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Follow the dark path or use the light

Act III, Loc Muinne Part IV -- Uncovering the Conspiracies

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Act III, Loc Muinne Part IV -- Uncovering the Conspiracies

-- Pacta Sunt Servanda --

The letter you intercepted confirms that Boussy is dead, and that Dethmold has the Princess.  It also proves the collusion on the part of the Count, and gives you some evidence but not all.  Do not assume that just because you have proven one of the figures guilty that the other is innocent!  Change your active quest over to the Pacta Sunt Servanda and head for the marker to speak with Count Maravel, who will ask you to do a small job for him and investigate the visitors to Baron Kimbolt's quarters!

Kimbolt is being blackmailed -- or so the Count claims -- and we need to talk to the culprits before the Baron has them done in...   When we do that they get mouthy but then Kimbolt's men show up, and you have no choice but to help the mercenaries.

You need to kill Kimbolt's men quickly, before they kill the mercenaries you are helping.  Once you slay the soldiers, the mercenaries tell you about the mission that Kimbolt had hired them for.  While their mission was a failure, the fact that Kimbolt was after killing the kids still makes him guilty of the crime more or less...  You convince the mercenaries to fess up, and peach on the Baron, and NOW you have ALL of the information you need to take to Natalis!

Backtrack to the square and seek out Natalis.  Here is the thing -- if you had only checked on one or the other and then spoken with Natalis, you would only have received 500 XP as part of your reward, but now you can report that both the Count AND the Baron had their own special crimes planned, and that is worth a 750XP reward.  Nice one!

When you arrive at Natalis' chamber, tell him that you know what happened to the Royal Children...  Then accuse both Kimbolt and Maravel, and Natalis will accept the evidence and admits that he cannot act in the way that he would like.  Instead he seeks out Kimbolt and demands that he and his men assist in arresting Maravel.  In exchange for that Natalis offers the Baron clemency for his own crimes.

These events nicely complete the quest Lillies and Vipers, and you receive the 750 XP for your troubles, which should level you up and go a fair way towards the next level as well!  Remember to save your game, and apply your Talent Point.

Assisting Natalis to determine what is Justice

Now is the point in the story where you have to make a choice...  If you go down the entrance to the sewers in the main plaza in the center of the map you will find Roche waiting for you there.  You agree to accompany him and you will work your way through to rescue the Princess and deal with Dethmold.

-- OR --

You are determined to save Triss -- so you head to the entrance of the Nilfgaard Camp where you find the Ambassador, and you overhear him giving orders to the guard there.  You approach him and take him hostage, and use him to gain entrance to the camp...

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