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Follow the dark path or use the light

Iorveth's Path -- Flotsam III: Where is Triss Merigold?

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Iorveth's Path -- Flotsam III: Where is Triss Merigold?

After you complete the last side-quest head into town and the quest updates as you enter Flotsam.  When you approach the Inn you see that the town has heavy fighting going on, and when you reach the Inn you overhear Dandelion ordering the locals to return to their homes, as now that you have arrived they are in trouble... Remember that unlike the events that unfolded when we assisted Roche, helping Iorveth means fomenting rebellion in the region!

Using your Persuasion abilities and the Axii Sign to try to convince the locals that the elves they are about to kill are innocent -- if you succeed (and you should) you get a CS of the elves leaving and Dandelion briefing you on his take with respect to who set these events in motion.  Ask after Triss and he tells you that he saw her heading up to Sile's room, to investigate the Mega Scope.  Ask how the riot started and he tells you what he knows -- which is that this is a planned massacre planned by Loredo.

When you ask why the guards are not putting down the violence he points out that they have no motivation to do so.  It is time to find Triss -- and Dandelion has the key to Sile's room so bonus!  Follow him upstairs and into her room and you find blood everywhere!  Examine the body of the dead bodyguard, and then examine the bed.  Finally examine the hole in the wall and you have your next update and destination -- the bordello rooms next door.

Interviewing Madam Margot to learn about Triss

When you head next door you find Margot standing over the corpse of Darae, her girlfriend, who has been killed.  Margot tells you her version of what happened, including what she saw through the hole in the wall that looks onto Sile's room.

Triss is confronted by Phillipa and you have the opportunity to ask a few questions -- ask the questions you can and you learn that Phillipa is impressed by the uprisings that are happening elsewhere in the world, and she relates the need to prevent King Henselt from conquering the north.  Asking why Sile is in Flotsam earns you a basic explanation, and you learn why Sile was so interested in the Kayran.

Ask Dandelion who Phillipa is and he tells you -- Dandelion sure is a wealth of information isn't he?  Ask Margot what happened to Triss and she tells you that she does not know, but she actually does know something.  She heard Triss screaming and a struggle, and you learn that Cedric left and was wounded.  She gives you a letter with the names of her lovers killers in it, and you realize that she has been spying for Iorveth!

-- Finding Cedric --

The quests now update and your new goal is to follow Cedric's blood trail to find the elf.  When you get outside it will help you to drink a Cat Potion as that makes the blood trail stand out very well -- after a few false leads (dead civilians) you locate Cedric laying in the grass near the waterfall, and he is clearly dying.

You learn from him that Triss had asked him for help and he killed the bodyguard.  He tells you about Letho attacking and forcing Triss to teleport them away -- and then he tells you about his visions.  He explains that the visions are why he has become an alcoholic, but he tells you that he has had another vision in which it is critical that you recover your memory, because that is the key to solving the mystery of the Kingslayers. 

After that he begins to die.  The forest denizens come to see him off to the afterlife, and he dies.  Soon after that Dandelion and Zoltan appear, telling Geralt that Roche wants him to come, they are about to set off.  Zoltan points out that Iorveth's elves are up to something big as well.  You are about to approach the key point at which you are firmly on one path or the other -- since we have already completed the Roche Path, obviously our destiny lies with Iorveth.  The thing is you can still talk to Roche to learn what he knows before heading to see Iorveth and join his band of merry elves.

Learning what Roche knows before choosing Iorveth

-- At the Crossroads: Talk to Roche --

This flags the mutually-exclusive quests At the Crossroads: Vernon Roche, and At the Crossroads: Scoia'Tael. 

First head back to town and visit the the Blue Stripes HQ; talk to Ves and do any of the chat options you have not previously explored since you are not going to have the chance to do this again.  When you talk to Roche he freaks a little about you cooperating with Iorveth -- and well he should!  If you point out that Iorveth can help, Roche indicates he is not interested.  You mention the Kingslayer's escape and his taking Triss hostage, then tell Roche that Dandelion said he had new information?

Roche tells Geralt about the deal that Loredo has put together -- and Roche is dead set on killing Loredo himself.  Asking what sparked the massacre Roche tells you what triggered it all -- it was actually Roche's fault! 

Now that you have the information that he can provide, tell him you need to do something, and leave the HQ.  This is basically your last chance to do any of the things you need to do in Flotsam before you leave, so if there is any looting you want to do, any crafting, and etc. you need to do it now.

Due to the fighting you cannot access your storage upstairs since the Innkeeper is away, but if you need to access your storage you CAN get to it by going downstairs to the Public Room, where you will find the chest on the floor beside the counter.  You can store and remove items there.  In addition to that, in the corner you will find an item called Margot's notes that you can collect -- and reading them confirms her spying for Iorveth.  Good thing none of Loredo's men found those!

I would suggest that you make a few Grapeshot Grenades, and make sure that you have at least six Swallow Potions, six Rook Potions, and six Cat Potions.  Store the rest of your crafting resources, and if you have not recently done so, read all of the books and papers you have collected.

It may appear to you that all of the merchants and crafters are gone, so there is no one to sell things to, but that is not actually true -- if you go outside the gates near the docks you will find a merchant there you can sell stuff to.

Joining Iorveth at the Elven Ruins

-- At the Crossroads: Joining Iorveth --

When you are ready -- have looted all that you needed to, have stored your kit, and have sold what you need to -- select the Crossroads for Iorveth quest and head to the marker where you will find Iorveth waiting in the Elven Ruins of the Baths above the waterfalls.  When you arrive Iorveth asks after Letho and you have to give him the bad news.

Geralt tells him about the massacre in Flotsam, and then he shares with you his goal -- a goal that is a two-day march away!  Still, you have thrown in on his side, you will just have to accept his leadership for now.  At least you have Zoltan to accompany you, right?  Completing this conversation advances the Crossroads quest and earns you 50 XP, and flags the next quest in the series, The Floating Prison.

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