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Beginners Tips and Tricks

Infernax Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Infernax Beginner Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginners Tips and Tricks which will help you in Infernax.

Always Buy Spells and Gear
Although purchasing stuff is an option in Infernax it is essential that you save up and buy spells and gear whenever you are able to. Doing this will help you later in the game when the enemies you encounter will become much tougher to defeat. Make sure that you buy things wisely as some spells are more useful than others. You can accumulate wealth in Infernax by collecting the gold slain enemies drop, walking over treasure chests, and completing quests. Keep in mind that the health potions that you get from the Inn are always free.

Talk to Everyone
Make sure you talk to every non-hostile character you meet in Infernax as some of them will ask you to help them with their problem in return for a reward that will typically be gold. Keep in mind that these quests may come with a moral choice attached to them so before taking it on you need to decide whether what they are asking for goes against your play style.

Fight Smart
To defeat the enemies that you encounter in Infernax you need to fight smart as spamming the attack button won't help you. Enemies unleash a variety of attacks, and you need to deal with them accordingly with the fighting moves you have available. These include a shield that can block projectiles as long as you are not attacking, and also be used to block when you are moving. Jumping over enemies that try to surround you or slow you down. And crouching and attacking to get at low enemies and to avoid the attacks of those that target your top half.

Saving at Shrines is Crucial
Infernax is an unforgiving game which means it is crucial that you remember to save whenever you find a Shrine, so you are able to respawn back at the last Shrine you saved at when you die. You will not be penalized in any way for saving frequently at a Shrine. There will be instances where you will find a single Shrine outside a dungeon that will likely be the only one available for several screens. Make sure you take advantage of it to save your progress by dipping in and out of the dungeon to save as you progress it.

Don't Forget to Upgrade at Shrines
Shrines in Infernax are not only for saving your progress in the game but also for upgrading. As you progress in the game killing enemies you will acquire XP which can then be spent at Shrines on leveling up either your Power, Mana, or Health. Upgrading your Power will increase the amount of damage you can deal enemies, Upgrading Mana enables you to cast more spells, and upgrading Health allows you to take more damage. At the start of the game there is no point upgrading your Mana until you equip your first spell. Keep in mind that enemies spawn infinitely, so there will be no shortage of opportunities to farm XP to build your stats.

Return when you are Better Equipped
There will be instances in Infernex where the enemies and bosses you encounter will be too strong for you to defeat, and you will find yourself unable to progress. When this happens try exploring in another direction as the likelihood is you will find something that may help you. The other alternative is to return after you have saved up enough cash to purchase some better gear or spells.

Casual Mode and Cheat Codes
If you are struggling to progress in Infernex you may want to consider switching to Casual Mode, which adds more Shrines to the game and also allows you to keep some of your XP and gold when you respawn. Remember that if you do this you will not be able to switch back to Classic Mode.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with the game go to the title or pause menus to access the 'Options' screen where you can select 'Accessibility' and then 'Assist Codes'. Doing this will enable you to input Game Wizard Codes which can give you things such as invincibility and infinite jumps and allow you to skip the sections of the game you are struggling with.

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