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Other Resources

Social Empires Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Other Resources

The collection of food, wood, stone and gold is dealt with in the getting started chapter

Below are the resources that you can collect through other means. If you do not have enough villagers, or want to max out your resource collecting, use the list below to see where you can expand without having to train more people in the art of resource collection.

Food (Animals):

Another method of collecting food is to keep an eye out for the animals found across the map. Build the appropriate animal pen for the animal and you will be able to harvest them. With the pen constructed, you can send a villager to the animal and then lead it back to the pen for its demise. This is not a long-term option as there is always a limited supply of animals roaming the map, but they do regenerate, so keep your eyes peeled.


Construct a mine and you will receive a steady stream of resources into your stockpile. Send a villager out to the mine to begin work on it, and bear in mind that you can build some mines that allow for two villagers to work simultaneously, increasing your resource gain.

Mines can be used for Stone and Gold production, and both of these can reach a version up to level 4.


Much the same as Mines, build these and send a villager to them to get Food coming in at all times. If you build enough, and make sure they are all fully staffed, you will have a healthy economy on your hands. Once you have a villager inside the Mill, click on it to select what task you would like it to focus on. You can then rush this through by enlisting the help of your friends or by spending Social Empires Cash.

Mills are upgradable to four levels, with level 3 and level 4 requiring gold to produce. The first two can be constructed with wood alone.

You can build general mills, as well as Lumber Mills for giving you the resource of wood.


All the resource buildings are upgradable over time. You will receive better versions that you should replace your old, defunct models with. Watch out for these buildings as they come available so you are not losing out on a potential supply of more resources.

Collecting Your Resources:

Over time you will see icons indicating the resources that your people have harvested appearing around your village. You need to click on each of these to collect them, though the game does feature a Fast Collect which you can use to simply mouseover resources and pick them up.

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