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Adopting Your First Monster
Moshi Monsters

Adopting Your First Monster

Moshi Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Adopting Your First Monster

Step 01: Click on Adopt A Monster and you will see a screen containing the six monster types standing there -- you can roll your mouse over them to see their names and how they sound.

Skip to the next part of this guide (The Moshi Monsters) and read about the six types prior to making this decision so that you pick the perfect monster for you -- go ahead, we will wait here for you do to that now!  Done?  That did not take long at all!

Step 02: Choose your Moshi Monster's colours.   Since these colors will be with your monster forever (unless you pay for a membership, in which case you can then change them) you should consider the colours carefully, and select the ones that you feel best project the identity of your Moshi Monster... 

Adopt Your Own Pet Monster

Step 03: Complete the adoption and the online form, which will cause the server to send you an email to verify that the email address you gave is the correct one for you -- and that it works and you can receive email at it.

The server will log you out while it is doing all of this, so you will want to load your email program or the webmail page you use to access your email and wait for the verification email to arrive -- a process that can take as long as ten minutes.

When the email arrives, click the link inside it to verify that you are you, and that you did indeed adopt a monster!

Selecting your Moshi Monster Colours

Step 04: Sign into the Server -- now that you have completed the adoption process and verified your account as genuine, it is time to return to the server and sign into the game!

Simply enter the email and password that you selected earlier into the boxes -- and a secret code if you have one (check the appropriate Appendix of this guide for items you may want and use that code) -- and then sign in.

Step 05: Completing the Adoption -- All that remains in the process is to fill in your monster's name and then you will be shown inside your monster's house, where you will learn about the different options you have to play with inside.  

When the adoption process concludes, you should find that you now possess 200 Rox (the Moshi Monsters virtual currency) as well as a green shelf and a piece of Cheesecake/Pie. 

Place the Shelf Unit where you want to against the wall of your new room, and then feed the noms (Cheesecake/Pie) to your Moshi!  They will love you for that!  Be sure to visit the store on Main Street later and purchase more food, but for now we have a very special task to perform and observe!

Step 06: Select Puzzles on the wall of your home and do the Daily Challenge, answering ten general knowledge questions.  This is a timed challenge so do not dally.  Once you have answered all of the questions you will be shown your score, and then an amazing thing will happen -- your Moshi will level of to Level 2, and as you watch music will play and your Moshi will do its special Leveling Dance for you!

Each time thereafter when your Moshi levels, it will do this same Leveling Dance, and how cool is  that?  Sadly the levels that follow are not going to be this easy or this fast...

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Thanks but how the he'll dose that help
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Yes Indeedly!
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Yeah you should see us when we hit words like queue...
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no offence, but you didn't pronounce it right
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that is sups cool lol I luv radiojhaudrey
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i love moshi monsters its the best game ever thank you Mr Moshi!
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good players
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add me im browny113 THANKS
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someone please give me an email for moshi monstes that works
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why is adopt a monster not load doing my head in
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[size=20][/size] ADD ME MY NAMES roxie12345678910111213
ID #159399 | Jul 2nd 2012 Guest
when i want to adopt a monster i get only a background and a blue like page in the middle instead of the monsters please help no monsters appear at all what do i do?heip asap!thank you for understanding me ps i love moshi monsters and please me asap from:smileySmile