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Social Empires Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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There are numerous Collections in Social Empires, and collectibles can be found through a variety of sources:

These include killing Trolls and other minor enemies, killing bosses, defeating other players in an attack on their empire, harvesting trees, stone and gold, recovering chests during quests while exploring new islands, and finally in a treasure mine.

When you complete a Collection you will receive a reward. Decorations can be performed multiple times, but if the reward is a unit, you can only have one active at a time. Below is a list of these Collectibles, and how to get them.

Collection: Mysteries of the Sand

Reward: Pyramid (Decoration)

Collectibles Required:

Egyptian Hieroglyph, The Pharaon Mask, Old Ceramics, Written Papyrus (gained from harvesting trees), Horus Statuette

Collection: Ye Old Chest_Treasure

Reward: Treasure Chest (Decoration)

Collectibles Required: Boards, Curved Plank, Lock, Treasure Map, Nails

Collection: Flower Power

Reward: Garden (Decoration)

Collectibles Required: Rose (gained from harvesting trees), Sunflower, Tulip, Blue Geranium, Flower Seeds

Collection: A Renaissance Touch

Reward: Golden Fountain (Decoration)

Collectibles Required: Gold Brick, Golden Lady, Pillar, Brick, Water Barrel

Collection: An Ancient Discovery

Reward: Frozen Mammoth (Decoration)

Collectibles Required: Mammoth Skin, Tusk, Ice, Frozen Peanut, Mammoth Foot Print.

Collection: The Hunting Threat

Reward: Axethrower (Unit)

Collectibles Required: Leather Braces (gained from killing Big Trolls), Large Fang (gained from killing big trolls), Leather Belt (gained from killing enemy Heavy Knights while attacking), Horns Helmet (gained from Killing big trolls), Axe (gained from killing Bosses)

Collection: An Arctic Discovery

Reward: Penguin (Unit)

Collectibles Required: Frozen Pond, Fish (gained from Treasure Chests), Solid Igloo (gained from killing the Yeti), Petra frost, Egg (gained from killing bosses)

Collection: Snow Journeys

Reward: Yeti (Unit)

Collectibles Required: Ice Fur, Yeti Fang, Yeti Skin (gained from harvesting trees), Yeti Horn (gained from killing bosses), Yeti Claw (gained from killing bosses)

Collection: The Diabolic Appearance

Reward: War Troll (Unit)

Collectibles Required: Gold Nuggets, Skull Belt, Gold Nose Ring, Ponytail: (gained from doing sea quests), Sword (gained from killing bosses)

Collection: Scent of Magic

Reward: Wizard (Unit)

Collectibles Required: Wizard Hat, Wizard Robe, Wooden Rod (gained from harvesting trees), Beard (gained from killing War Trolls), Magic Spell Book (gained from killing Golem)

Collection: A Mortal Trap

Reward: Crocodile Pit (Decoration)

Collectibles Required: Mud, Stone, Frog, Piranha, Baby Alligator

Collection: The Circle of Life

Reward: Life Tree (Decoration)

Collectibles Required: Stone Ball, Strong Roots (gained from harvesting trees), Root (gained from harvesting trees), Life Vines (gained from harvesting trees), Life Seeds.

Collection: Sentence of Death

Reward: Guillotine (Decoration)

Collectibles Required: Head Plank, Strong Planks, Head Bucket, Rope, Blade

Collection: Trapped in the Darkness

Reward: Prison (Decoration)

Collectibles Required: Cell Lock, Iron Bar, Chain, Iron Shackles, Prisoner Suit

Collection: Hero Tribute

Reward: Solider Statue (Decoration)

Collectibles Required: Stone Pedestal, Stone Legs, Stone Armor, Stone Helmet (gained from doing sea quests, Stone Sword.

Collection: Troll's Best Friend

Reward: Fly (Pet)

Collectibles Required: Red Necklace, Tasty Bone, Fur, Balloon (gained from Troll island treasure chest), Sky Mask

Collection: Little Ball of Fur

Reward: Mishy (Pet)

Collectibles Required: Cute Necklace (gained from harvesting gold, stone and trees), Tuna Can, Fur, Small Sleigh Bell, Wool Ball (gained from harvesting trees)

Collection: Bare Bones

Reward: Skeleton (Unit)

Collectibles Required: Fleshy Bone (gained from harvesting trees), Rusty Sword, Helmet, Shield, Skull

Collection: A Monstrous Ally

Reward: Ravager Troll (Unit)

Collectibles Required: Leather Shoulder Pad: (gained from killing Axethrowers), Horn Helmet, Stone Gauntlet, Side Horn, Hammer

Collection: Sound of the Forest

Reward: High Elf (Unit)

Collectibles Required: Long Bow (gained from harvesting trees), Golden Diadem (gained from killing War Trolls), Arrow (gained from treasure mines), Quiver (gained from harvesting trees), Wooden Ocarina.

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you forgot the golden bahamut red bahamut and the bahamut heart!
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