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Game Script

by Ayelis

Vault Dweller Scripts for Fallout:Shelter, by Bethesda Softworks, LLC
Author- Ayelis
E-mail- S [dot] Mattison at Gmail [dot] Com
Version- 1.1

================ Intro ================
This script includes everything said by a vault dweller in the game, verbatim.
If anything is missing, appears wrong, or is out of place, please email me.

================ Table of Contents ================
To find a specific section, just search for the exact phrases listed below.

[Adult Dweller Dialogue]
[Children Dweller Dialogue]
[Multiple Choice Q&A Dialogue]
[Call and Response Dialogue]
[Situational Dialogue]
[Problem Dialogue]
[Wasteland Embarking Dialogue]
[Wasteland Traveling Dialogue]
[Wasteland Journal Dialogue]
[Wasteland Location Dialogue]
[Wasteland Friendly Encounters]
[Wasteland Dangerous Encounters]
[Wasteland Encounter Results]

================ Adult Dweller Dialogue ================
All systems nominal.
Anybody want to do a puzzle later?
Brrr... There's a draft coming from somewhere.
Cardio, weights, calisthenics, I can do it all!
Could things get any better? Probably not.
Did China build Vaults? Huh.
Everybody doing okay?
Faster stronger better!
Feel like I could take on the Commies bared handed!
Glad I'm in here and not out there...
Good to have some time to myself.
Great time for a workout!
Hey gang!
Hmm... Maybe we should all paint the Vault a different color.
How does that joke go again? A man and a rabbit walk into a bar...
How's everybody doing?
Huh. Thought I heard a humming in the ventilation system.
I could really go with a nice, relaxing bath.
I feel like I've been on my feet forever...
I think we should throw a party. Everybody loves parties!
I wonder what day it is. Not that it matters.
I wonder what the future will bring...
I'd whistle a tune right now... if I knew how.
I'm kind of bored. I guess I should be thankful.
I'm tired of Cram. We really need a taco night.
I've got one goal in life - to make this Vault perfect!
I've got this song stuck in my head. La la, di di do do...
If only I had the right kind of company...
If we keep expanding, we may reach China!
It's not much... but it's home.
Just another great day in the Vault.
Maybe I should take a walk outside. What's the worst that could happen?
Maybe I'll read a good book later. One of the classics.
Maybe the Overseer will send me out exploring soon...
No problems. Just the way I like it.
Nothing like feeling safe and secure.
Nothing like working up a sweat!
Oooh. I think I feel a bathroom break coming on.
Production is maximized. Good.
The Vault is kind of like a house, I guess. A big, metal, subterranean house.
Things are looking good.
Things are running smoothly.
Think I'll just relax for a bit.
Thinking of starting a Vault baseball team...
Time for a shift yet?
Time to get the blood pumping!
Was that... skittering? Darned Radroaches could be right under us.
We seem to be running at peak efficiency.
Wonder if there's enough room to play football in the Vault...
Wonder what's for dinner?

================ Children Dweller Dialogue ================
Anybody want to play checkers?
Anybody want to throw the ol' football around?
Are there any kids out there in the Wasteland?
Can you have a snowball fight during nuclear winter?
Do they play sports in the Wasteland?
Help, there's a mutant in the Vault! Just kidding!
Hey everybody! How's it going?
Hi everyone!
I bet I could make a sling shot. That would be so cool.
I bet there are mutant hamsters out in the Wasteland.
I could drink Nuka-Cola all day long.
I hope we have donuts for breakfast tomorrow.
I want to have a sleepover tonight!
I wish I had a chemistry set.
I wish more kids lived here.
I wish we had TV in here.
I wonder how many other Vaults are out there.
I wonder if I'll live in this Vault forever.
I wonder if anyone in the Wasteland still makes comics...
I wonder what it's like out in the Wasteland.
I've read Grognak #1: thirty seven times!
If I snuck outside, would anyone notice?
Maybe someone can build me a robot.
Maybe someone can find me some baseball cards.
My mom and dad are always so busy...
My mom and dad really help keep this place running!
My parents have the best jobs ever!
No school, no babysitter - this is the life!
Really wish I had a pet.
Rock, paper, scissors... shoot!
Snack time yet?
Someday I'll take the G.O.A.T. test and get to work!
Sometimes I feel the Overseer... watching me.
Sure wish I had a BB gun...
The Overseer is my hero!
The Vault is like a big, metal pillow fort!
The Vault really needs some new toys.
The grown ups are always so busy!
This is the best Vault ever!
Time for ice cream yet?
When I grow up, I'm going to explore the Wasteland!
When do I get a Pip-Boy?!
Who wants to play hide and seek?
Who wants to play hopscotch?
Wish I was old enough to gamble in the casino.
Wonder if the cafeteria has any cookies.
Wonder what the weather's like outside.

================ [Multiple Choice Q&A Dialogue] ================
Topic 1: Up for a game of cards later?
*Hmm. Maybe. But only if I can deal.
*Sure. Poker. We'll play for caps.
*No thanks. I'm going to play solitaire instead.

Topic 2: What do you think would make the scariest mutated animal?
*Oh, that's easy. A hippo. Definitely a hippo.
*Hmmm... Maybe a monkey. Those things are creepy.
*Probably a shark. With legs.

Topic 3: How many other Vaults do you think are out there?
*Other Vaults? There are other Vaults?
*You know, I've never thought about it. Our Vault is so amazing, why would I?
*I bet... two others. Maybe three. Or five hundred.

Topic 4: I've been thinking about making a cake for everyone. What flavor
 would be best?
*Chocolate. Definitely chocolate.
*Triple-layer vanilla walnut. With a coconut fondant.
*Raisinberry! Wait... is that even a real fruit?

Topic 5: Stay sharp! The Overseer's watching us!
*What? You mean now? RIGHT now?
*I know! It's a little creepy, isn't it?
*You're imagining things.

Topic 6: I wish I had a pet. What about you?
*Nah. But a robot servant would be pretty great.
*You know, I always wanted a dog.
*I'd love a chameleon. But I bet the radiation would make it all... weird.

Topic 7: If I started a Vault baseball team, would you join?
*Sure. But only if I get to play first base. That's where all the action is.
*Nah. I'm more of a croquet person myself.
*Baseball? Inside the Vault? Good luck with that.

Topic 8: Can you help with my crossword? Six-letter word.
 "Lives in the Wasteland."
*Hmmm... "Raider"? Hum...
*Oh, I know! "Corpse"!
*Try "Nitwit."

Topic 9: I'm reading this great book. It's about this school teacher
 who falls in love with a mechanic.
*Oh! I read that one. She dies at the end. It's really sad.
*I read that, too. Seven times. We really need more books...
*"Rulers and Wrenches"? Yeah, that's a good one.

Topic 10: If you could visit one famous landmark in the outside world,
 what would it be?
*Hmm... Probably that giant ball of yarn. Always did want to see that.
*Oh, the Eiffel Tower. Definitely. So romantic. Assuming, you know...
 it's still there.
*The Great Wall of China. I bet it's still standing.

Topic 11: I've been reading about the creatures of the Wasteland!
 They sound frightening!
*I know! Flies the size of dogs! Scorpions the size of cows!
 Glad I'm not out there.
*I've heard there are lots of animals with two heads. Apparently it's a theme.
*I don't know. Some of them sound kind of cute.
 Like "Yao Guai" - how bad could that be?

Topic 12: We're safe here in the Vault... Right?
*Compared to what exactly?
*Of course we are! The Overseer would never let anything
 happen to us!
*Safer than we'd be outside, that's for sure!

Topic 13: Want to listen to the radio later?
*Maybe. So long as you don't start dancing. It's kind of embarrassing.
*Okay, but no sad songs! I need to stay positive.
*Sure! Maybe we can pick up a frequency from someone on the outside...

Topic 14: If you could have any type of person come into our Vault,
 who would it be?
*Probably a renowned Swiss chocolatier. What? I like chocolate.
*A great comedian! I mean, no offense, but your jokes kind of stink.
*A famous author. They could write my biography:
 "Dweller: A Profile in Awesomeness."

Topic 15: I'm writing a new song, praising the Overseer. I need a word
 that rhymes with "great."
*How about "perambulate"?
*Oh, I know - "super amazingly great"!
*"Vertebrate"? "Stablemate"? "Encapsulate"? Or maybe just "ate."

Topic 16: Knock knock.
*Nobody's home. See what I did there?
*No. NO. Please, no "knock knock" jokes...
*Aggh! Somebody's knocking on the Vault door! It's a Raider! He'll kill us all!

Topic 17: If you could leave the Vault and go claim any kind of building
 for your home, what would it be?
*A castle. With a moat, and battlements, and a drawbridge. Oh, and dragons.
 Got to have dragons.
*Another Vault, all to myself, where nobody can ask me stupid questions.
*Um... a house? Hum...

Topic 18: I want to draw you a picture later. Any requests?
*No thanks. I've seen your drawings...
*Aw, that's so sweet of you. How about a lighthouse?
*A drawing of the Overseer. Now THAT would be something...

Topic 19: Hey, did you hear what they were talking about last night?
*I know! I can't believe she did that! The nerve of some people.
*Oh, you mean that, er... situation? With the thing? Oh, I heard all right.
*I didn't, no. But that's okay. Unlike some people,
 I don't like to spread gossip...

Topic 20: Is it true what they're saying? About... you know who?
*Sure is. And he seemed like such a nice guy.
*I really hope not. I hate the idea of living in the same Vault
 with a person like that.
*What? No! Of course it isn't true! Really, you can't believe
 everything you hear...

Topic 21: If it were safe to leave the Vault, and live on the outside,
 would you ever want to?
*Nope. Never. I love living in the Vault. This is my home... and always will be.
*Well, maybe. But it depends on what they have out there. Carnivals?
 Street car races? Cotton candy? I mean, it would have to be worth it.
*Ha! Like it will ever be safe out there...

Topic 22: Hey, I just wanted to say... I really appreciate everything you
 do for the Vault.
*Oh my goodness! Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you do, too.
*Oh. Well. Um... Isn't that... sweet?
*Finally, somebody recognizes how invaluable I am!

Topic 23: Wow. Heck of a day, huh?
*You can say that again.
*Tell me about it. Life in the Vault, huh?
*Right? But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Topic 24: I think for dinner I'll have a big steak. What about you?
*Probably just something quick. Maybe a bowl of Sugar Bombs.
*Oh, I could eat Fancy Lads Snack Cakes for any meal. In fact, I usually do.
*Same thing I have for dinner every night - a can of Pork 'n Beans
 and an ice cold Nuka-Cola.

Topic 25: Want to play a game later? Checkers or something?
*Checkers? What are we, ten years old? We'll play chess.
*Sure! That sounds like fun!
*Oh, maybe. I'll check my duty schedule and get back to you.

Topic 26: Is it drafty in here, or is it just me?
*You know, I think it is. Someone needs to check the seals on the Vault door.
*It's just you.
*The environmental controls may be on the fritz again. Can't say I'm surprised.

Topic 27: Who do you think would win in a fight, a lumberjack with
 tentacle arms, or a shark riding a unicycle?
*Depends. What color is the unicycle?
*Hmmm. I mean, it's hard to beat a shark. But lumberjacks are
 really tough. I just can't decide.
*Why do they have to fight? Why can't they just be friends and go grab coffee?

Topic 28: I hear you've been doing great work lately.
*Really? That's so great to hear. Thank you!
*From who? The Overseer? Has the Overseer been talking about me?!
*Oh, you know, I just do the best I can. If it helps the Vault, it helps us all.

Topic 29: I was wondering - what's your favorite kind of pizza?
*Why the classic, of course - pepperoni.
*I prefer a Hawaiian Mongolian Neapolitan blend. But no anchovies.

Topic 30: Want to play catch later?
*Sure. Football or baseball?
*I never learned how to catch. But you should see me throw!
*Not really. But you want to kick the soccer ball around instead?

================ Call and Response Dialogue ================
    Have you ever actually seen the Overseer?
    No, but I do always get the sense that someone's watching me...

    Home sweet home.
    If you say so.

    I need to remember to stock the fridge with Nuka-Cola.
    And beer. Don't forget beer.

    I really wish we had a Mr. Handy.
    Yeah, but a Mr. Gutsy would be way more fun.

    I think that steam is making me lightheaded.
    You're imagining things. Then again, maybe that's because of the steam.

    I think the room needs a rug. Maybe there's one in storage.
    Good idea. My feet get so cold in the morning.

    I was thinking of hanging up some paintings.
    Oh, good idea. Maybe cats. Or ships. Or cats on ships.

    I wish I had a yoga mat in here.
    A what now?

    I wish we had some plants in here.
    Maybe Hydroponics can grow some gardenias.

    I'm too lazy to go to the Cardio Room. I wish we had a treadmill in here.
    You... do see the irony in that statement. Don't you?

    If I started a Knitting League, think anyone would sign up?
    They'd be crazy not to!

    If we lived outside, I'd have servants.
    If you lived outside, you'd be dead.

    It's so good to have some free time to talk.
    Actually, I just want to relax, so... Ssssshhhh.

    My feet are killing me. I should probably sit down.
    Just please don't take off your shoes.

    Sometimes, I imagine this room is actually a giant mansion, on 50 acres.
    Sometimes I imagine I'm not living with a crazy person.

    The sofa needs repairs. I keep sinking into the cushions.
    Maybe there's a new one in the Wasteland. Well, not a new one...

    Think I should paint the room?
    Maybe. But no yellow. I hate yellow.

    Think we'll ever get to live outside the Vault?
    Maybe. But why would you want to?

    Want to play some cards?
    Maybe later.

    You think that camera sees... everything?
    I sure hope not!

================ Situational Dialogue ================
Happiness > 75%:
    Another wonderful day in the Vault!
    Could I get any happier? Nope.
    Everything is just... perfect.
    I feel a sense of... bliss.
    I love my life!
    I really hope everyone else is as happy as I am.
    I'm just so happy I could burst! But don't worry... I won't.
    I'm so happy I could pinch myself.
    If joy is a state of mind, then my state of mind is great!
    Life is great!
    Life just couldn't get any better.
    Looks like I turned my frown upside down permanently!
    My life is so awesome.
    Not a care in the world!!
    What a great day!

Enjoying their assignment:
    Best. Job. EVER.
    Could I get any stronger? Probably not!
    Don't worry you've got ME on the job.
    Every day's a good day when I'm on the job!
    Hard work is happy work!
    Have I mentioned recently how much I love my job?
    Hope there's a chance for overtime!
    I can turn anything into drinkable water! Anything...
    I can't imagine doing anything else in the Vault.
    I could sling drinks all day!
    I have achieved the perfect mixture! I'm a soda genius!
    I have the perfect work assignment. Thanks, Overseer!
    I knew being a total gun nut would come in handy some day!
    I'm so good, I could contact China. If it's, you know... still there.
    I'm the fittest person in this Vault. And always will be.
    If I can't heal you, nobody can!
    If I weren't working here, production wouldn't be nearly so good.
    If relaxing were a job, I'd be Employee of the Month!
    If there is someone out there, they'll sure be listening to me!
    My experiments could change all our lives for the better!
    My technical expertise keeps this place running.
    Nobody stores junk like me!
    Nobody trains harder than I do. Nobody.
    Poker or blackjack - I'm the best dealer there is!
    Preparing food is my lifelong dream!
    So glad I got assigned here!
    So great to be putting my green thumb to use!
    Tastes like spring water, thanks to me!
    That teacher of the year award is so close, I can feel it!
    The G.O.A.T. was right! This is the perfect job for me!
    The Overseer really made a smart move assigning me here.
    This place would fall apart without me.
    This really is the perfect job for me.
    This room is running at peak efficiency... thanks to me!
    To all people out in the Wasteland: We are waiting for you!
    To think, I've finally found my dream job!
    What a perfect work assignment for me...
    What can I say? I'm great at my job.
    With me on the job, this Vault will never go dark!
    With me working here, maximum efficiency is guaranteed!

Pick-up Lines:
    Are we in a vertibird? 'Cause my heart's taking off.
    Being here with you makes me feels so... special.
    Did your father sell diamonds? 'Cause you are flawless.
    Do you have a map? I'm getting lost in your eyes.
    Finally some alone time.
    I don't know how I'd get by without you.
    I find myself completely drawn to you.
    I get butterflies whenever we're together.
    I just love spending time with you.
    I really think we could have a future together.
    I really want to kiss you right now.
    I think about you all the time!
    I'd be so lonely here without you.
    I'm not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together.
    I've been thinking of you all day.
    If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.
    If I could sing, I'd totally write a song about you.
    If I seem drunk, it's only because you're so intoxicating.
    If I were a cat, I'd want to spend all: lives with you.
    If love was radiation, I'd need a box of RadAways.
    If roses still grew, I'd search the Wasteland to get you some.
    Is there a thief in the Vault? 'Cause you stole my heart.
    It is getting warm in here, or is it just me?
    It's so great to see you.
    Seriously, could you get any cuter?
    We make such a cute couple.
    What would I do without you?
    You always make me smile.
    You have beautiful eyes.
    You make me feel like dancing.
    You must be a genie, because you're making my dreams come true.
    You think maybe... I could call you baby?
    You're like cholesterol, always messin' with my heart.
    You're so attractive.
    You're so sweet.
    You're the apple of my eye.
    You're the loveliest person I know.

    Being a parent is such a big responsibility. Good thing I'm great at it!
    Children are like chocolates! You can never have too many!
    Children are the future of this Vault.
    Could my child BE more wonderful?
    Having kids means keeping our Vault going... forever!
    I just love my kid so much...
    I'm not saying I have the best kid in the Vault, but... I totally do.
    It's so comforting to know my child will grow up here in the Vault.
    My child is so perfect, I feel sorry for every other parent in here.
    My kid's a little angel.
    One day my perfect kid will grow into a perfect adult!
    Reproducing isn't just fun. It's our responsibility.
    Someday, my awesome kid will be an awesome worker!
    Where's that child of mine? Bringing joy to the whole Vault, I'm sure!

================ Problem Dialogue ================
Lost a bit of HP:
    Hmm. Not feeling too great...
    I could really use some rest.
    I need to take better care of myself...
    I really need a breath of fresh air. Oh wait.
    I think I'm coming down with something.
    Ugh. Not feeling that well...

Mid HP:
    Anybody got a Stimpak?
    I feel awful.
    I feel terrible.
    I need a sick day.
    I think I need to lie down... for an hour or three...

Low HP:
    Goodbye, cruel world!
    I need a Stimpak!
    I need a doctor! This is an emergency!
    I'm dying! Somebody help me!
    I'm headed towards the light...
    Life... flashing before my eyes...

A little Radiation:
    Feeling kind of dizzy...
    I feel nauseous.
    I think I'm going to throw up...
    Is my... nose bleeding?
    So... weak...

Excessive Radiation:
    Aggh! My fingernails are falling off!
    I could really use a RadAway!
    Is that a hand... growing out of my stomach?!
    My skin's starting to glow!
    Someone help! I don't want to become a Ghoul!

Resolved problems:
    Stimpak: I feel so much better!
    RadAway: Phew! I really needed that!
    Rushed room: We maximized production! Great work!
    Failed rush: Oh no! Critical production failure!

Power Outages:
    Oh no! Blackout! The room's offline until we get more power!
    There isn't enough power! We need more!
    This room's useless unless we generate more power!
    We can't use the room! There's not enough power!
    We've gone dark! We need more power!

Reproduction difficulties:
    But this is biologically impossible!
    Nothing like hanging out at home with my family.
    We can't start a family. There's no more room in the Vault.

Low charismatic radio announcers:
    Hello? Is anyone out there?
    I don't think anyone is listening.

Unhappy banter:
    Anyone ever tell you you're like an experiment gone??
    Don't you have someplace else to be? Like out in the Wasteland?
    I'd drown them in a water tank if I could get away with it...
    I'd lock you in storage if I could. Forever.
    I'm just here to learn. Not put up with this know-it-all.
    I'm tempted to kill you, but they'd probably save your life.
    If I could, I'd grow a Venus flytrap to eat you alive.
    If only I had the endurance to deal with idiots like you.
    If only we had the technology to remove the impurities from... you.
    Look who's here to show off. Again.
    Maybe I can send out an S.O.S. and get saved from your stupidity.
    No amount of alcohol can make me like you.
    No amount of sugar can sweeten our relationship. I despise you.
    Oh great. It's... you.
    Seriously? We have to work together?
    Someone get this incompetent imbecile out of here.
    Take a hike. You're ruining my luck.
    The incompetence of some people...
    The temptation to grab a weapon and shoot you is overwhelming.
    This is serious work we're doing in here. So why are you here?
    Ugh. Just go away. I'm losing my appetite.
    Yes, yes. You're super strong and awesome. We get it.

Dead dwellers:
    At least they passed away peacefully, at home.
    Can somebody please get this corpse out of here?
    Get that corpse out of here! It'll contaminate everything!
    Great, now we're short staffed.
    Hey, more fertilizer! Too soon?
    Hey you! No slacking on the production line!
    I hope they at least donated their body to science.
    I'd take care of the body myself, but the smell might be a bit much.
    Looks like I've got a eulogy to broadcast.
    Must have been a heck of a workout.
    Oh, a corpse! Isn't that pleasant.
    Smells like something died in here... Oh.
    So it is possible to exercise too much...
    So much for the finest medical care Vault-Tec could provide.
    Someone lacked endurance, am I right?
    That has GOT to be a health violation.
    That's one way to gain all the knowledge in the universe.
    They're dead! Was it a weapons malfunction?
    We've got a serious sanitation problem in here!
    Well, you know what they say. You can't take it with you.
    What were they drinking? I'll have a double.
    Worked till they dropped. Such dedication!
    Working next to a dead body. Not great for my productivity...

================ Wasteland Embarking Dialogue ================
Ah. So that's why they call it the Wasteland.
All right, Wasteland. Here I come!
And I'm off!
Away we go!
Come on Wasteland show me what you've got!
Finally, some fresh air.
Here we go.
Hope I can find my way back.
I guess I'll head... that way.
I really don't want to get eaten out here...
I will not return a failure. I will not return a failure...
I won't stray too far. Just in case.
I wonder how far I can get on foot?
I wonder what's left?
I'll grab just as much as I can carry, then head back.
I'll make the Vault proud. They'll see.
I'm bound to run into somebody sooner or later.
I'm ready for anything.
If I die out here, they'll never know...
If I find just one box of Sugar Bombs, it'll be worth it.
It's brighter than I expected.
Maybe I should have dropped some bread crumbs.
Maybe I'm not cut out for exploring after all.
My feet hurt already.
Okay, this is kind of... depressing.
Okay. I can do this.
Once more unto the breach!
Starting to regret coming out here.
Super Mutants are just a myth... right?
That way looks promising.
The Vault's counting on me. I've got to push on.
There's got to be something out here.
This doesn't seem so bad.
This is so exciting!
This isn't so bad. Maybe we should all leave the Vault...
This way looks as good as any.
This way looks promising.
Thought I'd never get out of there.
Wow, is it always this hot out here?
Yep. Everything's destroyed.

================ Wasteland Traveling Dialogue ================
A crossroads. Left or right? I guess I'll go right.
A crossroads. Left or right? Let's try left.
A drained swimming pool filled with skeletons. Lovely.
A fork in the road. Guess I'll go left.
A fork in the road. Guess I'll go right.
A rusty old playground. So sad.
A shower is going to feel so great when I get home.
All this walking is murder on my feet.
Am I talking to myself? I think I am. Uh oh.
An old coffee shop. Sure could go for a cup of joe right about now.
An old elementary school. Wow, that's not depressing at all...
An old fire station. Even they couldn't stop the world from burning.
An old hospital. Looks like it's been picked clean.
An old, crashed vertibird. From the Army, before the war.
Another rusty old car.
Broken branches. Something passed through here.
Calves, thighs, knees - they're all hurting.
Clouds on the horizon. Hope it doesn't rain.
Could be something over there.
Fresh tracks. Animal, or... worse?
Fresh tracks. Can't tell what made them.
Good thing I'm wearing sensible footwear!
Guess I'll go this way.
Guess I'll head east for a bit.
Guess I'll head north for a bit.
Guess I'll head south for a bit.
Guess I'll head west for a bit.
Hard to imagine people actually living out here.
Hasn't been a touchdown in that old football field in two hundred years.
Have I started talking to myself? I can't tell.
Hello? Anybody out here?
Hello? Can anybody hear me?
Hmm. Something over there? Mm...
Hmm... Broken plants. Someone pass by here?
Hmm? Something over there? Mm...
I bet this neighborhood was nice once.
I can feel my heart racing.
I hear chanting. Probably some crazy cult. Better keep my distance.
I really should be drawing a map.
I sense danger everywhere...
I think that building was... a hotel? An apartment complex?
I won't give in to my fear. I won't give in to my fear.
I'd be totally lost without my Pip-Boy.
I'd whistle a tune, but my mouth is too dry.
I'll climb that ridge and get the lay of the land.
I'll cut through this destroyed building.
I'll follow this road, see where it goes.
I'll head back to the Vault. But not yet. Not yet...
I'll head that way. Might be something interesting.
I'll keep going this way.
I'm a bundle of nerves...
I'm going to have such blisters tomorrow...
I'm going to need such a bath when I get home.
I've got to keep moving.
If I get lost out here, I'm in serious trouble.
If the others could only see how bad it is for themselves...
Is someone following me?
Is old Nuka-Cola factory? Too bad it's destroyed.
It sure gets lonely out here.
It's quiet. Too quiet.
Just being out here gives me an adrenaline rush!
Just got to keep moving forward.
Legs are cramping. But I must go on.
Let me just climb over this rubble...
Looks like a lake. Definitely don't want to go swimming in THAT.
Looks like a trail of paint. Oh, wait. Nope. That's blood.
Looks like an old store. Wonder what they sold?
Looks like debris from an old plane crash.
Maybe I'll head this way for awhile.
My Pip-Boy sure is coming in handy out here.
My soles are wearing out.
Need to bring supplies back to the Vault. Focus on that...
Need to control my breathing. Stay calm.
Never knew I could sweat so much!
Now I know how Hansel and Gretel felt.
Now that is one big house. Still couldn't stop an atomic bomb.
Nowhere to go but straight ahead.
Oh good, this road slopes downwards. Easier on the legs.
Oh look, an old baseball diamond. Nobody's run those bases in a long time.
Oh look, an old bus stop. Sure wish I could catch a ride.
Oh, that's a nice little house. Or at least it was.
Okay, I'll admit it. I'm terrified.
On the ground. Is that dried... blood?
Ouch! Leg cramp!
Ow, my aching feet...
Ow. Rock in my shoe.
People actually live out here? Ugh.
Pew! I stink.
Should I go east?
Should I go north?
Should I go south?
Should I go that way? Hmmm. No, I'll go this way.
Should I go west?
Should I head back to the Vault? Maybe in a bit.
Sky looks funny over there. Storm might be coming.
Smoke on the horizon. Could be a campfire. Or something else...
So much dust and grime everywhere.
Some old department store. No clothes left.
Sure wish I had a traveling buddy.
Sweat in my eyes. Ouch.
That hill looks like a good vantage point.
The Overseer made the right choice, choosing me for this.
The Vault is counting on me. I won't let them down.
The longer I'm out here, the more danger I'm in.
The more supplies I bring back to the Vault, the better.
The wind is whistling. Sounds like voices.
These tracks - human, or something else?
Think I'll go down this path.
Think I'll head that way for awhile.
This path looks good.
This sure is good exercise, if nothing else.
This way looks as good as any other.
Those buildings have completely fallen into the street.
Thought I saw something...
Time for a break? Maybe later.
Time to turn back? Nah.
Traveling alone sure is, well... lonely.
What was that sound?
What was that?
When I get back to the Vault, they'll hail me as a hero!
Whoa! I tripped over some rubble.
Wind's picking up...
Wonder if someone will give me a massage when I get back.
Wonder what's over there.
Your eyes start to play tricks on you out here.

================ Wasteland Journal Dialogue ================
Explorer's journal. New Entry.

A Ghoul is an irradiated human. Disfigured.
A yao guai is a fierce, mutated bear.
Always thirsty. Need to stay hydrated.
Bottle caps accepted as currency everywhere.
Cars litter the roads. None drivable.
Everyone is armed. Guns are commonplace.
Everywhere I look, death. Suffering. And... hope.
Fancy Lads snack cakes provide excellent sustenance.
Fashion is dead. You wear what keeps you alive.
Feral Ghouls are basically zombies. Must avoid.
Food is scarce. Some resort to cannibalism.
Getting hungry. Craving Salisbury Steak.
Giant ants are, indeed, giant ants.
I've seen children, families. Life goes on.
In the Wasteland, trust can get you killed.
It's gone. It's all gone.
Law and order are things of the past.
Life thrives where it can out here.
Lock picking is an essential skill for gaining access.
Many buildings remain. Damage extensive.
Many functional computer terminals. Hacking a necessity.
Marriage is not uncommon. You can't kill love.
Medical training is essential for survival.
Mole rats are NOT cute...
Most water undrinkable. Too much radiation.
Music, painting, dance. Art and culture survive.
Old buildings have supplies, but they're often guarded.
Old religions mostly gone, replaced by cults.
Radroaches. They really can survive anything.
Radscorpion. Stinger plus claws equals death.
Raiders are everywhere. Stealing. Murdering.
Slavers prey on the weak. My heart breaks.
So many skeletons. The world is a grave.
Societal infrastructure is completely dismantled.
Some pre-war food is still edible. Preservatives.
Some pre-war robots remain, but programming often faulty.
Super Mutants hate humans. They'll kill on sight.
TVs don't work, but radio broadcasts are common.
The Brotherhood of Steel favors technology. Worships it.
The Wasteland is a cruel, inhospitable place.
The flora and fauna all seem pretty... weird.
The military is gone. Replaced by mercenaries.
The world is still largely irradiated.
Training with a variety of guns is a must.
Whoever chose the name "Deathclaw" wasn't kidding.

================ Wasteland Location Dialogue ================
Came upon/Discovered/Found/Located/Reached/Stumbled across... old, abandoned Broadcasting Tower.
Attempting to find a way into the Broadcasting Tower.
-On Failure:
The entrance to the Broadcasting Tower is totally barricaded.
 There's no way in.
-On Success:
I found an unlocked door into the Broadcasting Tower.
 There was a supply cache inside.

...a group of Raiders, looking for someone to terrorize.
Trying to hide from the Raiders.
-On Failure:
The Raiders spotted me! I had to run.
-On Success:
I successfully hid from the Raiders. That was close. Abandoned Shack.
Searching the Abandoned Shack.
-On Failure:
There's nothing in the Abandoned Shack. Time to move on.
-On Success:
I found a hidden box of supplies! old Refrigerator. Could be something inside.
Trying to pry open the Refrigerator door.
-On Failure:
The Refrigerator door is jammed shut. I couldn't get it open.
-On Success:
I got the Refrigerator open. There were some supplies inside.

...a locked Safe.
Attempting to open the Safe.
-On Failure:
I just don't have the skill to open the Safe. I'll never know what's inside...
-On Success:
I cracked the Safe! Looks like there there's some good stuff inside...

...a Super Duper Mart.
Trying to unlock the door to the Super Duper Mart.
-On Failure:
I just can't pick the lock. I'll have to leave the Super Duper Mart behind.
-On Success:
Got the door open and explored the Super Duper Mart. I stocked up on supplies.

...a small group of escaped Slaves.
The Slaves are on the run, after killing their owner.
-On Failure:
The Slaves don't trust me. They ran away.
-On Success:
The Slaves recognized me as friendly. We chatted for a bit, then they moved on.

...a well-guarded Slave Camp.
Attempting to liberate the Slaves.
-On Failure:
The Slave Camp is too well guarded. Those poor people. I just can't help them
on my own.
-On Success:
I helped a dozen slaves escape. To freedom!

...a deserted Gas Station.
Exploring the Gas Station.
-On Failure:
The Gas Station has been picked clean. Even the fusion tanks are empty.
-On Success:
I found some unopened crates in a storage closet.

...what appears to be an Abandoned Diner.
Nobody's had a meal here in a long, long time.
-On Failure:
I found evidence of Raiders in the Abandoned Diner. Better leave while I can.
-On Success:
I found a working coffee machine! Maybe just one cup...

...what seems to be an old National Guard Depot.
The location looks secure, but I might be able to find a way in.
-On Failure:
A second floor window looked promising, but I couldn't reach it.
-On Success:
I managed to enter and explore the National Guard Depot.

================ Wasteland Friendly Encounters ================

...a Fugitive Slave.
The Fugitive Slave was shot in the leg. He can't get much farther.
-On Failure:
The Slave's leg is gangrenous. There's nothing I can do.
-On Success:
I patched up the Slave's Leg. He's back on the run. I wish him the best.

...a Wounded Sheriff.
Trying to treat the Wounded Sheriff. He's in a lot of pain.
-On Failure:
So much blood. I can't stop it. I'm afraid the Sheriff doesn't
 have much longer.
-On Success:
I stopped the bleeding and calmed him down. Looks like he's going to make it.

...a Traveling Ghoul.
The Ghoul is ugly, but not feral. In fact, she seems pretty friendly.
-On Failure:
I guess I'm not as charming as I thought. The Ghoul refuses to talk to me.
-On Success:
The Ghoul gave me supplies... and some much needed friendship.

...a Wandering Merchant.
The Merchant is interested in bartering.
-On Failure:
I pushed my luck. The Merchant didn't like the deal I proposed.
-On Success:
We struck a deal, and parted on good terms.

...a Group of Talon Company Mercs.
The Talon Company Mercs are wary, but not hostile.
-On Failure:
The Talon Company Mercs drew their guns and told me to leave. I did.
-On Success:
I put the Talon Company Mercs at ease. We traded stories, and parted
 as friends.

...a Hunter.
The Hunter needs help tracking a Yao Guai.
-On Failure:
I couldn't locate the Yao Guai. The Hunter thinks I'm completely incompetent.
-On Success:
I helped the Hunter locate and kill the Yao Guai.

...a Drunken Drifter.
The Drunken Drifter wants to share a drink.
-On Failure:
The Drunken Drifter thought I took too big a gulp. He left angry,
 and took his bottle.
-On Success:
The Drunken Drifter passed out. More for me!

...a Brotherhood Patrol.
Trying to convince the Brotherhood Patrol that I'm harmless.
-On Failure:
The Brotherhood Patrol doesn't trust me. They ordered me to leave,
 or they'd open fire.
-On Success:
The Brotherhood Patrol took pity on me and gave me some supplies.

...a Lost Farmer. He's tired and scared.
I'm guiding the Lost Farmer back to the nearest settlement.
-On Failure:
I couldn't find the settlement. Now the Lost Farmer is even worse off
 than before.
-On Success:
I successfully brought the Lost Farmer to the settlement. He's safe now.

...a Malfunctioning Mister Handy.
He's in need of repair, but I may be able to do it.
-On Failure:
Nope. I was wrong. Repairing the Mister Handy is way too technical for me.
-On Success:
I managed to repair the Mister Handy. He told me a pretty funny joke
 in exchange.

================ Wasteland Dangerous Encounters ================
The [Creature Name] is moving in, ready to attack.


...a Savage Dog, snarling angrily.
I've got to kill this Savage Dog before it kills me!
-On Failure:
The Savage Dog bit me in the leg! Time to hobble away!
-On Success:
I did it. The Savage Dog is dead.

...a hideous little Mole Rat.
One Mole Rat? It's as good as dead!
-On Failure:
The Mole Rat chewed through my boot! Time to go before I lose a foot!
-On Success:
The Mole Rat has been killed.

...a Bloatfly, buzzing dangerously close.
Time to swat this Bloatfly like the insect it is!
-On Failure:
I wasn't prepared for the Bloatfly's sting! Time to run!
-On Success:
I killed the Bloatfly and it exploded into a thousand pieces. Disgusting.

...a disgusting Radroach.
I'll squash this Radroach, no problem!
-On Failure:
The Radroach is too fast. I've had enough!
-On Success:
I squashed the Radroach, no problem.

...a terrifying Yao Guai!
The Yao Guai is charging! It thinks I'm lunch!
-On Failure:
I was crazy to take on this Yao Guai! Hopefully I can get away!
-On Success:
It was a tough fight, but I killed the Yao Guai.

...a wandering Feral Ghoul.
This Feral Ghoul is out of its mind! It's lunging at me!
-On Failure:
The Feral Ghoul is stronger than he looks! I'm out of here!
-On Success:
I killed the Feral Ghoul. It was him or me.

...a Giant Ant.
The Giant Ant's antennae are quivering. It moves in for the kill!
-On Failure:
The Giant Ant gave me a vicious arm wound! I'm running!
-On Success:
I've got some cuts and bruises, but the Giant Ant is dead.

...a Scavenger's Dog, sniffing for salvage.
I don't see the Scavenger, but his Dog is circling, ready to bite!
-On Failure:
The Scavenger's Dog is too tough! I can't beat it!
-On Success:
I killed the Scavenger's Dog. Sad, but I had no choice.

...a Giant Worker Ant.
The Giant Worker Ant is coming my way, pincers ready!
-On Failure:
The Giant Worker Ant is relentless! It's no use trying to fight!
-On Success:
The Giant Worker Ant is dead. That was a close one.

...a Radscorpion.
I don't know how I'm going to kill this Radscorpion, but I have to try!
-On Failure:
The Radscorpion nearly impaled me with its stinger! Enough of this!
-On Success:
I killed the Radscorpion. I can hardly believe it.

...a Giant Soldier Ant.
The Giant Soldier Ant sees me as a threat! It's attacking!
-On Failure:
The Giant Soldier Ant wounded me! I'm bleeding... and running!
-On Success:
It was a tough fight but I managed to kill the Giant Soldier Ant.

...a Fire Ant Soldier.
A Fire Ant Soldier? Not like it can actually shoot fire. Time to attack!
-On Failure:
The Fire Ant Soldier set my clothes on fire! I can't beat this thing!
-On Success:
One Fire Ant Soldier... extinguished!

...a Guard Dog, watching the area.
The Guard Dog won't let me pass. I'll have to kill it to get by!
-On Failure:
The Guard Dog really doesn't want me to pass! Time to back off!
-On Success:
I killed the Guard Dog before it could alert anyone to my presence.

...a Fire Ant Warrior.
Never thought I'd be afraid of an insect, but this Fire Ant Warrior
 means business!
-On Failure:
The Fire Ant Warrior burned me pretty badly! Time to run and recover!
-On Success:
I barely managed to kill the Fire Ant Warrior.

...a barnacle-encrusted Mirelurk.
This Mirelurk is nothing but a crab cake on legs! Time for a snack!
-On Failure:
The Mirelurk nearly took my head off with its claws! I'm running!
-On Success:
The Mirelurk is armored everywhere but the face, so I used that
 to my advantage. It's dead.

...a psychotic Feral Ghoul Roamer.
Uh oh! That Feral Ghoul Roamer is shambling toward me!
-On Failure:
The Feral Ghoul Roamer attacked in a frenzy! I had to run!
-On Success:
That's one Feral Ghoul Roamer whose roaming days are done.

...a Giant Radscorpion.
A Giant Radscorpion? As if the normal ones aren't bad enough!
 This might be the end!
-On Failure:
I can't possibly fight this Giant Radscorpion and live! Time to go!
-On Success:
I'm not quite sure how I managed it, but the Giant Radscorpion is dead.

...a Mirelurk Hunter.
I hope I can handle this Mirelurk Hunter! It's coming at me fast!
-On Failure:
The Mirelurk Hunter was too fast for me! It was run or die!
-On Success:
The Mirelurk Hunter became the hunted. It's dead.

...a Vicious Dog, ripping apart a corpse.
The Vicious Dog has my scent now! He won't stop till one of us is dead!
-On Failure:
The Vicious Dog bit me before I could react! I'm hurt and running!
-On Success:
It was close, but I killed the Vicious Dog.

...a repulsive Centaur.
The Centaur is crawling towards me! I don't think it wants a hug!
-On Failure:
The Centaur is as dangerous as it is ugly! I'd better run!
-On Success:
I put the Centaur out of its misery.

...a dangerous Feral Ghoul Reaver.
This Feral Ghoul Reaver will rip me apart if I'm not careful!
-On Failure:
The Feral Ghoul Reaver was just way too strong to beat! I barely escaped alive!
-On Success:
It was a nasty fight, but the Feral Ghoul Reaver is dead.

...a deadly Deathclaw.
How can I possibly survive against this Deathclaw?!
-On Failure:
Fighting a Deathclaw? I must have been out of my mind! I've got to run!
-On Success:
I killed the Deathclaw! That was way too close... Enclave Deathclaw.
Enclave Deathclaws are trained to kill - this will be a fight to the death!
-On Failure:
The Enclave Deathclaw is trained to kill anything in its path! I have to run!
-On Success:
I killed the Enclave Deathclaw. At least now it's free.

...a Super Mutant.
This Super Mutant sees all humans as weak - he'll try to kill me for sure!
-On Failure:
No way I can defeat this Super Mutant! Time to make my escape!
-On Success:
killed the Super Mutant.

...a Super Mutant Master.
A Super Mutant Master! This guy's no joke... but I'm ready!
-On Failure:
Turns out fighting a Super Mutant Master is a pretty stupid idea! Got to run!
-On Success:
I'm beaten and bloodied, but the Super Mutant Master is dead.

...a Super Mutant Overlord.
The Super Mutant Overlord is one of the strongest of its kind!
 I'll be lucky to survive!
-On Failure:
The Super Mutant Overlord is way too tough! I've got to try and escape!
-On Success:
We went toe-to-toe, but the Super Mutant Overlord is finally dead.

...a gigantic Super Mutant Behemoth.
A Super Mutant Behemoth? Seriously? This is like fighting a building!
-On Failure:
Defeating this Super Mutant Behemoth is impossible! Escape is my only option!
-On Success:
I did it. I killed the Behemoth. I think I'm in shock...

================ Wasteland Encounter Results ================
Suffered [N] damage.
Earned [N] XP.
Found [X].
Also found [Y].
Suffered [N] points of radiation damage.