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Starbeans Cafe

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Walkthrough and Guide by Private
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Starbeans Cafe

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Starbean Cafe: Beans

Beans are pretty much found everywhere in the game - from loots after defeating enemies, as rewards for doing quests, as well as simply hunting for them (x marks on the ground) on the ground. Though collecting them is optional in the game, they do help you plenty in improving you characters' stats. There are 4 different kinds of beans in the game, each of which is acquired differently to the other.

Woo Beans:
Green colored beans usually earned as loots from defeating (bean-type) enemies, and even sharpeas (spiked enemies) found around the Beanbean Castle Town. Probably the most common one, and easiest to collect. Completing 10 of these beans would earn you a Woohoo Blend coffee in the Starbeans Cafe which will in return upgrade you HP by 2 points.

Hee Beans:
Yellow colored beans that are usually earned as prizes in mini-games found in the game such as when re-playing the Border Jump in Stardust Fields (surviving the level), in Hoohoo Village's Mysterious Mine Carts (beating the required time), in Teehee Valley in the S.S. Chuckola (barrel arranging game), in Little Fungitown's arcade shop(star 'stache smash arcade game, and later on in the game the barrel arranging game as well) and in Chucklehuck Woods' Winkle Colosseum challenge (Chuckola Bounce). Every time you set a record in these games, the quantity of the rewarded Hee Beans increases too.

Chuckle Beans:
Red colored beans that are hidden underground and are marked with an "X" impression in the ground. Scattered across the beanbean kingdom, you'll earn plenty of them while coursing through the game. Also known as hollow beans, the game has a finite amount of them laid on the ground. Not only do you get extra stat booster when you bring them to the starbeans cafe, the game records the number of beans you have found while playing, and every set percentage that you've found, you'll be rewarded in the game record shop found in Beanbean Castletown.

mario should perform the luigi Dunk and pound Luigi underground (within the "X" mark), and when Luigi pops out from it, he'll earn a Chuckle Bean.

Hoo Beans:
Brown in color and are the rarest among all types of beans. They are found mostly in hidden areas in the game, and portions that are typically unseen by or not visited due to the usual breadcrumb trailing layout of the quests/missions. If you happen to obtain the accessory "Secret Specs" (usually rewarded by Prof E.Gadd when you blend a new drink in Starbeans Cafe), you gain the ability to see hidden blocks in the game - which usually houses this type of beans. Otherwise, you'll be lucky to find one by randomly jumping around suspicious looking areas.Pleny more Hoo Beans can be also be found at the latter part of the game when you explore Joke's End and the Koopa Cruiser (ridden by Bowletta and fawful).

Lastly, there is also a surfing game found south of Oho Oasis - that awards all type of beans except Hee Beans.

Woohoo Blend (10 Woo Beans) : +2 HP
Hoohoo Blend (10 Hoo Beans) : +2 BP
Chuckle Blend (10 Chuckle Beans) : +2 Speed
Teehee Blend (10 Hee Beans) : +2 Stache
Hoolumbian (6 Woo + 4 Hoo Beans) : +2 Pow
Chuckoccino (6 Woo + 4 Chuckle Beans) : +2 Def
Teeheespresso (6 Woo + 4 Hee Beans) : +3 Random Stat

The video below shows an example farming for beans using an accessory called "Gameboy Horror SP" rewarded by Prof E.Gadd in the Starbeans Cafe after discovering all the different blends. What the accessory does is ensure you that the the enemies drop their rarest Items. Which means, Bean enemies and Sharpeas near the Beanbean kingdom will always drop woo beans upon defeating them (granted that the character that wears the accessory is the one that kills them). This means that you can actually skip bringing up your HP stat while playing the game, and focus all using your bonus stat on Pow or Stache. If by any chance you're having a difficult time earning the "Gameboy Horror SP" accessory, the "Quick Collector" accessory will do - which rewards items whenever you win battles quickly (one hit kill). Although it does not guarantee that you earn the rarest item every time. The Quick Collector is easily given to you by the record shop in Beanbean Castletown for reaching a specific record in the game(percentage of acquired hollow beans in the game probably?).

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