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Game Reviews for Animal Crossing: Wild World


Full Reviews

super mario 646417th Oct 2006, ID #434
I love nintendo games, especially the Animal Crossing series. I just thought I might review Wild World. Plese not that this is my 1st review, so don't expect a top notch, perfect rieview. Both Anima..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

Zelda_Fan23rd Jan 2007, ID #519
Animal Crossing: Wild World might just be the best simulated game of all time. It has it all. Fishing, Bug catching, Tree planting, Paying your mortgage and much, much more!! This is my first revie..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review

cheatsupastar949th Apr 2007, ID #589
Hi guys, This is my full review on Animal Crossing: Wild World this review is going to be a full, detailed review. I have had this game for about a year now and I think this is one of the best ga..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

Darkrai 199430th May 2007, ID #626
Animal Crossing: Wild World is a sequel to the original Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Gamecube. Events occur in the game, whether you are playing or not! The game starts out as your character in a..

Rating: 58%Read Full Review

ds_lover_200721st Sep 2007, ID #708
I love this game I always play it with my friends. Every where I go I can play this game. I can play it in the car and I can play it in the house I can play it EVERYWHERE!I don't know what I would d..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

Betnii1st Sep 2008, ID #946
Animal Crossing: Wild World is the DS version of Animal Crossing, and it doesn't disappoint. Although it is clearly aimed at a younger audience, many adults enjoy it's simple yet lovable gameplay an..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review

Ran085th Apr 2011, ID #1331
I really like Animal Crossing: Wild World. When I first saw my classmate playing it I got fascinated so I asked my Dad to buy me one. He did, and I have enjoyed playing it since he bought it. It's a..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Love it!Added 14 Jul 2015, ID #18219
I love this game, it's really entertaining and you never really run out of things to do!

It's amazingAdded 17 Jul 2013, ID #18000
This game has been truly amazing. Not only do they have lots of new items than in City Folk, but new shirts too! It's....AMAZING! There are now words for it just AMAZING!

Animal Crossing: Wild World.Added 19 Jan 2012, ID #16659
With or without cheats Animal Crossing can be a very enjoyable game. With so many different things to do from, designing and creating your house to filling the Museum up with all different and iteresting things such as fish and paintings. You can make new friends, play pranks on them give them gifts and even become best friends with them, with all the different animals you will never know what character will move in next and what type of personality they will have.

The ideas of how you can create your town are endless, you can have all different type of themes and even very rare and special items you can collect! Theres always new and interesting items in tom nooks shop everyday and with him upgrading the shop gets bigger with even more stuff you can buyfor your house. And not to worry if your house gets cramped with all the incredible stuff you are given off niebours and the things you buy from nook you can always upgrade your house with the money you have earnt from seeling nook bugs and fish you have already donated to the museum.

Not forgeting your little character! You can personalize there looks to anything! You can design your own clothes or buy already made ones for a very cheap price. Not forgeting your hair! You can get it restyled or you can buy stuff for your head like masks, wigs, glasses. The list goes on!

Also nitendo made this game for people to visit eachothers towns if your friend also has this game. You can have endless fun by visiting your friends towns and making more friends with the town folk that live in there town! Not to worry all those people who don't have friends with this game, you can find new friends or have a distant friend who has this game, and if you have internet just go to Copper at the town gate and be issued a friend code.

This game takes a while to get everything you want bet it's all very worth it! You can have endless amounts of fun so give this game ago, and tell your friends about it! Good luck!

A short review of how to play animal crossing wild world nintendAdded 31 Jul 2010, ID #14411
1using a shovel-press a or simply tap yourself to dig with the shovel!if you see a sort of star on the ground,dig it up and you will have ither a fossil or a robot-guY!(talk to the guy in museam-blathers-and tell him tocheck the fossil and he will say give it back and he will do so!sel the fossil and get about 5.000 bells or less or more!
2using the net-press a or simply tap yourself to try and catch bugs,if they are on trees,be carefull to not scare them away!(if at night,you might find rare bugs on the coconut trees!to plant them,find a coconut on the beach and if you dont plant it n the beach,it will not grow!it takes about 7 days/a week for them to grow,so try changin the date on the phone to the next week!)
3using the fishine rod-press a or simply tap the water where you want to throw it,and then when a fish blobs on the water,and you press a or tapthe screen and then you will have a fish!
4how to use the watering can-click the a button or simply just tap yourself and water plants!and heres a hint how to keep your town looking good!dont pick the dead flowers because the next day/when you change the date,(after watered)they wil sprout back up again!
5how to use the axe-dont just go aroun chopping trees down for fun,you should only chop down the trees that are in the way(once cut down,use your shovel to dig up the stumps!press a or tap tree or yourself to use axe!
and last but not least,the timer-use the timer to challenge a friend or play on your own,set the timer to what ever is said,and thena timer will come on the bottom right saying 0 fishes 0 bugs but when you catch one or more of ither,it will move up!when its up,it will say top timer!when its starting,its sais start timer!

HOPE I HELPED! the CheatTeller23230!

Animal crossing is greatAdded 6 Dec 2007, ID #5669
animal crossing wild world is a game were you can live a life and go fishing catching bugs or even just chating to the locals. there are many thing you can achive like getting all the golden tools, having a perfect town, catching all bugs and fish, saving over 1 million (which is kinda my dream but i want 99 million soo i can get the post duck's pic). donating all fossils,bugs,fish and painting. getting the perfect house or maybe just having a brillent garden. your life is all up to you. there are even diffrent weather's and there is also times off the year like your birthday. i would rate this game 99 out of 100

Gaming Perfection glides softly on the DS.Added 25 Aug 2006, ID #1233
Classic Sim gaming near exploding with extras and bonus features. The Animal Crossing games have never failed to impress. With loads of interesting things to do and see. Alas, it has never sold very well in the U.K. But, when Animal Crossing:Wild World hit the shelfs, it sold in such sudden speed. I myself as a well-seasoned mostly Nintendo gamer never EVER would of thought that some as ingenius as Animal Crossing:Wild World would shift so many DS's. A game were you could fish, pay your debt, catch bugs, I mean it would take me all night to type down the awe inpspiering, yet simple genius of Nintendo's best DS game yet. But, THE most important thing about Animal Crossing:Wild World is Wi-Fi. After all it was one of the best features. Making this qualify for my FIRST game to get 100%.tBut the reveiw has to end here as my thumb aches painfully. See ya later.

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