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Autobot Campaign
6: Defend Iacon

Transformers: War for Cybertron Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Autobot Campaign

Chapter 6: Defend Iacon

Iacon Under Siege

DECEPTICON symbol: After getting out of the elevator and while Optimus is talking with Jetfire, look at the catwalk ahead. The symbol should be immediately visible there.

Objective: Activate the Planetary Guns

Exit the base and wait until a decepticon warship crashes down. Press on and get rid of any survivors.

(PR-1) As you continue forth, you'll see a health marker. This leads to a downed autobot soldier. Revive downed soldiers by pressing X. Don't leave them too long or they'll die after a few seconds. Reviving 5 fallen soldiers will unlock the “Paging Ratchet” achievement.

Press forward and turn left to the a closed off road to find a weapon chest and a canister that has energon shards. Continue forth and defeat all decepticon soldiers. Grab the ammo and energon cubes scattered along the way, and clear the elevator. Take the elevator up, defeat the two guards and activate the planetary guns.

Objective: Reach Iacon Speedway

Jump down to the street below and kill the surviving decepticons to obtain shards. Proceed to the next mission marker. Don't go in there yet; decepticon jets will appear and attack. Get rid of them then proceed to the next building.

Broken Lift

Once inside, a decepticon Brute will appear.

You should already know by now how to deal with them. Defeat it and take the lift. Exit the lift, transform into vehicle mode and jump over the bridge. Get inside the next building and fight your way through the hallway. There will be jets waiting outside; kill them all but don't follow your allies yet.

(PR-2)  Turn to the right and follow the road until you find a soldier fighting a jet. Kill the jet then revive him immediately. There is also a couple of weapon chests containing Energon Battle Pistol near him. 

Regroup with your team and proceed until you reach a firefight. Go past them and go upstairs.

DECEPTICON symbol: Take another flight of stairs to reach the turret at the top. From there, look to the left to find the symbol on top of a pipe.

Man the turrets and clear the enemies, especially the missile-launchers and jets. Finally, a warship will appear. Its barrage of missiles will hurt a lot of you may want to detach one of the turrets there then move around. Just destroy all the marked targets and you'll be good to go.

The Road to the Decagon

Objective: Get to the Decagon

Transform into vehicle mode and travel to the speed way. You'll find a split along the way but it doesn't matter which one you choose; just clear the enemies along the way and grab the weapons, e-cubes and ammo as needed. You'll encounter gunners along the way; just snipe them using your battle pistol. Just follow the road and you'll eventually meet up with your team mates. Watch the following scenes.

(PR-3) Follow your teammates after falling down and head outside. There will snipers here and a soldier that needs to be revived. If you're at full HP, prioritize getting the soldier up and endure a few sniper shots. He should be revived fast enough without endangering your HP. 

  Take out the snipers as you move up the ramps. Keep clearing the area until you reach the command post.

False Propaganda
Take out whatever supplies you can find here. The shield will go down and you'll need to clear the path ahead. After killing a bunch of regular fodders, a heavy gunner will appear. Just take cover and shoot it when its distracted. Grab ammo and the Ion Displacer machine gun then follow your allies.

Corrupted Halls
Fall down to the first platform and grab the Overshield behind. Press on and destroy the crystals that blocks your path. Continue along the hallway to find a large machine.

Objective: Defeat the decepticon war machine

Iacon Speedway

Head to the next path and transform to vehicle mode. This is a long road to travel with some occasional checkpoints where you need to clear the enemies. At the end of the straight road, decepticon flyers will attack. There is an energon cube and a thermo missile launcher behind in the other end of the road in case you need it. Continue forth and deal with another fleet of enemy jets. After taking them out, ride a few more distance until you see the end of the speedway.

DECEPTICON symbol: Before jumping down, walk at the edge of the road to see the symbol ahead.,

Jump down to the courtyard and assist the heavy gunner autobot in breaking through the enemy forces. If you're using Optimus, you'll breeze through the enemy forces using your AoE support skill. Keep pushing forward until you're halted by a large gate. Jump to the upper platform and activate the console to open the gate. (PR-4) Go through the gate and you'll find some of your allies fighting another war machine. There will be a soldier that will be downed to the right so rush over there and revive him.

Deal with the war machine, using the covers here.

There is also a room to the left that contains a Scatter Gun and an energon cube should you need it. There is also a room near where you came from that has an Overshield and two canisters containing shards. Past the war machine to the left is another room with some ammo, a weapon chest and a shard canister. After defeating the war machine, head through the door and take the lift up.

Central Ventilation System

Get out of the lift and proceed to the open area. Several enemy flyers will attack you here; you can grab the missile launcher on the floor and deal with them with ease..

DECEPTICON symbol: Head to the right a bit and snipe the symbol in the middle of those fluorescent, blue wirings.

Continue forth and get rid of the enemies. Follow the path and you'll reach a large room with turbines that you must ride in order to proceed forward. Ride the first turbine, then land on the platform where some friendlies are standing. Ride the second turbine and kill the jets that will attack you. (PR-5) Wait until the turbines head to the right to find a soldier on a platform. He'll go down so make sure to carefully and immediately tend to him and revive him. This can be a bit tricky since this soldier goes down as soon as you have him in sight. Not to mention that the turbine is moving too slow for you to reach him in time.  

The trick is to stay on the second turbine and wait at the last possible moment to jump on the third. If done correctly, you should be at least in jumping range. Having a character like Optimus or Bumblebee that has the Dash skill will increase the distance as well.

If you're still having problems, you may want to select Optimus as your character and refer to the video below on how to get to the soldier. This soldier should make it your fifth and the achievement should be unlocked. Grab the grenades and Null Ray behind the door that will open.

Get rid of the enemies below and grab the energon bar and ammo cache just outside the road. Transform and drive along the road until you reach an allied command station.

The Decagon Plaza
Grab the supplies and weapons you need. You may want to take the battle pistol to snipe enemies as you push through. Also, you can activate a console in the middle to reveal an Overshield. Head out and fight your way through to the stairs and Ironhide will make his appearance. Proceed inside.

Objective: Restore the Communication Grid

Once inside, a handful of jets and foot soldiers will attack you. Get rid of them then continue to the next room. There is an overshield to your immediate right and grenades to the left.

Inside the Decagon
Continue up the ramp. Your teammates will be fighting a brute below so join the fray and get rid of it. Grab the ammo then head to the next room. You ned to align the data stream to the sockets below. Do this by using either side to rotate the calipers. Once they're aligned, activate the console in the middle. If you need to refill your skill bar, there are four canisters here containing energon shards.

Objective: Get to the Broadcast Room

Follow your teammates and ride the giant energon blocks to the upper platform.  Get through the middle; watch out for the electricity; wait for them to disappear before moving forward. After reaching the other end of the platform, ride another energon block to reach the upper level. Decepticons will engage you here. Just fight your way through the platform, up the ramp and finally to the other energon block ride at the end. There will be a couple of snipers and Overshield soldiers waiting for you here.

DECEPTICON symbol: Before riding the energon block, look up in the middle tower and find symbol in one of the bracks holding the transparent part of the tower.

Ride the energon cube up and more enemy flyers will engage you. Shoot them down, then take the lift to reach the broadcast room. Grab the supplies and replace your energon pistol/ secondary weapon with a rocket launcher. Enter the room to fight the boss.

Communication Room

Starscream isn't that bad for this campaign's first boss. He'll start off in his jet form which you can quickly pummel down with your missile launcher. Just be careful of his homing laser beams and bombing runs. After his HP goes down to half, he'll transform into his normal form and will use a scatter gun. Avoid facing him up close since the scatter gun is the game's shotgun. If you're using Optimus then this is the best time to activate your buff skill. Starscream is rather vulnerable when he's releasing beams in all directions. Keep your distance while he's doing this then pummel him with everything you have. The battle will end soon after.

Watch the scenes and this chapter will come to a close.

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6: Defend Iacon


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