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Super Mario 64 Cheats for GameShark


Super Mario 64 Game Shark Codes

From mastaplaya217 Jun 2009, ID #6384


Walk on lava: 81250900 1000

Sonic mario: 8033B248 0001
8133B1C4 4277
8107EC40 0000
8107EC42 FFAA

From Guest31 Jan 2011, ID #6543

Color Codes

812535C2 3FC0
812535BE 3F40
8107EC38 007F
8107EC40 00FF

812535BE 4000
812535CA 4020
8107EC40 FFFF
8107EC38 5050

From CHEAT MASTER MARIO28 Jun 2008, ID #6263

All Super Mario 64 CHATS

My Mode: (With Blonde Mario)
8107EC40 6622
8107EC38 0000
8107EC3A 0000
8107EC42 0000
8107EC70 0000
8107EC72 0000
8107EC68 0000
8107EC6A 000..

From Shawn955 Dec 2008, ID #6314

Modify Number of Lives

Hello! This code gives you access to altering Mario's lives. This code was truly, honestly created by me. However, I do want to give thanks to a per..

From Shawn955 Dec 2008, ID #6318

Modify Number of Stars

Useful if you want to show everybody that you've gone past the barriers of this game!

8033B21B ????

Only go up to 0255 or the game might cra..

From EugenTheBoy14 Aug 2015, ID #6636

Moon Jump (2015 UPDATE)

D033AFA1 0020
8133B1BC 4220
D033B1BD 0020
8133B17C 0300
D033B1BD 0020
8133B17E 0880

Talk to me on my Youtube channel named "Eugen TheBoy" or..

From Shawn955 Dec 2008, ID #6315

Modify Number of Coins

Very useful if having trouble with collecting 100 coins for a specific course:

8133B218 ????

Fill "????" in STRICTLY FROM 0000 ONLY TO 0999 ..

From pedroj23429 Nov 2010, ID #6528


8107EC40 345E
8107EC42 CB00
8107EC38 345E
8107EC3A CB00

From TheCheatGuru0718 Jan 2008, ID #6189

Glitched Sky

This code basically messes up the sky. Don't worry, this code doesn't make your game crash but it is fun to look at.

8133B429 9910

There's thi..

From bananapeel3328 Jul 2012, ID #6621

Rainbow Mario (Perfect for bloopers)

8107EC20 8000
8107EC22 FF00
8107EC24 FF80
8107EC26 0000
8107EC28 FFFF
8107EC2A 8000
8107EC2C 8000
8107EC2E FF00
8107EC38 FF00
8107EC3A 0000..

From Phatman323 ID #2406

Please enter in the form of: code - effect

Press gs button for 99 coins

8933B218 0063

go into any level and press..

From supermario64codeman31 Dec 2011, ID #6595

Super mario 64 gamesharks part 2

Mario missing a hand:
8033B3BB 0060

Bruvazcan suit:
8107EC40 0000
8107EC38 0000
8107EC3A 0000
8107EC42 0000
8107EC70 0000
8107EC72 0000

From Makala20808 Jun 2013, ID #6649

New GameShark Cheats (pt 2)

No Screen
8007C2AB 8080

Cumulonimbus Clouds
8007C280 8080

Neon Earth
8007C558 8000

Dissipated Pictures
8007C880 8080

Game Aggravates..

From Silver Dragoon12 Aug 2006, ID #5644

Dancing Mario

8133AFA3 0095
8133BO54 0095
A132C55B 2564

From hawkeye337962 Oct 2007, ID #6139

Gamshark Codes (some may not work)

In order for this to work on the emulator, there is a certain way to enter the code and the way you enter it is

then so here are t..

From Shawn955 Dec 2008, ID #6316

Modify Your Amount of Health

Useful if you can't stay alive for more than 5 seconds:

8033B21E ????

0000-anything this time (might make sense to only make it a max of 000..

From Makala20808 Jun 2013, ID #6648

New GameShark Cheats (pt 1)

Misc. & Insane Game
8007C250 8080

Dissipated Screen
8007C448 8000

Dissipated Sky
8007C4F5 8080

Dissipated Water
8007C585 8080


From Rocketman ID #2404

Have all stars:

8120770C FFFF

8120770E FFFF

81207710 FFFF

81207712 FFFF

81207714 FFFF

81207716 FFFF


From Guest12 Feb 2012, ID #6600


My Texture
8107ECA0 FD83
8107ECA2 3100
8107EC98 FD83
8107EC9A 3100
8107EC40 75C8
8107EC42 1A00
8107EC38 75C8
8107EC3A 1A00
8107EC80 E874

From Guest20 Oct 2010, ID #6520

Unlimited Fun With Mario Head

841948db 00ae

811954db 7644

Note:You can strech mario head on screen and off the screen. When the mario head appears,press c left o..

From Supered ID #2403

80309437 0019 Flying Hat/Infinite Flying

813094E6 FFFF

80309437 0015 Metal Mario

80309437 0000 No Hat

From Makala20806 May 2013, ID #6645

Slot Screen Stuffs & Settings

Sound Settings
801A7D40 800?
0 - Stereo
1 - Mono
2 - Headset

Score Settings
801A7D50 80??
00 - My Score
80 - Hi Score

Text Transp..

From Guest16 Oct 2012, ID #6632

Buy a cap

8033B177 00??
Replace ?? With 30, 32, 34, 36, 38
30 normal cap in hand
32 invisible cap in hand
34 metal cap in hand
36 invisible and metal cap..

From xXMewgamerXx11 Aug 2020, ID #6709

Giant Mode (Mario)

In this code press Z+D-Up to be Giant and press Z+D-Down to be Normal size.

This code you just designed was not very easy, and other SM64 RomHack..

From bevis and butthead22 Nov 2003, ID #4408

Some Codes

"Sound ""led"" Display"

Half Mario

Limbo Mario

Mario Runs Backwards

Remove M..

From supermario64codeman31 Dec 2011, ID #6594

Super mario 64 gamesharks

Paper mario mode:
812535BE 3D00

BIG foot:
8033B3BB 0090

F9 to sleep mario:
8833B189 0003

Invisible mario:
8033B220 0020

ICE mario:

From SMN Brony27 Oct 2016, ID #6694

My Official Color Code

NTSC only

8107EC20 0000
8107EC22 0000
8107EC24 0000
8107EC26 0000
8107EC28 0000
8107EC2A 0000
8107EC2C 0000
8107EC2E 0000
8107EC38 00FF

From pedrojgarciagarcia11 Dec 2010, ID #6532

All Gamesharck codes

chain chomp code:
8134FFDC 8018
8134FFDE F02C
81350004 8016
81350006 2E20
make chain chomp look like pac-man code:
80161D06 0023
80161D04 000..


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