI-FI manual in any DS game case.


At the Brigade's base after the game is beaten, in Don's quarters, you will find a staff person. Talk to him. You will then play a memory game. If you make 5 mistakes, the game ends early. If four, I forgot that. If two or three (I forgot which), you get Squiro. If one, I forgot. If none, you get a MIRACULOUS FOSSIL!! (hope this helped Smile)

Easy Training

Once you have beaten the game and want to train some of your guys to rank 20, get a team of rank 20's and put 2 guys the you want to train in the green part of the team. Then battle one of the 3 BB Brigade commanders (Cole,Lester,Lola) over and over again. (I suggest battling Lola or Lester since Cole is at ilium village and when you battle there your guys will rotate every turn.)

How to get all boneysaurs

First you must beat the game and the BB brigade commanders will be available to fight and will be at 3 different places.Lester will be at the fossil guild in either Ribular or Cranial,the hippie Cole is at Illium right next to the path to Icecap Glacier and Lola will be in cranial or ribular next to the museum or cleaning emporium(each will be obviously lvl 20 so train very hard but you can use auto battle to let the games AI do the work for you and the AI does a pretty good job).

How to get miraculous fossil rocks, and other valuable fossil ro

To get miraculous fossils and stuff you go to 1 of the DP ladies and buy a red mask with DP. Then you go to the mask lady and put on the red mask. Then go to icegrip plateau. Since there are no fire types there you will either get jewel rocks, miraculous fossil rocks, wonderous fossil rocks, or dark fossil rocks.

How To get teffla

First you will need an aeros. Then you need to find and clean a miraculous fossil. Once you've done that use it on aeros another will become an almighty teffla!


After beating pauleen in semi-finals go to fossil guild and ask about quest called close shave. Go to mt. Krakanak at the highest point a man will tell you to bring him some ice retrieve the ice (small ice pillar in cave at icegrip Plataea) he will give you the squirk fossil
(the ice pillar looks like the one pauleen is talking to on your first visit)

How To Get A V-Raptor

First you have to complete the game and then you go into Rainbow Canyon.Next you need 5000g.Go into Green Canyon.It might take a while to find the fossil rock.

How 2 Get Cool Vivosaurs

First, Get to the Spinal Piller part Then, Fully upgrade your Soner Next, Go there back and fourth ( You won't beable to go very far because Cole is there ) Last, Soon you will find Terata, Angato, Cryo, Megalo, and Archeao thats all I found. P.S. Terata is a Curius Fossil rock and is hard to find.

Easy Wonderous and Miraculous Fossil Find

First you put on the red mask. Then you go to treasure lake and go to the pay-to-dig site. Sometimes there may not be any fossil rocks but most of the time there will be either a wonderous or a miraculous.

How to get king types

First, you have to beat the game then go to zongazongas castle and talk to the staff and you beat zongazonga then you get a couple king types.

How to Get A Giga Raja

First you need a Raja of course.Then you need to find a Miraculous fossil.Then you have to clean it and then you get to choose which vivasaur to put it on.You can choose to put it on your Raja.Finally you get to watch your Raja evolve in to A GIGA RAJA. Smile

How to beat zongazonga easily

First try to get a miracuoliuos fossil and use it on spinax,raja,or allo then as your assistants choose coelo doesnt have to be a high level or not and activate anyone who has a high defense upgrade for your team because coelo upgrades your dodging skill and your accuracy and zongazonga and his team will miss like almost everytime and you will get to hurt them like 200 or more with one of the gigas (raja spinax allo) everytime hope this helps thnxxxx (write any questions or anything I beat the game in two hours just find alot of miraculous fossils it will help alot)

How to find miraculous fossils easily

First. You need to get the red mask
Second. You need to go to the very first place you could play at at ribular town
Third. You need to have at least 3000g so you can go in the pay per dig site
Then go in and dig up every fossil thats there hopefully it's a miraculous fossil I find it alot there thnxxxx like it up and comment tnxxx

How to get B-lambeo

To get B-lambeo, first beat the game. Then go to cole and challenge her to a battle. If you win, you will get B-lambeo.


First you half to beat the game.Then go to hotspring hights and go to the egg guy and you absalutely HALF to get at least 9.72 seconds.

How to find Tereta,Cryo,and Angato in a quick and easy solution

First of all,you don't have to beat the game like every other cheat.This is so simple my dumb cousin(by that I mean he can't do anything without whining over it)can figure it out.First,get to the part where you need to go to the spinal pillar(sea bed cavern,seafloor,etc.).Then,get at least one upgrade for everything on your Fossil Sonar.After,go to the spinal pillar multiple times to get each.
P.S:I did not find Tereta but he is there and you may find Earth fossils(talk to the Tudor on Ribular Island).

Zongazonga win

To easly beat zongazonga and get him and the z-saurs here are some teams I recommand
1.Menchi lvl15-20 SZ-teffla lvl16-20 AZ Raja lvl17-20 AZ
2.B-brachio lvl18-20 SZ (back)-b-rex lvl20 AZ-b-tricea lvl20 please commit on the boney saurs ansire I have not tried it but I ahve heard it works the first may take a couple of trys but it works
Track all ansires by me by this mark! `~`

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