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Jumanji: Epic Run Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Jumanji: Epic Run

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Jumanji: Epic Run Walkthrough and Guide

Jumanji: Epic Run is a 4D Action Runner available on mobile devices that was released to coincide with the release of the movie Jumanji: The Next Level. The objective of the game is to maintain pursuit of the the thief who has stolen the sacred sacred Falcon Jewel by charging forward and fighting enemies, steering clear of hungry animals, running from stampedes, climbing mountains, avoiding avalanches, and free falling from deadly waterfalls. Check out our Jumanji: Epic Run Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

Jumanji: Epic Run Walkthrough and Guide

Level Run Basics

Regardless of which region you are in you need to make sure you collect as much gold as possible, swipe up/down or left/right to knock out your foes and always make sure you collect power-ups along the way.

Double Jump

Remember that you can jump within a lane all the way to the left or right by swiping twice in the direction you want to go. This double jump becomes particularly useful when you spot a power-up or other collectable that needs to be picked up on the lane farthest from you.


During the climbing sections of a level forget about try to collecting gold and just focus on avoiding getting hit by falling debris and getting stopped by other roadblocks.

Dune Buggy Minigame

When you have to hop into the Dune Buggy in the driving minigame make sure you try to hit every green driving lane possible so you are able to reap the best rewards.

Magnet Power-Up

The best power-up to have is the Magnet as it allows you to focus on attacking enemies while gold and bags of gold are automatically collected for you. Check out our Power Ups Guide to find out everything you need to know about the four power ups in Jumanji: Epic Run.

Character Costumes

Each character in Jumanji: Epic Run can unlock four different costumes (Standard, Vintage, Explorer, and Mountain). Each costume comes with an upgrade for the character's special ability. Don't spend gold on upgrading the ability of a certain costume as the subsequent costume you unlock will come with an improved special ability anyway.

Special Abilities

Regardless of which special ability your character has you need to make sure that while it is activated you try to collect every bag of gold possible.

Claim Treasure Chests

You can grab the treaure chests that the human enemies have in their possession by swiping over to them when you get close enough to knock them out. The treasure chests which the hyenas have over their heads are claimed by jumping in your lane over to them so you grab it and then quickly swiping back so you return to your lane. The same rule applies to the vultures that have the treasure chests underneath them except you use the slide maneuver to grab them.

Special and Legendary Chests

Try to save the gold and berries you get in Jumanji: Epic Run for Special and Legendary chest purchases so you are able to earn more of each currency type.

Earn Keys

Try to earn as many keys as possible so you fill all four chest slots with treasure chests before you log off for the day. Keys are earned by completing levels and each time you do so a new level will take its place. Treasure chests are opened at the main menu and will be filled with gold, gems, and berries, which are essential to your progress.

Earn Gems

Gems are a rare currency in Jumanji: Epic Run which can sometimes be found during level runs. The best way to earn gems is by fulfilling the requirements tied to achievements. Check out the list of achievements before each level run to see what you have yet to complete. Gems are particularly useful for when you are looking to complete a map and earn another character for doing so.

Balanced Runners

The smartest move you can make in Jumanji: Epic Run is making sure you have access to a collection of balanced runners with their best costumes. To achieve this you need to upgrade each character’s power-up boosts and special ability at every opportunity ensuring you put your gold and power-up upgrade tokens towards each one evenly.

Watch Video Advertisements

Watching video advertisements in Jumanji: Epic Run can earn you free level retries and reduce the time you need to wait to open a free chest. Never waste your berries on level retries, just rely on video advertisements and save your berries for purchasing Legendary chests.

Jumanji: Epic Run Walkthrough and Guide

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