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Social Empires Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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We have looked at resource collection to start a potentially peaceful colony in Social Empires. Now, however, is the time to prepare for defense. You never know when you may be attacked by enemy units, so this is vital to make sure all your hard work sorting your village doesn't go to waste.


There are a few things you can do to bolster your city's defenses. Primarily, you can construct towers to try to prevent enemies from coming in, and eventually, once you level up enough, you will be able to build walls to physically keep everyone at bay. Castles come later and also support some very strong units that you can train there. While you are collecting resources from across the map with your villagers, you should try to send a military escort with them to avoid losing any to enemy attacks.


Towers come in numerous varieties, but the basic ones are upgradable to five levels. You can also purchase Fire and Lightning towers using Cash, to add another dynamic to your defenses.


Walls mirror towers because you can also upgrade 5 versions of them. The first few walls require wood to build, but as your technology and research develops, stone structures are built. This same principle applies to towers too. Walls are used so that people cannot sneak into the heart of your empire, as well as to funnel enemy attacks into specific channels where you can focus your resources.


If a building catches on fire (as happens regularly with towers), be sure to move a villager to it so as to extinguish the fl. Obviously you only really want to do this once the enemy threat has dissipated.

General Tips:

Some players opt to completely surround their empire with walls. This prevents enemies from being able to sneak into the center of your empire, and also allows you to funnel them down corridors lined with towers, making them easier to take care of. You can leave a few carefully placed gaps in the wall on the lower levels to allow your own armies out, while at Level 21 you are able to put a gate in for added security.

You could also obviously have multiple sets of walls, protecting more key structures, though as long as your defensive army is suitable, one ring around the outside should be enough.

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Feb 15th 2014 Guest
but what about people attacking me i keep getting attacked and i have 15 extremes and when i look at their bases they have like nothing so how does hat work are all of my units defending my base?
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May 4th 2016 Guest
aku ingin mendpatkan chas 500.,00
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