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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

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Check out our cheats to find out how to get infinite money, the locations of the Beanster pieces and the answer to the statue puzzle at Woohoo Hooniversity.

More Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Cheats and Tips

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Statue Puzzle at Woohoo Hooniversity

In the room where there is a group of statues with either blue or red balls in the center you have to hit the statues in the following order. B indicates a blue statue and R indicates a red statue.

And then a second time:

Monty Mole-Hunting Rewards

Find the yellow Monty Moles that are hidden in the indicated area to get the corresponding useful item. Some Monty Moles though may require that you solve a puzzle before you get the item.
1-Up Mushroom:
Find one of the Monty Moles in north Beanbean.
1-Up Super:
Find the Monty Mole in Oho Oasis.
Golden Mushrom:
Find the Monty Mole in Bowser's Castle.
Golden Mushroom:
Find the Monty Mole in Hoohoo Village.
High-End Badge:
Find one of the Monty Moles in north Beanbean.
Iron Pants:
Find one of the Monty Moles in northeast Beanbean.
Max Nut:
Find the Monty Mole on the Hoohoo Mountain descent.
Red & Green Peppers:..

Infinite Money

First, make Mario smaller by Luigi hitting him with his hammer. Now change luigi's action to high jump and jump on top of Mario.
Just before luigi lands on Mario, make Mario jump and you will recieve a coin.
You can keep doing this as long as you want but each coin you get, Luigi loses 1hp.
If you stop recieveing coins, feed Luigi a mushroom and then you can get more coins.

Beating Plooty and Rookie

To beat Plooty and Rookie (Rookie is really a brain-washed Bowser with a mask), here is what you have to do.
It may seem like a good idea at first, but don't attack Plooty directly. If you do Rookie(Bowser) is gonna get really mad
Always attack Rookie because he is way more dangerous than Plooty. Use alot of Bros. Attacks to beat him fast.
Don't let Plooty steal Mushrooms from you, or he'll give them to Rookie and it will take FOREVER (and both Mario and Luigi will be dead by then) to beat them. If the icons tell you to use your hammer to defend, he is going to steal from you, but don't let it happen.
Eventually, Rookie will say he is getting a flame in his gut and he will start breathing fire, but you can jump over the flames easy.


You know that area in the forest next to teehee valley.That old man thats walking around he will talk about when he was a kid when his friends would have water in their mouths he would tickle them from behind.Well you would have to have thunder hand.If you do have it fill mario up with water and shock mario.unlike the hammer or high jump [or yellow arrow]it will go down not flower brings you to a mole with one green and one red pepper. [please rate me]

Starbeans Cafe Rewards

When Beanbean Castle town has been repaired you will be able to enter the northern buildings on the west side of town. There you can take the different beans you got from the 'X' marks on the ground and create several drinks that increase your stats. Also, whenever you make a brand-new drink you will recieve a award.
Bonus Ring:
Make 2 kinds of drinks.
Cobalt Necktie:
Make 6 kinds of drinks.
Excite Spring:
Make 3 kinds of drinks.
GameBoy Horror SP:
Make ALL 7 kinds of drinks.
Great Force:
Make 4 kinds of drinks.
Greed Wallet:
Make 1 kind of drink.
Power Grip:
Make 5 kinds of drinks.

Mario & Luigi Hints and References

In-game reset:
While playing the game, press A +B + Select + Start to restart.
Easy money:
This trick should work after the Chucklehut Brothers teach Mario and Luigi their hammer techniques. Have Luigi use his hammer to shrink Mario. Then, perform their "high jump technique", but have mini Mario jump at Luigi before Luigi can land on Mario. You will gain one coin. Repeat this to get as many coins as desired. Note: This was done after getting to the university section of the game. Also, hitting Luigi for one coin will lower Luigi's HP by one point. He will only "yelp" when his HP reaches 1. However, you can still spend some of the bonus stats that you get at level up on the "Stach" stat (which discounts the items in the shops) and buy mushrooms at the castle town and ..

MIGHTY!!!!! Bros.

Alright here's a hint that will be worth while.this how to beat monsters,DO NOT AVOID ANY's why once you get to places like woohoo honiversity,gwarhar lagoon and bowsers castle you will need high defeat every monster in sight.It will help so much it's kind of fustrateing.Although you can get some good badges and clothes.

I am a Ghost!!

To do this hint, you will need the hand techniques that the Jellyfish Sisters teach you in the Gwarhar Lagoon.
1 Go up to one of the ghosts.
2 Turn so that the ghost doesn't disappear.
3 Prees start so that Mario is in front and Luigi is in back.
4 Turn on Luigi's thunder (make sure that there isn't a X over the hand.
5 Charge up Luigi's thunder.
6 When it is full, shock Mario so that you can both move in the sam direction at the same time.
7 Then, push the ghost.
Something should happen after you push the ghost.
Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

Lots of free coins & mushrooms

When you first reach Hoohoo mountain, this trick is soooo helpful.
After you get through the next cave you will reach a fountain.
Use it to fill Mario and spray water at a fan contraption that is off a small bridge nearby (have Luigi jump on to Mario to spray).
It will give you a coin if you spray the fan part. It takes some patience, but if you keep doing it the machine will start to give mushrooms as well as coins.
It will give you up to 11 or so mushrooms before it starts to only dispense coins (there's no limit to the coins)....

Easy Coins

Make Luigi behind Mario and have Luigi switch to hammer.
Make Mario become short (once you have the power) and change Luigi's power to High jump.
Before Luigi jumps on Mario have Mario jump. You get a coin every time. The only down part is that Luigi's health goes down one every time.
When Luigi's health gets down to one he will yelp.

Beating The Guy With The Sword

When you are fighting the guy with the other guy that tells jokes, you have to use youre hammers to break the shield, then when he uses his sword to make the things the slither toward you use youre hammer to beat them, or when he shoots the blobs at you just jump over them.
Once he is on the the ground use Bros. Attacks to beat him faster. The guy that tells jokes will sometimes come on to the screen to tell a joke whitch will heal the pink guy. Have a few mushrooms because it is a tough battle.
Keep Fighting!

What happened to popple?

After you beat birdo and popple, go to little fungitown. Go to the embassy. There, popple will be scrubbing a mushroom.


If you're looking for beans, then here's where they are found:
Chuckle Beans: In the ground. Digging Luigi needed.
Tee Beans: Item boxes.
Woo Beans: Prize items after winning some battles.
Hoo Beans: Item boxes.
I might have got the names Woo and Hoo wrong, but I know both start with W and H.

Double coins

If you win a battle without getting hurt the amount of coins you will receive will be double the amount you would get if you were hurt in the battle.

More Beanbean Coins

1.Once you get off the Koopa Cruiser at the beginning of the game get as few coins as possible so they wont be useless mushroom kingdom coins.

Thwomp`s Secret Scrolls

Once you find the Hammerhead Bros. New location (need thunderhand) get the super hammer or mega hammer (I think mega hammer) ,and break one of the rocks to the right.
Head up the bridge and you`ll find thwomp.Pay him 200 coins(don`t worry you usually get it back in the rocks)If you`re lucky you`ll get a secret scroll. This scroll contains a new bros.
Attack. I know that the first scroll cantains spin bros. Which is a pretty easy bros attack so use it well.

Bros. Attacks

Use bros. Attacks until you unlock an advanced bros. Attack this makes bosses much easier.
P.S I no wiggler is a mini boss but once I hit all his spots I beat him in one hit with a bros. Attack.

Cart Ride Hints

First. Always Keep you`re light on Luigi never move it away from him.
Second. Bats cower at the face of the younger bro. So hit it with Luigi before mario is affected.
Third. If you hear a thud look at Marios screen if it`s not there prepare to jump with Luigi.
P.S Please rate and verify all of my submissions.

Easy Way To Beat Game

Ok, I found that the best way to get through the game fast and easy while still having fun is to focus only on certain stats when mario and luigi level up.
Its best to have mario only use your extra points after each lvl up on power. And only defence on luigi.
Its easy to do it this way because mario will hit all of the heavy hits(expesialy with the hammer bros. Move). Since luigi can take a hit he'll be there to heal mario.

Glub, Glub!

At the water fountian, fill Mario up with water and spray it at the guy with the fire. It will get a tornado somewhere and when you find it, do the spin move into it. From there, press B (when you are in the tornado) to get to another ledge.

Trade Health for Coins

After you learn from the French dudes that teach you how to use the hammers outside of battle, try this tip for all of the coins needed or possible to carry. First put Mario in front, Luigi in back. Then, smash Mario into a short dude. Then, set Luigi's action to "HIGH JUMP", or the Yellow Arrow.Press the "B Button" and immediately after you do that, press "JUMP" or the Small White Arrow for Mario. Then, repeatedly treat Luigi as if he were a Question Mark Block. Though he will lose one health for each coin... It is profitable.*

*During this process, Luigi will not be knocked out, but his health will eventually go down to 1/???... Whatever your total health is. Keep on doing it, and then when you are done, Give Luigi a mushroom.

**You may see similar pos..

SUPER mario bros

Waa haa haa I have just figured this out yesterday go to LITTLEFUNGI TOWN buy the mush badge once luigi has at least 100hp and has one hp once you do that buy spiny badgeAA for mario.Now mush badge means more damage.Go to the item store and buy 99 mushrooms.Go into battle give luigi mushrooms until he has full health get him damaged in another battle down to 1 and give him mushrooms until he has full health.Keep doing this for a while and luigi will have incredably high power just like mario.I beat ghost cahckletta doing this.

Music Crossover

(NOTE!! You can only do this cheat after getting the Hammer Techniques from the Chuckle Hut.) Whenever you are near a green warp pipe, press start and have Mario become the leader. Next, press are until Luigi has his hammer icon. After doing so, strike Mario, turning him small. Afterwards, proceed into the green warp pipe. When you do, instead of the Super Mario Bros. Theme remix playing, it will be the theme of the area you were just in. When you then select a warp other than the one you entered, you will go out of the pipe, and the music will still be the theme of the area you were previously in. I.E., if you were to warp to Stardust Fields from Chuckle Woods, the Chuckle Woods theme will be playing in Stardust fields. This occurance will end when you leave the area, or hammer Mario a..

Surfing Game Island

Find one of the slots, then hammer Luigi into the slot to make a surfboard. Keep surfing until you find land (make sure it`s not Oho Oasis or Beanbean Area) and you`ll see a save block and an Oho Jee. Save, than talk to the Oho Jee and you can do a surfing game that awards Hee Beans.

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