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Tier Guide and Best Immortals Guide

Infinity Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Infinity Kingdom Tier Guide and Best Immortals Guide

Our Infinity Kingdom Tier Guide and Best Immortals Guide is a useful reference for players who are looking to find the best characters to use in the game. Keep in mind that it is also important to understand that you need to continually increase the levels of heroes in order to unlock capabilities and maximize their potential. The characters listed below in the Best Heroes section we feel is the best immortals in the game.

S Tier Immortals

These are the best immortals in Infinity Kingdom overall, they can be used with any type of troops and will buff all your soldiers regardless. You should invest heavily in these immortals if you are lucky to draw any of them. Even with only 1 skill unlocked, these immortals will influence battles considerably.

Leonidas, King of Sparta

- Leonidas, King of Sparta
- Genghis Khan, The First Great Khan
- Atilla the Hun, Scourge of God
- Alexander the Great, Conqueror of the World
- William I, William the Conqueror
- Baldwin IV, Leper King
- Charles the Great, Father of Europe
- Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood Countess
- Hannibal Barca, Father of Strategy
- Siegfried, Dragon Slayer
- Gilgamesh, Hero King of Sumeria
- Flavius Belisarius, Mediterranean Conqueror
- Qin Emperor, Unifying Ruler
- Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile
- Theodora, Empress of Eastern Rome

A-Tier Immortals

These are the best immortals that are dedicated to a specific type of troop. For them to be reach their full capabilities in battle, they must be attached to the type of troop they specialize in. These immortals are worthwhile investing in if they fit your play style and team formation.

King Arthur

- King Arthur, King of Camelot
- Richard I, The Lionheart
- Commander Merlin, The Great Wizard
- Joan of Arc, The Maid of Orleans
- Julius Caesar, Roman Dictator
- Ashoka, Buddhist King
- Brynhild, Great Conqueress
- Harald III, Hard Ruler
- Helen of Troy, Renowned Beauty
- Moctezuma I, The Angry
- Lord Medb, Queen of Brutality
- Yoshitsune, Legendary Samurai
- Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazon-
- Peter the Great, Emperor of All Russia
- Saladin, Warrior King of Ayyubid
- Ramesses II, Last Glory of Egypt
- Zenobia, Queen of Resisting Rome
- Yi Seong-gye, Founder of Joseon
- El Cid, Conqueror of Valencia
- Empress Wu, Empress Supreme
- Frederick I, Emperor Barbarossa

B-Tier Immortals

Immortals that fall into the A-tier are the best free-to-play choices and can be easily obtained through summons without spending real money. Regardless if you spend money on Infinity Kingdom or not, these characters are still worth investing in as they can be useful when used, and you will definitely be using these characters at some point during the game.

Robin Hood, Forest Outlaw

- Robin Hood, Forest Outlaw
- Mulan, Heroine of Wei
- Spartacus, Rebel Gladiator
- Boudica, Queen of the New Nation
- Amanitore, Light of Kush
- Edward, Black Prince
- Arminius, First German Hero
- Gaius Marius, Artistic Warrior
- Isabella of Castile, Great Founder
- William Wallace, Champion of Freedom
- Sanada Yukimura, Last Samurai
- Abaoji, Snake of the Prairie

C-Tier Immortals

These are average immortals which you will probably never use in the late game. They can however be useful during the early game and unless you have no choice you should not invest in them. They are basically weak heroes which you should look to swap out for better ones as soon as possible.

Lancelot, Knight of the Lake

- Lancelot, Knight of the Lake
- John Henry, Steel Driver
- Bedivere, One-Armed Swordsman
- Constance, Queen of Sicily
- Tomoe Gozen, Vanquishing Arrow
- Jebe, Conqueror of the West
- Samson, Judge of the Sun
- Caenis, Spear Legend
- Pelayo, Prince of Asturias

D-Tier Immortals

The immortals that fall into the D-tier are the weakest in the game and are basically useless. Do not invest anything into them

Vlasta, Courageous Heroine

- Vlasta, Courageous Heroine
- John Zizka, One-Eyed Zizka
- Pierre Terrail, Fearless Knight
- Niels Ebbesen, Tyrannical Patriot
- Arnold Von Winkelried, General of Athens

Best Immortals Guide

Best Water Immortal - Attila the Hun

Best Water Immortal - Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun specializes in cavalry troops and has powerful offensive capabilities. His active skill is Wild Corrosion which inflicts 230% normal damage and has a 50% chance to silence the enemy for 4 seconds in a fan-shaped area.

Best Fire Immortal - Hippolyta

Best Fire Immortal - Hippolyta

Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazon and specializes in shieldmen troops and excels at the role of an attacker. Her active skill is called Flaming Smite, and it does 120% physical damage against a random troop five times. Each strike reduces the target’s energy by 100 and decreases their attack speed up to 50% for 6 seconds.

Best Wind Immortal - Hannibal Barca

Best Wind Immortal - Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca specializes in shieldmen troops and fills an attacking front-row role. His active skill is called Howling Blast, and it increases the troops' damage by 45% and does 90% of overall damage to a nearby target for 8 seconds.

Best Lightning Immortal - Richard I

Best Lightning Immortal - Richard I

Richard I excels at the defensive role and specializes in shieldmen troops. His active skill is called Heaven's Wrath, which inflicts 170% damage to all targets and has a 40% stun chance for 4 seconds. While stunned, the enemy targets can't attack or generate energy.

Best Holy Immortal - Julius Caesar

Best Holy Immortal - Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar specializes in spearmen troops and is one of the strongest defensive immortals in the game. He excels in a defensive front-row position. His active skill is called Golden Ruler, and it deals 200% physical damage to all targets and has a 60% chance to disarm the target with the highest physical/magical attack for 8 seconds.

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