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Zelda: Majora's Mask Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Zelda: Majora's Mask

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
Zelda: Majora's Mask Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..

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Advance time twelve hours Play the following not..

Advance time twelve hours

Play the following notes on the Ocarina: C-Right(2), A(2), C-Down(2).

Slower time with normal movement rate

Play the following notes on the Ocarina: C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right.

Really Easy 200 Rupees

All you need is the heros bow, and at least 15 arrows. Works best with the 500 rupee wallet. Go to the entrance to Milk Road. There is a big bird flying around near the entrance. Start shooting the bird with arrows, or hitting it with your sword when it gets close enough to you. BE VERY CAREFUL! IF THE BIRD HITS YOU, IT WILL STEAL SOME RUPEES AND POSSIBLY A BOTTLE, OR EVEN YOUR SWORD, AND OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS. After killing the bird, a giant rupee will drop. It is worth 200 rupees. Go into Milk Road, then back out again, and the bird will be there again. Keep killing it until your wallet is full, then deposit your rupees, and repeat. Fire, Ice, and Light arrows do more damage than normal arrows.

How to defeat a snapper

Become dukue link. Next barrie yourself in one of the plants. When the snapper comes over you jump out and you should hit it.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

secret songs

helps you get through the game better(downC,A,rightC,downC,A,rightC

Fierce Deity outside of Boss battles

Anytime on the first day (preferably as close to dawn of the 2nd day as possible), ride Epona onto Milk Road. Make sure the Fierce Deity mask is assigned to one of the C-buttons. Without getting off Epona, Z-target the owl and use it to save and quit. Immediately re-open your file. If you are not on Epona, then try again. If you are still on Epona, ride away from the owl a bit, then put on the Fierce Deity mask. The game will kind of screw up, and you will hear a strange, continuous, beeping noise, but DO NOT TOUCH ANY BUTTONS! Wait until the 2nd day, and the beeping noise should go away. Hold Z and press A. You should fall into the ground, then respawn off of Epona as Fierce Deity (it will take at least 5 seconds to fall into the ground and respawn).
WARNINGS: When opening your fi..

How to get unlimited magic.U must have wallet t..

How to get unlimited magic.

U must have wallet that holds 200 rupees and Romani Mask.

Go to milk bar at 10,first day is most sutible,talk to the man at the bar.

And Chauteu Milk will be 200 RUPEES!!!!!!!

Your meter will be blue until you play Song Of Time.

Cut up a sign and then play the Healing song the..

Cut up a sign and then play the Healing song then it will fix the sign . Cool Huh!!!!!!


HOW TO GET THE CIRCUS LEADER'S MASK: You have to have the Deku, Goron, Zora, and Romani masks to do this. On the first day go to East Clock Town. Play the double song of time to go to the first night.(if you want to get it faster) At 10o'clock use the Romani mask to get into the milk bar. There will be a Zora by the stage. Talk to him while you are link and he will ask you to do a sound test or something like that.

Say yes and play the song that he tells you to play with your ocarina in the spotlight that he tells you to stand in. Then put on the Deku mask and talk to him again.

He will ask you to do another one. Say yes. Play the song and so on. Do that with the other characters(Zora, and Goron). When you are done with all o..

HOW TO GET THE BLAST MASK: Make sure that you ar..


Make sure that you are on the day. Well..actually the first night. Go to Norht Clock Town.

There will be a guy there that says hes not doing anything. Around 12o'clock at night an old lady will come with a blue bag.

The guy who "isnt doing anything" will steal her bag. Hit him with your sword before he gets away. When he leaves the old lady will thank you by giving you the mask.

While using the mask, block and it will not hurt you.(just an extra bit of help)

Using the Blast Mask, hold up your sheild and wh..

Using the Blast Mask, hold up your sheild and when you explode no damage is done.

Play the ocarina for rupees

Go to the entrence to the mountains in the field. There will be a song on the wall. Look at the song carefully and memorize it. Play the song in front of the wall and rupees will come out of the wall.

Song of Double Time

Get your ocurina out and play this note: C-(right), C-(right), C-(A), C-(A), C-(down), C-(down). It's called the "Song of Double Time" and it will eventually lead you to the next morning or night of the day.
*For example, if you are in the MORNING and you play it, it will go to night at the same day.
*Another example, if you are in the NIGHT and you play it, it will go to morning at the next day.

Enter Sakon's hideout early

Hiya gamers! Creepglitch is here to tell you about a popular glitch in this game.
As you know, in "Ikana canyon" there is a cavern next to the river. This is a hideout for a young thief named Sakon. The stone door blocking his cave is strong and can only be opened by the thief himself. However, there is a way to get in:
On the right side of the door is a very small gap that seems impossible to get through. But it isn't! By rolling on the side of the door you should be able to get through. Be careful though or you might miss the entrance and land in some sort of water. Try to keep to the left when you get through.
Note: It's hard to get through. Honestly, it's very hard, and it's not like it's useful.
You might think that this is a shortcut to finish the lo..

Ride Epona In Clock Town

I am almost positive that this cheat will work. You will need Epona and the Song of Soaring. Have the ocarina equipped and memorize which button it is on. Have the owl statue opened in Clock Town. First, call Epona then ride to milk road. Go to the owl statue but DO NOT Z-TARGET IT!!! If you do z-target it, ride out of milk road and come back in. I think you have to ride out of milk road and come back in if you get off Epona. Go up to it and when it says "check", press A. Select yes then open the same file. When it opens, you will still be on Epona. If you aren't, then you did it wrong. Then z-target the statue and walk away a little. Then, get your ocarina out and soar to clock town. When you get there, you should still be on Epona. Cool, right?

zora mask early

Note*must have goron mask* this is a cheat that gets you over the fence without epona. (the horse)put a bomb infront of you.when it's about to explode.. Turn into a goron quick!do a goron slam. Before you hit the ground press the b (or a ah just press both) quickly! It takes a few times.if done cororactly.. You should be over the will see a zora person in the sea. Go behind him. Push him to shore. Play the song of healings. Link will bury the zora. And you will have the zora mask! You can now be a zora!

The reason Anju messes up and gives you a room key!

Ok...I know this is sorta stupid but I've not seen anyone that's figured it out.
If you talk to Anju before 2 O'clock you get a room with 100 rupees in it. Well the reason for that is The postman for mountain village is a goron. This Goron says -goro after everything he says. And it also just so happens to have the same name as your character. When he talks to Anju she asks if he made a reservation and he'll say something like "Yeah I'm Silver-goro" (Silver is my character's name) and then you can talk to him he says he'll sleep outside. He also says that life is hard. You can't give him his key though so...that's just a random fact lol

Where to get all six bottles-1) You get the firs..

Where to get all six bottles-

1) You get the first bottle from Kotake, the Magic hag's Potion shop's shopkeeper (not the one in the Woods of Mystery).

Go to the Woods of Mystery, follow the little monkey which will lead you to an injured witch, Koume. Once she shouts out "Help Me!" or something, talk to her again, then go to the Magic Hag's Potion Shop and talk to Kotake, she will give you a bottle of Red Potion.

2) The Second bottle is from the Foron Race. Bring Spring time to Northern Mountain by defeating Goht, buy a Powder Keg, then go to Mountain Village, go southeast and roll on top of the ramps on your left.

When you've just entered, on top of the Ramp will be a big boulder ..

To get the moon's tear you must go through the b..

To get the moon's tear you must go through the bomber's secret passage or turn into Deku link and fly over the gate to the observatory using the Deku flower.

Then climb the stairs to the top of the observatory, and talk to the old guy. He will ask you if you want to look through that space scope thingy. Say "YES" and zoom in on thetop of the clock tower.

A small scene thing should start with the Skull Kid. The thing that falls from the moon is the moon's tear.


To get loads of money go to east clock town and go next to the post office then go up the ramp and do a roll jump to the ledge the do 1 more to the windows and 1 more to the wooden platform, get chest and get 100 rupees now go to the bombers hideout and enter the code go down the tunnel to the river bit, go left and swim to the end (tip: keep to the wall so the sullatula can't get you) climb onto the ledge and use the blast mask on the cracked wall and get 100 more rupees deposit in the bank or you will lose them when you play the song of time, play the song of time and repeat as many times as you want for more money.

Fierce Deity (out of boss battles)

On the 1st day,go to the hotel at east clock 12 o'clock or earlier if you want,follow anju and she will go 2 a old lady and give her lunch and she dosent want it,when anju goes out of the room and she goes 2 her room then wait a little then she comes out,when shes at the place were you talk to her then shell give you a the room theres a'll find a 100 rupee.but if you have the kafi's mask then wear it then talk 2 anju and she'll say somethin about meet her in the kitchen about 12:00 in the night in the 1st 2 her when shes there then shell give you a letter. Mail it at the morning in the 2nd day at 7:am in the morning.not earlier because then you screwd up and you have to do it again.after that at 6:00 pm night 2nd day,go to south clock town then go to the..

5000 Rupees

If you deposit up to 5000 Rupees, the bank man will say "Wow! You reach to 5000 Rupees. Have this little gift." You will receive a Heart Piece.

How to get the postmans hat *in complete detail*

Okay, on the first day between 1:45 pm and 4:00 pm, go to the stock pot inn and tell the innkeeper that you have a reservation. Yay! You got a key to the "knife chamber". Alright, now, after the postman comes, talk to the innkeeper again with kafeis mask on. Say yes to her request and meet her in the kitchen at 11:30 pm. She will give you a letter to put in a postbox. Of course (youre so nice) you put it in a postbox. Okay, second day. Around 2:45 pm (you might want to come a little earlier) go to the laundry pool. Hi postman! Wait until the kid with the mask comes and then go through the door he came out of. Cllimb all the stairs and then wait a while. Eventually the kid comes in. Talk to him, and say yes when he asks you to keep a secret. He will then give you the pendant of memories. ..

Zora mask... Bigger than fierce deity's head?!

Here is a strange glitch...
Alright, for this to work, you need the zora mask and the fierce deity mask. Now go to the boss room of the great bay temple (you know, the one with all that water?) okay, now change to fierce deity and hop into the water. The zora mask is now available. Put it on and watch the scene where link puts the zora mask on. Is it just me or is the zora mask waaaaay too big?

I just can't see it!

Sneaking past the pirates (gerudo's in the water bay part), dodging them, finding the eggs etc it's all too hard just can't do it :(
Well I'm sure 'Shiro' doesn't think that.
If you understand what I mean then your gaming life might come a bit easier when it comes to those pirates. P.S the title is a clue lol...

how to do a spin attack with a deku stick

take out a deku stick move the analog stick in circles press the attack button whil doing it you should do a spin attack this way yor deku stick will never break! you can also do the same thing with the fairy sword

More Money

If you need some money fast or just want to waste some time until an event, try these.
Roll Around Termina Field
Needed- Goron Mask, Ocarina of Time, (recommended) Chateau Romani or green potion.
How to: Exit CLock Town from the west gate and put on the Goron Mask. Roll around through patches of grass in a clockwise direction around Clock Town. Recomended for stocking up for the Fourth Day glitch or prepearing for a dungeon. Can also be done using the Deku Mask and spinning in each patch of grass. Leave the area and repeat.
Needed- Any sword; daytime (recommended) Bunny Hood
How To: Leave Clock Town through the north and jump down to the giant mushroom's base. There should be three or ..

Answering Warthox Queston and any one stuk in sn..

Answering Warthox Queston and any one stuk in snow head temple.If you have the fire arows melt the green doors and light all of the torches.and go throw the door that opens as a goron.

pond the button inside. then go to level above the lava.punch out the 2 blue bricks(as a goron).go back to the begining where the wolf is.Go into the door with the snow blowing guys jump across turn into link and jump to the other ledage and melt the eye on the squre thing and you will go up. go throw the door.

Jump down to the cage thing and go up the lader and melt the door. And bingo keep on going strait and destroy the snow bolders. Goron jump acros and turn into a duke jump out of the flower to the lage where big key chest is.

When you are in the Skulltulas house on the Grea..

When you are in the Skulltulas house on the Great Bay Coast, you'll find a room where there are 4 skeletons sat around a table, if you look up above you, you'll see a cage type thing with three skulltulas in it.

You can kill these with arrows, but then you'll find that you can't get the tokens. instead of killing them with arrows.

Turn into a goron and pound on the table, this will throw the skulltulas from the cage onto the floor.

Q: What do I do with the mountain title deed???? Someone please help me!!!!

How to get really easy money! I looked at the ot..

How to get really easy money!

I looked at the other ways of how to get easy money(or so they say!!)

I thought that it was too much to read & why do all that when you just go down to the entrance to the Goron village(Mountain village) & kill the Dodongo there.

Then head opposite direction of the "Grand Bay" & kill the other 1 that's there & keep on repeating that over & over untill you have whatever amount of that you were aiming on getting!


p.s.Since I gave you this info,can you tell me how to get inside the ice temple....!

How to get the zora mask. First get a Powder keg..

How to get the zora mask.

First get a Powder keg. Then blow up the boulder blocking rominia ranch on the first day.

Then talk to rominia after all that crap she'll say "will you help me" say yes.

Then she'll let you do her obstacle course. She'll give you epona if you get it under 2 minutes. Then go to the great bay.

The man floating is Mikue go up to him, go behind him and push him to shore, then listen to him, then sing the song of healing.

Then Mikue will turn into the Zora mask. It really works....!

KILL SAKON!!!O.K. first you have to go yo north ..


O.K. first you have to go yo north clock town at midnight on the firtst day. When Sakon steals the bag filled with bombs he will run around a little before escaping.

Before he escapes shoot him whith an arrow he will explode! The old lady doesnt reward you but that is O.K. because its worth it!!

I canīt find the keaton mask, soif anyone can fi..

I canīt find the keaton mask, so

if anyone can find it, please mail to me:

[email protected]

How you get the mask of scents.

you need a empty bottle to do this

1Kill the first boss and put the deku

prinsess in the bottle.

2 Put she close the deku king.

3 go to the deku shrine put on the

bunny hood and speak to the deku

he say follow after me. Follow after he

and he give you the mask of scents.

(good luck)

How to get the Gibdo's mask:First you need the s..

How to get the Gibdo's mask:

First you need the song of storms go to the ghost that sold his soul to the devil (the guy that plays the song of death).

Play the song of storms to him and then water will flow through then go to the house and there will be a girl standing by the water go see the girl then she'll run in the house set a bomb by the door then run.

The girl will come out and run to the well you run in and go downstairs there will be a wardrobe go by it and a guy that is half gibdo and half man will pop out, play the song of healing then you will get the mask.

HOW TO GET RUIN MASKcomplete everything accept s..


complete everything accept skull kid, play the oath to order melodey then play the double song of time you will go to the 4th day.

You only have 20mins to complete each boss in each temple (use inverted song of time to slow down time) after you complete the last boss you get the ruin mask.

This enables you to change into any of the bosses when your against skull kid YOU CAN ONLY GET THIS MASK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE DEITYS MASK

Unlimited rubese:Go to zoracape and go to the zo..

Unlimited rubese:

Go to zoracape and go to the zora that says he wants to see Lulu's private side give him a picture of Lulu face he will give you 20$.

Keep on doing this until your at your limit go deposite it.

good luck!

Funny timewarp

This is a glitch. When you are a kid put on a mask and timewarp to an adult when you are changing you're mask will be still on.

Get into the bombers hideout without code!

You must have the Deku mask. Go in Termina field anytime. Look to left once you pass the log thing that you can walk through (or if you have good eyes, you will see a blue dome).
Once you go up there, you will see a fence. A Deku flower will be there. Be a Deku. Once you cross over the fence there will be a door. Enter, and your in!

Start with the Ocarina

This cheat allows you to start with the Ocarina (actually about 50 of them)!
Well you type in LINK all in capital letters when it asks you to type your name when you make a new game.
You can still beat the game and get new items you just don't have to go through the hassle of going without the ocarina!!


There's more than one way to levitate.
1. Open a tresure chest and get in front of it next do a backflip onto it.
2. Exit the northern west clock entrence/exit next look up at the moon turn around note:do not Z-target after turning around.
If you did it right Link wont be walking on stairs in fact there wont be any stairs!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

How to get the couples mask.

DAY 1: If you show up at the front desk of the Stock Pot Inn on day 1 between 1:50 pm and 4:10 pm, Anju will gove you a room key that was really ment for the Goron who shares your name(his name is your files name followed by "goro").
If you get the key you can stay at the Inn after it closes but the goron will stay out side in the cold(thats not a big deal for the game).
Still on day 1 after the postman delivers a letter to Anju talk to her with the Kafeis mask (at the stock pot Inn) and she will ask you to meat her at 11:30 in the kitchen.
She will explain the trouble with her marage and will ask you to deliver a letter. You must send it before dawn or els it over.
DAY 2: Kafei will read the letter and he will unlock the dore at 4:15 pm..

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