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King of Fighters ALLSTAR Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for King of Fighters ALLSTAR

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King of Fighters ALLSTAR Walkthrough and Guide

King of Fighters ALLSTAR is a free to play action-RPG mobile game that has been available in Japan since July of 2018, and has now been released in North America. The game brings together all the characters of the KOF series up to King of Fighters XIV, it also includes limited crossover events with other franchises such as Samurai Shodown and Tekken. The game begins when you wake up in the world of King of Fighters unable to remember anything. With the help of a girl named Noah you must participate in the tournaments from The King of Fighters '94 and onwards in order to regain your memory. Check out our King of Fighters ALLSTAR Walkthrough and Guide to find out more about this fighting game.

King of Fighters ALLSTAR Walkthrough and Guide

Unlock Game Modes and Features

King of Fighters ALLSTAR is not just a fighting game, it also has an immersive storyline which you should follow as doing so will also enable you to unlock the game modes and features that can only be unlocked after beating a certain chapter in a given series.

Choose a Balanced Team

As you progress through the storyline of King of Fighers ALLSTAR earning battle rewards and perks from missions and events you will be able to recruit new fighters. It is important when putting a team together you make sure it is a balanced one which suits your preferences and play style and also takes into consideration each of the characters rarity, colour element, and fighter type as denoted by the icon on the left side of the fighters portrait.

Use 5-Star Fighters

It is more beneficial to start off with the 5-star fighters you acquire as they will need less resources to reach the max star level of 6 and will have a higher level cap to begin with. If you have yet to secure one temporarily use the best fighter on your rooster until you get one.

Selecting a Striker

Each of the three fighters you choose to be in your team can be used interchangebly in battle, they can also be partnered with a striker from among the roster of characters you have collected. Strikers can be summoned in battle to use their unique skills to help you. When choosing a striker for your fighters the attribute you should consider above all others is relation effect, this gameplay feature increases stats of all fighters in a team if a certain relation is established. You will be able to identify a striker with relation effect by the chain icon at the upper left of their portrait whenever you are selecting them.

Level Up Fighters

As you follow the storyline the fighters you use will gain experience points, these are needed to level them up so they become stronger and have more action points (AP) to use in battles. Experience points and gold can be gained from each main story battle and your action points will replenish over time.

Evolve Fighters

You can evolve each of your fighters up to 6-stars using evolution materials, the materials needed will depend on your character's colour element. As the star evolution level of a fighter gets higher, the characters stats increase and the succeeding materials become more difficult to obtain. This enchancement system costs gold so you need to consider carefully which fighters you want to invest on.

Prioritise One Fighter

Although you have a trio of fighters in King of Fighters ALLSTAR you will soon discover that the various upgrade and enhancement methods available require a lot of resources and initially you will not have enough to fully enhance one fighter. Therefore it is advised that you prioritise your top fighter and use that character to carry the team through battles.

Battle Cards

Instead of equipping your fighters with weapons and armours in King of Fighters ALLSTARS you equip them with battle cards that boost their CP and stats and also unlock an additional skill for them to use in battle. If you manage to collect a set of all 3 of a certain card and equip all on one fighter that character will recieve an additional buff. These are worthwhile getting hold of as having extra skills in combat is a huge advantage.

Getting Soul Shards

At some point the fighters you pull from summoning will be doubles of a character you already have. These can be converted to soul shards which are needed to limit break that fighter.

Extra Rubies

Pay attention to the objectives that appear at the right section of the pre-battle screen and aim to get a perfect rating on each stage by completing them as doing so will reward you with extra rubies, which are the premium currency used to summon more fighters.

Growth Mission Sidebar

The Growth Mission sidebar on the main menu will guide you through the story campaign of King of Fighters ALLSTAR. It will also offer plenty of rewards to help you progress through the game much faster so be sure to complete the Growth Mission requests as much as you can.

Boss Round

In King of Fighters ALLSTAR a supporter is a fighter you choose from a list of characters prior to a battle that is able to fight alongside you. Supporters are usually the top characters of other players which you can summon once in combat. The best time to summon a supporter is during a boss round. Make sure you tap the 'Auto-Select Recommended Supporter' to select the strongest supporter.

Finish the Bonus Stage

In each chapter of King of Fighters ALLSTAR there is a bonus stage you should always try to finish, this is relatively easy to accomplish and they offer you the opportunity to earn decent rewards. You cannot use auto mode within the bonus stages.

The Power Up Dungeon

The Power Up Dungeonn in King of Fighters ALLSTAR is a feature that holds a wide variety of dungeons to battle through to get more resources, these include gold, experience potions, cores, evolution materials, battle cards, and battle card evolution materials. As long as you have the required action points or stamina to spend there is no limit to the number of times you can go through each one. The farther you progress in the main storyline, the harder the difficulty of the dungeon.

Unlock Cores

Unlocking a fighters core will enable you to get more skills for them and upgrade the existing ones to give their stats a boost. To do this though your fighter needs to be a specific level and you must have the required gold and core materials. These can be obtained from the Power Up Dungeon, to find out which dungeon drops that material you need to go to your fighter's core page, tap a core and then tap a material.

Extra Rewards

You can obtain more rewards aside from those earned from the battles you engage in by completing the Daily Missions and Achievements. You can keep track of these by tapping on the checklist icon at the upper right side of your screen.

Check your Mailbox

Make sure you regularly check your mailbox as some of the rewards you earn like friendship points and mission rewards go to your mailbox and not directly to your inventory and can only be obtained when you claim them. You will see a notification on the mail icon above your screen when there is unclaimed rewards.

King of Fighters ALLSTAR Walkthrough and Guide

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