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PS3 Trophies

Medal of Honor Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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AP-C: Appendix Charlie -- PS3 Trophies

There are a total of 38 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies,  2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum for a grand total of 51 trophies!  Enjoy!

Part One: Story Mode

(01) Smooth Operator (Silver): Killed Hostage Taker with a Head Shot
This is optional/missable -- when you kick in the door a Tango will grab the hostage and the game will switch to slow-mo mode -- at that point you want to put your crosshair on the Tango's forehead and pop a round into it, killing him and unlocking the Achievement.

(02) First Incision (Bronze): Completed First In
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(03) Welcome to the TOC (Bronze): Completed Breaking Bagram
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(04) Right in the Grape... (Bronze): Got 7 headshots in a row
This should unlock as part of regular play -- there are loads of areas where you will get lots of head shots in a row.

(05) Pistol Pete Showdown (Bronze): Killed 30 Enemies with the Pistol
When you begin moving through the ville in Breaking Bagram double-tap Y to switch to your pistol, then use it until this unlocks.

(06) The Sledgehammer (Bronze): Destroyed 2 Vehicles with One 2000 lb Bomb
The opportunity to unlock this presents when you are functioning as FAC and making Open Sheaf attacks against Technicals and tanks.  Just switch to the 2000 pound guided bomb, place the aim at a spot between two of the advancing tanks and then guide it down between them to unlock this.

(07) Dropping Deuce (Bronze): ATV Jump
This should automatically unlock as part of the story because you have to make the two big jumps towards the end of the mission -- however if you stay too close to your buddy and you end up hitting him in the air, or you are not going at full throttle when you take the jumps it may not unlock.  If it does not unlock after a few seconds, stop and reload the last checkpoint and do the jumps again until it does unlock.

(08) Crowd Control (Bronze): Killed 5 enemies with a single hand grenade
This one probably will not come naturally as there are not many places in the game where 6 or more enemies group together conveniently.  In Running with Wolves when you approach the first truck in the compound if you stand on the stairs and let the grenade cook a bit, you will easily unlock this.  Just toss the grenade with the two patrolling enemy join the three already standing by the truck.

(09) Develop the Situation (Bronze): Completed Running with Wolves...
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(10) Fear the Reaper (Silver): Destroyed AQ Camp with AC-130
What it means by "The Camp" is the three gun emplacements and the three tents/bunkers.  Just make sure that you target those in addition to the troops and it will unlock in the first run-through.

(11) Unexpected Guests (Bronze): Completed Dorothy's a Bitch
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(12) Manic Suppression (Silver): Defeated the DShK in under two minutes
You may have trouble unlocking this at Hard or higher difficulty.  If you do the best fix is to replay the mission at a lower difficulty.

(13) Full Battle Rattle (Bronze): Completed Belly of the Beast
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(14) Bad Guy Jamboree (Bronze): Completed Gunfighters
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(15) It Takes A Village...Out (10GP): Destroyed 30 buildings in Gunfighters Village
This WILL unlock in a single play-through.  It is NOT awarded for taking out all of the buildings in the village, because there are more than 30 total in it.  Destroying a building requires two (2) hits, one to take out the roof and two walls, and a second to take out the remaining two walls.  You may need to replay this mission several times in order to rack up a count of 30.

(16) Like a Surgeon (Silver): Sniped every body part
This should unlock on its own really, because there are enough targets in the area so that you should naturally hit the different body parts, but if you do not, and to be sure that you unlock it, go ahead and aim for each part.

(17) Friends From Afar (Bronze): Completed Friends From Afar
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(18) Have a Good One (Bronze): Finished all of Deuce's missions
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(19) Feeding the Pig (Bronze): Killed 15 Enemies with the M60
After your buddy pulls his arm out of the socket pulling you up to the ledge he hands The Gun to you -- all you need to do is hang back and make sure that you kill at least 15 enemy with it.

(20) Cliffhanger... (Bronze): Completed Compromised
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(21) The Quiet Professional (Silver): Eliminated 13 enemies without alerting anyone
If you are having trouble with this one finish the mission and then come back later and try it at an easier difficulty.  To unlock it you need to do what it says -- kill 13 enemies without raising an alarm.

(22) The Scalpel (Bronze): Achieved 20 total knife kills
This is unlikely to unlock in a single play-through.  To get it you will have to replay some of the missions in order to pad the count.  Remember that kills do NOT count until and only AFTER you hit a save point.  Until you see the "Saving" icon the kills are not officially added to the count, so do not restart or exit until you do.

(23) S.E.R.E. (Bronze): Completed Neptune's Net
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(24) Timber! (Silver): Chopped down 5 trees with the Minigun
While using the minigun simply chop down (shoot) five trees with it.

(25) Never Quit (Bronze): Finished all of Rabbit's missions
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(26) Eight Heroes Aboard (Bronze): Completed Rescue the Rescuers
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(27) Rangers Lead the Way (Bronze): Finished all of Dante's missions
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(28) The Battle is Won... (Bronze): Finished the game on Easy, Normal or Hard
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(29) ...But the War Rages On. (Silver): Finished the game on Hard
Cannot miss this -- it is part of the story-mode.

(30) Conspicuous Gallantry (Gold): Finished every level in the game on Tier 1 Mode under par time
Just like it sounds -- complete a play-through in Medium or Hard to unlock Tier 1 Mode, then play through again in Tier 1 Mode and complete each mission in less time than the par time for each.

-- First In (25m)
-- Breaking Bagram (30m)
-- Running With Wolves (20m)
-- Dorothy's A Bitch (17m)
-- Belly of The Beast (25m)
-- Gunfighters (20m)
-- Friends From Afar (15m)
-- Compromised (12m)
-- Neptune's Net (15m)
-- Rescue The Rescuers (28m)

To increase your speed try not to rely on your teammates for the distance shots -- do those yourself, using a scoped weapon in single-shot mode.  Go for head shots or center mass shots -- killing shots in other words.  Wounding them just means you will have to shoot again.  If you do not absolutely have to engage an enemy to get past them than do not -- your priority here is speed, not body count.


Part Two: Online Multi-Player and PvP Mode W00t!

(31) Assault Training (Bronze): Play Team Assault
(32) First rotation (Bronze): Play online for 15 minutes
(33) Heavy Fire Support (Bronze): Fire 1000 bullets in a round (awarded at end of round)
(34) Boot camp (Bronze): Play once as each class (min 2 min)
(35) Mission Training (Bronze): Play Combat Mission
(36) Raid Training (Bronze): Play Objective Raid
(37) Secure Training (Bronze): Play Sector Control
(38) Tour of Duty (Bronze): Play online for 2 hours
(39) Enlisted (Bronze): Reach level 2 in any class
(40) Veteran (Bronze): Reach level 4 in any class
(41) Triple Canopy (Bronze): Reach level 8 in one class
(42) Mission Specialist (Bronze): Play two hours of Combat Mission
(43) Assault Specialist (Bronze): Play two hours of Team Assault
(44) Secure Specialist (Bronze): Play two hours of Sector Control
(45) Raid Specialist (Bronze): Play two hours of Objective Raid
(46) Forward Spotter (Bronze): Deploy a missile strike support action (awarded at end of round)
(47) Fire Controller (Silver): Use each offensive support action once (awarded at end of round)
(48) Quartermaster (Silver): Get 1000 support points
(49) Tier 1 (Silver): Reach top level in one class
(50) High Achiever (Gold): Be top 3 on the scoreboard ten times
(51) Medal of Honor Tier 1 (Platinum) -- Unlock all of the other trophies.

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Comments for PS3 Trophies

2 comments, latest first.
Jul 29th 2012 Guest
On Tier 1 my best par times are...

First In - 18mins
Breaking Bagram - 21mins
Running With Wolves - 15mins
Dorothy's A B*tch - 13mins
Belly Of The Beast - 22mins


And I have only had the game for a couple of weeks =)
ID #169754
Nov 15th 2023 zFPWdwPk
ID #781483