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How to get More Resources

Infinity Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to get More Resources in Infinity Kingdom

To be able to progress through Infinity Kingdom, it is essential that you collect resources in order to upgrade the four sets of production buildings, which are each assigned to generate basic resources you will constantly need to support your kingdom. These buildings are mills, quarries, smelters, and farms. In the early stages this can be difficult to do as only two of each will be available until your castle is upgraded to higher levels. Take a look at our How to get More Resources guide to find out about other ways besides production in which you can get resources.

Complete Missions and Quests
The best way to collect resources in Infinity Kingdom is to farm the missions and quests, as they will provide everything you need in large quantities. Also, when you upgrade a building or reach a milestone while doing so you will be rewarded some of the resources you spent when you complete the mission or quest. Although the amount you are rewarded is not a lot, it will still help towards your progression.

Inventory Resources

Inventory Resources

Click on the 'Items' tab to be automatically redirected to your inventory, from there you will be able to select consumable items. Click the 'Resources' tab to view your stockpiled resources that you can open to refill. If you click on the 'Others' tab you can also open chests to get even more resources which you can open later when the timers have elapsed.

Resource Plots
In Infinity Kingdom, resource plots are areas in the overworld that you can attack to gain resources. This can be risky as it requires delegating troops to go to those areas and remain there for long periods of time to collect the resource, leaving you at less than full strength if an enemy attacks your kingdom. If you decide to send troops to different parts of the map to collect resources, make sure you keep an eye on your account to make sure your kingdom is not going to come under enemy attack, which will require withdrawing your troops.

The Market
The Market is the place to go to acquire specific items you need, which also includes inventory resources. Be wary when buying things at the Market as prices can vary for the same item, just use your intuition to determine if what you want to buy is worth the asking price. Unless you have spare gems to spend, it is recommended that you just use the Market to buy valuable items such as Immortal Shards and Dragon Soul Crystals.

Pray at the Wishing Fountain
You can get free resources daily in Infinity Kingdom by visiting the Wishing Fountain, a building that will give you 12 free resource collection attempts (subsequent attempts after that will cost gems). Praying at the Wishing Fountain gives you a chance to multiply the resources up to five times. Basically, the higher the level of your Wishing Fountain, the more resources you will receive per prayer.

Collect Alliance Territorial Tax
If you are a member of an Alliance that controls a region of the map, you will be able to collect resources taxed for the map portion they control. To take advantage of this benefit, you should look to enter an alliance that is relatively strong. To not be accused of freeloading and getting thrown out of the alliance, you should make sure you donate some of the resources you collect to the alliance's research.

Attack other Players
Once you have a powerful army at your disposal, an easy way to gather resources is to simply attack weaker players. The higher the level of the opponent being attacked, the more likely they will have a large stash of resources you can take from them.

Buy Resources with Gems

Buy Resources with Gems

The premium currency in Infinity Kingdom is gems, and you are given the option to buy them at the shop with real money. If you are a F2P (free-to-play) player, spending real money in order to purchase resources will not be an option, and it is instead recommended that you spend your hard-earned gems on the Wishing Fountain or the Market where you will get the best value for them. Although Infinity Kingdom is considered a pay-to-win game, F2P players can still be competitive with the paying players if they are prepared to grind for their gems.

Take a look at our How to Raise a Strong Military guide to find out how you can develop an army capable of winning the game at the end of each season.

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