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Stardust Fields

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Walkthrough and Guide by Private
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Stardust Fields

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When you get in the area, everyone gets split up. The first thing to do is to actually look around and find Bowser. When you finally get to locate him, he is stuck inside a cannon's barrel. An enemy will appear named Tolstar and will offer his help to free Bowser - in exchange for 100 Beanbean coins. You'll basically scour the area and fight some enemies to collect the coins. As you work your way around the area, you'll find NPCs that'll teach you special moves that you may use when roaming the world's platform, as well as during battles (High Jump and Spin Jump).

When you find your way back to Tolstar, he'll confess to actually tricking you and will engage you to a battle. After defeating him, as sort of a sucker punch, he'll light up the cannon which will send off Bowser. After the encounter, a new path from where Tolstar was standing will open up for you - which will lead you to a route to a cave leading to the Beanbean kingdom outskirts.

Stardust Fields

You'll find yourselves among the remains of the ship in the crash site along with other heavily incapacitated Bowser's minions. There is a save point near you so take your time saving your progress. As you check Bowser's minions, they'll ask you to look for their boss. Apparently, you still are at the border of mushroom kingdom. Head west and enter what seems to be a border pass. Here, you'll be greeted by two Koopa soldiers guarding the fortress. In order to get pass through them, you'll have to play their little game. It is basically a jump rope challenge. You'll have 3 chances for each of you characters to be hit by the rope. You must jump over it every time they pass through your characters. But it is not as simple as it may sound for they will screw you up with the variety of speed and their timing. Nonetheless, this challenge wont take much of your time as you may be able to memorize their pattern after several tries.

When you get past them, you'll head out on the opposite side of room, and finally get through the borders of Beanbean kingdom. As you try to head west, one of the Koopa soldiers will catch up on you and hand you a map of the Beanbean kingdom (which you get to access in the menu screen). Now head to south, opposite of the green tunnel. Continue scouring the area and check those stone slabs on the pillars you see as they usually impart some useful stuff in the given area. On the first two slab you see in this area, you'll basically be reminded to jump over the spikes on the ground by pressing the jump buttons A and B in quick succession, or rather by pressing X to simultaneously have them jump. As you reach farther south, you'll pass by pop-up box with another mushroom in it. Head further south to enter another area.

In this new area, you'll find the first type of enemy in the Beanbean kingdom, a Fighter Fly. Jump over it to have a pre-emptive attack. This will typically be an easy battle, so head south and tackle the other fly fighter for another easy fight. When you reach the south most part of this area, there will be a bridge on the west. Pass through this bridge and head towards a new area.

In this area, there will be a cauldron/cannon like structure on the west (beside the star marker on the ground). Set an action towards the structure to trigger a scene with Bowser telling you he's stuck in that structure, and be confronted by another entity called Tolstar, that claims he is the king of the Stardust Fields. He will offer his help free Bowser, in exchange for all the coins you have. Since you have a different currency at hand, he'll convert your mushroom coins into the rate equivalent to the Beanbean coins. Upon finding out that you have just but a few coins with you, he'll tell you to scour for a hundred more in exchange for his help.

When you're done negotiating and speaking with him, he'll stomp the ground and open up a path on the south. Head there and when you reach the new area, immediately head north (as you wont have the option to cross the high ledges on the east of this area yet). As you get to a new area once again, head east and then north, and fin your way to a fly fighter here and engage it. There will be a hit box filled with coins near it as well. Continuously jump on that box until it runs out of coins. There will be a lot more stuff in the area but you wont be able to reach or access them this time as they are too high for you to reach. So instead, head on the exit on the north east.

When you get to the new area, head on the south stairs and there will be a hit box there filled with coins again. After getting the coins, head back a bit north and follow the stairs on the east leading down. Either get the mushroom from the hitbox first, or engage the fly fighters in the area below. Continue heading to the east-most part of the area and find the way to climb north northwards until you see the two yellow colored "Bike Pads". There will be a bulletin near them, instructing you how to operate them. Try the bike pads and head to the other ledge on the west to reach a directional/color-coded hit box. Head back, and now go further east, and head south. Jump at the bottom most part of the area and then cross the bridge there.

When you reach the new area, there wont be a way back until you push forward. There will be a hitbox near you and hit it to earn a "syrup". Read the bulletin up north and then head on to the star marker on the ground. From this marker, comes out the Starshade Bros. which will teach you how to climb high places using High-jump, and use another one which is a tornado-like move to reach farther ledges called "Spin-jump". A small training exercise will commence to practice the new moves and get a better understanding when to use them.

Now, you'll be tasked to try reach a flag pole in the area (north) and use everything you've learned so far. Use high-jump to climb the ledge on the east, and then spin-jump to cross the broken bridge, use the high-jump again on the high ledge up north, take the mushroom from the hit box near there, and then cross the broken bridge with another spin-jump. Your training is now complete as the Starshade bros. will salute you for easily learning these new moves. Head towards the hitbox on the west and earn a syrup there. Jump down, and head on to the exit south.

Continue heading south until you find the fly fighters in the area and engage them. In this area, you'll encounter a new type of enemy, the Bill Blaster, which shoots out a projectile. Take note that stomping the projectile usually rewards you with coins. After beating the enemy, climb the ledge near you to access the hit box there that will contain a "nut". Get back down the ledge and head to the north to fight another enemy roaming around the area. You'll encounter a similar group of a Fly Fighter and 2 Bill Blasters. After beating the group, climb the high ledge near you to access two hit boxes. One contains a syrup, and the other one a number of coins. You might want to perform a spin jump west-wards from this ledge as there would be another color coded hitbox there. Now go down this ledge and head south. Take your time to save progress as there would be a save point here. Climb the ledge near the save point and head towards the exit on the west.

When you enter the new area, you'll hear someone call at you, approach the star marker to trigger the event. You'll basically be re-united with the Starshade bros. here. They will inform you that once you've mastered the High and Spin Jumps, you'll be able to use them to battles. Hence, a practice battle will commence. Another good thing about using these special attacks is that if you keep using them, you may eventually learn new super versions of those moves. Take caution though, because they use up your BP every time you use them. Each of these skills differ in BP cost which is indicated beside the name of the special attack when trying to perform it. You increase your total BP capacity whenever you level up.

Now continue heading west to enter another area. Head south and tackle the enemies you'll find there. Go on and give your new moves a bit of practice with these opponents. Using the special attacks to finish off enemies would usually reward you with additional Items too. Head west o find another enemy to engage there as well. Near the third group of enemies, there will be a high ledge on the west area which will have a hitbox on top which have multiple coins in it. Head down the ledge and continue moving to the west to find another villain. Defeat this group and climb the high ledge on the west most part of the area. Another hit box is up here which will be a color-coded one. Upon exhausting its coins, move to the north towards the bike pads. Move east using the bike pads to get to a hitbox that contains a 1-up mushroom. Head back from where you rode the bike pads from, and continue heading north to the exit there.

When you get to the new area, climb the ledge on the west and head up north to access three hitboxes there. One containing a mushroom, one on the east containing syrup, and one in the far north containing multiple coins. Get down this ledge and head north east to find another hit box there. This will be a color-coded hit box. When you're done, head to the far west of the area and move towards the exit there.

When you use this exit, you'll find yourself back where Bowser and Tolstar are. There is a savepoint here so find time to save your progress. When you get to the star marker, you'll trigger an event where Tolstar will tally the coins you currently have and take what you've agreed on -- only to find later on that he will swindle you nonetheless. Tolstar will engage you so be ready for a battle.

Tolstar has a pretty annoying attack where you will have to choose whether to leave your characters stay still or jump to avoid his attack. He also has 3 consecutive moves. Nonetheless, hitting him 2 sets of special attacks will be plenty to finish the fight. Defeating him will reward you with cosmic pants, and of course, all the money he swindled. He'll also impart 30 experience points each which would probably earn your characters a level up too. After all the ruckus, the green Starshade brother will come out from the star marker on the ground. Apparently, he'll set off the cannon from where King Koopa is currently stuck. Before the cannon shoots, he asks you push through with the mission to get back the peach's voice.

Spin jump towards the ledge on the west and find your way to the exit there. When you get to the next area, the path will lead you to a cave in the north. There will be a save point beside the cave entrance, so take your time to save your progress before pushing through.

Hoohoo Mountain Cave

When you enter the cave, there will be two hit boxes in the area. The first one can be accessed by simply using the High jump until you reach the highest ledge north of the entrance. This hit box will contain a 1-up mushroom. And then, use spin jump to get to the ledge on the left. The hit box in here will have a mushroom. Head down from here, and find your way to the other exit on the southwest area of the cave. This will lead you to outskirts of the Beanbean kingdom, Hoohoo Village.

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