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Game Reviews for Super Mario 64


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gasman1237th Jan 2006, ID #246
This was a fun game. Its actually the only game I've played through on this system (exept James Bond 007 Goldeneye, which was also a fun game) I eventually got stuck on one of the basement levels an..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

metalmario6414th Apr 2006, ID #297
Were people lying when the craze for this game came out , " the best game in the world " ? , of course not trust me on this one , this game is definitely the one that boosted our italian plumbers ..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

Banjorama25th Jun 2011, ID #1349
Hello. My name's Joshua and this is my review of Super Mario 64. This game was released in 1996 and it was Miyamoto's very first masterpiece on the Nintendo 64. Many people find this game good, but ..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Added 2 Nov 2005, ID #5378
i think super mario 64 for the nintendo 64 is the best game. i say it is the best game because the gameplay is kind of hard but fun at the same time. if i were to rate this game out of 10, i would give the game a 15 out of a ten just because it is so much fun. in my file i have all 120 stars beat all 3 bowsers and have found yoshi outside on the roof. so i think is the best game for the nintendo 64.

Added 7 Sep 2005, ID #5352
I love this game i think its the best ever!!!

Everything about it is awesome!!

Some of the stars are hard to get but wats a game without a challenge!!

Out of all the mario games ive ever played this has to be one of my favs!!

If you don't already have this game than go to a game store and buy it!!

You won't regret it!! seriously!!

Since the rating only goes up to ten I give it a 20!!

100% totally !

Best 3-d platformer ever....Added 2 Jul 2005, ID #5280
11 years prior to the release of this game, Super Mario Bros. hit the stores and created a sensation. It revolutionized games as we know it and soon became a standard to which all 2-d platformers would be compared. It was a game that created a new genre of gaming and created it right the first time. Years passed, but Super Mario Bros. retained its allure.

That\'s what Super Mario 64 has done.

It is the original and the best 3-d platforming game there is.

Many 3-d platformers fall to what I like to call the \"collector\'s syndrome\" - game objectives that revolve around collecting too many items. Although many classic games require finding items, they do not push this idea to excess. Mario 64 didn\'t either. To obtain all the possible stars, you must collect 100 coins and 8 red coins in each level. However, this is usually a fairly fun thing to do, because the environment in Mario 64 levels is not too complicated to make finding that last red coin frustrating, but challenging enough to make its exploration lots of fun.

Speaking of which, the environments in the many levels of the game are immersive: many people will throw the word \"graphics\" around, but I don\'t want to give the wrong impression. Mario 64\'s graphics are not technically impressive (although they were for its time), but they fit the game style quite well. Rarely is there a time when the graphics interfere with the gameplay, although the camera can sometimes cause problems (it still works, though).

Aside from the aesthetics, I just want to say that the gameplay actually *works* for Super Mario 64. Mario controls very fluidly and makes the game objectives lots of fun to complete. It\'s too bad that the game is relatively easy to complete - sometimes I feel that that is the game\'s only real flaw.

Nonetheless, Mario 64 is a classic that has earned its position alongside the classics of the 2-d platforming era. I strongly recommend it.

Rating: 8/10

Super Mario 64 ReviewAdded 7 Feb 2005, ID #5048
In my opinion, one of the best Mario games ever made, even comparing it to some of the new ones like Super Mario Sunshine. Some of the music is used in more than one level, though, so it gets kind of boring. Each star is different, and a lot of them are hard to figure out, but if you think about it long enough, you figure it out. You get tired of seeing the same enemies over and over though. I give it a 91%.

Crazy acrobatics by MarioAdded 12 Jan 2005, ID #4994
This is a tidy game but 3D Mario games are not the best.

You should give it a try anyway because it's still a classical game.

Probably the best 3D platforming Mario game to date.

Greatest adventure ever!Added 11 Aug 2004, ID #4836
This game is incredible such a masterpiece! The graphics are good sound in great and adventure is amazing.

There are so many missions you'll never get tired of this game! 10/10

Why no koopas (save 1)Added 9 Mar 2004, ID #4526
I enjoyed this game and I thought it was cool seeing Mario in 3D for the first time.


Mario in 3DAdded 2 Dec 2003, ID #4421
This game features Mario in 3D for the first time ever.

This game has so much action packed into that little cartridge, you wouldn't even believe it.

There are more than 10 different worlds to explore, not including the cap worlds and all of the other special area.

Each world is filled with it's own creatures and problems, no world is at all like the others.

This game shows Mario at his best with all of his new moves and items for him to use.

This is an all time classic Mario strategy game that everybody will love.

Mario 64Added 4 Sep 2003, ID #4337
This game marks mario's 3-d debut.

It's a gret game so I recommend you get this.9/10.

ID #2450

Super Mario is one of the coolest games that ever came out! All the good grapics were a big leap from SNES!

It is now August 2002, but I still absolutely LOVE this game. The graphics are excellent ( even now ), the story play was perfect!

The cheats for it are okay ( personely, I like to play without the cheats ). I have played Super Mario 64 since it came out, and still am!I now have a Playstation, but the story play of some of those games were horrible compared to Mario 64!

I have fallen in love with this game, and now that I'm typing this review, this just renews my love for this game!

Anyway, if there was a scale of 1 to 10, Super Mario 64, the best 64 game in the world, would be 11!

ID #2449

This game is great.It keeps me going for ages.I anyone is interested I have a cheat on this game.

You will find it under the cheats section.Once again this game is cool.

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