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Hoohoo Village

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Walkthrough and Guide by Private
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Hoohoo Village

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On this stage, you'll mostly be finding your way to get to the mountain's peak. Puzzles on the route getting there includes playing with fire, using tornadoes to boost your spin jump, and triggering mechanisms to activate tornadoes, flush water from a fountain, erect boulders, etc. There will be a lot of new enemy encounters as well. During this period, you'll be earning new move sets from using your Special Attacks.

As you roam around the village and converse with the different people there, you'll find relative information regarding the kidnapped prince, sightings in the area, and some info on how to get to the foot of the mountain where the supposed "more-civilized" portion of Beanbean kingdom lies. As you head towards the path leading south (foot of the mountain), you'll encounter Fawful and he'll try to stop you on your tracks by building a boulder that will prevent you from moving past the area. As you head back and look for options to get around the area, you'll get info regarding a ride that should take you to the peak (although it wouldn't be available), and info about the legendary blacksmiths that can provide you with hammers to smack down any boulders (which will be the key to destroy the boulder that Fawful placed).

The key here is to head towards the mountain peak and coursing through the different puzzles ahead. As you reach the peak, you'll find Blablanadon (a Teradactyl-like creature) which is also the supposed ride to get you around Hoohoo village and the mountain peak. He tends to be brooding a humongous egg there which will hatch before you and release a dragon like creature. You'll have to fight the creature and defeat it. It turns out, the creature you just fought is actually the kidnapped prince which was cursed, transformed, and trapped by Cackletta/Fawful into the egg. He'll send you an informal invitation to his kingdom as well. Also, as you trigger this encounter, a material will drop down the village, which turns out to be the raw material to build a hammer. When you are done battling, head back to the village and visit the blacksmith to earn the hammer and use it to smash the boulder that Fawful left.

Hoohoo Village

Once you finally get to Beanbean kingdom, you'll immediately be confronted by some soldiers patrolling the area -- accused of kidnapping "Prince Peasley". Somehow, when you try to tell them who you guys are, they wont believe you. Luckily, Tolstar will appear to testify that you indeed are the tough superstars of the mushroom kingdom. Apparently, the situation here is that the kingdom's prince is kidnapped or so as what the recent reports out of Hoohoo Village claim. When hearing out what they had to say, it suggests that the one who must've kidnapped their prince are the same perpetrators that you are pursuing.

After speaking with the soldiers, continue heading west and to enter the Hoohoo Village proper. At the south most part of this area, there is a cave where you'll find 3 hitboxes from which you can earn multiple coins, a mushroom, and a nut. Head back out the cave and speak with the villagers in the area. Feel free to speak with everyone there and find relative hints about what to do in the area. You'll find useful info regarding what to find in the village - like the mountain peak, where one of the villagers would tell you that he saw the prince with someone with a weird helmet (which is probably Fawful), as well as a route going down the foot of the mountain which will lead you closer to the heart of the Beanbean kingdom. There also seems to be a fast way to get you on top of the mountain, although it is relatively unavailable at the moment.

First things first, you may want to wander far north west to exit this area. Now on the new area you'll find, you'll see more villagers roaming the area. Find time to talk to all of them for more hints on the current stage. If you head south west of this area, there will be an exit leading to another area. In the area you'll find, there will be villagers hinting you about the hammer-making masters Sledge and Hammer. Continue wandering westwards and find an exit to the area. When you enter the new area, you'll find Fawful there as he engages one of the kingdom's Soldier. When he finds you, he'll setup a road block which you'll be unable to cross through without a hammer. Hence, the need to find the said hammer-making masters pick up.

Head back to the exit on the east (the area with a green tunnel) when you find your way back in this area, head north west and find the exit there. A sign is posted there indicating the road as "Mountain Trails". When you enter this new area, a bridge is currently being fixed so you wont be able to go pass through it at first. Enter the house in the area to find the hammer-making masters Sledge and Hammer. In their discussion, it seems that they are missing a key component (raw material) to create Hammers. As you talk to them, one will recognize you as the famed brothers of the mushroom kingdom and will nonetheless agree to make you a hammer. Although they would need Hoohoo blocks that can only be found on from the mountaintop.

By the time you go out their house, the bridge should now be fixed. Now you can cross it and go all the way through the exit on the far west. There is also a new hitbox near the exit to find here as well. One that has a heart inside it -- this hitbox is permanent and upon hitting it will fully restore both your HP and BP.

When you enter the new area, you'll find a new enemy sprite roaming the area. Stomp on the enemy to encounter the new enemy "Beanie". They are relatively easy to defeat (just one set of attack is enough to put them down) and usually rewards mushroom as a bonus. Head north and find another beanie sprite to engage roaming the area. on the same area you'll find this enemy, you find a hitbox far north which contains a mushroom. Now head towards the route up north by climbing the high ledges and find another beanie enemy there. There will be two more enemy sprites in the area as you find your way all the way to the north. Use spin jump to cross the ledges that are too far away. Before exiting the area on the north east exit, you might want to head to the far west to get a syrup from the hitbox there as well as to fight one more enemy encounter.

When you enter the new area, you'll encounter a few more enemies in there with a new one called "Dry Bones". Feel free to engage all enemy sprites in the area. Also, you might want to keep using your special attack so that you can learn new moves from mastering them. When you try to climb all the way to top, you'll find a sign there daring you to trust the force of the wind (mainly to help boost your spin jump). Use your spin jump to reach the active whirlwind, and it will propel you farther than what your usual spin jump can usually reach. Head east and exit there. On the new area, there wouldn't be much clue as to what you'll have to do here but a sign located above points you to the exit nearby heading towards the "Hoohoo Mountain Watering Hole". Head to that direction.

When you enter the new area, you'll find a hitbox near you which contains a syrup. After obtaining it, head all the way to the west and find a warning sign there which will hint you of drinking from the fountain. You may use this water (pressing the action button while in front of the fountain) by drinking it and spitting it towards the burning statue nearby. Exhausting its fumes will activate a close-by entrapment that will produce a whirlwind. It is pretty much like this all the way through the mountain peak from here on. Just try to move around and activating stuff and wherever the whirlwind will pop-up, will ultimately hint you where to go. In this area however, it will enable you to reach the far ledge on the left of the burning statue. You'll find a save point here so take your time to save your progress. On the far ledge on the right, the hitbox there contains a mushroom. Use your spin jump to reach it. Head back left an use spin jump again to reach the ledge far left. There is a color-coded hitbox there too. Head back all the way up and you'll find an exit there.

When you reach the new area, there will be an enemy roaming there. A similar puzzle is also present in the area. Gulp water from the fountain, and use it on the burning statue. This will activate the whirlwind entrapment near it but you shouldn't access/cross though it for the time being. Head all the way to the east towards the exit. Once you enter the new area, it will have more enemies there an a burning statue as well. First off, defeat the enemies there. You might notice that there isn't a water fountain in the area so head back to the previous area and gulp water from the fountain there. Interestingly, you may walk all the way to a different area with the water with you. Now head back and use this water to put the fire down on the burning statue. Upon completing the puzzle, a whirlwind will be activated which will complete the route to pass through on top.

Head back to the exit on the west, and head on the far left of the area. Now climb the ledge on the far left, and use spin jump to get to the whirlwind. Head towards the exit on the east. Now you find yourself above the ledge, so use your spin jump once more to reach the other whirlwind you recently set off -- which will propel you to the high ledge on the right that you weren't able to access before with just the high jump. There you'll find a colored purple hitbox that is marked with an exclamation point. This new hitbox tends to activate/trigger an action within the stage. This time, it sets off a fountain which was previously not working.

There is a hitbox below it too which is partly hindered by some rock formations. To reach this area, you'll have to use your spin jump directed downwards -- and while spinning in mid-air, you may change your flight direction with the directional jog. It will be tricky at first so take you time to figure how to use it. Nonetheless, the hitbox contains a nut. Below, you;ll encounter an enemy too. Defeat it and head towards the exit south.

When you enter the area, you'll find that this is the area where the fountain was activated. Gulp water from the fountain and use it on the burning statue below. When the whirlwind gets activated, you now get to cross this area towards the far right by using the combination of 2 whirlwinds.Now before you head towards the exit, you might want to climb the ledge above you. There lies two hitboxes one of which contains a 1-up mushroom. The sign below simply tells you that the way right leads to Hoohoo Mountain trail.

When you enter the new area, you'll find a save point and a HP/BP restore hitbox. Use them as you wish. At the center, you'll find a weird pyramid like structure/statue that talks. This will result to a simple challenge where you will have to use your spin jump and high jump repetitively in order to obtain purple balls that it generates without falling off the ledges. There will also be a countdown timer until you reach the goal it sets -- which is to obtain 10 purple balls. Upon completing the first challenge, the statue will engage you to a battle. Defeating this enemy will reward you with a Hoohooros Slacks (clothing). Markings on the north area will also glow and will shake the earth near it -- pulling out a ledge you can now climb on.

Feel free to recover your HP/BP as well as to save your progress first before progressing in the area. There will be pillar that you can now reach as you climb the ledge on the north. The high pillar on the south east of the area will have a hitbox that houses a syrup.The southwest pillar on the other hand will have a hitbox that contains a super mushroom. Now climb back the ledge and head far north towards the exit there.

When you enter the new area, there will be an action hitbox there which will set off a fountain at the top most part of the same area. There will also be an enemy roaming nearby which enlists a new type of enemy called "Rex". Use your High Jump and Spin Jump to reach the fountain up above. On the last part, use spin jump and control your character while spinning in mid-air to reach the fountain from rock formation opening. Draw water from the water and head towards the hidden tunnel the right. You'll end up on the far right of the area where you'll just have to go down the ledge and climb the stair towards the burning statue. Put down the fire to activate the whirlwind nearby. Use spin jump again to cross the far ledge on the left. Climb and use the new whirlwind to propel you far to the left which was previously un-accessible. If you can, try diverting your direction mid-air to reach the ravine that house a hitbox -- this contains a syrup. Now head towards the area on the north east. Climb here to find another hitbox with a syrup, and then head up to the exit.

When you enter the new area, there will be two enemies on the lowest platform. Engage them before climbing the ledge on the far right. When you climb up, you'll find a moving whirlwind which will be tricky to use. Find your way to get to the west ledge and spin jump to reach all the way to the west most part of the area. Now head up to the exit above.

When you get to the new area, you might want to engage on the enemies roaming there first. On the same leveled platform, head to the east most part of the area to access the hitbox with a syrup in it.Head back west and climb the ledge with the sign on. Upon reading the sign, you'll see that you are near the summit. Use your spin jump and head towards the moving whirlwind to have it propel you to the other whirlwind on the right. Once you reach the high ledge on the right, just climb your way to the top, using spin jump and high jump to cross the area. There will be another whirlwind up there which will propel you far left. When you reach this area, pop the two hitboxes around which will give you a 1-up mushroom and a syrup. Climb the high ledge on your right, and head towards the stairs climbing to the northwest area and find an exit there.

Congratulations! you've reach the summit. Now roam around to see a telescope there which you could play around with. You'll also find a save point and an HP/BP restore hitbox there which would suggest that you'll be in for a battle momentarily. At the center, you'll find Blablanadon (which turns out to be the fast "transport" the villagers were talking about) brooding a giant egg. A stone is laid done in front of it which will trigger an action that kicks it. Blablanadon will scold you for kicking that rare stone which as it turns out, is the raw material that will forge you the hammer you need.

Upon further discussion with Blablanadon, the egg will hatch and will spew out an angry dragon like creature. At the same time, the rare stone Hoohoo Block will be thrown into the falls which will end up in the hammer-making masters' house. For now, you'll have to fight the dragon first. This enemy is pretty durable and will take a number of special attacks before it goes down. Be wary as it spews out two consecutive fireballs for its attack. Mid fight, when it takes up a bit of damage already, it will spew out a bigger rock from which it will stand on, where now it'll render a shorter distance from you -- meaning there will be a shorter time too to avoid its attack. Defeating it will also reward you with a Bwaha Badge.

It turns out, the enemy you just fought was actually Prince Peasley (the one they said was supposedly kidnapped). On your conversation, you'll learn that he unfortunately encountered Cackletta and Fawful on the said mountain, and trapped him on that egg. Before he sets off, he informally invites you to visit the Queen at the castle once you climb down the mountain. He'll also leave a rose that will serve as a permit to enter the castle. After this, you'll be prompted to the next scene where Blablanadon takes you for a shortcut ride towards the Hoohoo village. He also gives you a hint to check out the mini-map for yellow arrow points to lead you to the places where you should go to next.

Now you should head to the west and visit the house of the hammer-making masters. Now that they have the Hoohoo Block, they will be able to make the hammer for you. As you get rewarded with the hammer, they'll set you up for a little practice next room with a boulder to break over there. Break the boulder to get to the hitbox which will contain a nut. After that, head down the path where you encountered Fawful and where he left a boulder as a road block. Now you can break that boulder and push through with your journey!

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