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8: To the Core

Transformers: War for Cybertron Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 8: To the Core

Omega's Holding Cell

Blast the locks of the door to open it. After getting a view of the captured Omega Supreme, blast the next door open and grab some weapon. Follow your allies until you get your new objective.

Objective: Disrupt power to the facility

Shoot down the three generators.

Objective: Restore full security access

Defeat the enemies that will emerge from the door. Follow the path and clear the next enemy position. Go up the ramp but don't go near the fake Overshield pick-em-ups since these are rigged. Cloakers will appear as well so get rid of them. Grab the supplies you need then continue forth. Destroy the locks on the next door and destroy the guards inside. Activate the console next.

Objective: Release Omega Supreme's restraints

Entrance to the Omega Gate
Go through the door and you'll find a junction. Take the left path first but beware of the enemy forces that will ambush you right before you enter the room.

DECEPTICON symbol: In this room, you should find a destructible gate in front of the ramp. You'll find the symbol there along with some orange canisters that drop energon shards and a free Energon Repair Ray. 

Go up the ramp and activate the console to release the restrains. Head back and take out the cloakers along the way. Continue ahead and more enemies will blast the walls open. Destroy them, and take the lift up to reach the second restraint control. Backtrack to the junction and two more enemies will appear. The door will open and you'll need to defend Omega Supreme as it starts to power up.

Objective: Defeat Omega Supreme's captors

There are just a handful of missile defenders. Jump down and destroy them. Grab the supplies/  weapons found in both sides of the area. After getting rid of the enemies and talking to Omega Supreme, more reinforcements will appear.

Stopped at the Gate
Objective: Activate the defenses

Activate the two switches in front of Omega Supreme to activate the repair bays. Get rid of the first wave of enemies until Ratchet arrives.

Objective: Protect Ratchet

More enemies will arrive and you'll need to hold your position and defend Ratchet. There is a hallway behind Omega Supreme that has three Overshields and a hidden repair turret. Grab one and save the others later.

After clearing the first wave, you'll need to activate two more consoles in both sides of Omega Supreme. Do so and grab the supplies you need before the next wave arrives. The next wave will drop snipers, more foot soldiers, missile defenders and finally a heavy gunner. Ratchet will go down if he sustained too much damage so stick close to him so you can easily revive him. The final wave will consist of everything plus flyers so grab the Ion Displacer machine gun left behind by the heavy gunner a while ago. This will allow you to sweep enemy forces quicker. The final wave will consists of a considerable number of enemy foot soldiers as well as heavy gunners. They'll be more aggressive now and will concentrate on Ratchet. Get rid of the nearby enemies and don't stick with your other teammates so you can cover both sides. When low on health, quickly grab an Overshield since it also restores your HP to full in addition to the shield it provides. Get rid of this last wave to trigger the arrival of the next enemy.

Objective: Defeat the Decepticon Tank

You've faced a tank before so this one should be a piece of cake. Use the pillars on either side to flank it and hit its rear to change it to humanoid form. The Ion Displacer heavy guns left behind by heavy gunners earlier can really help in making this battle a lot easier.



Into the Core
Objective: Find a way to the core

Grab the supplies you need and head to the core. Take a long jump down the shaft. After meeting the slug the first time, you'll come across two tentacle-blocked paths.

DECEPTICON symbol: You need to destroy the obstacle to the left. Take note that you can only do this when using Optimus Prime. Using any of the other two characters will just prompt the AI controlled Optimus to destroy the obstacle to the right. Approach the obstacle so the fist icon appears. Follow the hallway and you'll find the symbol along the way.

Follow the path until you reach a room where you'll be ambushed by enemy forces.

A Plague of Corruption
Continue fighting them until the friendly slug appears. Follow the slug as it breaks through the wall to find two Overshield pickups. Grab the other supplies you need then continue forth. Jump down the shaft.

DECEPTICON symbol: You must immediately look to your left to find a destructible gate. Destroy it QUICKLY and grab the symbol BEFORE the cutscene triggers.

Cybertron Slugs

Objective: Escort the Slugs

After the scene, you'll be riding some slugs with turrets on their backs. Your job is to sweep all the enemy forces along the way. Just concentrate on taking out the enemies above and to your sides. After a short distance, your team will stop and face a corrupted worm and it will start lobbing homing balls at you. Flyers will be appearing as well so make sure you concentrate on shooting down the worm's projectiles first since they deal a lot more damage. Just continue doing that until the worm gives up. 

As you move forth, you'll find a heavy gunnner/ destroyer on a bridge ahead. Destroy the bridge support to take it down instantly and continue mopping down enemies. Finally the worm will appear again. Destroy the projectiles it shoots as your team charges through. Watch the following scenes and you'll be separated.

Energon Floodgates

Objective: Regroup with your squad

Follow the straightforward path until you reach your teammates. Activate the necessary consoles to open the paths and continue forth. You'll find a large room with dark energon pipes. Shoot them to create a safe path across. In the next room, you'll be attacked by several spiders followed by more decepticons and flyers. After clearing them, go to where the enemies appeared and find a corridor leading to the next console to open the floodate.

Objective: Locate the entrance to the core

As soon as you exit, you'll find a slug walking from the left and a decepticon destroyer to the right. Look at the large stalactite, wait for the destroyer to go underneath it and shoot its glowing base for it to fall down and crush the destroyer. You'll unlock the achievement “Slugfest“ for saving the slug. 

Follow the path and take the lift to the lower level.

Sea of Corruption

Transform and ride until you reach the first curve going left.

DECEPTICON symbol: Stop and look at the energon river to the side .The symbol is on top of one of the rocks there.

Follow your teammates and shoot the stalactite above to create a path. Jump across. You cab shoot the stalactites to your right to create a path. It leads to two energon shard canisters and an Energon Repair Ray. Continue following the mission marker.

DECEPTICON symbol: From there, jump to the next platform to the right and look for a slug clinging on the wall. Shoot the stalactite again to get across. The symbol is right under the slug itself.

Activate the console and proceed inside for a boss fight.

Heart of Cybertron

Objective: Defeat the menace on the core

The area is too small for you to move around much. First, the boss will scrape its claws on the floor, leaving a trail of dark energon crystals behind. Destroy these crystals immediately since the boss will soon smash its claws, detonating the energon crystals. Next, it will lob some projectiles at you which you can easily evade. It will leave you temporarily afterward and thrown down some spawners where spiders will appear. Destroying these guys will drop energon shards and later on, energon cubes.

After getting rid of the critters, the boss will climb back down and this time sweep the floor using a high-powered laser beam. Jump over it if it sweeps the floor and stay put if it sweeps overhead. You just need to repeat the process until it goes down.



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