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Zelda: Majora's Mask Pack Shot

Zelda: Majora's Mask

Game Reviews for Zelda: Majora's Mask


Quick Reviews

Not as enjoyable as Ocarina Added 7 Aug 2006, ID #5618
I loved The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I played it all the time when it came out and I still do. So when I bought Zelda: Majora\'s Mask I was so excited to play a new zelda game. The game is very different from OoT. You cannot advance time 7 years to become an adult, you have to play as a kid the entire game (which has its ups and downs). Luckily that doesnt me that you cant get the same weapons as an adult. They somehow managed to create the same weapons from ocarina but for young link. You still can use hookshot, arrows, you can ride epona, and things like that. The gameplay is not as exciting as OoT to me because everything seems very obvious. I enjoyed OoT and I would have to rank Majora\'s Mask as a 85% compared to OoT at a 99%! None the less I would reccomend playing the game if you liked OoT.
A bit of an outline Added 8 Jun 2006, ID #5543
This is my favourite Zelda game.

I loved Ocarina of Time, but I didn't like the fact you seemed to constantly be in temples.

But Majora\'s Mask is excellent. There are so many things you can do besides temples. It's requires more logic and its more puzzly than the others.

The three day time limit adds a great twist. If you get an item you have to get it done within the seventy-two minute game. It makes it a challenge, with no time to be wasted.

If you ever get stuck on one of the more complicated side stories, you can always look at your Bomber's Notebook and see if you should be doing what you're about to do or what time you should do it.

I find it fun to try and remember who everyone in the game was before, back on Ocarina of Time. Every single charactar that was on that is on this game.

It's brilliant. I don't recommend it for those who like the temples most of all. But it definatetly gets my vote!!!

A+ *****
Zelda:majoras mask is crap! Added 4 Aug 2004, ID #4828
Zelda:majoras mask is really bad : 0/10 0%
the bad thing about it is that when you go back in time your items are all gone

zelda ocarina of time is well better! (by far).
I cant believe it Added 5 Jan 2004, ID #4463
Zelda is a complicated game I mean I was like 4 when I beat the first one.

So my parents were going co-co so they bought me zelda :majora's mask. From then on my brain has been going bonkers.
ID #4268
Shigeru Miyamato.

Miyamato is the guy responsible for Mario, Donkey Kong, Link ect. In this game, Link is the hero. And this game is as good as 'Ocarina of Time', the game of the century.

It is always like this. At the start, you never know what to do. That is what makes Zelda a great game.

At the start, you watch a cool movie scene about Link in the forest looking for Navi. That is all I can say for now.

The game is awesome. Great graphics and great music. The story is the best and everything about is great. It is just so good!!!

You have three days to save the place called Termina. It sounds hard, but you can play a song which makes the time go back to the first day.

Shigsy has the best brain ever. This game will keep people solving puzzles until the Gamecube comes out.

Overall, this is 10/10. You must buy this in three days or else fate will upon thou and the Earth shall be destroyed.

ID #4267
If you love the game Zelda:Ocarina of time, like I do you will love the game Zelda:Majora's Mask, It's ten times better than the first one.

It has GREAT graphics, my favorite thing about this game is the stories, the sound affects are GREAT. Everything looks so real!

I have a question: If in the first game Ocarina of Time Link saved the town WHY can you find some of the people on the second game Majora's Mask if Link saved them from Ganadorf?

If you can answer my question please e-mail me at [email protected]

ID #4266
This game is very challenging because you never know in what place to start or head like me I haven't passed the game because I don't know what to do sometimes.

The game is cool because you have weird masks and you aren't sure what the mask are for. The best thing are the graphics and the characters they have put even though some of them were on the first game (ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME).

Is there an easy way to pass the game without going to the process of killing everybody to get the masks and battle against MAJORA's MASK?

ID #4265
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is a COOL game and it is the longest game I've ever played (I've completely beaten the game)!

In the game, you'll or get find 20 heart containers, 14 Masks (including the transformation masks and the ultimate mask, the Fierce Deity's mask), 12 songs, 4 reigons, 4 bosses (excluding Majora), 4 temples and alo more than you've expected!

To get the perfect ending, you must have all of the masks including the Fierce Deity's mask.

Although the game is darn hard and really challenging, it is still a darn good game.

ID #4264
Welcome! This is a review of Zelda 2 an unbelievible game. You may have played zelda 1 and say : what's the flipping point of splashing out 50 when you've got what everbody thinks is the N64's best ever game.

But you see there is a point! You may not know what i'm saying but remember how you felt when you completed Zelda 1.

Now it's all coming back is'nt it!Aha I knew you'd all see things my way.You see Zelda 1 is an extrodinary game, one of a kind but so is Zelda

2.As they say : once you pop you just can't stop.The meaning you ask, well zelda 1 & 2 both feel addictive to the player, not in a bad way but in a sort of comfort zone.

Ok, talking in gameplay wise the graphics look generally the same as the first zelda, link is still Link.

The differences you ask, well the main difference I can spot is the story line , It's like none other, compleatly and totally original.

On the whole zelda 2 is a much shorter game which can be good but also be bad. Real game freaks would probably want a tougher challenge.

But for the first time zelda players it's best if you have a go at zelda 1 then immeadietly get onto Zelda 2.

ID #4263

Zelda: Majora's Mask is a great game. The game has many side-quest's that are really neat to figure out, and because the whole game is very short I think that the side-quest's make up for it.

In Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it was just a LONG mission, and barely any side-quest's. Well in Majora's Mask there is many side-quests, because you have to look for masks.

And I also like the idea of more fairy's, which give you more abilities than the previous zelda. Overall, I give this game a 10/10. Everyone should buy it!!

ID #4262

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Review By Plumtroy

Graphics: **** (Cool grahics on bosses)

Sound:***** (also, cool music on bosses)

Cons:*** (controls can get a bit sticky at times)

Story: ** (not enough info)

Enimies:***** (took me two months to get past the 3rd Boss!)

Enjoyfullness:***** (once I did get past the 3rd boss, I enjoyed the game)

Mini games: **** (Challenging)

Overall:**** A great game, cool people, time travel, hard bosses, schedules, fun mini - games, what more could you want more in a game, well, maybe limited lives, but not that.

C - ya!

ID #4261

Zelda:Majora's Mask was 10 times better than Zelda:Ocarina of Time.Even though it was shorter,there were better graphics and more mini-games than the first game.The music was good,too.There are more things to look for like masks and items.This game is the best game Iv'e ever played in my life.I give it a 1010.

ID #4260

I love this game, it has the best Zelda adventure yet it's like link's adventure's never stop.

I love the area whith the goran's those are my favorite characters.

My favorite mask is the Keton's mask.

ID #4259

A great game all around. Well rendered, and not too easy (it took me about 2 weeks to figure out how to get into the monkey's cage in the Deku Palace).

The fact that you can play the same three days over and over again may get repetitve at times, but that's the way it was designed.

Overall, very good game.

ID #4258
Hey,Tony Swanson, Haven't you learned that each game has a different code to get to the observatory.

My code was 35421.

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