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Follow the dark path or use the light
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LEGO The Lord of the Rings Walkthrough and Guide



* Treasure Elven Sword - explosives needed. During Sauron fight, bomb the rocks at top-left.

* Treasure Magma Armor - spade needed. Lava area, hit rock at starting area on the left, dig up.

* Treasure Shimmering Armor - strength needed. In the area mentioned above, go to the right and pull the orange handle.

The Black Rider

* Treasure Ferryman's Hat - free play, Narsil needed. Before the first water puddle, go to the foreground to find another path that's curving. Hit the Morgul rocks and build a scarecrow.

* Treasure Soup Pot - phial needed. After first river crossing, enter the dark cave.

* Treasure Mushroom Crown - rope, Aragorn needed. Follow the steps above. Use the rope at the waterfall, use tracking item with Aragorn until you find the item.


* Treasure Rubber Duck - arrows needed. Starting location, hit the target close to the waters.

* Treasure Quill - Gimli, Aragorn needed. Before the stairs, use Gimli to smash the block on the right area. Use Aragorn to destroy the morgul block and get the tracking item, then track until you find it.

* Treasure Sun Hat - Gimli needed. During the Nazgul fight, use Gimli to smash the rocks at the upper right.

The Pass of Caradhras

* Treasure Bill's Riding Crop - Free Play needed. Gate of Moria, destroy the Morgul blocks to reveal Bill.

* Treasure Luminous Stone - explosives, Aragorn needed. Bomb the rocks on the left, follow the tracker.

* Treasure Ice Lolly - Free Play, Gollum, Frodo, Sam needed. Go to the cave indicated above, smash some rocks and dig up.

The Mines of Moria

* Treasure House Key - strength, explosives needed. Halls of Durin, bomb a pillar and pull a cart behind.

* Treasure Moria Orc's Helmet - Free Play needed. First area of the bridge, shoot the target.

* Treasure Artist's Hat - Crane at end of bridge. Use Legolas to touch the crane and pull the box. For Free Play, wait until Gandalf is done, grab item with another character.

Amon Hen

* Treasure Stop Wand - Mithril Rope, any Mithril Axe neede. After chasing off Boromir for the last time, go down and use a rope. Climb up, then smash the item with the axe.

* Treasure Arrow Helmet - strength needed. Go to the left, pull orange handle to reveal the spirit. For the ingredients:
# Fish - dig near the spirit.
# Egg - dig in the upper right corner.
# Tomato - use the rope on the hook on the left side from the path.
Combine the ingredients together, place them near the fire.

* Treasure Uruk Sword- explosives needed. Uruk-hai attack, Enter the fallen tree, bomb the pillars on the left.

Taming Gollum

* Treasure Snowman Hood- strength needed. At base of tower, jump to the left ledge and pull the orange handle, then hit the snowman.

* Treasure Rock Hat - Free Play needed. After pushing the pillar and going up the upper area, use Gimli to smash the rock.

* Treasure Fishing Rod - Story-driven.

The Dead Marshes

* Treasure Wooden Bucket - Story-driven.

* Treasure Fancy Umbrella - Shoot the target on the left side during the sneaking rounds.

* Treasure Toy Snake - explosives needed. Second sneaking area, bomb the mithril barrel at the front.

Track Hobbits

* Treasure Uruk Shield - Free Play needed. Starting area, dig up the dirt.

* Treasure Wooden Armor - Far right of the woods before the Treebeard segment, hit smaller ent creature.

* Treasure Ent Draught - Free Play needed. Treebeard segment, plant in the soil patch before the waterfall.

Warg Attack

* Treasure Giant Ancient Crown - explosives needed. Bomb the mithril statue near the King.

* Treasure Decorative Horseshoes - Free Play needed. Smash the Morgul block on the left side of the field, then follow the tracking items.

* Treasure Warg Tooth - Free Play needed. Go to the cave at the field's foreground, Hang from the vine to reveal the plant, use another character to pick up the item.

Helm's Deep

* Treasure Feathered Cap - explosives needed. Same area above, head to the right and use a rope, then smash the box.

* Treasure Ladle - explosives needed. Same area above. Smash the pot on the far left area.

* Treasure Bandages - Free Play needed. After the walls are destroyed, dig up the dig mound on the right near the broken wall.


* Treasure Goggles - explosives needed. Foreground. During start, climb up the stairs and go left. Bomb the Mithril Bricks and build up the objects.

* Treasure Bubble Pipe - Free Play needed. Foreground. Fight the first wave of orcs and climb up the pillars, go down and destroy the gate with Morgul blocks, then go down further.

* Treasure Statue Hat - Free Play needed. After the Nazgul first shows up, smash the rock with Gimli and drop down. Smash all boxes except the 3 boxes which you will put a spell into. Use a wizard to move them to the platforms.

The Secret Stairs

* Treasure Surefooted Greaves - Free Play needed. Hit the target at the start with a bow, track until you get the item.

* Treasure Muddy Armor - Free Play needed. On the second wall, destroy the rock and build up the parts.

* Treasure Spider Fang - In the tunnel after the first large area, pull thr ornage handle.

The Paths of the Dead

* Treasure Skeleton Key - At the second cave after the Morgul stairs, dig up near the skulls.

* Treasure Calcium Armor- explosives needed. At the second cave after the Morgul stairs, bomb the mithril planks on the upper right area.

* Treasure Golden Axe - strength needed. After the large open cavern, pull the orange handle on the casket.

Cirith Ungol

* Treasure Chef's Hat- explosives needed. Cooking segment.
# Wooden branches - shoot the lanterns.
# Crack the rock to make fire.
# Bomb all mithril blocks under the tables to get food items.
# Combine all ingredients at the cooking area.

* Treasure Rotten Drumstick - explosives needed. Bomb the mithril boxes located at the pool on the courtyard, fish off the pier to get the item.

* Treasure Beard Comb - strength needed. At the courtyard, open the showers with orange handle bar.

Battle of Pelennor Fields

* Treasure Glowing Shield - Free Play needed. Flying Beast fight, shoot targets on the left.

* Treasure Golden Carrot - Free Play needed. Mumakil sequence, dig up the carrot near the debris.

* Treasure Flower Hat - explosives needed. Bomb the mithril block on the back near the save statue.

The Black Gate

* Treasure Handprint Breastplate - Free Play needed. First side area, Use Sam to go back and rope down the rocks, make fire, then dig the key.

* Treasure Flaming Hat - Free Play needed. Second side area, close to the minikit above, dig up the item.

* Treasure Elven Lute - explosives, strength needed. Second side area, blow up the rocks, go inside the cavern, pull the orange handle.

Mount Doom

* Treasure Trophy Shield - Free Play needed. Before crossing the first river, hit the rocks, build the jetty, fish out the item.

* Treasure Palantir Hat - Free Play needed. After the process above, head to the right and pull orange handle.

* Treasure Magma Rock - Mithril Boxing Gloves needed. After Gollums beats Sam the second time, pull the orange handle.

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Jun 3rd 2014 Guest
when the crop was black i thought it was a mini version of balrog's fire whip and is the balrog and witchkings dragon playable?if they are are they big?or arthey mini versions just like the whip?
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