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Side Quests

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Side Quests


These missions require a treasure or a mithril item to be given to the quest giver.
Refer to the corresponding guides for the particular item required. Shown below
are the procedures on how to find the quest givers.

# Where: House near the map stone with the yellow entrance. Use Sam's
rope to open and enter.
Requires: Treasure Stop Wand
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where:House near the map stone with the blue entrance. Hit the
targets using a bow.
Requires: Treasure House Key
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Northern Bag End, yellow door with Morgul lock. Smash the
Morgul lock
Requires: Mithril Rope
Prize: Red Brick - Poo Studs

# Where: Southern Bag End, behind door with a mithril lock. Bomb the
lock using explosives.
Requires: Treasure Golden Carrot
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Entrance of the Prancing Pony.
Requires: Mithril Trowel. Story-driven.
Prize: Red Brick - Quest Finder

# Where: Home in central Bree. Rope the door to open it.
Requires: Treasure Fancy Umbrella
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Western house from the Prancing Pony.
Requires: Treasure Soup Pot
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Southwestern Bree. Bomb the door to open it
and enter the house.
Requires: Mithril Boxing Gloves
Prize: Red Brick - Mithril Brick Finder

# Where: North of the outside of the Eastern Bree gate
Requires: Treasure Mushroom Crown
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Southern Weathertop, use the Berserker to bomb
the mithril rocks blocking the cave opening.
Requires: Mithril Ice Bow
Prize: Red Brick - Regenerate Hearts

# Where: Barrow Downs
Requires: Mithril Stud Mallet
Prize: Red Brick - Minikit Chest Finder

# Where: Rivendell gate. Use a Wizard to arrange the
blocks on the northern gate area to form stairs.
Requires: Treasure Luminous Stone
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Northern Central Rivendell. North from the Map Stone.
Arrange the blocks properly so you can enter the small hatch.
Requires: Treasure Quill
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Under Elrond's home. Drop down from above.
Requires: Mithril Gloves
Prize: Red Brick - Studs x2

The Pass of Caradhras
# Where: Midway through Rivendell and Caradhras. This one
needs strength to reach the ruins.
Requires: Treasure Beard Comb
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Western Pass of Caradhras, on the larger island. Use a rope
to pull the pads, then use arrows to reach another one. Jump across
and go left on the fork, then go southeast.
Requires: Mithril Music Horn
Prize: Red Brick - Boss Disguises

# Where: Eastern Pass of Caradhras mission. Use Mithril
Boxing Gloves to open the orange handle entrance.
Requires: Treasure Magma Rock
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Western Mines of Moria. Head down to the jetty and
catch a crank in the waters, use it to open the gate and meet the
female dwarf.
Requires: Treasure Sun Hat
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Northeastern exit of Moria, use the rope to pull down a
wall and meet the dwarf.
Requires: Mithril Carrot Bow
Prize: Red Brick - Attract Studs

# Where: Lórien Ground Floor, pull the orange handle door.
Requires: Treasure Golden Axe
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Near Galadriel and Celeborn
Requires: Mithril Shockwave Axe
Prize: Red Brick - Fall Rescue

Amon Hen
# Where: Western riverbank. Head south past the boats.
Requires: Mithril Fishing Rod
Prize: Red Brick - Studs x4

# Where: Upper Amon Hen. Use the rope or an elf to reach it.
Ring the bell on the house.
Requires: Treasure Toy Snake
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Close to the waterfall near the end of Amon Hen.
Pass the western bank, jump across the pads and platforms.
Requires: Treasure Feathered Cap
Prize: Mithril Brick

The Dead Marshes
# Where: Northeastern marsh, jump from the middle.
Requires: Treasure Muddy Armor
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: South from the Map Stone
Requires: Treasure Skeleton Key
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Northern marsh area
Requires: Treasure Mithril Headdress
Prize: Red Brick - Mithril Hearts

# Where: Fangorn Forest, western road
Requires: Treasure Chef's Hat
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Guardian tower at Edoras entrance.
Climb up on the right, use a rope to pull down
the door.
Requires: Treasure Bandages
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Home left of the Hall of the King. Dig up
and grow 3 flowers close to the door.
Requires: Treasure Ent Draught
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Southern house from the Hall of the King.
Requires: Mithril Top Hat
Prize: Red Brick - Studs x6

# Where: Home right of the Hall of the King. Head to
the left side, dig up, get some water and put out the fire.
Requires: Mithril Cluster Bow
Prize: Red Brick - Disguises

Helm's Deep
# Where: Near Helm's Deep marker.
Requires: Treasure Uruk Sword
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Hornburg in Helm's Deep
Requires: Treasure Decorative Horeshoes
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Eastern Helm's Deep, head up the
steep incline to the top.
Requires: Mithril Shield
Prize: Red Brick - Studs x8

# Where: Northeastern Isengard, at the endpath.
Requires: Treasure Handprint Breastplate
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Southwestern Isengard, close to the waterfall
Requires: Mithril Music Boots
Prize: Red Brick - Fast Build

Minas Tirith
# Where: Atop Minas Tirith
Requires: Treasure Statue Hat
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Southeastern Minas Tirith walls, sound the bell.
Requires: Treasure Surefooted Greaves
Prize: Mithril Brick

Minas Morgul
# Where: Northern Osgiliath, western river area
Requires: Treasure Elven Lute
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Northern Osgiliath, eastern river area
Requires: Treasure Glowing Shield
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Southwest from Minas Morgul's Map Stone, cliffs
Requires: Mithril Fire Bow
Prize: Red Brick - Character Studs

# Where: Next to Minas Morgul, east from the Map Stone.
Shoot arrows and ropes to jump across pads.
Requires: Treasure Artist Hat
Prize: Mithril Brick

Cirith Ungol
# Where: Eastern Mount Doom
Requires: Mithril Squeak Sword
Prize: Red Brick - Studs x10

# Where: Western Cirith Ungol
Requires: Mithril Whistle Sword
Prize: Red Brick - Action Assist

# Where: Southwestern Mount Doom, shoot
arrows to holes, jump across the poles and
reach the top.
Requires: Treasure Shimmering Armor
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Mount Doom
Requires: Treasure Ice Lolly
Prize: Mithril Brick

# Where: Road between Osgiliath and Dead Marshes
Requires: Mithril Tinderbox
Prize: Red Brick - Invincibility

Cirith Ungol
# Where: Western tower of Black Gate, use an elf
to jump up the poles.
Requires: Mithril Climbing Shoes
Prize: Red Brick - 8-Bit Music

# Where: Far western Barad-dúr, smash the
cracked rock..
Requires: Treasure Bubble Pipe
Prize: Mithril Brick

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