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Fallout Shelter Android Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on Android. If you have any cheats or tips for Fallout Shelter please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : iPhone/iPad

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Vital Resources

The three vital resources in the game are food, water, and power so it is important that you keep a close eye on the rooms that produce them.

Objective Rewards

Below is a list of objectives that can be completed to earn the corresponding reward.

Sell 2 Weapons or Outfits: 50 Caps

Sell 1 Weapon or Outfit: 25 Caps

Collect 5 Weapons: 150 Caps

Collect 50 Water: Lunchbox

Collect 2,000 Water: Lunchbox

Collect 50 Food: 25 Caps

Collect 100 Food: 50 Caps

Collect 2,000 Food: Lunchbox

Collect 100 Power: 50 Caps

Equip 1 Dweller with an Outfit: Lunchbox

Raise the Endurance of 5 Dwellers: Lunchbox

Send 1 Dweller to the wasteland: 25 Caps

Send 3 Dwellers to the wasteland: 100 Caps

Raise any 'Special' stat of 9 Dwellers: 220 Caps

Successfully Rush 1 Room: Lunchbox

Have 10 ..

Item Rarity

Make a note of the colour of the items found by your explorers in the wasteland as this indicates their rarity. Normal items are green, rare items are blue, and unique items are yellow.


To ensure you get the most production out of your workers you must make sure they are happy. Place workers whose happiness has gone down in the social rooms to make them happy again.


Prevent radiation spreading by not allowing anyone who has it to enter your vault.

Special Stats

When deciding which room you are going to put each dweller make sure you look at ther Special stats so you can place them accordingly.


Tap the Pipboy icon at the lower right corner of the screen to display it's menu and then select the crates icon. This will take you to your storage where you can then sell any outfits, weapons, and items that are not currently equipped.

Similar Rooms

Try to place similar rooms next to each other whenever possible as doing this will give you bonuses in production.


Dwellers that have high 'Luck' and 'Endurance' should be sent out into the wasteland as having those two attributes will enable them to find better items.

Early Strategy

The best strategy when you begin the game is to focus on the simplest objectives first so you can earn more caps and build out your vault.


You can increase the chances of Dwellers romancing and having babies by placing extra people in the living quarters.

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