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Moshi Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Moshi Monster includes a large selection of mini-games as part of its entertainment offerings, many of which actually pay off in Rox when you win them!  This list will get you started in exploring the different fun things to do in the game -- but remember that they add new stuff all the time!

-- En-Gen

En-Gen is a game in which the players spin coloured blocks to generate Monstrowatts. When four or more blocks of the same colour are connected, points are gained and the Power Meter rises. The game ends when the Power Meter is fully depleted.

-- Flutterby Field

Flutterby Field is a game where you net butterflies for Rox, while avoiding the creepy-crawlies.

-- Ice Scream Store

The Ice Scream Store is both a destination and a game -- as it includes a challenge that will reward you with Rox and XP for completing the customers orders, making the right mixture of Ice Scream, and choosing the correct toppings and cone!

Moshi Monsters is Packed with Fun Mini-Games!

-- Moshi Fun Park

In addition to being a destination on the main map, the Moshi Fun Park includes a wide selection of mini-games for you to play that are sure to keep you busy and entertained!  The games that are part of the Fun Park are Flash-Based and are perfect for playing in small bites -- but be sure that you have installed the most recent version of Flash and that you give permission to the browser to use it for that page!

At the present time the Fun Park offers the following games for you to play:

- Air Traffic Madness (An air traffic control sim game)

- Babbit & Ball (Score pionts by hitting the ball with teh rabbit in your hat!)

- Balance (Balance the ball on a stick while avoiding bad objects!)

- Banana Belly (A button-matching game about feeding your monkey!)

- Bloons (Pop as many Bloons as you can by throwing your dart harder or softer)

- Bloons Junior (Pop as many Bloons as you can by throwing your dart harder or softer)

- Blox (Smash blox into each other to score points)

- Bomboozle (Draw a line connecting three or more of the same color objects but avoid the bombs!)

- Brain Workout (A pattern-matching game)

- Breakit 3 (Classic Breaker Blox with a Twist!)

- Bubble Greed (Collect 2 or more of the floating bubbles with your big bubble)

- Cargo Bridge (A bridge-building game of problem solving)

- Cascade 2 (A game about breaking like-coloured blocks to match the pattern)

- Cave Chaos (A side-scrolling platformer)

- Cursor Race (A race to click the circle before the enemy reaches it)

- Demolition City (A demolition game)

- Donut Dance (Quickly tap the bear that holds the Donut to make your bear dance!)

- Doofball (A fun Foosball-type game)

- Donut Ninja (Feed the enemy Ninja Bears Donuts to Score Points!)

- Find the Pair (A shape-matching game)

- Fly Rabbit Fly (A simple but addictive maze game)

- Galactic Melody Catcher (Collect the colored dots by rolling and jumping over them)

- Gem Swap (Destroy the gems by connecting groups of three or more)

- Gold Fishing (Mine your gold using a swinging hook on a chain -- challenging!)

- Guesstimation (A game about guessing how many objects are on the screen)

- Hanna in a Choppa (A side-scrolling game that uses a helicopter!)

- Hide Caesar 2 (A puzzle-based game in which the objective is to protect the coin)

- Hotcorn (Pop as much corn as you can in the time allowed!  Harder than it sounds!)

- It's Raining Cats and Dogs (A sky-diving game in which the object is to fall slowly)

- Jump'it (A classic side-scrolling platformer!)

- Jump'it 2 (A classic side-scrolling platformer!)

- Jungle Plunge (Roll your monkey in a bubble to collect fruit while avoiding the spikes!)

- Kiwi Tiki (A game about catching chicks!)

- Kung Fu Hula Challenge  (A button matching game to keep Kung Fu Panda in the Hula Zone!)

- Lightning Librarian (A simple pattern-matching game)

- Little Master Cricket (A Cricket Sports Game)

- Meeblings (A puzzle platformer in which the object is to escape)

- Meeblings 2 (A puzzle platformer in which the object is to escape)

- Mining Truck (A side-scrolling driving game)

- Mushroomer (A classic side-scrolling Platformer in which you collect mushrooms)

- Neon Rider (A racing game)

- Ozee (A classic side-scrolling platformer!)

- Pet Grooming Studio (Wash, Dry, and Groom the pets before the timer runs out!)

- Phage Wars (Similar to Life)

- Poto & Cabenga (A side-scrolling Jumping Game)

- Power Pool (A pool table game)

- Puffball Puzzles 2 (Throw Your Puffball along the correct path to solve the Puzzle!)

- Pumpkins (A fun little pumpkin carving game!)

- Puzzle Soccer (A fun game of throwing like-coloured balls together)

- R.I.F.T. (A classic side-scrolling platformer)

- Rings (A cute game in which the object is to stack groups of ring toys)

- Robomaro (A game in which you dodge objects and collect food)

- Rubble Trouble (A game about building demolition!)

- Solipskier (A side-scroller in which you create the ski slope for your skier to score on!)

- Star Lines (A game in which you try to connect three or more of the same colour star to score points)

- The Morning Walk (A dog-walking side-scroller about avoiding objects)

- Thin Ice (Skate in circles to make holes in the ice in which to trap the monsters!)

- Time4Cat (Help your kitty reach the food and avoid the monsters!)

- Traffic Madness (A game in which you direct traffic at a busy intersection to avoid accidents)

- Whack A Doof (A number-pad game to whack as many Doofs as you can in the time allowed!)

- Wing'n It (A flying-based side-scroller)

- Zoo Racer (A side-scrolling racing game)

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Oct 31st 2013 Guest
I like moshimonsters
ID #317278
Jun 4th 2013 Guest
Hi, how do you complete level 38 on the Icebreaker moshi monsters game? Thanks!
ID #287708
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
katsuma please don't be silly with poppot me
ID #258006
Feb 1st 2013 Guest
where is freezy rider D: I cant find it can some won tell me
ID #248726
Jan 16th 2013 Guest
HI PLZ ADD ME im begging u i love moshi monsters and moshi mini games my name on mosi is hello5459 NOT in caps lock[img][/img]

ID #243249
Jan 5th 2013 Guest
hi. i have a question. do yu have cheats for cupcake cavern?? add me! my name is: ce-ce-11
ID #237680
Dec 27th 2012 Guest
I can't beat the battery life mini game in the moshi monsters game for DS. Anyone know how to beat it?
ID #229642
Nov 18th 2012 Guest
i love poppet!!!!!!
ID #209924
Nov 10th 2012 Guest
moshi monsters is great
ID #207432
Oct 27th 2012 Guest
moshi monsters is the best!

ID #201884
Aug 26th 2012 moshi9099608
wheres my cheat book[img][/img]
ID #180303
Aug 19th 2012 Guest
ID #177658
May 23rd 2012 Guest
hi im evan your biges fan i love moshi monsters
ID #144752
May 19th 2012 Guest
HI tks i got so many moshlings so once again thanks...
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May 6th 2012 Guest

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