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How to Raise a Strong Military

Infinity Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to Raise a Strong Military

Having a strong military that is capable of defending your city from threats is important in Infinity Kingdom as it discourages other players from raiding you for your resources, it will also enable you to successfully attack other kingdoms without taking too many casualties. Our How to Raise a Strong Military guide will help make you capable of winning the game at the end of each season.

Research Troop Technology
Always remember that in Infinity Kingdom, the quality of troops you send into battle will defeat the quantity. It is therefore important that you continually research new military techniques in the Academy in order to upgrade each soldier's stats. Researching troop technology however is expensive and will cost a lot of iron, so you need to make sure your economy can sustain the drain in resources. Prioritize the troops you use the most in your army, so they are upgraded to maximum efficiency.

Build Strong Defenses
Regardless if the enemy has a higher level than you, if you upgrade walls and build traps to fortify your city you will make it difficult for them to siege your kingdom. Make sure you don't forget to garrison your troops when an enemy is threatening to attack you or when you plan to be away from the game for a long period of time.

Upgrade Your Barracks

Upgrade Your Barracks

You can increase the quality of your troops by upgrading your barracks by increments of 10. Take advantage of this when upgrading your barracks by first filling up your Training Ground with troops, so you have the maximum number of existing troops promoted to the next level. Don't try and rush to Level 10 without establishing a sound economic standing first, as some troops will be expensive to train.

Summon New Immortals

Summon New Immortals

Make summoning new immortals your priority as collecting different types will give you more options when putting together a party as each immortal has their own unique set of troops attached to them. Remember that having multiple immortals which are the same element in the party will give both an increased damage buff and a damage reduction buff from enemies. Take a look at our Tier Guide and Best Immortals Guide to find out who the best characters are in Infinity Kingdom.

Upgrade your Immortals
In Infinity Kingdom, the immortals you have in your party will control the efficiency and size of your army. This basically means the higher the level of the immortal, the more troops they will be able to command. You should therefore upgrade your immortals whenever possible to ensure you always take the largest number of troops possible into battle.

Raise Dragons
Once your castle reaches Level 5 the Dragon Cave will become unlocked, and you will be able to raise dragons. Having a dragon in your army is a quintessential part of having a strong army and something you will want as quickly as possible. Raising dragons beyond Level 4 though requires Dragon Soul Crystals which you will need to collect. They can be acquired a number of ways, these include the Market, completing quests, and by defeating bosses on the map. Dragon Soul Crystals are not easy to earn, so make sure you purchase all the ones that are available on the market, even if you don't yet own a dragon of that element, as doing so will make upgrading dragons later in the game easier. Take a look at our Best Dragon Guide to find out everything you need to know about these beasts in Infinity Kingdom, which can be added to your army.

Think of the Cost

Think of the Cost

Whether you win a battle or lose, there will be repercussions in the form of lost troops and resources, this means engaging the enemy is expensive. You therefore need to decide beforehand if it is worth the losses you are likely to incur. You also have to take into consideration the possibility that you may be angering a strong guild who will seek revenge or breaking a diplomatic relationship with another player, who will then target you. Think carefully before charging into battle, so you don't regret your decision.

Take a look at our Beginner Tips and Tricks to get help in Infinity Kingdom if you are a new player.

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