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Follow the dark path or use the light

How To Use Mario WalkThrough/FAQ

by Hawkeye Pierce

How To Use Mario
1. Intro
2. History
3. Profile
4. Games Mario has 
    appeared in.
5. Home Courses
-Peach\'s Castle
-Mushroom Kingdom
6. Basics
7. Special Moves
8. Beating the following 
in the 1-player mode:
-Yoshi Clan
-Fox McCloud
-Mario Bros.
-Giant DK
-Kirby Clan
-Samus Aran
-Metal Mario
-Fighting Polygon Clan
-Master Hand
9. Fighting in the trenches 
   of war (4-player free-for-all)
10. Fighting with a partner 
      (Computer or Human)
11. Copyright Mumbo Jumbo

1. Top it a good mornin\' to ya 
and welcome to my FAQ. 
My most favourite character 
in the greatest game of all time 
will be the topic today. Yes, 
The experienced plumber, Mario. 

2. Version 1.0- First Kick 
     at it.
    Version 1.3- Added a 
     few things, etc;

3. Profile:

   -known for his 
mustache/red overalls
   -has a brother, Luigi
   -evil twin, Wario
   -has a \"relationship\" 
with Princess Peach
   -is in many different 
Nintendo games, see 
below for many of 
   -Most famous 
video game character

4.-Super NES: Mario 
and Wario, Mario is 
Missing!, Mario no 
  Super Picross, 
Super Mario All-Stars.
-N64: Mario Golf, 
Mario Golf 64, Mario 
Kart 64, 
 Mario no Photopi, 
Mario Party, Mario 
Party 2, 	 	 	  
 Mario Party 3, Mario 
Story, Mario Tennis 
64, Paper Mario, 
 Super Mario 64, 
Super Smash Bros.
-GameBoy: Super 
Mario World 1,2 & 
-GameBoy Color: 
  Super Mario Bros. 
  Deluxe, Mario Family, 
  Mario Golf, Mario Tennis.
-Game Boy Advance: Mario 
  & Luigi: Superstar Saga, 
 Mario and Luigi, Mario Golf: 
 Advance Tour Mario Golf: 
  GBA,  Mario Kart Advance, 
  Mario Kart 
 Super Circuit, Mario Party, 
  Mario Party Advance, Mario 	 	  
 Pinball, Mario Tennis, Mario 
  Tennis GB, Mario vs DK, 
 Super Mario Advance, 
  Super Mario Advance 2, Super 	 	  
  Mario Advance 3: Yoshi\'s 
  Island, Super Mario Advance 
  4: Super Mario Bros. 3, 
  Super Mario World: Super 	   	  
  Mario Advance 2
-Gamecube: Mario Golf: 
  Toadstool Tour, Mario Kart: 
 Double Dash, Mario Party 4, 
  Mario Party 5, 	  	  	  
  Mario Party 6, Mario Tennis 
   GC, Super Mario 128, 
 Super Mario Sunshine, 
 Super Smash Bros. Melee.

5. Home Courses

a) Peach\'s Castle:
This course is situated on 
the top of the castle. A bumper 
hums slowly along the top. 
Two 90 degree triangles it on 
each side of the course. A 
small bridge in the middle is 
the main battle area. 
Underneath, there is a another 
platform smaller than the bridge. 
Underneath that, there 
is a wheel that turns a slow 
moving platform. This can
prove hazardous at times. Fighting 
face-to-face will 
leave you heavily damaged. The 
backround is a sky 
view of Peach\'s Castle. 
The music is improved 64-bit 
of the old theme.
*                                                                                                        *                                                        
**                                  			              **
***                                                                                                ***
****					          ****
*****					        *****
******                                                                                    ******

                                    *                       *
b) Mushroom Kingdom: 
This one is difficult to 
explain so I\'ll draw it.
P-Pipe with Pirahna Plant
W-Pipe without Pirahna Plant
/-Weighted Platform
@-Possible location of POW box             
                    P                                @                            @
***********         @             ///////                        **********
                          ********            ///////
                                                                      **********            P 
**********************                       *********************************
                                          *W                   *
The backround is 
classic NES, complete 
with flag, castle and all. 
Music? classic 8-bit 
SMB stuff (not joking)                      

6. Basics
     A- weak punch
     A + tilt- strong punch
     A + tap- smash punch
     down- crouch
     down + A- kick 
     down + A while 
      in air- screw attack
     up + A-head bunt
     up + A while in air- 
     air kick attack
     C buttons- jump
     In this game, the 
      control pad on the 
     left of the controller 
    does nothing.

7. Special Moves
    B- fire ball
    B + up- super jump 
    B + down- Mario 

    R- grab \'n\' throw
    R + tilt left/right- 
    grab, spin \'n\' throw
    L- Taunt ( Super 

8. Beating the following 
    in the 1-player 
   Link- Run and start 
   throwing! Throw him 
   around a little then 
    air him out ( head 
   bunt him into the 
   Yoshi Clan (18)- 
   Super Jump Punch 
   everyone of them. 
   If you miss one, try 

   Fox McCloud- 
   Don\'t be afraid! 
   him around until 
   he tries to attack 
   Let him follow you 
   until one of the      
   edges of the course. 
   Then throw him 
   off. Keep on 
   and kicking 
   until he can\'t make it 
   Mario Brothers- 
   Home Course! This 
   one you will have 
   a random partner. 
   Go for Luigi. 
   Your partner will 
   go for 
   Mario. Keep going 
   for him until he\'s 
   gone. Then help 
    your partner if he/
   she needs any.
   Pikachu- Keep 
   him near that 
   where all the 
   pokemon pop 
   He\'ll keep on 
   getting hit by 
   If he dies, good. 
   he doesn\'t, lure 
   to the helicopter 
   pad to the 
   right and 
   throw him off.
   Giant DK- 
   This one you 
   will have 
   2 random 
   partners. Help 
   them out by 
   kicking DK. 
   Don\'t get 
   if he\'s at 300% 
    and not dead. 
   Head bunt him. 
   he\'ll be gone 
   within 1-3 

   Kirby Clan (9)- 
  Go for the one to 
   your left. Then the 
  one on top. 
   Just watch your 
   back for other 
   Kirby\'s fallin\' down 
   after you kill 
   one. The best way 
    kill them is 
   Super jump Punch. 
   Works every 
   Samus Aran- 
   Act like a hawk. 
   Always kick her 
   above the chest. 
   Then let the Lava 
   do the rest.
   Metal Mario- 
   Kick him around 
   he has about 100 
   to 150%. Lure him 
   to the edge, then 
   Usually first 
   throw kills him.

   Fighting Polygon Clan 
   (30)- Super Jump 
   Punch. Use all items 
    dropped. Don\'t be 
   discouraged of the 
   of them.    
   These guys are 
   really easy 
   to kill.

   Master Hand- 
   Instead of 
   damage, he has 
   300 HP (Don\'t 
   ask me 
   what HP is). Dodge 
   the attacks and 
   attacks on him until 
   done for.

9. Fighting in the 
    trenches of war:
     By experience, 
     Fighting in 4-player 
     mode can get 
     pretty wild at times. 
     Watch your back in 
     this mode. 
     If no one is attacking 
     you, shoot fire balls 
     until someone 
     stops you. 
     When you are in 
    the trenches 
     and need a move 
     to get the 
     heck outta there, 
     the Mario Tornado 
     combine it with 
      some other 
     move(s). The 
     combo\'s for 
     this guy are endless. 
     up every item you 
     see and 
     use them to 
    your advantage. 
     Beware Beginners: 
    pick up a Bomb_
    (The Black Bomb 
     with feet) 
    When you see one, 
     run away quickly 
    or be brave and 
    5 seconds to 
     run over and pick 
     it up. 
    If you do pick it up 
     jump above 
     an opponent and 
    drop it. 
    Usually it will air the 
    person out. 
    Watch your damage 
    It\'s key to know 
    when to 
     fight and when to stop.

10. Fighting with a partner:

      Fighting with a 
      friend is 
     always better. 
      You always 
      have someone 
      to cover 
     your back. 
     Never steal a 
      KO from your
     It\'s teamwork 
     that wins the 
      war. Again, 
      be greedy 
     and get every 
      item you can. 
      Avoid your 
      partner at all 
     cost with items. 
     If you miss, 
      oh well. Best 
      COM partner 
      to work with 
      is either the 
      plumber\'s brother, 
     Luigi, or 
      DK. Luigi is 
      the better 
      choice because 
      basically the 
      same and he 
      will fight 
      back faster 
       than any other 
      fighter in the game. 
      Let him 
      get kicked around 
       until 55
      -60% then 
      watch him go! 
      Help him out at 
      all costs.

11. Copyright Mumbo 
      This is copyright 
      of me, 
      Hawkeye Pierce. 
      That means 
      you can\'t steal it 
      and sell it 
      under your name. 
      Per the US 
      Copyright Office, 
      the Fair 
      Use doctrine of 
      copyright law 
      states that limited 
      of a copyrighted 
      work may be 
       used for  
      criticism, reporting, 
      educational purposes.