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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters includes six species players can choose from to adopt -- including:

Diavlo Moshi Monster

-- Diavlo --

Species: Diavlos
Language: Divanise
Characteristics: Flying; Multi-Colour.

Diavlos have a volcano-like appearance, and are one of only two Moshi Monster species able to fly. The original colours for a Diavlo are red and black but they can and often do have other colours. 

Diavlos are mischievous, lively, and extroverted monsters who are very friendly.  When you treat them well, they are mostly carefree and happy, but when they are treated badly or neglected they grow brash  and angry very easily.

When angered they stomp around, roar, and puff up their cheeks to indicate their displeasure, shooting lava out of the crater-like hole on their heads like a volcano!  An easy indicator that they are upset or tired is the lava in their head, which changes to a darker shade.

Known for being ticklish, they are a popular choice for boy gamers -- though the cute factor in their appearance makes them popular with some girl gamers as well.  As they are well suited for boy gamers, who tend to be less regular in their visits and care practices, they are one of the stronger and more resilient types of Moshi Monsters, and are better able to thrive when there are gaps in their care.

Furi Moshi Monster

-- Furi --

Species: Furis
Language: Furane
Characteristics: Dual-Colour; Scrounger.

Furis are very hairy monsters whose original colours are brown and pink.  A scrounging monster, they enjoy eating slop, and consider it to be something of a treat when you give it to them.  They have an incredible involuntary attraction to the Poppet species of Moshi Monster, which they find irresistible.

Furi are particularly good at learning tricks and tend to express themselves in cute ways when doing ordinary tasks -- for example when they eat they almost perform for their owners, making cute noises and something of a mess.

A very social monster, Furis require a significant amount of attention from their owner and, not surprisingly, do not do well when they are left alone or not cared for on a regular basis.  Though they are one of the happier sorts, if they are mistreated or they do not receive the required level if attention and socialization they can grow sad.

Katsuma Moshi Monster

-- Katsuma --

Species: Katsumas
Language:  Katsumeanese
Characteristics: Dual-Colour; Energetic, Extroverted.

Katsumas have a distinctly rabbit-like appearance and are endowed with an incredible amount of natural energy, and a lively personality us considered typical for the species.   Their original colours are orange and red, but often include other colours.

One of the most popular adopted -- and thus the largest population of monsters in the game -- Katsuma are the most friendly of monsters, and respond very well to good care and a nice environment.  They prefer their owner to decorate their living spaces, and are very expressive of mood.

Katsuma will warn their owner when they grow angry or frustrated by scratching things -- annoy one too much and it will wrap its ears around its eyes and jump about, which is a sure sign that trouble is quickly approaching.  Once they reach the limit of their patience they tend towards direct displays of displeasure that culminate in a violent temper tantrum!

Katsuma are a very intelligent species, less prone to reacting, with a preference towards carefully considering their actions.  They are particularly fond of martial arts.

Luvli Moshi Monster

-- Luvli --

Species: Luvlis
Language: Luvlinese
Characteristics: Flying; Heart-Shaped.

Luvlis' build is typically heart-shaped with a wand curling in on itself on top of their heads, and most of the Luvlis you will encounter in the world will be female.  

One of  only two monster species who can fly, this combined with their unique body shape makes them one of the more popular species with girl gamers.  Their original colours are red and green, but they can be found in other colour schemes. 

Born with a deep interested in fashion and seeking to look beautiful,  they can be very fussy and will easily turn rude if they feel that they have been treated badly.   They can have a very bossy and aggressive willful nature, and it helps to allow them take charge every now and then so that their need for control is satisfied.

When you have annoyed them, they will slap the screen with the wand that is attached to their head to indicate this -- and failing to notice this situation and correct it can easily lead to a temper-tantrum, during which they are likely to snarl and snap at you, and to charge up to the screen like an angry bull.

They are a high-maintenance pet that requires lots of attention and affection, as otherwise they tend to grow moody and disagreeable with you.    If you have annoyed them to the point that they are unhappy with you, try to remember that they really enjoy shopping with their owners more than anything, and that they like to have expensive and attractive items in their room -- and catering to those likes may be the best way to correct your mistake or mistreatment.

When they level up their special dance is set to a bossa nova tune.


Poppet Moshi Monster

-- Poppet --

Species: Poppeti
Language: Poppetainian
Characteristics: Very Powerful Charisma; Pacifistic; Passionate.

Poppets are a chinchilla-like monster who have mid-length ears, a curled up tail, and a pair of rubber boots.   They are widely considered to be one of the most adorable Moshi Monsters in the world, and are the most popular Moshi Monster with girl gamers.  Their natural trait for pacifism and their extreme dislike of violence is well known, and teh vast majority of the Poppets you encounter in the world will be female. 

Poppets genuinely enjoy being helpful to others.  This species is universally liked by other Moshi, who enjoy relating to them.  They have a deep enjoyment of dancing but prefer to do it in private, as they tend to be bashful and more self-aware than other species, and though they tend to enjoy hugs and showing their emotions to their masters when they are feeling loved, the flip side of that coin is that when they are angry or sad they show that in equal strength, and their temper-tantrums can be a lot to handle!

When hungry or ill they put their paws on their belly to indicate it, and they tend to be very emotional and indulge those emotions -- if you get answers incorrect on the Daily Challenge you can expect your Poppet to cry and be terribly upset!

Zommer Moshi Monster

-- Zommer --

Species: Zommus
Language: Zommeranian
Characteristics: Zombified; Slow.

The zombie-like monsters of the Moshi world, Zommers typically drool and often have scars from rough play on their face and bodies.  The 'Goth' of the Moshi world, they prefer to wear tattered clothes and enjoy the companionship of other Zommer.  Their original colors are blue and purple, but can be found in practically any scheme, though they prefer darker complimentary colours.

Their spiky hair, stitched up limbs, and missing left eyes speaks of a rough-and-tumble lifestyle, but despite their appearance Zommers are a very warm-hearted and friendly species!   The least commonly adopted monster in Moshi World because of their ghoulish appearances, when Zommers are adopted they are mostly chosen by boys.  

The weakest monsters in terms of health, it is important that they be fed and cared for daily, and shown reasonable levels of affection.  When happy they often rock out by playing air guitar to express that happiness, and when they levels up, rock music plays.  When your Zommer starts growling, snapping, or pulling on its hair, that is a sure sign that you have annoyed it and a temper-tantrum is coming!

Zommers are almost exclusively males.

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Dec 5th 2015 Guest
why doesn't it tell me what it likes to eat (poppet)
ID #631203
Oct 23rd 2015 Guest
katsuma is so cool
ID #618895
May 29th 2015 Guest
Katsuma is so cool
ID #562998
Mar 17th 2015 Guest
i love katsuma go katsuma
ID #529767
Mar 4th 2015 Guest
I love my Diavlo!
ID #524144
May 26th 2014 Guest
I am loving my Katsuma! She's a genius and so am I! Also it's so cute and fluffy! But strong! She even once said "I can split a meteor in half with a single chop!" to me! I love her! No wonder it's the most popular monster!
ID #389003
Mar 11th 2014 Guest
I looove poppet and luvli.kittymoshi12345

ID #363193
Jul 22nd 2013 Guest
I have a katsuma there so cute.Add me im katsumarulez123
ID #299427
May 18th 2013 Guest
I love poppet she is so cute
ID #283481
Apr 14th 2013 Guest
I loovvvee Katsuma's and Diavlo's.My username on moshi monsters is twylabaxter1 i only have one friend because i mad my account today so i would love it if you added me!
ID #273947
Apr 5th 2013 Guest
I think Diavlo's are EPIC AND AWESOME! I'm moshifuri246!
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Feb 16th 2013 Guest
I love moshimonsters who ever invented moshimonsters is a good invented she is the best moshimonsters poppet and luvili there are like girly ones because my friends over have poppet or luvili I have an moshimonsters account my Omer name is kittie262314 and I have some friends at schoolnwho a great moshimonsters account. My teacher and school is great. If you're ad every night and bring comments inq in your reading diary you win a readers raffle you go down to a class and. Get baboon and you get moooooooooooooooshimonsters books
Hi moshimonsters is the best about to play on I looooove moshimonsters
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Jan 31st 2013 Guest
poppet is the cutest she is a dorble like my dogs (^ ^)
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Dec 15th 2012 Guest
es increible una seresa que vuele

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Dec 9th 2012 Guest
i love popptes
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